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Olive Oil and Heart attacks

Afunny study, by the Universities of Glasgow and Lisbon and private firm Mosaiques Diagnostics (Germany) published in a good journal, of course, funded by the industry, has shown that bread dunked in olive oil can cut heart attacks within six months. In the first place, olive oil cannot act that fast to reduce heart attack rates. Benefit from coconut oil would have been greater!


Dr Bill Mullen, of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, said: “If we are able to identify the early signatures of diseases before they have had a chance to take hold, we can start to treat them before they become a problem requiring costly medical intervention.” It is the first time this technique has been applied from a nutritional perspective to try to get to the bottom of which food or what ingredient is truly responsible for health benefits.


One Ebola Case in India

Thank God, they say that this patient has almost recovered but might still have viruses. He has been isolated. I am not sure how good the isolation is. We need to be more careful; there was some doubt that the virus can spread by air droplets. Doctors, nurses, and all other staff, including ambulance drivers, need protection. With our huge population, and our inadequate hygienic environment, the virus could wreak havoc. I hope our infectious diseases specialists have had adequate briefing, by now. Let them not forget that this virus need not be killed as long as we can maintain the internal environment of water and electrolytes intact. This is almost like cholera. The virus could quickly produce fatal dehydration. We have to tighten our entry points, like ports and airports, with better screening. Just asking a few questions will not help. At least, temperature should be checked as they did during the false alarm of the so-called swine ‘flu.


Alternative to Statin

For those obsessed in getting their cholesterol report right or are suffering one of the dangerous side-effects of statin, pharma companies are ready with another drug which they claim has no serious side-effects. A large study (funded by the industry) did show that this drug is as effective, if not more, as statin but has no serious side-effects. The compound ezetimibe is marketed as Vytorin or Zetia; 10mg has to be taken once daily.


The final judgement on this could only be passed after an independent study confirms the findings of the industry-funded research. A good feature of this drug is that it does not block the enzyme that produces many chemicals in the liver along with cholesterol. This drug decreases the absorption of cholesterol from the gut instead of blocking its production in the liver. So looks like a good choice, theoretically.


Microwave Devices Can Harm Human Health

The dirty electricity that emanates from devices like cell-phones, their towers, microwave ovens, and many other gadgets, could be dangerous. To quote Dr Barrie Trower, a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert, “There are 8,300 military papers proving that microwave frequencies—which can be found emanating from wireless mobile devices—cause severe neurological and physiological damage. In fact, from 1953 to 1975, US embassy employees (and their children) in Moscow were exposed to low-level microwave radiation which caused an unusually high number of breast cancers, childhood leukaemia and many other forms of cancer.” This report has been kept under the wraps.


Dr Dietrich Klinghardt (MD, PhD, founder of Klinghardt Academy) has linked the ever-increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to the rise in neurological illnesses like low-level depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, numbness, tingling and ‘unexplainable’ muscle aches and pains.



Pushkala Ramani

3 years ago

The article will be an eyeopener for all those who use electronic gadgets for all and sundry things.

Indian market trends

The Sensex remained unchanged and the Nifty rose 1% during the fortnight ended 3rd December. ML Mid-cap Index rose 1%. ML Large-cap Index and ML Small-cap Index went up by 2% each. ML Mega-cap Index advanced 5%.



Fund flows
Foreigners: Foreign institutional investors were net buyers of stocks (Rs3,568.94 crore). They bought shares worth Rs44,255.85 crore.
Indians: Domestic institutional investors were net sellers of stocks (Rs2,064.82 crore). They sold shares worth Rs17,690.05 crore.


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