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Rajesh, Nupur Talwar sentenced to life for double murder

The Talwar couple was also sentenced for five years for destruction of evidence and Rajesh for another one year for filing wrong FIR with police

A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court, on Tuesday, sentenced dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar to life term. The couple was convicted of killing their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj five-and-a-half years ago.


Additional Session Judge Shyam Lal, who rejected the CBI plea for maximum punishment after the premier probe agency submitted that the case fell in the "rarest of rare" category, spared 49-year-old Rajesh and Nupur (48) from death penalty.


Arguing before the court on quantum of punishment in the sensational double murder that had gripped the nation as one of the most puzzling crimes ever, CBI counsel RK Saini argued that the killing was a cold-blooded murder and fell in the "rarest of rare" category.


Defence counsel Tanvir Mir countered CBI's argument and said the evidence against his clients were weak and sought leniency for Talwars.


The arguments lasted just five minutes before the judge adjourned proceedings and pronounced he quantum of sentence at 4.30pm. The Talwar couple remained composed.


The Talwar couple were also sentenced for five years for destruction of evidence and Rajesh for another one year for filing wrong FIR with police. All the sentences pronounced by the judge, who relied heavily on the circumstantial evidence provided by the CBI, will run concurrently.


The dentist couple were on Monday convicted in the murder of their 14-year-old daughter Aarushi and 45-year-old Hemraj in a case that was awash with allegations of sleaze and sex, police-goof-ups, CBI flip-flops and media bias. The judge also made a reference to freaks in the history of mankind who kill their own progeny.


The couple was convicted under IPC sections 302(murder), 201(destruction of evidence) and 34(common intention to commit the crime). Rajesh was also convicted separately for "furnishing false information to the police regarding the murder of his daughter by Hemraj(Section 203).


According to the CBI, Rajesh Talwar killed Aarushi and Hemraj with the help from Nupur at their Noida home on the night of 15-16 May 2008, in a fit of rage after finding them in an objectionable position.



nagesh kini

3 years ago

The large amounts that the Talwars expended in knocking at the doors of courts all over up to SC might as well be spent on pinpointing the murderer. The judgement is extremely cogent and it is for the guilty to prove otherwise.

Sahara to give fresh title deeds to SEBI for assets worth Rs20,000 crore

Sahara group in a public notice published in various newspapers said that it would submit to SEBI title deeds relating to other properties aggregating Rs20,000 crore, instead of debating any further on the issue

Subrata Roy-led Sahara group on Tuesday said it will submit new title deeds for properties worth Rs20,000 crore to the market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Earlier, SEBI has termed the assets offered by Sahara as highly over-valued.


The fresh proposal follows after the Supreme Court last week restrained Sahara group from selling any properties and restrained Subrata Roy and three other top executives from leaving the country without the court’s permission. The court will hear the matter next on 11th December.


While disagreeing with SEBI’s view that the properties offered earlier as security for Rs20,000 crore were overvalued, Sahara group said in a public notice published in various newspapers that it would “submit title deeds relating to other properties of Sahara aggregating Rs20,000 crore, instead of debating any further on the issue raised.”


It said it “has been making sincere efforts over the last few months to comply with the order of Supreme Court pertaining to the ongoing litigation with SEBI” and assured its depositors, customers and business associates that it will successfully “overcome these challenges“.


The Supreme Court has asked Sahara group to hand over title deeds of unencumbered properties worth Rs20,000 crore to SEBI, which was last year tasked with the job of refunding over Rs24,000 crore to investors from whom two Sahara firms had raised money through issue of certain debentures.


The Group has submitted Rs5,120 crore so far to SEBI, while earlier it has claimed to have already refunded more than Rs20,000 crore directly to the investors concerned.


The SEBI had informed the apex court on 20th November that the group had overvalued the worth of two properties offered as security earlier this month and accused the group of not handing over all original title deeds for assets worth Rs20,000 crore.


Reliance bank guarantee issue to be resolved within 15 days

According to Moily, while the proposed bank guarantee would secure the government’s interests, the higher pricing would protect the interests of Reliance Industries

M Veerappa Moily, minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas on Tuesday said that he is confident of resolving the issue of securing $135 million as bank guarantee from Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) within a fortnight to enable the company to charge higher gas price from 1 April 2014.


“I am confident of settling the bank guarantee issue with Reliance within a fortnight,” Moily told reporters when asked if he would set a timeline for resolving the vexed matter.


According to the ministry, while the proposed bank guarantee would secure the government’s interests on one hand, the higher pricing would protect the interests of RIL on the other.


The bank guarantee is being sought as the government feels that the steep fall in KG-D6 gas output is not because of geological reasons, as is being claimed by RIL, but on account of the company hoarding the gas to make a windfall gain from next April when gas prices will be doubled.


If the hoarding allegations are true, then bank guarantees would be encashed with interest for the period from 1st April to the date the charges are proved.


He said unlike the flurry of negative news regarding the issue between the government and RIL, the only major issue is the arbitration settlement, which is pending with the courts now.


“We have, over the past few months, cleared as many as $7-billion worth investment proposals submitted by RIL,” the Minister said, adding that the media was only highlighting the negative news.


Moily said he expects the Supreme Court to appoint a third arbitrator at the earliest so that the issues between the nation’s largest private company and the Government could be resolved at the earliest.


The ministry had recently asked RIL to provide a bank guarantee of $135 million every quarter to get a higher price for natural gas from 1st April.




3 years ago

operational head india
singapore media and channel group
when the Govt had leased the KG basin they have the full control and afterall the KG basin had been leased to highest bidder and Reliance being the highest bidder they have been alloted and first of all when Oil exploration and price fixing norms is concerned we are exploring in india why should be fix the price in Dollar and when we gwt oil why should we export and then import at higher rate we feel that there are three major lobbies in Prime Minister cabinenet one is OIl Lobby Finance Lobby and third is the official Lobby all these people what ever the import is done they get their due share apart from the salary its equivalent to steal money from their own house who is benefitted only God should punish them

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