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Save children from ever growing sexual & physical abuse, says CRISP

Child rape cases have jumped 336% in the past 10 years


Younger children, aged between 5-12 years, including boys and girls, are facing more abuse, both physical as well as sexual, and there is an urgent need to safeguard these children and also severely punish child abusers and rapists, says Bangalore-based Children's Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP).


CRISP, citing data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), said, every 20 minutes, somewhere in India a woman is raped. While crimes against woman have increased by 1.7% since 2010, over the past 10 years, number of rape cases involving child has jumped 336%, it added.


Talking about the reluctance in addressing child abuse, CRISP said, "No one wants to believe that anyone would do something that terrible to a child, so there’s an unwillingness to recognise just how pervasive child abuse is. In spite of our collective denial, we all may know a family where sexual abuse is taking place or may know a sexual predator. In the majority of cases, children never tell anyone what has happened to them. Why? Because it doesn’t feel safe to tell. Since talking about sex is taboo in Indian society, this problem gets complicated even more."


"There are many types of child sexual abuse, from inappropriate touching, fondling, voyeurism, exposure to pornography, to full forced intercourse and sadistic acts. Victims may be infants as young as two months, although the average age of child sexual abuse victims is nine. It happens in every socio-economic class, every ethnic community, and among all races," it added.


In a statement, CRISP said, "India adopted a policy on Children in 1974 which guarantees children the right to protection from abuse, the right to protection from exploitation, the right to protection from neglect. In spite of this, various governments have failed miserably in safeguarding the interests of children who constitute 40% of Indian population because they are not vote banks!"


CRISP has demanded the government to strictly implement the 'Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act' that was passed in the Parliament in 2012. The non-governmental organisation (NGO) has also demanded.


1. Make sex education compulsory, with a focus to educate on what constitutes abuse, for High school level in all private and government schools in the state.


2. No school management should force parents to sign papers compromising their child's safety in exchange for seats. Make schools fully accountable for child safety during school hours, including the travel to & from the school and management has to ensure due diligence on staff and teachers.


3. Open child helpline to report abuse in all major areas of the city & schools to train children how to use helpline facilities without revealing name or identity of the victim and their family.


4. Set up special courts to complete trial of child abuse cases within 6 months and ensure all cases of child abuse is reported in the police station & CWC.


5. To form a separate union ministry for children & de-link the present women and child development ministry since women rights and child rights are totally different and thus children are not the priority.


6. Initiate social and familial reforms to reinforce joint family system so that grand-parents play a more pro-active role in upbringing and care of children, ensuring love and safety, and reduce dependency on hired maids.


7. Promote shared parenting in children coming from the broken homes so that the children gets guidance from father to have proper guidance & to prevent potential rapist citizens.


Subrata Roy denied parole, Sahara allowed to sell hotels

In a continuing series of setbacks for Sahara and Subrata Roy, the SC again denied parole or bail for Roy, to be able to complete sales of his overseas hotels in order to put together and furnish the required bail guarantee


The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to grant bail or parole to Sahara chief Subrata Roy. At the same time the apex court allowed Roy to hold discussions for helping the Sahara group to sell its hotels abroad for raising funds for his bail.


While allowing the Sahara Group to either sell or mortgage its hotels in London and New York, the SC said that it would not allow parole or bail for Roy to complete these deals.
The apex court, however, agreed to let Roy be involved in the sale proceedings by allowing him to hold negotiations for the sales in police custody 'whenever and wherever' Roy wished. 
The SC said, “We will allow you to hold negotiations with the clients outside jail between 10am to 4pm under police custody.”
Roy's lawyers had requested the Supreme Court that he be given parole to allow him to be able to raise the funds required to be furnished for bail.
Roy's current internment in Tihar Jail has been ongoing since 4 March 2014. He was jailed for contempt of court when he failed to appear before the court repeatedly in a case relating to raising of funds for two Sahara Group companies. The Supreme Court, in a 2012 order, had ordered the Sahara Group to return 24,000 crore raised by the Group, agreeing with SEBI that Sahara had not met listing norms. 
Subrata Roy and the Sahara Group had been struggling to put together the Rs10,000 crore bail guarantee as ordered by the Court. In this regard, he had sought release for 40 days so that he could negotiate and complete the sale of three overseas hotels owned by the Sahara Group.


Asian Paints Q1 net profit up 23% to Rs338.7 crore

For the June quarter, Asian Paints reported higher net profit at Rs338.7 crore due to robust sales growth from decorative paint segment


Asian Paints Ltd, India's largest paint manufacturer, posted a higher first quarter net profit mainly on robust sales, especially from decorative paint business


For the quarter to end-June, Asian Paints said its consolidated net profit increased 23% to Rs338.7 crore from Rs275.2 crore while its total revenues, including sales, grew 18.3% to Rs3,362.2 crore from Rs2841.1 crore, same period a year ago.


“Decorative paint business registered double digit growth during the quarter across geographies. Performance of the international units were a mixed bag with units in Carribbean, UAE, Singapore, and Bangladesh doing well. Operations in Egypt were affected due to weak business sentiment in that country,” said KBS Anand, managing director and chief executive officer, Asian Paints in a release.


Asian Paints closed Tuesday 1.5% up at Rs602 on the BSE, while the S&P BSE Sensex ended the day 1.2% higher at 26,025.


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