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Consciousness: A Big Step Forward

Science has realised the importance of human consciousness as the basis of health and disease. Universal consciousness might even be the key to solving human problems worldwide. Human body is immaterial, mental and spiritual. Spirituality, in this context, has very little to do with religions. Spirituality simply means sharing and caring. The new definition of health, as accepted by the Institute of Medicine (USA), is “enthusiasm to work and enthusiasm to be compassionate.” Diseases, their absence or presence, have very little to do with the definition of health and treatment methods. Whole person healing (WPH) has to take consciousness into consideration. Mind the patients’ mind to keep them healthy.

End of the Disease Era?

“The time has come to abandon disease as the focus of medical care. The changed spectrum of health, the complex interplay of biological and non-biological factors, the aging population, and the inter-individual variability in health priorities render medical care that is centred on the diagnosis and treatment of individual diseases at best out of date and at worst harmful. A primary focus on disease may inadvertently lead to under-treatment, over-treatment, or mistreatment. The numerous strategies that have evolved to address the limitations of the disease model, although laudable, are offered only to a select subset of persons and often further fragment care. Clinical decision making for all patients should be predicated on the attainment of individual goals and the identification and treatment of all modifiable biological and non-biological factors, rather than solely on the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of individual diseases. Anticipated arguments against a more integrated and individualized approach range from concerns about medicalisation of life problems to ‘this is nothing new’ and ‘resources would be better spent determining the underlying biological mechanism’,” wrote Mary Tinnetti and Terri R Fried from the Yale University Medical School (American Journal of Medicine 2004; 116: 179). They further said, “The perception that the disease model is ‘truth’ rather than a previously useful model will be a barrier as well. Notwithstanding these barriers, medical care must evolve to meet the health care needs of patients in the 21st century.” I could not agree more. Because of our obsession with diseases, the curse for mankind has become a disease label. Even cancer has been over-diagnosed almost 70%. This has to change for the good of mankind.

Warning: Allergy Season

With the summer nearing its end in the West, and the monsoon rain on its last run in India, it is time for allergies. There is a tendency, for both patients and doctors, to reach for a powerful anti-histamine tablet for quick relief. However, quick solutions could result in lifelong nuisance. The tablets dry up the mucus membranes; thus, giving the sufferer temporary relief. Dried mucus membrane does not produce mucus that would otherwise kill the viruses that would otherwise lower one’s immune system. Those germs then make a beeline for the sinuses leading to chronic sinusitis. Be that as it may, these drugs given for allergy are basically H1 receptor-blockers. Therefore, they prolong the QT interval in the heart—a dangerous portend of even sudden death! In addition, these drugs also deprive the brain of its neuronal food, histamine, making the patient drowsy which might lead to driving fatalities too. All pills thrill but some could certainly kill!



mukesh dangat

4 years ago

What should one do for allergic cold

Book Review: Fundamental Analysis and Position Trading

Testing what really works in investing 


In one of our previous issues, we had...

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MCA 21 mess: Will anyone from the MCA, Infosys answer?

It has been over eight months since the e-filing system of Ministry of Corporate Affairs-MCA21 has been sputtering. Neither the MCA nor Infosys, which took over the site from TCS, is willing to resolve the issues

Eight months after Tata Consultancy Services handed over the MCA21, the e-filing portal of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to Infosys, its continues to malfunction. Moneylife has been highlighting the issue since January, but despite promises from top brasses of MCA and Infosys (the company that looks after the portal), there is no improvement, complain Chartered Accountants (CAs) and Company Secretaries (CS) who use the portal regularly.

Readers would recall that this information and e-filing website mysteriously went for a toss on 17 January 2013, the very day that Infosys, India's most celebrated information technology company, took over its maintenance from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Since then, people accessing MCA21 for paid information or mandatory filing have been facing a nightmare.

Company Secretaries and CAs whose professional services require a MCA21 to function smoothly at all times have been desperately appealing for help and have so far refrained from confronting the ministry openly. However, now fed up with a callous ministry and Infosys, some of them have now come out in the open. A group of CS, CAs, CWAs, lawyers, companies and consultants have now started an open petition on Change.org to highlight the issues they are facing everyday due to malfunction of MCA21 portal. Here is the link to the petition:


Binoy Chacko of BG & Associates said, “The difficulties created by MCA21 results in delays in company and LLP registrations and corporate compliance filings. This is resulting in huge penalty, duplicate fee payments, and waste of professional man-hours across country, delay of application or approval process at Registrar of Companies-ROC and MCA offices. Corporate compliance and governance system have come to a halt.”

Bangalore Company Secretaries Association (BCSA) discussed the difficulties they faced from 17 January 2013 with Infosys and MCA officials during a meeting held on 4 May 2013 in the city. After this, Mr Chacko wrote a letter to CN Raghupathi, head of the India business unit at Infosys. In the letter he requested him to take steps to solve issues by evaluating the present problems faced by professionals. He stated, “You have assured all the technical problems in MCA 21 project will be cleared in a month’s time. But now after four months later, the accessibility becomes almost impossible. We are not able to file any forms with MCA for last few days. With great difficulty we file very few documents at odd hours. We need to know whether Infosys is going to get this rectified on urgent basis. We are fast approaching the peak filing season of year 2013. We are really worried that the annual filing in 2013 will be real mess unless you take necessary corrective actions immediately. We are facing one or other problem with MCA after Infosys took the MCA 21 project Management from TCS.”

However, Raghupathi replied that, they are not getting any complaints from others and it may be personal infrastructural errors. “System is functioning well and all transactions are maintained by the ministry and reviewed weekly,” the Infosys official said.

The stakeholders of MCA21 are petitioning Sachin Pilot, the Minister, MCA, to address the difficulties and ensure smooth functioning of MCA 21 for a better Compliance and Governance system. The petition now have received about 1000 signatures from professionals and corporate across country

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Errors in E-governance

MCA21: Working At Last


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