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Satyamev Jayate shows Indians want to gawk but not give

The Sunday morning prime time show, which aimed to raise India’s social consciousness, asks people to support the NGOs working for the various causes featured in the show. Indian are watching but not opening their fists

While advertisers may complain about TRPs and high costs, Satyamev Jayate has certainly been a small boon to NGOs who have been featured on the show. However, it once again exposes how Indians are unwilling to donate to charity. They want to gawk but not give.


A show that reached out to a massive 40 crore Indians over just five episodes, has collected a paltry Rs1.7 crore for seven NGOs so far. And half of this, or Rs85.25 lakh has come from Reliance Foundation which offered to match the sum raised through direct donations and text messages sent out by viewers during and after the show. 


So in terms of making Indians ‘give’, Satyamev Jayate is a big flop, but that is the tragic truth about Indians and their current attitudes and no reflection on the show itself. 

The not-for-profits who are striving to help people are certainly not complaining. For them it is a lovely, one-time gift form Aamir Khan Productions, Star TV and all its associates. But, look closer and the number confirm the perception that Indians don’t really believe in supporting and donating to social causes, despite rapidly rising prosperity. And this fact, is the biggest stumbling block to social change and powerful civil society initiatives. 


Now lets look at the numbers. There were 13 NGOs on the list, but according to information we have received from Reliance Foundation, donations from them have gone only to seven. It is not clear if the others drew a blank. The Star TV spokesperson said that the show has not released any numbers as yet, but promised to revert. The NGOs listed on are Unique Home for Girls, Snehalaya, Amarjyoti School, Family of Disabled, Himmat, Childline, Jagori, Safai karmachari Andolan, Humanity Hospital Trust, Muktangan, Kheti Viraasat Mission, Punjab Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Hyderabad Azad Foundation. 


Those who have received money so far are – Snehalaya, Childline, Unique Home for Girls, Humanity Hospital Trust, Himmat, Amarjyoti School and Family of Disabled. Snehalaya had the advantage of being featured in the first show which took social media by storm and was trending for two days. But the donations by millions of Indians who watch this giant show which aired simultaneously on Star and Doordarshan was apparently only Rs31 lakhs. Reliance Foundation matched it with another Rs31 lakhs, which makes it Rs 62 lakhs. 


Remember, Snehalaya had the advantage of featuring on the first show; the contributions/ donations seem to taper off after that. Childline received Rs10.39 lakhs (double it up for Reliance’s contribution), Unique Home for Girls (Rs7.4 lakhs), Humanity Hospital Trust (Rs8.11 lakhs), Himmat (Rs14 lakhs), Amarjyoti School (Rs 6.34 lakhs) and Family of Disabled (Rs7.34 lakhs). 


While all this is a sad reflection on the ‘giving’ of Indians, it is turning out to be a great bet for Reliance Foundation, which has got enormous mileage and promotional space virtually for a song. Remember, Satyamev Jayate’s title sponsor Bharti Airtel has forked out nearly  Rs17-20 crore for the presenting sponsor slot, while associate sponsors Axis Bank, Reckitt Benckiser, Skoda, Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson have apparently paid Rs6-7 crore each for the 13-week show. Star TV also charges a hefty Rs8-10 lakh per 10 seconds for spot rates for Satyamev Jayate while spot rates for KBC were Rs 3.5-4 lakh per 10 seconds, reports The Economic Times. The newspaper says that advertisers are chafing at the high ad rates since TRPs haven’t matched up to expectation. As against this, Reliance Foundation has so far contributed Rs85 lakhs over five episodes and has gained huge exposure during the show. It’s a bet that paid off. 


We must say that the pathetic donations or  “giving” by Indians has come as big shock. Donations to the School of Disabled, Amarjyoti and Unique Home for Girls is stunningly poor. It is no wonder that Star TV is embarrassed to release donation figures. In fact, the terms of the donation say that Star India was “to announce the exact total amount of donation received per week on subsequent Friday through the show 'Asar' on Aaj Tak Channel every Friday at 8:30 pm during the Campaign Period”.  But there are hardly numbers that one would want to broadcast. 


The first episode of Satyamev Jayate caused such a flutter on social media that one expected the smartphones to be zapping text messages every second. Instead, it appears that people were only tweeting, not texting for a cause. If Satyamev Jayate hasn’t been the gamechanger for social change that we had expected, it is we the people who have failed.





5 years ago

in nowadays renewable energy plays important role.this article is good but renewable energy based project as to be improved and create the usage of this renewable energy.


5 years ago

Wonderful article, thanks, and spells out the attitude and approach of our electricity and energy companies. Instead of concentrating on generating more electricity through every possible method and then selling it or buying it as the case may be, their short-sighted approach of trying to fight alternative sources of power will only end up costing more and therefore spending the public taxpayer's money.

Sooner solar power is worked back into grid, the better. This needs to become an electoral issue.


5 years ago

great article


5 years ago

What abt Wind Power costs? How does that compare with Thermal & SOlar, given the Tarrif here.
If you can share costing nos for Solar vs Wind, it may show us the reasons for such fall in tarriff. Also it will then incentivise industry & housing complex to setup their own small power generation units for Street lights & common area lighting to start with.


5 years ago

Nice well researched article. @RNBhaskar can you please clarify if the amount of roof space in most commercial buildings would be enough to fulfill the power needs of building in a commercial consumer scenario? Because from what I've read the cost of land is a large portion of the total power cost and it becomes economical only when land costs are not significant. Im not sure with the real estate costs in urban areas if it'll be viable. (quite a few commercial rooftops have pubs/ coffe shops etc.)


5 years ago

Can you investigate and publish the major cost elements for solar electricity farms and look at the impact of scale - large solar farms Vs rooftop installations by a shop/mall/factory etc.?

I doubt if rooftop installations currently come anywhere close to the low cost per unit quoted for large solar farms in this article.

Cox & Kings’ tourists robbed in Europe

Tourists on a tour with Cox & Kings' European Whirl lost all valuables they had kept in C&K bus as per instructions from their guide on the last day


It is widely believed that travelling abroad with a reputed tour operator ensures safety, security and fulfilment of the promises made. However, those on Cox & Kings’ (C&K) European Whirl tour found that their Roman Holiday will be memorable for the wrong reasons. In a shocking incident, passengers allege that their valuables were stolen from their hand luggage right from the bus engaged by the tour operator.

The bad news doesn’t end with being robbed. Instead of helping them file a complaint with the local authorities, they were advised to return to India and file a complaint with Cox & Kings (C&K), which denies any responsibility and points to some opaque fine print in a brochure that was given to the tourists before commencement of the tour.
Here is what happened. YN Bhattacharya, a senior banker and his family were booked on C&K's “European Whirl” tour. The 11 night-10day package cost was Rs1.28 lakh per person. On the last day, the passengers having checked out of their hotels were on the last hours of their tour at Rome, before heading for the airport.  Mr Bhattacharya says, the tour manager Marina Coutino repeatedly advised all passengers to carry all valuables and items purchased in person, in backpacks or side bags, to avoid pilferage at the airport and also advised them to claim VAT refund. Accordingly, each passenger had these with them in the bus (on which they had travelled all the way from London), during their last hours of shopping and sight-seeing of the tour.
"On the way to airport, the bus was parked on the road Via Portuense outside a shopping mall and we were advised by Ms Marina Coutino to leave all the belongings in the bus and spend time in the mall till 17:00 hours. No one was allowed to stay in the bus. She also advised that no baggage would be permitted in the mall", says Mr Bhattacharya.

Everyone vacated the bus and entered the mall for lunch and shopping. After couple of hours, the tour manager contacted some of us and informed that baggage inside the bus was missing and everyone should check their belongings in the bus immediately. We immediately rushed to the bus and found that everything was missing from the bus except a hand purse, which had the travel tag on it. Even jackets worn and food packets were not spared".

According to Mr Bhattacharya, almost all the 32 members in the bus on way to airport lost their valuables and one member, Mr Chatterjee even lost his passport and air tickets and was stranded at Rome. Me and my family suffered a loss of around Rs2 lakh, apart from loss of peace and suffering mental agony with sleepless nights.

Moneylife spoke to Mr GS Kutty, who told us he lost his iPhone, laptop and a Blackberry and other valuable items worth over Rs2 lakh. We are in the process of calling others.

The tourists were in for a bigger shock on returning to India. C&K washed its hands off the entire episode. When Moneylife called C&K to ask for its comments, the spokesperson emailed us denying that its tour guide was in anyway responsible for the theft. He said, “We regret that such an unfortunate incident did take place. In the terms and conditions (Page 98) of our brochure we do mention that passengers should not leave behind any property in the coach while disembarking. The company would not be responsible or liable in case of loss of such property under any circumstances. It may be noted that the tour manager Ms Coutino assisted the passengers in filing the FIR at the local police station and a copy of which was provided to the clients".

But Mr Bhattacharya has a very different version. He alleges that the tour manager was in a hurry to take the passengers to the airport and advised them to take up the matter with Cox & Kings on reaching India. She only took them to the police station when the passengers insisted on it. His complaint says, “She (the tour guide) was compelled to take us to the nearest police station in order to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) for lost items. We were not allowed to go inside the police station but were handed over a limited ‘Questura di Roma’ form to fill in and hand over to her. We were not even given adequate time to fill up the forms for all four members. The partially filled forms were handed over to the tour manager for transferring the same to police station. Acknowledgment of only three forms were received out of the four submitted by us which was immediately brought to her notice but she declined to approach the police station to collect the remaining acknowledgement form, which she was to handover to us. This was around 17:00 hours and we were only five miles away from the airport when our flight was at 22:00 hours. This makes it evident that she had enough time to take care of documentation from the police station on the loss of valuables which were in exclusive custody of Cox & Kings, but she did not perform".
In fact, giving the brush off they have received, Mr Bhattacharya wonders whether the theft was an inside job in collusion with the driver and the guide, especially since he was not even given an insurance claim form when he asked for it at C&K’s Vashi office at Mumbai.

Specifically, he cites the following actions questionable actions on the part of the tour operator.  
1. Specific advice of the tour manager to carry all the valuables and items purchased in their handbags, backpacks. This facilitated pilferage of all items collectively from inside the bus.
2. Specific advice of the tour manager to leave all valuable belongings in the bus and to vacate the bus for about five hours to go shopping. Nobody was allowed to stay back in the bus.
3. We were not allowed to keep the luggage in the locker room of the hotel as she declined to pick up the luggage later from hotel on way to airport, although it was hardly five miles away.
4. The bus was parked on the road away from the shopping mall in spite of parking space available inside the mall complex.
5. The bus was parked outside the range of security surveillance of the shopping mall, monitored by cameras and CCTVs.
6. There was no tampering on the door of the highly technologically advanced Mercedes-Benz bus, which was fitted with security door alarms. Thus, raises doubts about pilferage being an inside job.
7. The tour operator was reluctant to approach the police station for filing the FIR. After almost three hours of the theft, she could be persuaded to take us to the police station.
8. She neither allowed sufficient time to lodge the complaint nor permitted anyone to leave the bus to meet the police officials.
9. The tour operator did not hand over the complaint acknowledgement from the police station for Sayanti Bhattacharya although she had filled the complaint form.
10. Although the bus was parked outside the police station, no police personnel inspected the bus.
11. Although there was plenty of time available to file a detailed complaint (about five to six hours until flight time) she was in hurry to push us to the airport and didn’t want the travellers interacting with the local police.
12. On reaching airport, she was not traceable anymore.

The question then is, don’t tour operators get any insurance for the tours? That is a separate story. Watch this space.



A kumar

5 years ago

Dear Harrassed customers

Please immediatley file case in consumer court as a first step.

If instructions were given to leave items on board without recourse or option, it over-rides the "brochure " given to you.
Please file for a full claim as well as for
(i) Misguiding that a Police complaint can not be lodged.
(ii) For Mental Harrassment

Ask for full refund of the entire tour expanses.


5 years ago

in all tourist beware. there many people in rome, who come as police person in plain clothes and ask for ur ID and wallets. they are actually fake police. so dont ever show them anything. tell them that come to nearest police station.

Ankit B

5 years ago

First of all, i would like to thank “Money Life” who took an initiative in Supporting Mr. YN Bhattacharya and his family in showing the real picture of a reputated and big player of tour opertor ie “Cox & Kings” to the whole world. I would like to bring this to your kind notice that, this is happend with my best friend and her family which was never expected from such a big player in their field. Before their trip, I read so many blogs and articles upon cheated by Cox and Kings on internet, but always believed to a certain extent. But when it happened with my best friend and her family, i have so much anger and reget in myself that, why i didn't believe in those blogs fully so i could stop them to go with Cox and Kings. This planned robbery and looting clearly shows the motto of the company. They are just here to make money by illegal and hidden ways(cheated people by way of exchange rate). As an individual, i am definitely going to raise a voice against them to atleast save those who are even thinking about to create their best memories with this cheated company. This extremely planned robbery by cox and king with the support of their team(Marina Coutnio) in Europe and an action amounting of conduct of fraud on the customer is cleary highlighted in this article by Moneylife. I am pretty sure that all the 32 members who were on boarded on the trip was expecting a memorable holiday, good service and a transparent tour as advertiesed from an established company but got a fraudulent deal from Cox and Kings which they can never expect in worst of their nightmares. C&K made their trip as a forgeful exprience. They have played with their emotions and solely responsible for all the mental harrasment and monetary loss occoured due to their planned robbery.
Who would believe that hang baggages not usually covered in the insurance policies( reason given by C&K), they had planned a perfect robbery to earn a huge amount of money(in terms of cash), valuable things(all the coslty shopping) and the luxury stuff( laptop,mobiles etc). According to their tour guide, they had to leave the bags in the coach only and contradictory to, their brochure said that they should not leave any belongings in the coach while disembarking. Huh!!! What a planning and mismanagement??Shame on you C&K!! I would like to remind and make it understand to everyone who is reading this blog that in India, most of the people are from middle class who can afford foreign trip only once in their life. It was hard earned money which they spent in the expectation to get the best meomorable trip of their life but what they got in the return: Mental harrasment, worst memories of the trip, huge amount of monetary loss , defrauded by cox and kings, biggest shock of their life and mainly the angerness and frustation on Cox and Kings who even washed its hands off the entire story.
To this kind of circumstances mentioned by Money life, it is clearly an evident that "Cox and Kings" are a guilty of deficiency in the service under the consumer protection act and solely liable to compensate the loss caused to them by their reckless planning, negligent and malafide. The response they had given to them is nothing but a bunches of lies and subversion of facts. I really would like to request to all to raise thier voice against this cheated company and banned it fully in India. Guys, please do not even think about having your best trip with Cox and Kings, Yes you can have it if you want to create the worst moment of your life.Just go through all the blogs and articles on internet which clearly shows the number of people got cheated and even proves that tthey are the biggest cheater and fraud player in the market. You can only earn money but can't get good image and reputation in an Indian market. Always remember, you can cheat some people for some time but not all people all the time. The truth of the fraud committed by you and your travel agency will sooner or later dawn on the Indian public. You BIG TIME SUCKS Cox and Kings!!

Kunal Savla

5 years ago

This is so disgusting and shameful act of MNC's like Cox and Kings playing with people's emotions and hard earned money. Mis-handling of their clients and mis-management simply shows they dont deserve to be in India and should be banned. Their tag line: Over 250 years of Discovery only shows how they have been cheating and looting people from these many years by showing them false dreams and giving them false hopes. Simply unexpected of what i thought of Cox and Kings before. Will never ever recommend this tour operator to anyone. Shame on you C&K :\


5 years ago

Cox and Kings are unwanted thieves and slang slavedrivers to harass their customers my own relatives are victim to it. Lots of people have similar experience with these cheap thieves who claim to be excellent vacation planner but the fact is they are cheap hooligans. Cox and Kings should be banned in India.


5 years ago

this incident clearly shows how life has degenerated in europe because the economy is down, people have no jobs and now they resort to robbery, theft and other crimes to survive...c&k should be responsible for this and compensate the victims


5 years ago is all about fine prints of terms and conditions that allows them a escape.


5 years ago

It is pre planned crime. we r also one of the victims.
Cox & Kings Responsible for this.
boycott C &K..


5 years ago

this is a pure scam. if you insist that people leave the bags in the bus & also insist that they cannot stay in the bus, you are claiming full responsibility - whether due to loss by theft or by fire.
it surprises me how much faith indians put in these kind of 'tour operators' who have no competency or integrity to begin with.

Ankit Shah

5 years ago

I feel that Cox & Kings has either royally goofed up or its staff members have engaged in a pre-planned crime. The latter seems more plausible because if you're a tour operator you are expected to take extra precaution.

Secondly, when your tour guide has misguided tourists, you cannot simply shirk responsibility by saying that the tourists have signed on a document that says that the company will not be liable for any theft or loss.

Speaks very poorly of Cox & Kings. Will certainly recommend people to avoid this tour operator.

As for the people of this ill-fated trip, it is not just loss of money, but a lot of agony. You certainly don't want such a special trip to end like this.

Even worse, the company is not even willing to provide any relief to the tourists.

Makarand patankar

5 years ago

It will take ages to get justice in consumer court or any other court in India.bhattacharya or anyone else will be further frustrated.find out a way they can be sued in court west, a mere possibility will force cox and kings act.




In Reply to Makarand patankar 5 years ago

any of the tourists have a relative / friend in Italy..matter can be then highlighted there and C/K can be sued in Italy for few million Euros.
it may be worh while writing to the UK/Italy offices and local e- papers and the Indian community as well.

Suresh Thakur Desai

5 years ago

Mr. Bhattacharya will be well within his rights to file a complaint under Consumer Protection Act against Cox and Kings. All his fellow passengers should join him and strengthen.
Consumers must realize that those who remain silent spectators to any injustice should be considered as passive supporter of the wrong doers

Makarand patankar

5 years ago

Tour managers accompanying tour are casual labourers,they don't even have a contract with the company,they are supposed to make Money thru tips and are hand in glove with hotels ,gift shops,bus operators and night clubs.
Cox and kings and other companies in this business are fully aware but they prefer to be opaque as it suits them in money making.


Adi Daruwalla

In Reply to Makarand patankar 5 years ago

It depends on whether the tour manager/ escort is hired from India, or selected for the tour as a local Italian citizen. In the case mentioned the name sounded Indian, did not sound too Italian. What sort of training is received by Tour manager and escort and what experience the tour manager or escort have is also important?


5 years ago

This is one among many stories I heard about foreign tourists duped in Rome. Italy in general may be safe but Rome thieves and tricksters -women included- are quite smart. Like our local trains in Mumbai, a newcomer is sure to lose wallet in their metro.

I would not have trusted the tour Guide's instruction of leaving things in the bus, in Rome.

Idea of working through Consulate is good becasue the police here will have interest in solving the case.

p k

5 years ago

this case has the foreign hand in it...that too from Italy.

pls appeal to madam Sonia..ijjat ka sawal.

if she cant do anything , then what is the difference in India and Europe/ Nigeria ?

boycott c&K..badmash company!!

Using science to usher in change

Science has become too powerful, too pushy and too dangerous to be left on its own. We need to have controls or else we will have more moon missions in preference to saving dying children in thousands from starvation

“An inventor is a person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and springs, and believes it civilization”— Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, 1958

I think that science is only one of the many ways of understanding this universe while admitting that there are many other ways of doing so. The present craze and teaching that unless one has a scientific bent of mind this world can not progress looks like pure propaganda by the vested scientific lobby. Real scientific temper is a part of living; that is trying to look at everything critically before accepting it. Scientific temper does not simply mean studying BSc, PhD etc.  Their misplaced emphasis on evidence base in science is also shaky as the evidence itself is not pure and is based just on the five senses of the scientist. The whole world out there cannot be grasped with our five senses alone.

Unfortunately, today science seems to have acquired a new meaning of trying to teach nature a lesson or two. In the bargain, scientists look for methods to make money—big money at that—in the form of sponsorship by vested interests, funding by research organizations, patenting their findings and fattening their CVs, huge sums of money from the industry for advising them, and of course, occasionally the ‘great’ Nobel Prize, thanks to big money involved in technology which applies these scientific principles to make money. In addition, the star performers in the area get social status, media projection and many other perks.

The worst part of the enterprise is the fight over intellectual rights. If one gets an idea, how can one call it his/her own? Cell biology tells us that ideas do come to our antennae from the universal consciousness and they do not belong to any individual. The same ideas might have occurred to others at other times. One has only to look at the famous PhD thesis of 1956 written by Imre Lakatos published as Proofs and Refutations, which is one of the greatest twentieth century contributions to the philosophy of mathematics which forms the basis of all sciences as is known to the present generation. It was published and supervised by Karl Popper who ruled the London School of Economics those days. The greatest thinker on science was Popper himself. He was very fond of his pet theme Conjectures and Refutations which will show the science of today is just as hypothetico-deductive. A proposition is scientific only if it is falsifiable, as otherwise, it becomes metaphysical. One could sum up today’s definition of science by quoting two of their thought leaders—Marie Curie and John von Neumann. “Science is measurement and measurement is science” was Marie’s idea while Neumann defined science as “making models, mostly mathematical constructs, which, with verbal jargon, are supposed to work”! Even the great Albert Einstein wrote that “when it comes to reality, mathematics is not applicable.”

Science has become too powerful, too pushy and too dangerous to be left on its own. We need to have controls or else we will have more moon missions in preference to saving dying children in thousands from starvation and Nutritional Immune Deficiency Syndromes (NIDS), grand total of 67 million in all.

Two examples of how knowledge, including scientific knowledge, is universal and not personal are here. Keinzel, a professor Rustum Roy’s laboratory at Pennsylvania state, was working on radio waves to kill cancer cells. Serendipitously, the rays passed through one of the test tubes containing salt water. That test tube could burn like a flame from water. It was then confirmed by professor Roy that what came out of water when radio waves pass through it are hydrogen atoms (not molecules). The water still remained as water and the hydrogen that came out was fully hydrogen atom. Prof Roy, in fact, was inspired by the Vedic saying “poornam idam; poornam adaha…” which simply means that this is a whole and that is a whole. If a bit comes out of the whole the bit becomes a whole but the whole remains a whole! Prof Roy used to quote another sloka (stanza) from the Rig Veda—“Oorj”—which graphically describes water as the mother and father of fire! Amazing all-time wisdom indeed! They are able to run engines on water thus. This technique does not leave nascent oxygen behind like when one removes hydrogen molecules from water. The nascent oxygen would destroy any engine.

Hans Peter Durr, another great physicist who propagates E=M hypothesis calls the same as aduality. Hans, who is the Emeritus Director of Max Planck Institute, in his paper Matter is not made out of Matter, takes pride in mentioning that the Indian sages of yore knew about this when they coined the term advaitha!

“We cannot discover the world we presuppose when proceeding with it. We need an external standard of criticism, an alternate set of assumptions, an entire alternate world—a dream world in order to discover the features of the real world we inhabit (which may be another dream world)… the first step in our criticism of ‘facts’ must be an attempt to break the circle.”, writes Paul Feyerabend in his classic, Against Method, an epoch making book, nay a collage. This is better clarified by Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, an English physicist, in his “fish net hypothesis.” When ichthyologists went to sea to study fish scientifically, they collected samples from all the seas. Analysing their data they came to some vital theories. One of them was “that all fish in the sea are bigger than two inches.” The theory became science and the fish got sold in the market with this scientific tag. Every one concerned was happy. Closer scrutiny, of course, revealed the hole in the theory. If the ichthyologists had taken a net with smaller holes even smaller than two inches fish would have been caught!

The same fish net explains why there are so many ‘scientists’ and Nobel Laureates describing the electron in different ways. Come to think of it philosophers and spiritualists like Charles Leadbeater, Benjamin Guy Babington and Anne Beasant, one time physicists, had come to better conclusions about the atomic structure without any gadgets way back in 1920 in India meditating in yogic trance, described in Besant’s book, Occult Chemistry. The lepto-quark, the last bit of the sub-atomic particle, has been graphically described in a stanza in the Upanishads and the Bhagvad Gita, another point against patenting!

Modern medicine is another one of those pseudo-sciences, in fact, it is not even science, and it is just statistical science. Steven Milloy PhD, an epidemiologist in Washington DC, calls medical science “a science without sense,” in his book by the same name. Albert-Szent Gyorgyi, a Nobel Laureate biologist, in his magnificent publication, Sub-molecular biology, has torn the medical scientific base into pieces. One sentence from Gyorgyi would suffice to show the gravity of the problem. “I am not able to define cancer as I do not know the difference between a normal cell function and cancer cell function.” Writes James Dewey Watson, the Nobel Prize winning DNA man, about cancer research thus: “scientifically bankrupt, therapeutically ineffective, and wasteful” Another Nobel Laureate, Macfarlane Burnet, says that a comprehensive and unbiased survey of cancer research, “the surveyor would end up with a devastating sense of futility—the end-result of the hundreds of thousands of man-years of work on the various aspects of cancer has been precisely nil.”

Our problem in cancer starts from the very definition. Rudolf Virchow, the father of cell pathology, wrote that “no man, even under torture, could define cancer!” The medical sciences of other areas are still worse. I quoted cancer in some detail as this is the biggest research grant getting area attracting lots of young people who have only read their textbooks in medical school; the latter are now known to be ghost written by the vested interests! Medical scientists should, for a change, start thinking before doing. The end result of all the madness in the medical area, as shown by audits based on US governmental data, has been that modern medical establishment in all its ramifications, is the leading cause of human death and disability!

Our curse in India has been that from the time of political independence in 1947, we, unlike the Chinese in 1948, totally ignored the vast sea of medical wisdom that already existing in this country for eons in Ayurveda, and many other systems in preference of the colonial western science. This is like a religion, with a tight-knit hierarchy to keep it the way they want by rigid rules for publications, a ritualistic research style, and the “so called” peer review which is built in to curb all new knowledge. They are feeling the heat now in their own backyard. Lamenting on medical science, the chief of NICE, the highest body that keeps medical science activities under control in the UK, Sir Michael Rawlins, said that “RCTs, the benchmark of quality in medical research has been placed on an undeservedly high pedestal.”

The whole field of medical science smacks of a fanatical religion. “A great country with great traditions is subjected to western domination and is exploited in the customary way. A new generation recognizes or thinks it recognizes the material and the intellectual superiority of the west and traces it back to science. Science is thus imported, taught, and pushes aside all other wisdoms and traditional elements. Scientific chauvinism triumphs. What is compatible with that science should live, what is not compatible with science should die,” writes Paul Karl Feyerabend in his classic Against Method. This one paragraph in Paul’s book tells all that I have been saying for the last half a century. Nobel Laureate Peter Medawar, a great medical scientist, in his book The Limits of Science and John Bockris of cold fusion fame from A& M University in Texas, in his book The New Paradigm have argued more convincingly of the need for a change sooner than later.  Science has become a boondoggle.

“The most ordinary things are to philosophy a source of insoluble puzzles. With infinite ingenuity it constructs a concept of space or time and then finds it absolutely impossible that there be objects in this space or that processes occur during this time... the source of this kind of logic lies in excessive confidence in the so-called laws of thought.”— Ludwig Boltzmann (1844-1906) b Vienna, Austria

(Professor Dr BM Hegde, a Padma Bhushan awardee in 2010, is an MD, PhD, FRCP (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dublin), FACC and FAMS. He is also editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, chairman of the State Health Society's Expert Committee, Govt of Bihar, Patna. He is the former vice-chancellor of Manipal University at Mangalore and former professor for Cardiology of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London. Prof Dr Hegde can be contacted at [email protected])


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