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State power bodies unable to meet PAT scheme obligations by 2015

The Central Electricity Authority feels that various state electricity boards would not be able to meet its perform, achieve and trade scheme obligation before 2015

Hyderabad: Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has expressed concern over the capabilities of power producing bodies of various state governments to meet the 'perform, achieve and trade' (PAT) scheme obligation before 2015, reports PTI.
The power ministry will be holding meeting on 1st August to discuss ways and means of extending help to state power producers to meet the scheme, said Arvind Singh Bakshi, chairperson of CEA, the statutory body for technical coordination and supervision of power generation programmes in India.
Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) recently notified that under PAT scheme, eight energy intensive sectors such as thermal power plants, iron and steel, cement, fertilizer, aluminum, textile, pulp and paper and chlor-alkali have been included.
There are about 478 numbers of designated consumers in these eight sectors and they account for about 165 million tons oil equivalent of energy consumption annually.
These designated consumers were set target figure for fuel consumption reduction, which will make them energy efficient by March 2015.
The implementation period for PAT cycle is three years, from April 2012 to March 2015. After completion of the first commitment period, the savings will be on an annual basis.
"We are holding an internal meeting on 1st August to see how we hold state electricity boards. Primarily this is for the implementation of PAT because it is difficult for state units," Bakshi told reporters on the sidelines of 'Power Plant Summit-2012' organised by Confederation of Indian Industry.


FMC warns traders against price manipulation

The commodity market regulator has doubled the deposit money that a trader is required to keep with exchanges for trading in turmeric following unusual price movement

New Delhi: Commodity market regulator, Forward Markets Commission (FMC), today said it would not allow traders to manipulate future price of agricultural items and could ban its trading if required in the backdrop of poor monsoon rains affecting kharif crops, reports PTI.
The regulator has doubled the deposit money that a trader is required to keep with exchanges for trading in turmeric following unusual price movement.
“We are keeping a close watch on all agriculture commodities. We will take action as and when required”
“We are going to be very alert and not allow traders to manipulate prices. We will ban if need be. We are aware of deficient monsoon rains impacting crops,” FMC chairman Ramesh Abhishek told reporters.
Mr Abhishek also briefed food minister KV Thomas about price situation of agricultural items in the future market in the backdrop of drought-like situation.
Stating the Commission has been taking steps to check speculation and price volatility, the regulator said, “We saw price movement in turmeric and yesterday we have increased margin on it from 20% to 40%”.
Mr Thomas had yesterday said the regulator was keeping a close watch on all farm commodities and might ban if there is unusual fluctuation in prices.
Monsoon is deficient by 22% so far and the worst-hit states are Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Poor monsoon has affected sowing of kharif crops such as paddy, pulses and oilseeds.
FMC is closely monitoring the price movement of chana, soyabean, soya oil, potato, sugar and wheat, among other commodities.
At present, there are five national and 16 regional level commodity exchanges in the country.


Deccan Cements: Profitable operations

Despite the quality of major inputs and the cement sector suffering from large scale debt and...

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