SEBI busts fake investment syndicate; perceives large-scale fraud

SEBI's probe found that an investor was receiving calls from agents and brokers of MF and insurance companies asking him to invest more money to get an impressive return on products bought by his deceased son

Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has unearthed a fake investment syndicate in the national capital, wherein a large number of people could have been defrauded in the name of investments made by their deceased family members.


Acting on an individual complaint, the market regulator probed a case of an investor getting phone calls for impressive returns on the mutual fund products purchased by his deceased son, provided the person makes some further investments.


“The ‘agent’ informed the complainant that his son had made investments in mutual funds which are about to mature and on maturity the complainant will get only Rs5 lakh. However, the ‘agent’ further stated that if the complainant makes a further investment of Rs2.5 lakh, he would get maturity proceeds of Rs12.5 lakh,” SEBI said.


The investigations department of SEBI conducted preliminary investigations where it was found that the phone numbers from which the ‘agent’ had called were in some others’ name and the company was also in a different name. Sensing a clear attempt to defraud, cheat and misappropriate as well as mis-sell financial products, SEBI said it deputed an official to visit the ‘complainant’ at the time of the visit of the ‘agent’.


SEBI said it also sought assistance from the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police. “On perusal of the forms and after preliminary enquiries, the suspicions were confirmed that indeed there was an organised attempt by several people to defraud and mis-sell and accordingly a first information report (FIR) is being lodged with Delhi Police. It is suspected that the number of victims of such fraudulent attempts could be much higher, which would be revealed in due course after further investigations by Delhi Police and SEBI,” the market regulator said in a statement.





4 years ago

Now a days people have become so used to easy money that they don't mind fraud, whatever the consequences be! God save the country.


ashwin bahl

In Reply to CA PRADEEP AGARWAL 4 years ago

@Pradeep me think's even god has left Indian shores, given up in fact :)

ashwin bahl

4 years ago

there is much more to be unearthed!


4 years ago

Being over greedy results in being defrauded.

Vaibhav Dhoka

4 years ago

Some fraudsters are collecting data from insurance companies or MFs and call persons directly to add amount to surrender value in case of policies or churn mutual fund investment.All are e-frauds.

EC ready with new voting machines to maintain paper record

The EC stated that trial of Vote Verifier Paper Audit Trail in EVMs has been done and the machines could be incorporated in elections after the Centre approves and provides funds for their manufacturing

The Election Commission (EC) today informed the Supreme Court it has approved improvised version of EVMs (electronic voting machines) to maintain paper record of each vote and these can be used in elections once the Centre and political parties endorse them. 
The Commission submitted before a bench of justices P Sathasivam and Ranjan Gogoi said that trial of Vote Verifier Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) in EVMs has been done and the machines could be incorporated in elections after the Centre approves and provides funds for their manufacturing. 
Senior advocate Ashok Desai, appearing for the Commission, said 13 lakh VVPAT machines would be needed for the general elections and Rs1,692 crore would be required the purpose. 
He said the new machines cannot be used in the coming Karnataka state assembly elections but the Commission would convene a meeting of all political parties after the polls to use the EVMs in subsequent elections. 
The apex court was hearing a plea of Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy seeking direction to the poll panel to ensure that EVMs should have a paper trail and issue a receipt to each voter. 
The Commission, however, clarified that paper receipts would not be given to voters and but collected in a box.




4 years ago

EC's WEB says that 1400 Voters are given one Polling Booth with one Voting Machine and accordingly EC is Providing Polling Booths. From 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM i.e.600 Minutes.Thus 1400 Voters are not alloted even Half a Minute Time for Voting.In Practice Around 5 Minutes are taken by Each Voter as Each one has to go throug 10 or 20 Names in the Ballot Paper and Vote.While Abroad Voters are Comfortably Voting,Indians are Struglling to Vote ,Waiting in Rain / Sun Heat,unable to Know his/her Polling Booth first and after knowing it Standing in Que for Long Hours, that too with Present 50% Voting.Some are fainting,Heart Attacked,Hospitalised,etc.. In Biggest Democracy in Globe,Indian Voters Deserve Better Facility for Voting as Thousands of Crores are being Spent For Elections,EC is hesitating to spend to Create Better Facilities to Voters. Thus EC is failing in its Basic Duty.

SEBI summons Subrata Roy, three others, threatens ex—parte settlement

If Subrata Roy and three other promoters, directors of Sahara fail to appear before SEBI on 10th April, the market regulator would ex parte settle the terms of proclamation of sale of their and the companies' assets

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has summoned Sahara group chief Subrata Roy and other top executives for a personal appearance on 10th April before the market regulator. 
SEBI, on 26th March had issued the summons to Mr Roy, and three directors Vandana Bhargava, Ashok Roy Choudhary and Ravi Shankar Dubey and wants to ascertain details of their personal assets as well as assets and investments of the Sahara group companies. 
The market regulator had also asked Sahara India Real Estate Corporation and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation and their four promoter, directors to provide details of their assets and investments before 8th April.
In case, the Sahara executives decide not to appear before SEBI, the market regulator may settle ex-parte the terms of proclamation of sale of their and the companies’ assets.
On 13th February, SEBI passed two separate orders, together running into 160 pages, directing attachment of properties and freezing of accounts. It had said that in furtherance to a Supreme Court order directing refund of investors’ money collected by the two Sahara group companies, it ordered “attachment of all moveable and immoveable properties, bank accounts and demat accounts of these two companies and that of its promoters and directors Subrata Roy, Vandana Bhargava, Ashok Roy Choudhary and Ravi Shankar Dubey”.
It was after the Supreme Court said that the regulator was free to freeze the accounts and attach properties if the Sahara firms were not complying with the apex court’s earlier orders of August 2012 towards refund of investors’ money totalling over Rs24,000 crore.
The assets ordered to be attached included those related to the group’s Aamby Valley resort town near Pune, other real estate assets in Delhi, Mumbai and at other places across the country, shares, mutual funds and various other investments.
Passing the attachment orders, SEBI said that the two companies had raised Rs6,380 crore and Rs19,400 crore, respectively from bondholders and “various illegalities” were committed in raising of these funds.
On various occasions, the Sahara group had accused SEBI and its top officials, including UK Sinha of not providing an opportunity for a meeting to present its points of view.
Last week too, Sahara in a statement had accused SEBI chief UK Sinha of not providing it an opportunity since last one year. Sahara said that “rich men’s SEBI do not understand, recognise poor Investors”. 



Vinay Joshi

4 years ago

SEBI as of now has incurred more than 56CR on this Sahara episode.

The expense billing will continue & increase. [as of now it stands at 55.85CR]

Smartly Sahara had sent 31K large cartons in 128 lorry loads to SEBI.

Now enters SHCIL, [SHCIL Projects Ltd, warehouses?!] storage, digitization, scanning, [NOT TIMELY BOUND],data creation, contract worth 26CR!?

What automatic 'ROBOT' system does the SHCIL Projects have in its warehouse at Navi Mumbai, a safeguard, 'VAULT', scanning of documents? As of now what is known of the scanned info?

Another 30CR contract, UTI Infra.. re redemption issues!

This is overseen as per the apex court order by the retired judge at a monthly salary of 5L, accommodation as suitable, travelling etc;

These expenses were to be borne by Sahara, including SEBI's staff related to the issue.

Sahara has yet not paid a farthing in respect of the 'verification' bills sent by SEBI!?



Is SEBI really fighting a long drawn battle against Sahara?

For CIS, KYC is zero!?

Now after the Cobrapost report the RBI has awakened, which earlier denied it,it seems that its probe has found evidence of instances of the violations of the said banks.[it's closely guarded a secret by RBI.]

Today, the aviation ministry mulls ID for frequent fliers, profiling them!? So? What use?

In spite of the financial system having KYC, things remain same - common person harassed.

Let's see if SEBI can pursue on Sahara & IN ADDITION, RIL, insider trading! FinMin dominates!?


Arun Mehta

4 years ago

One only hopes SEBI will 'walk their talk'and really do the ex-parte settlement.Else , SaharaShree will once again prove ,he can do what he perceives as in the interests of "Bharat Mata"Expect one more sets of full page ads soon enough in the mainstream media.

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