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Residential realty sector in India is going through a phase of lull

Price acceleration was persistent across the markets, with the highest rise being in Bengaluru, says Liases Foras’ quarterly report on the realty sector

The residential realty sector in India is going through a phase of lull, according to Liases Foras’ quarterly report on the sector. In terms of sales both in units and value, only the National Capital Region (NCR) market received a boost in the fourth quarter of the fiscal 2012-13, followed by Chennai, while the others recorded a decline. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) market showed stagnancy.



On a sequential basis, the NCR and Chennai markets logged in 24% and 36% surge in sales, while others such as Bengaluru and Pune showed decline. Hyderabad presented a gloomy picture with a 46% q-o-q plunge in sales.


While analyzing the cost range distribution, maximum sales figures in all the cities were skewed towards inventory in Rs25 lakh to Rs50 crore and Rs50 lakh to Rs1 crore. However, only in MMR, the sales saw equitable distribution across cost ranges above Rs25 lakh.


Price acceleration was persistent across the markets, with the highest rise being in Bengaluru.

The 1% decline in MMR in the previous quarter, hinting towards further correction, could not be sustained and the prices recorded a 3% q-o-q rise again.


In terms, of efficiency, again Chennai and NCR showed a decline in the months inventory.

Hyderabad once again indicated a dismal picture with its inventory standing at 49 months compared to 23 in the previous quarter. MMR was stagnant while situation in Bengaluru and Pune are dicey with a rise in months inventory.



On the whole, the price of new supply was lower than that of existing supply. MMR ruled the roost in terms of number of new launches while NCR, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru have shown significant shrinkage in new launches.



It is interesting to note that the maximum new supply in MMR is in the cost range of Rs1 crore-Rs2 crore, while in NCR, it is the affordable housing that led the pack. Rest other markets saw a mix of budget and affordable housing in terms of new supply.



K Sunil Kumar

4 years ago

What is the check list for buying a new apartment ?
What legal documents we should look for ?
What hidden cost we should be aware of and how to judge the fair price of apartment ?

Unquoted: Nucent Estates

Stories of price manipulation

Nucent Estates Ltd was earlier Pressman Ltd, a public relations and advertising company owned by the Suchantis of Kolkata. Pressman changed its name to Nucent Finance Ltd. It was pulled up by depositories CDSL and NSDL for failing to comply with demat norms and by the BSE for failing to disclose corporate governance report. 
The company has now supposedly diversified into real estate business and has exited from financial services. The name has changed yet again and is now Nucent Estates (even though, for some reason, it is still listed as ‘Nucent Finance’ on the BSE). Its fundamentals are downright abysmal. It recorded virtually zero sales in the past six quarters ending December 2012 and it has recorded losses in five quarters out of these six quarters. Despite the terrible numbers, its share price has zoomed 742% over the past one year, from Rs1.28 to Rs10.78. An obvious case for investigation under SEBI’s market manipulation rules, but the regulators are sleeping, as usual.


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