Rural Inflation

Combined inflation for urban and rural areas fell to 3.78% in July 2015, from 5.40% in June, due to a high base effect. Inflation in rural areas fell to 4.44% in July from 6.07% in June. Food inflation in rural areas fell to 3.49% in July from 5.94% in June. In rural areas, prices of vegetables declined by 6.06% year-on-year, in July. Inflation related to fuel & power fell marginally to 6.59% from 7.17% in June. Inflation for pulses increased to 18.20% in July from 17.56% in June. Inflation for clothing declined to 6.71% and for miscellaneous items to 4.42% in July from 7.27% and 4.99%, respectively, in June.


9 Senate members of Mumbai University did not attend a single meeting
During 2013 to 2015, Senate members like Jitendra Awhad, Prakash Binsale, Praveen Darekar, Raj Shroff, Charan Singh Sapra and Shriram Dandekar have not even attended a single meeting, reveals a reply received under RTI
Mumbai University, one of the most prominent universities in India is being made to attempt a new record by none other than its nominated members in the Senate. Especially, many of the prominent absentees include political leaders and senior officials from the Education department, reveals a reply received under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.
According to the reply received by activist Anil Galgali, under the RTI, there are 21 nominated members on the Mumbai University Senate. Since, the state government has postponed the elections of new members on the Senate, at present the administration has to be dependent on the current Senate members. Unfortunately, since many of them are not even attending Senate meetings, it is the University administration that must initiate action against such members.
During 2013 to 2015, Senate members like Jitendra Awhad, Prakash Binsale, Praveen Darekar, Raj Shroff, Charan Singh Sapra and Shriram Dandekar as well as the Joint Director of the Department of Higher Education in Mumbai, Joint Director of Technical Education and Director of Medical Education have not even attended a single meeting, the RTI reveals.
If any member remains absent from the Senate meetings for three consecutive times, then as per the Maharashtra University Act, the administration has to take action for cancelling their membership. But this is not happening in Mumbai University.
Galgali said, "Action should also be taken on Government officers who are responsible to see the working of the senate on day-to-day basis, or even those who are monitoring the Senate. Government should also take action against the government-nominated member under Service Rule & Regulation Act."
Maharashtra Government is planning to pass the New University Act during the upcoming Winter session of the Assembly. So it has postponed elections of Senate in all universities in the state till next year.  



M Muralidharan

1 year ago

We dont need ornaments to hang in the wall.... We want people who can contribute. If they dont have the time or inclination, they should leave such roles and give it to people who CAN. Once in 6 months, if the records show that one has not attended even one meeting, then they should be SACKED and new person elected.

Vaibhav Dhoka

1 year ago

When politicos enter such reputed institution it is bound to loose its international status due to their wasted interest.

Pulse Beat

Cancer & Power of Prayer

Arecent study examined data on more than 32,000 adults who had been diagnosed with a wide variety of cancers of various stages. The study found that the patients who scored higher on scales of spiritual or religious belief also reported having better overall health. People with a sense of being connected with a power above human power reported fewer symptoms from cancer as also fewer side-effects of cancer therapy.
“Cancer patients who reported higher meaning, purpose, and spiritual connection in life also reported better physical health, as did patients who reported more positive religious or spiritual explanations for the cancer,” said lead researcher Heather Jim, of the Moffitt Cancer Centre, in an interview.
John M Salsman, of Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem (North Carolina), feels that spirituality and religiousness are multi-dimensional rather than a single defined trait. He had assessed that some spiritual and religious characteristics were more strongly associated with positive health outcomes. 

New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug

Amgen Inc has won the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for their new drug, Repatha (evolocumab), to lower the so-called artery-clogging cholesterol—without the side-effects. As of now, its price tag is too high and we are not aware its long-term side-effects, if any. FDA approved the drug recently for patients who are unable to control their cholesterol with existing drugs and treatments. The good news for India is that one of our own companies, Zydus Cadila, has discovered a new molecule—100% indigenous—which brings down your cholesterol levels without any short-term side-effects known to date. The snag, though, is that we do not know what happens in the long run. Compared to Repatha, the Zydus drug is very cheap. Both these news reports do not excite me as I do not believe in the fat theory, in the first place: I do not see cholesterol as a dangerous ghost. 

Sweet Potatoes Can Beat Cancer

The darker the colour of potatoes, the better the result: Indian sweet potato has that quality. The favourable gut bacteria like it, converting the potato contents into butyric acid which kills cancer cells and also the cancer predisposing substance in the colon. Of course, the researcher, Jairam Vanamala at Penn State University, did this work on rats and hopes to repeat it on humans. I will keep my fingers crossed until then, as rat is not man.

Garlic, As Always!

Imake it my daily routine, to eat garlic raw. A recent study, carried out by the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) in India and published in Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Malaysia, found that garlic can also be an effective treatment for the antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria involved in many cases of urinary tract infection (UTI). This study showed that 82% of the antibiotic resistant strains of germs causing resistant UTI responded to garlic—without side-effects—and incapable of producing resistant strains like antibiotics do. This would be a boon to millions of women and men also who have recurrent UTI. 
The authors summarised their results thus: “The results of the present study support the use of natural products as affordable effective substitutes and/or additives for reducing the disease burden and overall cost of disease management.” Old is gold but rarely sold! 

Beware of Toothpaste
Your toothpaste might make your teeth look good and make your mouth feel fresh but it gradually damages the teeth enamel and also the gums. Most of our problems with the teeth and gums might have their beginning in the fancy toothpastes we use. Look out for any of the following ingredients in your toothpaste and, if they do contain them, buy something else: triclosan, sodium luryl sulphate, aspartame, saccharine, fluoride, propylene glycol, glycerine, diethanolamine and sorbitol. 
I use coconut oil to clean my mouth and teeth... 


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