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Go Nuts for Longevity!

A recent Maastricht University (Germany) study found that those who consumed nuts daily (at least 0.3 ounces or 8.5gm) have a reduced risk of many serious chronic diseases: consumption of nuts reduces the risk of diabetes by 30%, of cancer by 39% and of degenerative neurological disorders (like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) by a whopping 45%. A 30-year follow-up study from Harvard University found that those who consumed nuts daily were 20% less likely to die for any reason than those who did not consume such high amounts of nuts in their diet. However, another study, published in The Annals of Internal Medicine, found that, with a nut-rich diet, women did not live longer but did not have any chronic illnesses.

Dandelion: Weed with Yellow Flowers

A very powerful anti-cancer agent in this flower will amaze even cancer specialists. The most exciting study about dandelion’s anti-cancer abilities was published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM). The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor, Ontario (Canada), in conjunction with the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, tested the effects of an extract of dandelion root (taraxacum officinale) on melanoma—an aggressive form of skin cancer—and found that after 48 hours of exposure to dandelion extract, cancer cells begin to die off. The study also found that dandelion was effective on cancer cells that were resistant to chemotherapy. 
There are other research reports also on this plant. An herbal tea made from this plant has been shown to slow down the growth of some breast cancers as well as prostate cancer. The last study was published in the International Journal of Oncology.

Ahead to Nature

If you read this book, Ahead to Nature, it will give you lots of tranquillity in the midst of the hi-tech medical claptrap that makes you a patient. The author is a telecommunications engineer, who understands nature very well, and is currently exploring the meta questions behind ‘life’ and ‘sustainable living’.
The ‘Cartesian outlook’, fostered by our education system, makes us look at each of these problems in fragments. This book shows us how all of these problems are inter-related and deeply connected. Thus, the crisis is not merely ‘out there’. The crisis outside is merely a reflection of the ‘crisis within’. Hence, the solution for such problems needs to transcend the ‘outer’ and the ‘inner’. Therefore, the solution is essentially ‘spiritual’ or ‘metaphysical’ in essence. The author proposes that the spiritual solution, if implemented, will not ‘solve’, but ‘dissolve’ the problems, at all levels. The book provides a vivid description with several examples about “the beautiful coexistence and mutual cooperation that exists within nature,” says a review. I feel, the book will allay a lot of hypochondriasis and anxiety associated with it.

Powerful Anti-hypertensive

Beetroot seems to be a very powerful therapeutic tool in nature. A study by the London School of Medicine suggested that beetroot juice brought down even the normal BP of medical students and was found to be a powerful anti-hypertensive. Another study quoted often is an old study by Dr Alexander Ferenczi of the Department for Internal Diseases, Csoma (Hungary), in the late 1950s. “Using nothing but raw red beets, the doctor was able to record amazing results of remission in cancer patients.” Years later, this study was republished in the Australian International Clinical Nutrition Review.
A caution: Cancer patients should not drink too much of beetroot juice as the cancer cell breakdown products might overwhelm the kidneys. Small doses, regularly, will do the trick without any collateral damage.


India to log 236 mn mobile internet users by 2016: Report
India is projected to have 236 million mobile internet users by 2016, with the figure reaching 314 million by 2017, a report said here on Monday.
The country will have over 500 million internet users by 2017 as compared with over 350 million as of June 2015, 'India On The Go - Mobile Internet Vision Report 2015' pointed out. 
The report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and KPMG said 2G user base in India is projected to decline in the coming years as more and more customers are expected to migrate from 2G to 3G.
The 3G user base in India is rapidly gaining market and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 61.3 percent from 2013-17.
There were approximately 82 million 3G subscribers in India by the end of 2014 and the number is projected to reach 284 million by end of 2017.
"It is imperative to connect Indians through the internet, of which the mobile internet will play a key role since reliable accessibility will be the killer app that will bind the internet ecosystem together, increase adoption and enable innovation in business models around voice and data services," Ashvin Vellody, partner - management consulting, KPMG, India, said.
"While the urban market has not reached its saturation point, it will be non-metros and rural India that will be driving the internet growth in India. And this is where mobile internet will play a pivotal role," Subho Ray, president, IAMAI, said.
"The advent of low-cost smartphones, coupled with low mobile tariffs, has empowered consumers in the hinterland to use data connectivity and we will seeing more usage of internet from these areas in the months to come," he added.


Delhi government looks to rent space to park buses
With ambitious plans to buy 10,000 more buses, the Delhi government is considering a proposal to rent space in the city to park the huge fleet.
Even now, the administration finds there is not enough space to park at night its 4,700 Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses and 1,300 'cluster buses', which operate on a public-private partnership basis.
"We are exploring the possibility of renting open space for parking buses at night," a government official told IANS.
The DTC claims to run the world's biggest fleet of buses operating on clean fuel. Along with Delhi Metro, it offers the cheapest mode of public transport in the capital.
There are 46 DTC depots in the capital now. Officials say they together cannot accommodate even the entire existing fleet.
This forces drivers to park hundreds of buses by the roadside at night, leading at times to harassment at the hands of Delhi Police, who don't report to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-controlled Delhi government.
The Delhi government needs land to create more bus depots. But land is a central government subject in the National Capital Region. And land is costly too.
"We will see if large chunks of land like school playgrounds and other areas are available at night on rent," the Delhi government official told IANS.
"At times, police harass bus drivers because they park their vehicles at non-designated spots," the official said. "It is all because of the land crisis in the capital."
The official said the city government needed 200 acres to park its fleet of buses but had only 10 acres of dedicated space at its disposal.
"In any case, the depots are small in size and always crammed," he added.
In order to encourage people to switch to public transport, the Delhi government has announced that it will buy 10,000 more buses. It says the central government is not giving it land for more bus depots.
Recently, the city government sought 500 acres from the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), the capital's land owning agency which is controlled by the central government.
"One acre of commercial land costs about Rs.50 crore. You can imagine that we will have to shell out thousands of crores of rupees just to create bus depots," the official said, adding that the AAP government didn't have so much money to spend on this project.
About 4.5 million people commute by DTC buses daily. This comes to a poor ratio of one bus for 1,000 passengers.
"There is massive shortage of buses in the capital," the official explained, detailing the woes of the capital where despite Delhi Metro's services, public transport remains a major issue.
"The main reason is parking space. How will we augment the numbers of buses if there is no parking space? We don't have space for the existing buses, let alone the required space for an additional 10,000 buses."


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