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Some suggestions for the Railway Budget

In response to Railway Ministry's advertisement in the press, here are some proposals for the rail budget

Today's newspapers carried the announcement that the Railway Budget would be presented on 8th July, before the Finance Minister submits the full-fledged Union Budget on 10th July. The Railway Ministry has called for suggestions and recommendations from the public, by inviting comments through advertisements in the press.


Last week, it may be recalled, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government took a difficult decision in hiking the railway fare by 14.2% and freight by 6%, which has been greeted with protests all over the country. In fact, some NDA partners openly admonished the Modi government for taking this step and demanded that it should be rolled back. In his defence, the railway minister and the finance ministers have claimed that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government had made these proposals to increase the charges, but did not do so on the pretext of the "ensuing" elections. Now, the NDA seems to have been "forced" to enact this hike due to the increase in fuel costs.


The revised and increased rates are to be charged from 25th June, i.e. tomorrow. Due to the strong opposition to the rise and the anticipated railway budget on 8th July, it is possible that the Modi Government may decide to temporarily postpone this move to appease the public and their NDA partners.


Perhaps, as a response to these protests and the outcry from the public, the Railway Ministry has come out with the advertisement in the press seeking suggestions through email on [email protected] .


In the past, Moneylife has carried several stories on the Railways. While offering our suggestions, as given below, we would invite comments and recommendations from our readers, who may also write directly to the railway ministry:


a) Withdraw the 14.2% across-the-board increase in fares; a nominal increase of say 7% may be affordable for the lower classes of seats on trains.


b) For the 1st class and above, including AC compartments, a 14.2% increase may be workable, as the travellers concerned may make the choice between railways and air travel based on cost and other factors like travel time etc.


c) Increase of freight rates by 6.5% on domestic freight seems reasonable, considering higher amounts charged on road transport by users; however, Railways must ensure adequate availability of wagons, rakes etc, on demand


d) The increas in freight charges should not be applicable for all export cargo .


e) Senior citizens should be exempted from these increases on showing ID proof, while buying tickets and on actual travel; misuse would be punishable by a double charge and a fine.


f) Railways should introduce, if technically feasible, attachment of specially designed and easily identifiable wagons that carry export cargo from point of manufacture to port of export, to be hooked on to fast moving passenger express trains.


g) Ticket-less travellers should be handed over to the station master at the nearest stop and they should be fined and may be imprisoned


h) Passenger comfort and facilities in compartments should be upgraded


i) Vendors should not be allowed in compartments to sell their wares – these may also be ticket-less travellers causing nuisance to passengers


j) Railways must ensure that the train services maintain punctuality.


All these would make train travel a pleasure and not a pain. Some or all of these measures might in the long run, warm people up to the additional costs they end up paying as a result of the fare hikes.


(AK Ramdas has worked with the Engineering Export Promotion Council of the ministry of commerce. He was also associated with various committees of the Council. His international career took him to places like Beirut, Kuwait and Dubai at a time when these were small trading outposts; and later to the US.)




3 years ago

A passenger train train between bangalore to channapatna is long pending one surprisingly train is introduced up to Ramanagara channapatna and Ramanagar is connected each other more number of Passengers are travelling fron channapatna to bangalore, Electrification work and dubling work is finished up to Settihalli which is outskirts of channapatna.
Pl verify the details of this and Run train Between channapatna and bangalore so that passengers can travel in more numbers and bring good revenue to the Indian Raily.


3 years ago

(1). The uni(one)gauge concept was accepted in year 1991 with commitment to achieve the goal within 15 years, by 2007. But except ADI-DLI MG line, this has been implemented in quite ugly shape. Instead of systematic conversion, short connectivity have been created, resulting several MG ice land section on one hand and congesting of the BG line, leaving little scope to meet with the increasing task. The glaring example of such mismanagement is BTD-ADI & DAS-LLR section of BVP Division over WR. This viable sanctioned project isbeing delayed wastig fund on useless political projects.
(2)The system of Tatkal ticket is most popular amongst upper class of the society who are prepared to pay any amount for this service because such tickets are practically available on counters only. To overcome the present crises,malpractice and establish judicious distribution amongst right persons, it is suggested that (A) All upper most berths in SL and 3A class should be earmarked for TATKAL booking + 4 lower berths for senior citizons. (B) The minimum fare (including tatkal charges) for tatkal should double the normal fare for all (I/c Sr.citizon).(C) Tatkal booking should be started 3 day advance. On first day preference should be given to the passengers already holding waitlisted tickets, on counter paying difference.(D) At least 50% refund should given on confirmed tatkal ticket to encourage recorded cancellation and allot to needy. Other wise such berths go at the disposal of train staff.

sulochana sharma

3 years ago

kindly run some daily train from bundi (rajasthan)to jaipur and jaipur to bundi.(bundi is a district)

dr.sulochana sharma

Dr Arun Kumar Sinha

3 years ago

1. Janshatabdi train should be given from Ranchi to Muzaffarpur or Darbhanga with stoppage at Dalsinghsarai.
2. Ranchi Jaynagar train's stoppage should be allowed in Dalsinghsarai (DSS).All other important train's stoppage is in Dalsinghsarai except this train.
3. More train should be given from Ranchi to Chennai or south India.
4. Train should be provided from Ranchi to Ahmedabad or any other place of Gujrat.
5. Cancellation of ticket charges should be reduced, it is too much.
6. Advance ticket should be booked before four months of journey.
Prof Arun Kumar Sinha,
Assodiate Professor,
St Xavier's College, Ranchi.

anandjee prasad

3 years ago

Eft.f.tbook penalty can b e 1lakh for missing by TTe and conductors despite Rs 250 .
railway spare land proper utilization for income.

train timing station to station review by DOM and report to railway board.

train arrival and departure timing review and each train profit also.FOR MORE CONTACT-
mo. 9165567798-9479025008
Anandjee Prasad Bhilai

Mukesh Tiwari

3 years ago

KIndly run some daily train between rewa and bhopal .

Thanks and Regards
Mukesh Tiwari

Gopal Singh Tandel

3 years ago

1. एक रेल गाड़ी में डब्बों की संख्या का निर्धारण यात्रियों की संख्या से हो।

2. हर स्टेशन पर अतिरिक्त रेल इंजन तथा रेल कोच उपलव्ध हों ।

3. रेलवे का डेवलपमेंट public private partnership model से हो।

4. private train routes तथा private train का concept लाया जाये।


3 years ago

1]Railway should use CCTV in Train coaches for safety purpose.
2]Railway should introduce new Express train between BHUSAWAL JN TO MUMBAI CST Or DADAR.
3]Priority should be given to clean & tidy coaches as well as toilets.
4]Improve the quality of Pantry car's food.


3 years ago

1) coaches should be kept clean along with the toilets railways is paying for the same still they are not kept clean strict action should be taken
2) Toilets should be cleaned
3) Food is of very low quality and pantry car looks like a fish market. Only veg food should be served in the Train

Paul dmello

3 years ago

i do agree and support your suggestions which are practicable.
besides would not mind the high increase if we were carried like passengers and not animals who are treated much better.
Mumbai trains are packed beyond capacity carrying four times extra load. this means there is three fold extra income. why is this not considered before increasing fares.
treat us like passengers and we will pay you more.... paul dmello


3 years ago

Selection of preferred seats must be allowed. Railway can earn more revenue from this. Railway must discontinue allotting lower berths to people who are healthy and young.



In Reply to Dev 3 years ago

Selection of preferred seats must be allowed for a fee


3 years ago

I agree. Railway Minister should also ensure that Pantry Car people should not block gates in Rajdhani during night with crates and sleep there. same is the case with AC attendents they put laundry in passages and sleep near gates.
Handicapped should also get facility of concession when booking online . proof they can show in journey to TTE


3 years ago

1. Excess Baggage should not be allowed

Some people carry excess baggage and create inconvenience for fellow passengers. This should not be allowed anymore. TTEs must be given strict instructions not to allow excess baggage. Passengers carrying excess baggage must be penalised.

2. Drunkards must be thrown out

Some people entrain highly inebriated. This should not be allowed. TTEs must carry breathe analyser and the passengers who come drunk must be subjected to test and if found consumed more than the allowed limit must be handed over to the Police.

One of my neighbours told me that during a train journey a heavily drunk man who was sleeping on the upper birth urinated on the lower birth passenger !!

3. Good food /hygienic food must be provided to the passengers.

National Housing Bank: Housing Prices Escalated 7%

Housing prices have increased by up to 7.1% in 12 major cities, including Delhi and Mumbai, in the January-March period of 2014 due to a surge in demand, National Housing Bank said.

Prices witnessed an increase ranging from 1.3% in Bhopal to 7.1% in Surat compared to what prevailed in the last quarter of 2013.

Prices, however, fell in 12 other cities, ranging from -0.6% in Vijayawada to -5.7% in Patna. Indices for Faridabad and Kochi remained stagnant. Ahmedabad saw a prise rise of 6.1%, Chennai 5.8% and Kolkata 5.1%.

 Lucknow saw a 4.9% rise, Raipur 4.4%, Mumbai 3.2%, Nagpur 2.9%, Dehradun 2.7%, Hyderabad 2.2%, Delhi 1.5% and Bhopal 1.3%. Cities which witnessed a decline include Jaipur (-3.8%), Guwahati (-3.75%), Bengaluru (-3.6%), Meerut (-3.5%), Bhubaneswar (-3.47%) and Ludhiana (-3.3%).

Prices fell in Chandigarh by (-2.7 %), Coimbatore (-1.7%), Indore (-1.6%), Pune (-1.3%) and Vijayawada (-0.6%).

The residex for January-March 2014 constructed for 26 cities has taken into account the price trends for residential properties in different locations and zones in each city.


Can’t Evict People Forcibly from Old Buildings: MCGM

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) told the Bombay High Court (HC) that it does not have adequate powers to forcibly evict the occupants of privately-owned dilapidated buildings. MCGM has filed a petition in the HC stating difficulties faced by it in implementing the eviction notices issued under the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act and seeking more powers. The Corporation finds itself under fire whenever a building collapses. To present its case before the HC, it has hired senior lawyers SU Kamdar, EP Bharucha and Anil Sakhare. Mr Kamdar argued that when its officers try to implement the eviction notices, cases of molestation are sometimes lodged against them.


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