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Scamsters use Grameen Foundation's name in email to promise donation of £9.5 lakh

This is a new fraud on email that uses the names of Grameen Foundation, and Nobel Peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus, to lure gullible people

A new mail is doing the rounds over the Internet, seeking to give money for a noble cause to the 'chosen' recipient. The email, under the name of Grameen Foundation, is nothing but a fraud and it has nothing to do with the Foundation by the same name that was founded to follow the model of Grameen Bank beyond the borders of Bangladesh to help poor people. But more about Grameen Foundation later.

The scamsters have not just used Grameen Foundation's name as the sender, but they have also provided the registered office address, the website link, and used the name of Paul Maritz, the chair of the Foundation. However, one look at the email ID from where it originates, immediately reveals the hidden face of the scamsters and their agenda.

The email reads: "To celebrate the new year 35th anniversary program, Grameen Foundation is giving out a yearly donation of 950,000.00 (nine hundred and fifty thousand Great Britain pounds) to 10 lucky recipients, by which at least 15% of the awarded funds should be used by you to develop a part of your environment. This is a yearly program which is a measure of universal development strategy. You are to contact Rosanna Ramos-Velita, Treasurer ( with your PIN number (GF.101) in order to redeem your grant and get more information."

The question is, when the Foundation itself needs donations, funding, to run its projects, why would it give money to people like you and me? Why would some one who does not know us shell out 9.5 lakh pounds (about Rs6.87 crore) through an email. Besides, the email says that you must spend a minimum 15% of this amount for development of your environment. In other words, you can spend the rest of the amount for your own development!

Clearly, this is yet another fraud in progress, aimed at gullible people who are lured by lotteries or free money schemes. So, if you receive such a message, delete it immediately. Here are some points to keep in mind to help you identify such fake and fraud messages. Such scams are widespread, so governments and web sites like, or, are giving special attention to the matter, to warn and help potential victims and catch scamsters. The web site of the Nigerian Central Bank has a warning on the home page that says, "If it looks too good to be true, it usually is." The US Secret Service and the British National Criminal Intelligence Service also undertake investigations regularly and issue warnings to people constantly.

Now about the Grameen Foundation. It is a global non-profit organisation based in Washington that aims to increase access of poor people to microfinance, like it has successfully done thrugh Grameen Bank which was set up by Nobel Peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus. The Foundation helps the world's poorest, especially women, to improve their lives through access to microfinance and technology. Being a non-profit organisation, it needs donations from people to implement its projects.



piotr klimaszewski

6 years ago

I beg you to help turn a good day with a request on behalf of myself and my father both conducting economic activities in the industry I work clothes and my dad in the power industry both of our companies are on the verge of bankruptcy my dad founded the company in 1986 and I in 2006 in 2006 few employees left from my dad and started his own company with the same profile of activity taking us to 90% of customers out of more than half of employees in the company my dad got a saying my dad used
to employ more than 10 employees will now be only three people are the pension was only a few years and know that they will not find employment situation we have is a dramatic turn because of the heat asking for a loan or donation-free no matter what amount it could be like one million U.S. dollars from my calculations comes out that even paying that kind of money on deposit to the bank for the year You can multiply the money and the interest to pay off debts that we have and, for example
after a year or two to give back the money I know that such letters are replaced by the state and hundreds or even thousands, but I would ask a state to consider this request positively look forward to a response in this case even when the rejection thank you and sorry for the busy time of Peter I greet Klimaszewski Poland street Konopnickiej 5 25-406 Kielce postcode P.W. AP-TECHNIC Piotr Klimaszewski w w w.
gives the number of bank accounts to which contributions can be made
PL 70 1140 2004 0000 3802 5327 9194
P.W. AP-TECHNIC Piotr Klimaszewski
ul.(street) M. Konopnickiej 5
post code 25-406 Kielce POLSKA
adres banku
street al. Piłsudskiego 3,
post code 90-368 Łódź. POLSKA

PL 19 1090 2040 0000 0001 0528 3314
Piotr Michał Klimaszewski
ul. (street) W. Kadłubka 56B
post code 25-406 Kielce POLSKA
adress bank
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
ul.(street) Rynek 9/11
post code 50-950 Wrocław Polska
if possible please send out e-mails to your friends

błagam o pomoc dzień dobry zwracam się z prośba w imieniu swoim i mojego ojca oboje prowadzimy działalności gospodarcze ja w branży odzieży roboczej a mój tata w branży elektronarzędzi obie nasze firmy są na granicy upadłości mój tata założyl firmę w 1986 roku ja w 2006 w 2006 roku kilku pracowników odeszło od mojego taty i założyli własną firmę o takim samym profilu działalności zabierając nam 90 % klientów obecnie ponad połowa pracowników w firmie taty dostała wymówienie kiedyś mój tata
zatrudniał ponad 10 pracowników teraz zostanie tylko trzech są to ludzie którym do emerytury zostało tylko po kilka lat i wiadomo że nigdzie nie znajdą już zatrudnienia sytuacja nasza jest dramatyczna dlatego zwracam się z gorąca prośbą o udzielenie pożyczki bezprocentowej lub darowizny w obojętnie jakiej kwocie mógłby to być np milion dolarów z moich wyliczeń wychodzi że nawet wpłacając taką sumę na lokate do banku za rok można pomnożyć te pieniądze i z tych odsetek spłacać długi które mamy a
np po roku albo dwóch oddać spowrotem te pieniądze wiem że takich listów otrzymują państwo setki albo i nawet tysiące ale prosiłbym bardzo aby państwo rozważyli tę prośbę pozytywnie liczę na jakąś odpowiedź w tej sprawie chociażby nawet odmowną dziekuję i przepraszam za zajęty czas serdecznie pozdrawiam Piotr Klimaszewski Polska ulica konopnickiej 5 kod pocztowy 25-406 Kielce P.W. AP-TECHNIC Piotr Klimaszewski w w w.
podaje numer kont bankowych na które można dokonywać wpłaty
PL 70 1140 2004 0000 3802 5327 9194 kod BIC/SWIFT BRE Banku: BREXPLPWMBK
odbiorca P.W. AP-TECHNIC Piotr Klimaszewski ul. M. konopnickiej 5 kod pocztowy 25-406 Kielce POLSKA
adres banku BRE Bank S.A. INTERNET BANKING, al. Piłsudskiego 3, 90-368 Łódź. POLSKA

PL 19 1090 2040 0000 0001 0528 3314
Piotr Michał Klimaszewski
ul. (street) W. Kadłubka 56B
post code 25-406 Kielce POLSKA
adress bank
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
ul.(street) Rynek 9/11
kod pocztowy 50-950 Wrocław Polska
jeśli to możliwe proszę o rozesłanie tego mejla swoim znajomym

Techie fights cheating by travel website through ‘RuinedMyTrip’ blog

Mangalore-based Vishal Rao creates ‘RuinedMyTrip’, which appears in the top search results for ‘MakeMyTrip’ on Google, to avenge cheating by the travel portal

Feeling cheated by a company, either because of unfair treatment or poor services, many of us would usually end up staying silent. Yes, in the head of the moment, we'd get angry and some of us may even vent the anger on the company's staff. Still fewer would choose to take legal recourse through the consumer court, where the battle could be long. But here's an example of a person who chose to use his skills with the Internet to fight against injustice.

Mangalore-based Vishal Rao was cheated by the online travel agency MakeMyTrip. He had decided to spend Christmas 2010 along with his family in Mysore. So he made the bookings through the online agency well in advance. Imagine his surprise when he was denied accommodation at any hotel in the tourist city.

MakeMyTrip had accepted the necessary payments and even sent him an e-mail confirming the booking, but he found that the agency had not made the hotel reservation. "In fact, in the confirmation voucher which was sent through e-mail, apart from the check-in date and time, it was also stated that 'your booking is confirmed and you are not required to contact the hotel or MakeMyTrip to reconfirm the same'," Mr Rao says.

Aggrieved by this treatment, Mr Rao created a blog, 'Ruined My Trip', to make people aware about his experience and the unfair business practice by the company.

There are hundreds of such blogs highlighting consumer complaints on the Net and most of them are hardly noticed, barely receiving a comment or two. Unfortunately for MakeMyTrip, the blog 'Ruined My Trip' turned out to be different.

Being, an expert in the web business, Mr Rao used his skills in the search engine optimization (SEO) area to push his blog into the top ten Google search results for 'Make My Trip'!

"I could (have) filed a case in court against and this could have taken years, or write a review on the net. I checked and was surprised to see that there were hundreds of others with similar experiences. But this made no difference to them (the company), simply because the reviews were not showing up in the results when searching directly for 'Make My Trip' or ''," he says.

"I decided to create a dedicated web site documenting my experience and allowing others to share theirs too. I used my SEO experience to make this website (to) show up in the top ten Google results when people searched for 'Make My Trip' or ''. So nobody will have to go through the horrifying ordeal I have gone through. This was far more satisfying for me than filing a court case against them."

Mr Rao warns the offending companies: "Don't take your customers for a ride. You never know when one of them will turn out to be smarter than you."

Talking about his Mysore experience, Mr Rao said that when he inquired why no hotel room was booked for him, he found out that MakeMyTrip staff called the manager of the hotel only at noon on the day he was to check in. "I (had) booked the rooms on 15th December and they called the hotel on the day I was to check in, to confirm the booking."

Mr Rao managed to get rooms at another hotel and enjoyed the holiday with his family. A few days later, the company wrote saying, "We are really sorry and you'll get a refund within seven days".

"They ( have a full-time SEO team to make sure that none of the negative reviews crop up in the top ten results. As you can see, almost all the sites in the top ten results are their own sites, which easily distract people," Mr Rao explained. MakeMyTrip even offered him a gift voucher of Rs10,000, which Mr Rao refused.

Blaming system error for non-booking at the hotel in time for Mr Rao, MakeMyTrip, in an email said,"The customer in question had booked a hotel on our portal. However, the online booking could not get confirmed due to a system error. As a process of reconfirmation, we contacted the hotel on the day of check-in, but the hotel was sold out. Our team tried to reach out to the customer but unfortunately could not connect with him. We did connect with the customer later on and offered a full refund on the booking; we deeply regret the inconvenience caused. Upon checking the customer's blog, we reconnected with him and relooked at all details on our end. The case was further analyzed by higher authorities and as a gesture we offered the customer a MakeMyTrip voucher."

You may also want to read this...



Rohan singh

6 years ago

Great effort by moneylife to expose Makemytrip. Unfortunately most of the reviews of mamemytrip r not positiv on web n even As mr Rao pointed that always companies which cheat have in-house seo team that tries to bury the negative results in google. Maybe should beat the seo efforts so that the negative reviews come on top.
Disclaimer; I posted a negative review of one airline on Mouthshut. They offered me a voucher if I removed the review. I took the voucher but didn't remove review. I just updated it.



In Reply to Rohan singh 6 years ago

Accepting the voucher, on the understanding that you will remove the review, and then not removing it. IS THIS NOT CHEATING ? If you take compensation (in the form of voucher) against your complaint of cheating, then it is your moral right to remove this negative review.


7 years ago

Dear Editor, Writer, Moderator and concerned persons at Moneylife.

Can we, readers, expect a clean environment in the comments ? Of late there have been some comments which use foul and abusive language such as the one in response to this article itself. This has been noticed in the comments to other article too. Though you have provided 'report abuse', it seems it is not working or you are ignoring it. I had used this to draw your attention earlier but it did not remove the offending comment. Here too I have used it and I look forward to your appropriate action. Though people should be welcome to comment and vent their anger which may be justified due to whatever injustice they may have faced, it is not right to express it in an abusive form on a forum such as this. Let us not pollute a great and a bold effort carried out by Moneylife.

I once again request Moneylife team to be on the guard and do the needful for such misuse of the powerful tool that you provide to post comments to an article.

Ashok Swamy

7 years ago

I also had a very bad experience from Zap Booking.This company beats any other travel site in cheating and callous service. I paid for my Kerala, 9 days holiday and paid in November for my holiday in February.I received all hotel vouchers from this outfit confirming accomodation.What followed was pathetic.I had no hotel reservation at Tea County in Munnar, I had no reservation at Alleppy in the boat, I had no reservation at Samudra at Kovalam.At every of above location I had to spend hours calling them at Delhi and they trying last minute reservation. I warn every one never to deal with Zap Booking but also to be aware and never accept Hotel Vouchers from Travel Booking entity and insist on Hotels directly giving vouchers.I had a very good experince during our tour of Sikkim and Darjeeling wherein my travel booking site aranged vouchers from Hotels directly. I wonder if there is any control or remedy over cheating travel Booking companies like Zap Booking.


7 years ago

Dude.... Tussi Gr8 Ho....a couple of years ago...i had booked flight tickets via my credit card...they charged me twice and it took me over a month and umpteen e-mails to get my money back from thease arseholes
Before booking...goto Refund Option on their phone number and find out how long they keep you on hold
The novel way you have done is great.... Kudos to you


7 years ago

Regarding MMT's response:

"However, the online booking could not get confirmed due to a system error."

The online system only sends a confirmation voucher to the hotel. The payment does not happen automatically. This is negligence and not system error.

"Our team tried to reach out to the customer but unfortunately could not connect with him."

I did receive calls from MMT only on the day of my travel and as I was traveling there was communication problem and couldn't get what they were trying to say to me. I repeat, on the day of the travel. So please don't try to disguise your negligence by telling you tried to reach out to me and couldn't connect.


7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this and bringing it to readers. I was almost going to book my family (incl. senior citizen and child) trip with MakeMyTrip in June 2008 and luckily I did not.

Such articles enlighten readers and caution them against fraudulent or irresponsible vendors.



In Reply to Prakash 7 years ago

thats a silly way to make up your mind.most companies will falter in some way or the other during their lifetime.i had good experiences with makemytip -even on trips abroad.its godd that vishal took them to task. that doesnt mean that makemytrip is a fraudulent just means that its customer service is average.
if every case of customer outrage caused a company to shut down,we would be in permanent lockdown on planet earth.
unless it can be proven to be a systematic abuse,it cannot be fraud.remember hanlon's razor? dont attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity


7 years ago

Thanks Vishal Rao for smartly calling the bluff and Moneylife for bringing it to us.We,lesser mortals with no knowledge of SEO etc. can only look upto souls like Vishal for exposing the misdeeds of companies with no scruples.

Ankur Agrawal

7 years ago

Very informative. Thnx for sharing

Hassled over the delay in the delivery of your gas cylinder? Try the RTI route

Supply of LPG as kitchen fuel is covered by the Essential Commodities Act, which requires the cylinder to be delivered at home within 48 hours of booking. However, many get it up to a week or even a fortnight later. Some activists have invoked the RTI Act successfully to shake up the oil companies and the gas agencies

LPG kitchen fuel is covered by the Essential Commodities Act. But how often has the gas agency not taken you for a ride, rarely delivering the gas cylinder within the stipulated 48 hours? A common complaint is that it takes up to a fortnight to get a gas cylinder at home. Or, that no one answers the phone at the agency. So, you have to go personally to the agency to pick up a cylinder. Or, you may have doubts over the weight of the cylinder.

So, what are the rights of consumers under the Essential Commodities Act 1955 and the corresponding LPG (Regular Supply & Distribution) Order 2000? Here are some not-so-well-known aspects.

* Bookings for the gas cylinder must be accepted over the phone.
* 100% home delivery.
* The gas cylinder should to be delivered within 48 hours of booking.
* The customer has the right to weigh the cylinder on taking delivery.
* Gas agencies must be open for business between 10 am and 6 pm, except on public holidays and Sundays.
Now, were you aware that a gas agency must accept bookings for cylinders over the phone and that you should not be asked to collect the cylinder from the agency office (for the purpose of safety)? And that it is mandatory for the delivery man to carry a portable weighing machine and weigh the cylinder at your doorstep?

And are you aware that most of the times the LPG shortage story concocted by gas agencies is absolutely false? That it is because the agencies indulge in large-scale illegal sale of domestic cylinders to commercial establishments that you do not get your cylinder in time? Look around and you will find that street-side vendors and even kitchens of big restaurants use the red-colour gas cylinder (that is supposed to be only for domestic use) and not the blue-colour ones (which is meant for commercial establishments and is more expensive).

Recently, former petroleum minister Ram Naik stated that scarcity of LPG cylinders has reached dangerous proportions all over the country and he requested Jaipal Reddy, the current petroleum minister, to check this. Many a time, the ministry of petroleum releases advertisements to announce that there is no scarcity of LPG cylinders. Hence, almost always, the root of the problem is the illegal sale of cylinders, and so you as a domestic consumer must not take this injustice lying down. Invoke RTI to scare the gas agency and compel him to do his duty.

In Pune, for example, a leading LPG distributor stated that around one and a half lakh domestic gas cylinders are sold to commercial establishments, thus the delay in delivering cylinders to homes. The problem is never sternly addressed by the district collectorate and the petroleum company, putting the housewife to constant inconvenience.

Pune-based RTI activist Vijay Kumbhar has made it his mission to help people overcome poor service by gas agencies. His own experience steered him to help others. Way back in 2005, he was hassled with his gas agency who took three weeks or more to deliver the cylinder. He addressed a query under RTI to the Hindustan Petroleum Company (HPCL) asking for details of the distribution of cylinders by Kankaria Gas agency in New Sangvi (a fringe neighbourhood of Pune). The questions in his RTI application were as follows:

1) How many domestic and commercial cylinder gas customers does Kankaria Gas Agency have (the period of information was for one and a half year) and if there was any fluctuation in the number of customers in any month;

2) The number of domestic and commercial customers having one, two, and more than two gas cylinders?

3) Between 1 September 2005 and 30 November 2005 how many gas cylinders did the Kankaria Gas Agency procure from HPCL (information to be given date-wise); and

4) Whether HPCL has taken action against any gas agency in Pune regarding the erratic distribution of gas cylinders-if so, the names of such agencies.

While the officer is allowed by law to take 30 days to answer a query, Mr Kumbhar got a shock when, within two hours of his filing the RTI application, his wife called him to say that the dealer had sent the gas cylinder. This showed a strange nexus between the gas agency and some officials at HPCL.  Ever since, Mr Kumbhar has urged many people to invoke the RTI and remind the respective gas agency that it cannot take consumers for a ride.

There are three main LPG suppliers-Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (, Bharat Petroleum ( and Indian Oil Corporation ( In order to file an RTI application under Section 6 of the RTI Act, you should visit their websites depending on which LPG gas you are using and click where the names of Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) are given, depending on which city/town you reside.

As per a central government gazette notification on 26 April 2000, the dealer of LPG is required to display the stock of LPG as follows:

  • Every distributor shall prominently display the stock and price of LPG at a conspicuous place on the business premises, including the storage point.
  • The opening balance of filled, empty and defective cylinders and regulators.
  • The backlog of preceding working day of the filled cylinders to be supplied.
  • Every distributor shall ensure that stocks of LPG are available at the business premises, including storage at all times.
  • No distributor can close his shop on any working day unless notified by the ministry.

Sometime in 2005, the then Sangli collector Manish Mhaiskar had raided all gas agencies in Sangli and taken action against those indulging in blackmarketing and delaying delivery. For more than a couple of years thereafter, Sangli had the best record of door delivery within the prescribed time. It is necessary for the collector's office to take such action and sustain it.
In case you are harassed by delay in delivery, you may ask the following questions under RTI, addressing it to the PIO of the particular petroleum/oil company under which your gas agency operates:
1)  How many domestic and commercial cylinder gas customers does the (write name here) gas agency have (the period of information could be 10 days) and if there has been any fluctuation in the number of customers in any month.
2) The number of domestic and commercial customers having one, two, and more than two gas cylinders.
3) In the 10-day period, how many gas cylinders did the gas agency procure from the petroleum/oil company (details of demand and supply to be given date-wise)?
4) Details of the demand and supply of cylinders to customers of the particular gas agency (for the 10 days) to be given in the following format.  

5) Whether the petroleum/oil company has taken any action against any gas agency regarding erratic distribution of gas cylinders; if so, the names of such agencies and the details of action taken.

Believe it or not, it works like magic.

Here are some things to keep in mind about your gas connection. 

When receiving the gas cylinder, you should be vigilant about

  • The date and serial number of your booking.
  • Sign the receipt only after checking the amount written and pay only the specified amount.
  • Insist on installation of the cylinder by the company's person.
  • Check the cylinder, asking the delivery man to open the seal and fix it to the regulator and check for any signs of leakage and only then accept the delivery.
  • Ensure you receive your domestic gas cylinder within the mandatory 48 hours of booking.
  • Ask the delivery man to carry a weighing machine to facilitate you to check the weight of the cylinder.

When taking a new connection, remember it is not mandatory to buy the gas stove, mixer, pressure cooker, tea boxes or any other consumer product.
Ask for a complete breakup of the cost at the time of paying for a new connection. This includes the deposit, regulator charges, cost of cylinder, stamp duty, documentation and administration charges, and in case you are not buying a gas stove, some basic charge to inspect the gas stove at your house as a safety measure.

And some safety tips

  •   Fix the cap when you are not using the cylinder.
  •    Switch off the regulator when you are not cooking and especially at night.
  •    Check the gas tube regularly and get it changed at regular intervals.
  •    Once in two years, ask your distributor to send a certified mechanic for a mandatory inspection and pay the basic charges for the servicing done.

And if you feel inspired to do more, when you find restaurants using domestic cylinders, report this misuse to the concerned authorities.

(Vinita Deshmukh is a senior editor, author and convener of Pune Metro Jagruti Abhiyaan. She can be reached at




3 years ago

Sir,even after 18 days,I cannot get my LPG cylinder in time.My distributor name is KALPANA INDANE AGENCY,Bangalore.I have brought this matter to IOC portal,but no use.


Vinita Deshmukh

6 years ago

It cannot be made compulsory since everyone may not possess a mobile phone but for people like you and me who have mobiles, I think it is quite cool to book the cylinder through sms


6 years ago

My LPG gas agency(Hindustan Gas agency, Chennai) is insisting me to book by sms and asking not to call and book phone. Can this me made compulsory like this?

Jai Vardhan

6 years ago

Thanks for such in depth insight regarding customer right and errant gas agency. At the same time you have shown the way of RTI is really potent for the customers. I hope people who have read this article can fight against the gas agency....


7 years ago

Thanks Ms.Vinita for such an insightful and informative report.


7 years ago

i wasn't aware about the 48 hrs delivery time. I was delivered my LPG gas in about 7 days. Thanks for the info.

Shadi Katyal

7 years ago

We agree with the writer for his hard work for the article but there is nothing new. In our land of man made shortage for profit wnything is possible.
As the article state that one can see Red canisters and not blue even on the road vendors beside the hotels etc. what action the local police or Govt ever takes.
These people in order to earn their living must be paying through their noses to get such a supply while household might suffer but shoe fault is except GREED.
Our national character has now3 changed and all we see is money and will sell anything if the price is right and not our rights.Time to demand our rights

Abhijeet Pawar

7 years ago

Wish to invest 15 lacks, please advice, how about investment in silver now


7 years ago

Ram ji please also ask every indian to use solar cooker which cooks free of cost as compared to lpg and kerosene as use of later is fatal for indian economy. Please ask all govts state or central or district to promote and incentivize the use of solar cookers and alike solar passive methods to make india strongest

Nitin Kirtane

7 years ago

This article is extremely well written and informative , i am now aware of how we have srtuggled over the years when my mother used to call the gas agency and get fooled as to when the gas will come and how there is less supply of gases from company and how it will take 3 weeks , on reading this article we followed the guidelines and can you beleive it got the gas delivery in a dqay , Thks Mrs Deshmukh looking forward to more such great articles from you ,

Rahul Kurup

7 years ago

Dear Ms Deshmukh,

I cannot thank you enough for this insightful piece. I am hoping that positive change comes about through my RTI application.

girish deshpande

7 years ago

insightful stuff, vinita. the trend in most upper middle class families, where man-wife are working and more than two cylinders are subscribed for, is to send the driver to pick up the cylinder! of home delivery is done, 'happiness money' is given to the delivery guy to keep him in good humour to imbibe prompt service in times ahead too. all this, because time is at premium. agree, people must be more involved, aware of their 'good citizen' duties to get systems to deliver. yes, the restaurant misuse bit IS indeed alarming a situation. thanks for this, again!


7 years ago

Very very good article.

Vinita Deshmukh

7 years ago

Angelo: Yes, he procured the documents he had asked for. The data of bookings and deliveries showed that the gas agency had made out-of-turn deliveries. Kumbhar then lodged an official complaint against this illegality to Hindustan Petroleum, The gas agency was asked to pay Rs.25,000 at penalty.


7 years ago

Thank you,Ms.Vinita Deshmukh,for a great article.I'm sure several people will benefit out of this.

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