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SBI chairman wants a reply to all email complaints within 48 hours

    • Subhashish  Ghosal
    • Shubhashish Ghosal
    • Rajkumarnegi
    • Shubhashish  Ghosal
    • Devender Kumar Tyagi

Moneylife Digital Team | 05/04/2010 12:50 PM | 


The new set of instructions from the bank authorities will lead to a big improvement in the way SBI handles its customers

State Bank of India's (SBI) chairman OP Bhatt is seeking fast and prompt action—at least a reply—to email complaints filed by the Bank’s customers. According to an email reply (copied to Moneylife), a deputy general manager (DGM) of SBI has said: “Please note that our Chairman desires that all the email complaints, forwarded from the Corporate Centre have to be replied to the Department within 48 hrs.”

In the past, when Moneylife has forwarded complaints to the SBI chairman's office, we were pleased to receive an immediate reply from the chairman's secretariat to the effect that the complaint would be looked into.

However, there has been complete silence thereafter. These complaints simply went into limbo and nothing was heard from SBI again. Hopefully, these new set of instructions from the top will lead to a big improvement in the way the bank treats its customers.

The DGM was replying to a complaint filed by Moneylife's Veeresh Malik regarding the garbage created by SBI's Defence Colony branch in New Delhi. Earlier, the branch manager told Mr Malik that the Bank only maintains the area in front of the branch and had given a contract to collect the waste from the bank on a daily basis.

Mr Malik replied saying that there is no difference between the front and side of the branch since customers have to walk through the side area to reach the front area. Also, the main signage for the bank branch overlooks the evolved garbage dump, he added.

The branch manager had also said, “We have requested the RWA, Defence Colony to make necessary arrangements so that this area will be well maintained and clean."

Mr Malik again wrote to the Bank authorities. He said, "SBI Defence Colony Branch is located within the DDA Moolchand Shopping Complex. To write to the Defence Colony RWA is like asking the neighbours to clean (up the mess due to) the result of your lack of attention to hygiene. The generator is on public land, with the exhaust pointing straight towards our home. Handing over garbage collection to a sub-contractor does not eliminate the responsibility of the SBI Defence Colony Branch. These issues are not addressed. Instead, an attempt to pass the buck seems to have been made, by stating that 'a letter has been written to the RWA'."

To this, a reply came from the DGM asking the SBI officials to reply in detail and instruct the branch manager to initiate immediate measures to rectify the position.

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Piyush Gaur

Piyush Gaur 5 years ago

omplaint Ticket Number : CC-1301820256676

Name : Piyush Gaur
352 33 church road west paal beechla ajmer
Account Number: 31002755904
Branch Name: Diggi Bazar Ajmer
Email :
Phone No : 09717091264
Mobile No : 9829523736
Product : Education Loans
Complaint : Account Related - Errors in computation of interest
Message : I applied for education loan of RS 200000 in year 2001 for my engineering degree course.In which the condition wqs that every year we will get the checque of 50,000 till four years in name of college .they sanctioned my loan and that time Mr Safra was loan officer.I started payment of intrest on immediated basis which was continued for almost 2.5 years.after repeated request to the bank authorities they never provided the statement of our deposited amount.Then we decided to deposit Rs 5000 PM on our own.As of now we are depositing Rs 6000 PM and every time when we ask bank authorities about our pending balancethey always says that its around 90,000.Sir we are unable to understand that after almost 5 years of repayment still our balance is 90,000 however my total loan was only 200000.Also at the time of our intrest rate was 10.25 which was told by authorities of bank now they have increased the rate of intrest.This is my Humble request to you kindly look into matter and arrange to provide the details of my payments rom very first day.

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Sovan Kumar Maity

Sovan Kumar Maity 5 years ago

1. I have a ATM Card bearing machine No 622018085560003181 issued by State Bank of India Mashila branch situated Andul, Howrah. On 03 Feb 2011, I punched in my ATM Card at SBI ATM (Andul Bus Stand) for Rs 15000 but I got only Rs 9500 through ATM receipt No 9538. Immediately I informed the discrepancy to the following address :-
(a) Nearest SBI Branch (SBI-Mashila, Code No 8556) where I have my saving account for which they have given written complaint to Main branch of Howrah Maidan SBI.

(b) I telephonically intimated(Ph No 033-26413221) to Mr Binoy Ray, ATM Manager of SBI Howrah a Maidan Branch again and again but they have told me the same that ‘ we can do nothing regarding this matter you may contact your nearest SBI Branch.
(c) Sir, it is once again intimated that I have logged so many complaint to ATM enquires, Bangalore vide phone No 080-26599990 but they have also intimate to me through my mobile that” your complaint has been attended and closed in the system.”. Therefore, you are requested to please advised me what to do & how to get my money.

2. The cause and non redresssal of this short change is not understood. The indifferent attitude of SBI staff towards my problem frustrating . I request you to look into my problem and credit the non paid amount (Rs 5500/-) to my account please.

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rajendrasing a patil patilno

rajendrasing a patil patilno 5 years ago

i want to purchase 5 acres agricultural land in 20lacs rs ican pay the seller rs 8 lacs kindly grant me loan rs 12lacs on land morgage basis loan from your bank my land is at post umbarkhede tal chalisgoan dist jalgoan (maharashtra)help me for my loan

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rajkumarnegi 5 years ago

The comments written in this are as per the slogen of state bank of india thelargest bank helps the poor man, but in fact it does not- there is a big gap between the pratice. I just reffered one case of advance to the doctor in your chandigarh main branch handled bt SMe pb and the reply is still awaited. the chief general manager of the chandigarh circle has not given any instructions to the concerned deptt, otherwise an interm reply should have come to me. please be practical . a,/c name is M/sJaswal Dental clinic no 10848377082. thanks

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rajkumarnegi 5 years ago in reply to rajkumarnegi

No reply from the bank for the last two months, you can well imagine the sevice of state bank of india, how much they care for the public and their customers.

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devender kumar  tyagi

devender kumar tyagi 5 years ago

Sir I have opened a sb a/c of my mother on 08 dec 2010 at sbi navyug market Ghazibad (UP). A/C No. is 31530197956. My mother has issue a cheque No. 782009 on 19 Feb 11 which was return by a SBI branch stating that the signature is not scanned in the computer. I with my mother went to SBI Navyug Mkt on 26 Feb 11 and ask the bank about this. they advised us to fill up a another form with the photo of my mother and a address proof. we have submit all these documents to bank on the same day and also bank has pay that amount on our request. my mother again has issued a cheque on 29 Mar 11 and the cheque has been returned with the same reason. then i a sent a email on 29 mar 11 to bank at thier email address mentioned in the pass book i.e. but at 2120 hrs on 31 mar 11 no reply has been sent the by bank. My mother is in need of money. pl do the need ful.

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devender kumar tyagi

devender kumar tyagi 5 years ago in reply to devender kumar tyagi

i have not got reply till today i.e. 05 apr 2011

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