Rich cuts on charity, prefers spending on lifestyle as gloom widens

While the HNI spending on apparels and accessories rose 50%, their contribution to charity and other philanthropic activities slipped 4.4% in 2011 from a year ago


Mumbai: Charity donations have suffered as the uber-rich are preferring to maintain their opulent lifestyles over philanthropy in the gloomy economic environment, a specially commissioned report to 'decode' the high networth families said, reports PTI.

"The high networth families give priority to maintain their lifestyles, which gives them the societal status, due to which, we have found some shifts in behaviours, with contributions to charity going down," Mukesh Agarwal, president for research, CRISIL, told reporters after releasing the report.

He said the phenomenon of lifestyles maintenance is a universal factor across the high networth households (HNH) with all the segments showing a propensity to reallocate resources towards the purpose.

Self-made entrepreneurs and wealth inheritors are found to have chosen to cut down on charity, while the professionals dig into their savings for the purpose, Agarwal said, citing the report which has surveyed 150 high networth families and relied on official data from a host of agencies.

Any family having a networth of over Rs25 crore qualifies to be an HNH, he said.

As a percentage of income allocation, contribution to charity and other philanthropic activities slipped to 4.4% in 2011 from 2010, the report titled 'Top of the Pyramid' commissioned by Kotak Wealth Management,' said.

Interestingly, it found that there was 50% increase in spending on apparels and accessories by the HNHs in 2011 over 2010, followed by 23% hike in vintage spirits and liquor.

It said allocation towards meeting expenses has risen to 28.2% from the year ago's 22.4% while also finding that individuals in such HNHs are allocating more income towards enlarging personal wealth rather than into their respective business as a result of economic slowdown.

The number of HNHs rose by 19,000 during 2011 to 81,000 with the report pegging the number to grow to 2.86 lakh in the next five years.

The assumption is based on an average GDP growth of 7.5% annually, Agarwal said.

In investment patterns, the report highlighted how allocations towards the highly volatile real estate sector dropped to 30% in 2011 versus 37% in 2010.

The HNHs are increasingly resorting to parking their money in the lower-return but more secure debt instruments, which witnessed an increasing in allocations to 29% from 20% in 2010, given the uncertain times.

However, the allocations towards equities seemed to be resilient to the choppy markets, and allocations remained unchanged at 34%, the report said.


State Bank of Patiala launches agri-gold loans

The loan scheme aims to provide hassle free loans to the farmers without mortgage of land


Patiala: State Bank of Patiala (SBOP) said it has launched gold loan (Swarn Shakti) for farmers against the security of gold ornaments, reports PTI.

The motive of the campaign is to enable the farmers to meet their short and long term agriculture credit needs including both for meeting crop production and investment needs, besides their consumption needs, a spokesperson of the bank said.

The period of campaign for this scheme will be up to 30th September this year.

The scheme aims to provide hassle free loans to the farmers without mortgage of land, he said, adding that maximum loan amount under the scheme would be Rs10 lakh and a margin of 30% would have to be contributed by the farmers.

Farmers availing loans for the purpose of raising crops will be charged at 7% per annum up to Rs3 lakh.

Further interest subvention of 3% per annum will be available to farmers who repay their loans in time, he said.

Hence, the effective rate of interest charged from such borrowers will be 4% only. The repayment period will be maximum 36 months linked with harvesting season.


PNB revises deposit rates on FNCR deposits

In dollar terms, Punjab National Bank has lowered the FCNR deposit rates to 2.55% from 2.63%...

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