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Sunanda Pushkar's death was unnatural: Bassi
New Delhi : The current observation of the final viscera report of Sunanda Pushkar gives a clear impression that she died an unnatural death, Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi said on Friday.
"The current investigation of the final viscera report submitted to the Delhi Police states that Sunanda Pushkar did not die a natural death... that is for certain. It was an unnatural death," Bassi told reporters here.
The Delhi Police is reviewing the final viscera report of Pushkar, who died here under mysterious circumstances two years ago. She was the wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.
Calling the report longish, Bassi said: "It will take some time for us to go through the entire report as it also has several annexures. Once we go through the entire report, we will take the necessary steps."
The final report comes in the wake of the Delhi Police receiving the viscera report in November from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where it was sent to determine the kind of poison that killed Pushkar, after an AIIMS medical board identified poisoning as the reason for her death.
Commenting on the FBI report, Bassi said: "None of the samples contained radio-active elements, according to the FBI." 
Earlier, Bassi had tweeted that Deepak Mishra, special commissioner (law and order), was reviewing the progress.
Asked if Tharoor will be interrogated over the issue again, Bassi said the Delhi Police will take all the necessary steps required in the case.
Pushkar, 52, was found dead in a south Delhi hotel room on January 17, 2014. 
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