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Scamsters offer $7.5 lakh and iPad2 in a lottery on the Tata Motors name

Scamsters are on the prowl once again. This time they have used the name of Tata Motors to offer a lottery of $7.5 lakh and an Apple iPad2, similar to the BMW lottery scam last year

After using the Reserve Bank of India's name for awarding booty, this time the scamsters are using the Tata Motors name to offer money and Apple's new iPad2 in a lottery. However, this time the scamsters have used an old method while sending e-mails, like using the same content with minor corrections (adjustments!) in the mailer. This latest e-mail in the name of Tata Motors is a clear case of a 419 scam. But more on 419 scams later.

The scamsters have used two names in the e-mail, 'MR. Alfonso. M. Alejandro' and 'Prince Dr. Maria Jose Mayors'. Both these names have been used in an earlier instance also in lottery e-mails. The scamsters have also used the name of BMW earlier and have now chosen to use the Tata Motors' name to offer the lottery.

Here's what the e-mail says. "From TATA Automobile Company UK is here by congratulate you as one of our FIVE (5) Star Prize Winner, in our 2011 International Awareness Promotion Online Draw (IAPOD) host in INDIA. This makes you the owner of this Email an owner of a New Apple iPad 2 WI -Fi + 3G classic Model and cash prize of ($750,000.00 US Dollars)."

For the BMW lottery mails the scamsters used the line, "The BMW Automobile Company, congratulate you as one of our Ten (10) Star Prize Winner in our 2010 International Awareness Promotion (IAP) held in Madrid. This makes owner of a brand new BMW 5 Series car and a cash prize of €850,000.00 EUROS."

The mail asks the recipient to send personal details like name, age, address, sex, annual income etc, or contact on some numbers from the UK. The funny part is the scamsters have used Tata Nano images as well as a number of images from different manufacturers and their logos, like Nokia, Apple, Intel, Mozilla Firefox, Acer, Compaq, CSE and so on. The mail also has a copyright assigned to Tata Motors and a standard disclaimer!

This mail is sent by Tata multipurpose group India from [email protected] with a subject line that reads 'TATA 2011 GLOBAL FINANCIAL AWARD PROMO'. The question to ask is why would the Tata group send an e-mail using an unknown e-mail service provider like In addition, there is no entity called 'Tata group auto India' and the group uses simple names like Tata Motors Ltd or Tata group.

There are more discrepancies that regular Moneylife readers would be able to identify easily as there are plenty of 'red' signals in the e-mail. Even if one assumes that all else is true, why on earth would the Tata group offer money to an individual, and that too in US dollars?

Tata Motors officials were not immediately available for comment.

Clearly, this is yet another fraud in progress. So, if you receive such a message delete it immediately. Here are some points to keep in mind to help identify such fake messages.

The scams are widespread, so governments and websites like,, or give special attention to this matter, to help potential victims and to catch scamsters. The website of the Nigerian Central Bank has a warning on the home page that says, "If it looks too good to be true, it usually is." The US Secret Service and the British National Criminal Intelligence Service undertake regular investigations and issue regular warnings to people.

The so-called '419' scam is a type of fraud commonly committed by criminals from Nigeria and other African countries. Victims of the scam are promised a large amount of money, such as a lottery prize, inheritance, or money sitting in some bank account. Victims never receive the non-existent fortune, but they are tricked into sending their money to the criminals, who remain anonymous. They hide their real identity and location by using fake names and fake postal addresses, as well as communicating via anonymous free e-mail accounts and mobile phones.

Here is advice from "Keep in mind that scammers do not use their real names when defrauding people. The criminals either abuse names of real people, or companies, or invent names or addresses. Any real people or companies mentioned below have no connection to the scammers!

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kabal singh

6 years ago

its outstanding.. TATA

AERB to reassess safety measures at Indian N-plants

Out of the 20 reactors (19 are in operation) in India, only Tarapur Atomic Power Station's units one and two are Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs), similar to ones at Fukushima, AERB stated

Mumbai: The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) today said it would carry out a comprehensive reassessment of safety and emergency mitigation measures at all the Indian nuclear power plants, in the light of the crisis in Japan, reports PTI.

Emergency preparedness plans exist for all nuclear power plants in India, and they are periodically "rehearsed", AERB said here.

"However, in the light of the unprecedented event in Japan, AERB will be carrying out a comprehensive reassessment of safety and emergency mitigation measures of all Indian nuclear power plants," AERB secretary R Bhattacharya said here in a statement.
AERB is constantly monitoring the situation at Japan's crisis-hit Fukushima nuclear plan, he said.

"A detailed review will be taken up by us as soon as full information (on situation in Japan) becomes available," Mr Bhattacharya said.

Out of the 20 reactors (19 are in operation) in India, only Tarapur Atomic Power Station's units one and two are Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs), similar to ones at Fukushima.


Cricket World Cup boosts TV ratings, but Indian team’s performance may still cloud the picture

The matches so far have received better-than-expected ratings compared with previous tournaments; however, a lot hinges on the Indian team

The cricket World Cup is good news for sports channels. But has it been as good as it was supposed to be?

Midway through the cup frenzy, sports channels look satisfied with the kind of ratings that are pouring in. Although, the indications are that it could have been much better. Now, after the defeat of the Indian team by South Africa on Saturday, much depends on India's encounter against the West Indies on Sunday.

NP Sathyamurthy, CEO, Karishma Initiative, said, "India matches have given an average TVR of 10-plus. It is evident that this year's World Cup has been viewed with much higher interest than in 2007." TVR stands for television viewer ratings which is a measurement of the popularity of a programme or advertisement in a target audience.

After India's disastrous performance in 2007 World Cup, which was cut short by the humiliating defeat at the hands of Bangladesh, fans and broadcasters were looking forward to better show this time round. But while India's performance cannot be described as stellar by any account, it has ensured enough ratings and advertising revenues to keep most people happy.

In 2007, the total 51 matches pulled an average of 2.06 TVR. This time, with a total 49 matches, the tournament has seen a top rating of 12.63 TVR, which is a huge improvement. Pratap Bose, CEO, Mudra Max, asserts that the ratings have been "higher than expected", with the India-Bangladesh and India-England matches garnering an average TVR of 9 and 12 respectively.

Overall, advertising revenues have been reasonably good. The broadcasters' strategy to give access to advertisers to most Indian matches has worked well and has generated good revenues. However, advertisers are worried that post India's loss to South Africa, the ratings may drop.

As it is, the kind of euphoria that erupted when India reached the finals in 2003 is missing. An analyst from Edelweiss said, "With India being the host, some more enthusiasm was expected. Cricket continues to be the most popular game in India, but the cup mania could have been more."

Where did cricket, 'India's secular religion', falter? The answer may lie in the Indian Premier League (IPL). It has been reported that advertisers have reserved investments for the IPL, which will follow later this year, as the tournament seems to be more popular with women. Some suggest that "too much cricket" has rubbed spectators the wrong way.

Sports channels that have failed to win broadcasting rights for either of these big events have been affected particularly badly. The worst sufferers are Zee Sports and Ten Sports (a part of Taj Entertainment Network in which Zee has a majority stake), who lost more than Rs100 crore in the December quarter, following the premature termination of broadcast rights for the Asian Games. The cricket Test matches and tournaments that these channels have hosted have had very few spectators.

However, media experts are not giving up hope yet. "In our estimation, the interest level will continue till 20 March 2011, when India plays the West Indies," Mr Sathyamurthy said. Heavyweight non-India matches that feature Pakistan, Holland, South Africa and the West Indies have also generated considerable interest and it is expected that they will also contribute to good ratings.



R Balakrishnan

6 years ago

With so much at stake, the Indian team is sure to be in the finals. No matter what it takes.
India matches are all on weekends, to ensure TRP's. So, clearly, money talks, walks and plays cricket


6 years ago

you can see complete world cup matches schedule

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