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Prof Dr Hegde says ‘All Izz Well’ with coconut oil

The eminent professor said coconut oil contains mono-lauric acid, the same fatty acid that mother's milk has. Until the 1930s, even bread in the US was made using coconut oil. Things changed after that and the ghost of cholesterol was given birth to flourish today as the best business, Prof Dr Hegde says

Ask any Keralite for the benefits of coconut oil and you will be presented with a long list. Barring the southern part of India, everywhere else coconut oil has been off the food list for a long time. Nutritionists and doctors’ have been advising everyone to avoid for the saturated fat it contains, allegedly linked with many diseases.
Contrary to popular perception, Prof Dr BM Hegde, a renowned doctor and a Padma Bhushan awardee, says that coconut oil is in fact the best source for treating skin diseases and as well as Alzheimer’s diseases.
Busting the myths propagated by doctors and nutritionists over coconut oil, Prof Dr Hegde says, “I am surprised when people say coconut oil is poison. If a doctor says that it contains cholesterol, it means he has not gone to any medical colleges. First thing they taught you in any medical school is biochemistry, where students learn that cholesterol comes from animal source. How can a plant like coconut could then become source of cholesterol?”

“After realising this mistake, they (doctors and nutritionists) started saying that the coconut oil contains saturated fat and hence it is bad. The larger question here is that one should inquire what coconut oil contains and not directly label it as bad,” the “people’s doctor”, said.
According to Prof Dr Hegde, coconut oil and mother’s milk are the only two things that get digested in the mouth of a baby. “Both, coconut oil and mother’s milk contains sodium monolaurate, which is monolauric acid and forms the basis of human immune system.”

He also said that feeding milk, other than the mother’s to an infant is not good option and instead we should use coconut oil. He said, milk from larger cows like the Jersey type, provokes severe anti-body response from the human system as its milk protein is foreign and is antigenic. Unfortunately, the same antibodies also recognise the beta cells in the pancreas as foreign and attack them. “In short, cow's milk is not a good food for a baby and, certainly, not for adults who, in addition, do not have any enzyme to digest any kind of milk after they have stopped taking mother's milk,” Prof Dr Hegde said.

Warning that milk from any foreign source is only a time bomb waiting to detonate in the not too distant future, he however admitted that the milk (dairy) industry is very powerful and it is very difficult to speak the truth. He, however said the industry should concentrate more on selling denatured milk, in curds, buttermilk and Ghee which are good food instead of milk.

Prof Dr Hegde said, “Ayurveda describes clarinated butter (Ghee) as the best food which gives Ojus, highest form of health. Butter is not as good as it still has cow's protein but, ghee is pure fatty acids only-mainly butyric and caprionic acids, devoid of any protein from the cow or buffalo.”

 In the US, infant food has coconut oil as main base. “Americans after having done the propaganda against coconut oil, has now accepted it for treating many diseases,” he says.
Prof Dr Hegde explained that coconut oil is also being used widely to treat Alzheimer’s diseases as it is digested in the mouth and gets converted into ketones. Brain cells damaged due to Alzheimer, can live on these ketones. “If you take coconut oil your brain cells won’t die. Even if they are dying that they can get rejuvenated,” he added.
Coconut oil is also best cure of many skin diseases. “It is a natural fat. Apart from curing skin diseases, it can be used for softening skin,” says Dr Lata Joshi, professor with MGM Medical College in Mumbai.
Even severe form of skin infection can completely healed by just applying coconut oil according to Prof Dr Hegde. Sharing an anecdote where coconut oil cured a skin problem, he said “One of my friends developed a peculiar skin problem. After approaching a dermatologist he was advised for Bio Oxy. Though nothing happened, the infection got pus. Merely on applying coconut oil, it got healed completely.” He also explained the benefits of coconut oil for hair loss, dandruff problem.
According to Prof Dr BM Hegde, coconut oil in any form is good but one should use virgin coconut oil for treatment. It is extracted from fresh coconut kernel without any chemical processes and is the purest form of coconut oil.
Prof Dr BM Hegde also appealed Kerala government to sell virgin coconut oil. “I am glad that government has now started selling it under the name of Kerala Amrit.”  
He believes that every part of coconut tree is useful and biodegradable.
So enjoy your coconut chutney and eat an idli too, if you like!



Shashibhushan Gokhale

4 years ago

Dear Dr. Hegde, This "According to Prof Dr Hegde, coconut oil and mother’s milk are the only two things that get digested in the mouth of a baby" is an interesting perspective.

Do you suggest that newborn babies should be fed coconut oil (may be virgin) instead of cow milk?

p s kulkarni

5 years ago

in karnataka? kerala amrit

dinesh b

5 years ago

where is kerala amrit oil available in Mumbai.



In Reply to dinesh b 4 years ago

I am not sure about kerala amrit but there is kerafed oil available from all Malayali shops which is good for cooking.

p s kulkarni

5 years ago

Dr B M Hegde, used to write that those who do not have any work and more prone to diseases. His articles in newspapers about 10 to 15 years back, still ring in my years.
His article on Coconut oil is really worth it.
Hats off to you sir.

2G case: Essar, Loop move SC against trial before special CBI court

The two approached the apex court after being asked by the Delhi High Court to seek a clarification whether the special court can conduct a trial of companies which are not charged under the PCA in the case arising out of the probe in the 2G spectrum scam case

New Delhi: Essar and Loop, charge-sheeted along with its promoters, today moved the Supreme Court challenging the criminal proceeding against it before the special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in the second generation (2G) case, reports PTI.

They submitted before a bench headed by justice GS Singhvi that the proceedings against them should be conducted before a magistrate as the companies and their officials are not charged under Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA) like other accused in the multi-crore scam.

“I have a right to say that I be heard in the court of magistrate as there is no charge against me under PCA,” senior advocate Harish Salve, appearing for the Essar group, said.

The two approached the apex court after being asked by the Delhi High Court to seek a clarification whether the special court can conduct a trial of companies which are not charged under the PCA in the case arising out of the probe in the 2G spectrum scam case.

At the outset, the bench observed that its order for conducting the trial in the case was very clear.

“The high court should have read the order. It is very clear,” the bench said and objected to the appeal filed on the issue and asked the company to ‘avail’ proper remedy available to it.

Mr Salve then submitted that he would file an interim application and sought adjournment.

The court then listed the matter for hearing on 17th February.

Meanwhile, the CBI, which had also filed an application for clarification on the issue, withdrew its plea.


Rajasthan Cricket Association, Rajasthan Royals yet to pay Rs4.5 crore for security

The dues are pending since Champions Trophy in 2006 and IPL matches played in 2011 and it appears like the Rajasthan police are unable to take action against its own debtors

Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) and Rajasthan Royals, the state’s franchise for the Indian Premier League (IPL), are yet to cough up Rs4.5 crore and the interest thereupon as security charges to Jaipur Police.

Reply to an RTI application by Subhash Chandra Agrawal reveals that since Champions Trophy in 2006, RCA has refused to pay for the security arrangements. However, another confusing entry shows that Rs50 lakh is due, which may be for security arrangements for IPL matches played in Jaipur in 2011.

As per the information given by PIO of Jaipur Police, for six days during the 2006  Champions Trophy 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th and 21st of October and 2nd November, RCA was billed Rs1.14 crore for security arrangements. The Cricket Association is to pay Rs17.87 lakh for a one day international played against South Africa on 21 February 2010, Rs83.60 lakh for three IPL matches played in the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in 2010, Rs2.2 lakh for an India-New Zealand ODI on 1 December 2010 and  Rs1.79 crore for all matches hosted at Sawai Mansingh Stadium during the 2011 season of the IPL. The total dues against RCA stands at Rs3.98 crore.

However, the PIO also included details of dues owed against Rajasthan Royals, but it is not clear as to for what purpose. The table lists names of eight IPL teams, Kochi Tuskers, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bengaluru, Pune Warriors, Mumbai Indians, Delhi Dare Devils and Rajasthan Royals, and shows some amount as dues pending. The dates mentioned in another column of the table indicate the dues were incurred during 2011 season of the IPL. The table looks like charges for security for the seven matches played in Jaipur. However, the total amount of Rs50.99 lakh has been billed to Rajasthan Royals.

Since long, Jaipur Police and the state Cricket Association have been exchanging written and verbal communication over the issue of unpaid bills for the Champions Trophy held in 2006. Rumours say that police had prepared the bills only as  paperwork, since IPL’s former chief Lalit Modi shared good rapport with Rajasthan’s the then chief minister Vasundhara Raje and may have availed the services for free.

However, during the audits, the matter gained prominence, and Japipur Police demanded payment from the Cricket Association. The Association however refused to pay any money saying that all charges were supposed to be paid by Mr Modi and not by them.
When Mr Modi was the chief of the IPL his rivals used to talk about unpaid dues to Police. Now, Mr Modi is neither associated with the Cricket Association nor with the IPL and most key posts of RCA are now occupied by his opponents. And yet, they have kept mum on the dues issue forgetting that they themselves had raised the issue when they were on opposition benches at the Association.


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