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Scamsters use Grameen Foundation's name in email to promise donation of £9.5 lakh

Moneylife Digital Team | 14/04/2011 03:23 PM | 


This is a new fraud on email that uses the names of Grameen Foundation, and Nobel Peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus, to lure gullible people

A new mail is doing the rounds over the Internet, seeking to give money for a noble cause to the 'chosen' recipient. The email, under the name of Grameen Foundation, is nothing but a fraud and it has nothing to do with the Foundation by the same name that was founded to follow the model of Grameen Bank beyond the borders of Bangladesh to help poor people. But more about Grameen Foundation later.

The scamsters have not just used Grameen Foundation's name as the sender, but they have also provided the registered office address, the website link, and used the name of Paul Maritz, the chair of the Foundation. However, one look at the email ID from where it originates, immediately reveals the hidden face of the scamsters and their agenda.

The email reads: "To celebrate the new year 35th anniversary program, Grameen Foundation is giving out a yearly donation of 950,000.00 (nine hundred and fifty thousand Great Britain pounds) to 10 lucky recipients, by which at least 15% of the awarded funds should be used by you to develop a part of your environment. This is a yearly program which is a measure of universal development strategy. You are to contact Rosanna Ramos-Velita, Treasurer ( with your PIN number (GF.101) in order to redeem your grant and get more information."

The question is, when the Foundation itself needs donations, funding, to run its projects, why would it give money to people like you and me? Why would some one who does not know us shell out 9.5 lakh pounds (about Rs6.87 crore) through an email. Besides, the email says that you must spend a minimum 15% of this amount for development of your environment. In other words, you can spend the rest of the amount for your own development!

Clearly, this is yet another fraud in progress, aimed at gullible people who are lured by lotteries or free money schemes. So, if you receive such a message, delete it immediately. Here are some points to keep in mind to help you identify such fake and fraud messages. Such scams are widespread, so governments and web sites like, or, are giving special attention to the matter, to warn and help potential victims and catch scamsters. The web site of the Nigerian Central Bank has a warning on the home page that says, "If it looks too good to be true, it usually is." The US Secret Service and the British National Criminal Intelligence Service also undertake investigations regularly and issue warnings to people constantly.

Now about the Grameen Foundation. It is a global non-profit organisation based in Washington that aims to increase access of poor people to microfinance, like it has successfully done thrugh Grameen Bank which was set up by Nobel Peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus. The Foundation helps the world's poorest, especially women, to improve their lives through access to microfinance and technology. Being a non-profit organisation, it needs donations from people to implement its projects.

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1 Comment
piotr klimaszewski

piotr klimaszewski 5 years ago

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to employ more than 10 employees will now be only three people are the pension was only a few years and know that they will not find employment situation we have is a dramatic turn because of the heat asking for a loan or donation-free no matter what amount it could be like one million U.S. dollars from my calculations comes out that even paying that kind of money on deposit to the bank for the year You can multiply the money and the interest to pay off debts that we have and, for example
after a year or two to give back the money I know that such letters are replaced by the state and hundreds or even thousands, but I would ask a state to consider this request positively look forward to a response in this case even when the rejection thank you and sorry for the busy time of Peter I greet Klimaszewski Poland street Konopnickiej 5 25-406 Kielce postcode P.W. AP-TECHNIC Piotr Klimaszewski w w w.
gives the number of bank accounts to which contributions can be made
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post code 90-368 Łódź. POLSKA

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if possible please send out e-mails to your friends

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np po roku albo dwóch oddać spowrotem te pieniądze wiem że takich listów otrzymują państwo setki albo i nawet tysiące ale prosiłbym bardzo aby państwo rozważyli tę prośbę pozytywnie liczę na jakąś odpowiedź w tej sprawie chociażby nawet odmowną dziekuję i przepraszam za zajęty czas serdecznie pozdrawiam Piotr Klimaszewski Polska ulica konopnickiej 5 kod pocztowy 25-406 Kielce P.W. AP-TECHNIC Piotr Klimaszewski w w w.
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PL 19 1090 2040 0000 0001 0528 3314
Piotr Michał Klimaszewski
ul. (street) W. Kadłubka 56B
post code 25-406 Kielce POLSKA
adress bank
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
ul.(street) Rynek 9/11
kod pocztowy 50-950 Wrocław Polska
jeśli to możliwe proszę o rozesłanie tego mejla swoim znajomym

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