SIDBI-NSE bourse for SMEs to be operational in three months

SIDBI chairman and managing director Sushil Muhnot stated that once the SME exchange was in place, small and medium scale units would be able to raise funds from the market and SIDBI would be able to provide pure equity to the companies as a viable exit option would then exist

Kolkata: The SME exchange, mooted by SIDBI in collaboration with the National Stock Exchange (NSE), is likely to be operational in two to three months, reports PTI quoting a top official of the lending institution.

“The SME exchange will be made operational in the next two or three months and we have already got the approval from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India),” SIDBI chairman and managing director Sushil Muhnot said.

He said once the SME exchange was in place, small and medium scale units would be able to raise funds from the market and SIDBI would be able to provide pure equity to the companies as a viable exit option would then exist.

To help the SMEs at present, SIDBI was providing quasi equity in the form of unsecured debt with a longer repayment period.

The SME exchange would be a separate trading platform on the NSE, he told reporters here on Thursday.

To help in market making, SIDBI would arrange a special fund for nominated investors aimed at to providing liquidity in the listed scrips.

For marketing of the exchange, SIDBI would persuade the SME units with which it had business relations for listing the companies on the bourse.

Mr Muhnot said the target was to list 10 to 15 companies each year on the exchange.

The SIDBI venture capital fund would have a corpus of Rs600 crore which would be deployed for assistance, he said.

When asked about SIDBI’s exposure to the micro-finance sector, Mr Muhnot said that last year, the lending institution had provided Rs 800 crore to the MFIs across the country.

“This year, the exposure will be around Rs1,000 crore,” Mr Muhnot said.

Last year, SIDBI’s disbursement figure was Rs42,000 crore. This fiscal, there would be a 25% growth in disbursements, he said.

Asked about SIDBI’s capital market division, he said that it might be hived off to a separate subsidiary in future.


Nifty holds 4,900 level, but fails to cross last week’s high in yet another week of volatile trade

Expect range-bound activity. It will be prudent to play stock specific moves and keep a strict stop loss below 4,900 points on longs

S&P Nifty close: 5,084.25 

Market trend
SHORT term: Down        MEDIUM term: Down        LONG term: Sideways

The Nifty opened lower and declined further, but held above the 61.8% correction (4,891) level of the recent rise from 4,720-5,169 points. A "double bottom" formation in the hourly charts around the 4,900 levels saw buying at lower levels and short covering once the Nifty crossed 5,030 points (giving a target of 5,149 points), then gained sharply to hit a high of 5,143.60 points. Volatility was high as the Nifty corrected after the RBI's credit policy review announcements and the Nifty ended with a marginal gain of 25 points (+0.49%). Volumes were lower as the Nifty traded sideways. The sectoral indices that led the advance were BSE IT (+3.06%), BSE Oil & Gas (+1.51%), BSE Reality (+1.44%), BSE Teck (+1.30%) and BSE PSU (+1.26%), while the ones which underperformed were BSE CGS (-3.11%), BSE CDS (-1.62%) and BSE FCMG (-0.68%).

The histogram MACD continues to be below the median line, implying that the medium-term trend is firmly down and what we are witnessing in a corrective rise. As we mentioned last week, the Nifty remained in a consolidation phase, during which it tested the support of 4,891 (61.8% correction of 4,720-5,169) and subsequently rallied to come very close the R1 level of the week, which was 5,171 points.

Here are some key levels to watch out for this week.

  • As long as the S&P Nifty holds above 5,046 points (pivot) the bears will be under pressure.
  • Support levels in declines are pegged at 4,949 and 4,813 points.
  •  If the S&P Nifty holds above the 5,057 points level in close in any correction, it could rise further to 5,181 or 5,279 points.

Some observations

The bulls have succeeded in putting a foot in the door of the bear juggernaut, but they will have to ensure that the 4,850-4,900 area holds in any corrections from here on. The support levels are as follows:
1.    The Fibonacci retracement levels of the recent rise from 4,720-5,169 points are 4,944 (50%) and 4,891 (61.8%). These should act as supports in dips.
2.    Resistance in any further rise will be provided by the "gap area" between 5,229-5,323 points.
3.    Only a close of the above mentioned "gap area" could lead the foundation of a retracement of the entire fall from 6,338-4,720 points, though no confirmation is available as yet despite the last few weeks of recovery.
4.    If the Nifty holds above 5,027 (50% retracement of 4,911-5,143 points) and 4,999 (61.8% retracement of 4,911-5,143 points it will be a signal of some strength.


The bulls have to continue to defend the 4,900 points mark. We expect further range-bound activity and in a highly optimistic scenario filling of the gap area between 5,229 points and 5,323 points, provided the above mentioned crucial supports hold.

Volatility is likely to be a bit subdued this week and may jump up once again in the week of the F&O settlement expiry. It will be prudent to play stock specific moves till then and keep a strict stop loss below 4,900 points on longs.

Keep a strict watch on the last day's high/low (5,144/5,068) for a small and swift move of around 76 points in the direction of the break. Preferably, the Nifty has to close above/below these levels for this to happen and it is useful only for very short-term traders.

(Vidur Pendharkar is a consultant technical analyst and chief strategist at


Are online group-buying sites going the way of the dotcom bubble?

Customer complaints about delays and defective products pile up against online group buying sites such as SoSasta and SnapDeal, but these are simply ignored

It wasn't long ago that group buying and discount cards promised to become the next big thing to happen to the Indian consumer.

Almost everybody who was in business, be they banks, mobile phone and credit card companies, travel sites and online retailers, all felt obliged to ply consmers with third-party discount coupons in order to retain loyalty.

Then there were group buyers whose business model was to nudge customers to those products and services that offered hefty discounts. From SoSasta (of Groupon) to Jasper/ Moneysaverprime/Snapdeal (all part of a single business group) and mydala (funded by, Dealface (promoted by consumer review site and the global Groupon- the choice list was long.

All of them were funded by private equity players and venture capitalists, which meant that revenue and profit was never a concern; the name of the game was customer acquisition. Today, the price of a book purchased through these online stores is usually less than the cost of the fancy packaging and courier charges!

However, hardly has the business begun to stabilise and the complaints are seeping through the cracks. Moneylife wrote recently that the issues with SoSasta have become more of a buzz in cyberspace than the deals it is offering. Till three months ago, Jasper was working overtime to woo corporate customers with bulk deals on its MoneySaver card. But now we hear from the company that it is "no longer issuing new MoneySaver cards". The group has also stopped offering coupons and has widened its scope beyond the e-commerce site that offers the biggest deals on spas, salons and restaurants.

Experts argue that the business model of group buying sites is unsustainable and they criticise the poor consumer redressal mechanism. Moneylife's experience with SoSasta is proof of the extent of the callousness of the company to customer complaints about delay in receiving products or about defective products. (Read, 'SoSasta customers complain about delivery delays, defective products; company ignores complaints'.)

While writing the report, we emailed the company on 12th September for its response on the complaints. Two days later, we received an automated reply from one Kavita who said that the "complaint had been forwarded to the concerned department". Clearly, the email wasn't even read and no attempt was made to separate a complaint from a media query.

A couple of days later, we received another email from SoSasta. This one assumed that our "complaint" was redressed and said, "We'd love to hear what you think of our customer service." It also asked us to "rate the support you received : Good, I'm satisfied, or Bad, I'm unsatisfied". We think the customer service falls into another category altogether - bizarre!

SoSasta is backed by Groupon, the world's largest online group buying business, that was recently involved in a controversy after it admitted that its entire database was 'accidentally' leaked over the Internet and indexed by Google. (Read, 'Groupon's leaks entire database from India'.)

Group buying and discount cards exist around the world and it could well be that the business in India is facing teething troubles and will stabilise. But until it does, customers must learn to treat the offerings like a lottery-if the offer works it is money saved. Otherwise, wait for the next one that comes along. It doesn't really matter so long as you don't make the mistake of forking out an annual fee for a standalone service that may not be standing anymore!




6 years ago

I agree with the author that these numbers are just a bubble!!! When will you acquire customers if you cant give them proper services?? Financial numbers and customer service is very much inter-linked.

check this article or read websites like moutshut or desidime for reviews on online stores... you will know that websites like snapdeal, letsbuy, bagittoday etc are loosing customers quicker than the time it takes to acquire them... Those numbers may be good to get VCs but in the long run, it will set everything on fire.

Jerome Quadros

6 years ago

Real estate deals for group buying are featured in

Manali Rohinesh

6 years ago

It's good to see MoneyLife make some noise about this. I had written a blog post about my experience of both the sites mentioned in this article in June - - and also mentioned how I had managed to get my money back from SoSasta only after I complained to Groupon. So people should try doing that. VCs should not be funding substandard service providers, whose founders know how to make presentations but don't know how to run a business!

Rohit Kundalay

6 years ago

To talk about group buying sites in India going the dot com bubble is like comparing all stock market activities to the great depression of 1930s.

This article reeks of insensitive and irresponsible journalistic behavior. The author has just made "customer dis-satisfaction" as the barometer to support his conjecture that all group buying sites are bad.

Group buying sites are doing a great service to merchants and customers. I wonder why the owner of moneylife not improve her own company's customer service.

To call snapdeal a bubble is immature. Bubbles are financial terms not customer satisfaction. Sosasta had security issues but that has been fixed. dealface and mydala are moving cautiously so all is well.

Looks like the author had a better experience. Don't let your personal bias cloud your assesment of the industry.

Ms. Dalal and her team, please do more research before posting such articles. Let the debate continue and don't delete this



In Reply to Rohit Kundalay 6 years ago

The fierceness of this email suggests a personal interest. While your anger about snapdeal and so sasta is overflowing, the companies themselves dont seem as worked up. Our info on snapdeal and jasper comes from the CEO himself.

So why dont you simmer down and tell us, why are you taking this so personally? Are you handling the back end for all these companies?

R Nandy

In Reply to MLD 6 years ago

I think I have to agree with Rohit when he says "Bubbles are financial terms not customer satisfaction".I think expecting these startups to have good customer service is expecting too much from them when we see that even India's No-1 private bank and India's No-1 telecom provider doesent even have decent customer service. I think these companies have clearly understood that if one customer goes another will come.India is too bit a market and as such there is hardly any cusotomer protection.So the dirtly details of customer service need not be handled now,the focus should be on the topline.The bigger businesses are a testimony to this fact.


6 years ago

a fraud money chain company of Kerala, PENTA WORLD, swindled lakhs of rupees in the name of E- commerce & discount cards.

Ankur Warikoo

6 years ago

Strange that we have been facing the same situation at our end. Queries to money life have gone unanswered so far. Please get in touch at the email regarding an official response to your article. We wish to clarify all your doubts. Thanks



In Reply to Ankur Warikoo 6 years ago

Ankur Warikoo, why not just place your "official response" here on the comments pages without demur? Some of us readers would LOVE to hear your version. Don't forget to place your registered address, contact details and other essentials like TIN no., sales Tax number, VAT registration, etc in the "official response" Humbly submitted / VM

Ankur Warikoo

In Reply to malq 6 years ago

Because there is a protocol when responding to the media. Had this been a customer blog, things were different. We are transparent in our conduct and wish to be given a chance to explain ourselves.

Sucheta Dalal

In Reply to Ankur Warikoo 6 years ago

Really strange... the email to you would have been sent by a specific journalist, why wouldn't you respond to him? As Malq says, why not post your response here. You have a grouse only if your full explanation is cut or curtailed. Have been in journalism 27 years, this protocol you talk about is news to me!!
still you can write to me at [email protected]

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