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Praful Patel fined Rs3,000 in criminal defamation for failing to personally appear
Patel had filed a criminal defamation cased against Jitender Bhargava for his book 'The Descent of Air India' which had chronicled how Air India’s condition declined sharply under Praful Patel, the aviation minister
Praful Patel was fined Rs3,000 by a Court in Mumbai after his lawyer sought yet another adjournment, a request that was rejected by the hon'ble Judge hearing the criminal defamation case filed by him against Jitender Bhargava, former executive director of Air India and author of the book, 'The Descent of Air India'. The book had chronicled the decline of Air India under Patel by citing numerous acts of omissions and commissions of Praful Patel besides other factors responsible for Air India's financial incapacitation and current state.
Incidentally, today's date had been fixed at Patel's request after the Judge had categorically told his lawyer on 5 November 2015, when the last adjournment request was rejected, that 28 January 2016 will be last date. The next and final hearing date has now been fixed for 12 February 2016 by the Judge after imposing the penalty on him.
Mr Bhargava told Moneylife that Mr Patel “had in his complaint reproduced certain paragraphs of the book which had referred to him and said that these were defamatory. I have documents to debunk each of the points made. For example on aircraft purchase he says the proposal was vetted by various committees and he was not alone to blame. An argument that lacked rationale. I had in the book not accused him of circumventing the system but of coercing Air India to buy 50 long haul aircraft which the airline could neither afford nor gainfully deploy. The terms of reference of both the Overseeing committee, headed by ex-CAG Somiah and EGoM, headed by Chidambaram to which he had alluded, did not cover looking at the number of aircraft. While the Overseeing committee was to oversee the negotiations for integrity, EGoM was for maximising discounts by meeting the vendor. The documents have been reproduced in the revised edition. 
Likewise on other issues like whether he had a hand in removing Raghu Menon or removing Arvind Jadhav, etc. I have documents to back every charge made by him.”



Vikas Sivaraman

1 year ago

Court fines in this country are a laugh. They are certainly no deterents and should be revised upwards to levels that would hurt those liable. PRAFUL patel's ill gotten wealth through benefits recieved from private airline owners for bleeding off Air India and bringing a magnificent airline to its knees while private airlines benefitted hugely should be thoroughly investigated and Patel needs to brought to book. Rs 3000/- is hardly addressing the seriousness of the crime or the attention of the perpetrator. REVISE COURT FINES UPWARDS!!!

D S Ranga Rao

1 year ago

Congratulations and thanks to Mr. Bhargava for trying to unearth a major scam in the Indian aviation industry. India needs many more Bhargavas. Wonder why the present day government, instead of taking it up on itself of making good the allegedly huge pecuniary loss caused to the public exchequer, has left the issue to be dealt by private individuals, that too through the vexatious litigation route? Has the government got any quid pro quo in being silent about it?

Meenal Mamdani

1 year ago

A paltry Rs 3000 as penalty? Does the judge live in India or some other country or may be another planet?

If the judge wanted to penalize Mr. Praful Patel for again asking for an adjournment, an appropriate fine would be Rs 30 crore or may be even that would be peanuts for a top NCP member and a penalty of Rs 300 crore would make NCP sit up and take notice.

If the courts want to be taken seriously by holding the powerful personnel's feet to the fire, they should take care to make the penalties commensurate with the astronomical wealth of the person in question. Otherwise it makes a mockery of the system of justice.


D S Ranga Rao

In Reply to Meenal Mamdani 1 year ago

Yes, Rs. 3000/- or Rs. 30 crore or even Rs.300/- crore fine is not a big thing for the stature of the alleged culprits given to understand. But, where is the provision in law to impose such a huge fines? Unless that is done, white collar crimes continue to be perpetuated by all big and mighty and with impunity.

Lose fat, gain muscles with diet and exercise
New York : Canadian researchers have found new dietary regimen for losing fat while gaining muscle, an oft-debated problem for those trying to manage their weight, control calories and balance protein consumption.
The study has established that it is possible to achieve both -- muscles and lose fat quickly and at the same time, the researchers, from the McMaster University in Ontatrio, Canada, said.
For the study, 40 young men underwent a month of hard exercise while cutting dietary energy they would normally require by 40 percent of what they would normally require.
"These guys were in rough shape, but that was part of the plan. We wanted to see how quickly we could get them into shape: Lose some fat, but still retain their muscle and improve their strength and fitness," said Stuart Phillips, a professor at McMaster.
Exercise, particularly lifting weights, provides a signal for muscle to be retained even when you're in a big calorie deficit, the research, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed.
However, the researchers cautioned that this regimen is not for everyone.
The researchers divided their subjects into two groups. Both groups went on a low calorie diet, one with higher levels of protein than the other. 
The higher-protein group experienced muscle gains -- about 2.5 pounds -- despite consuming insufficient energy, while the lower protein group did not add muscle.
The high-protein group also lost more body fat.
The results showed that the high-protein group lost about 10.5 pounds and the low protein group only eight pounds. 
Disclaimer: Information, facts or opinions expressed in this news article are presented as sourced from IANS and do not reflect views of Moneylife and hence Moneylife is not responsible or liable for the same. As a source and news provider, IANS is responsible for accuracy, completeness, suitability and validity of any information in this article.



Support GST bill passage: Assocham to Sonia
Kolkata : Assocham on Wednesday appealed to Congress president Sonia Gandhi to support the passage of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) legislation in parliament, and also suggested that the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations be implemented in a staggered manner.
"Let the Pay Commission be staggered over the next few years, or else the benefits derived out of the cut in subsidy on oil, LPG and fertiliser would be wiped off by the extra salary bill," Assocham president Sunil Kanoria told the media here.
Kanoria said all-out efforts should be made to get the GST Constitutional Amendment Bill -- which is pending in the Rajya Sabha -- passed in parliament, and urged Gandhi to extend his support to the legislation "which alone can make a huge difference to the business sentiment".
He said as the entire global economy was on the edge and India may also get a big hit like other emerging economies, the government should "certainly not implement" the Seventh Pay Commission at one go because it would not only ruin the health of the central fiscal structure but also the states which require large allocations for planned development.
"Given the perilous state of financial markets, raising money through disinvestment would be quite difficult for the government, which then is also expecting banks to get some re-capitalisation from the market which is going through one of the most tumultuous times," he said.
"With the nominal GDP likely to stay muted next year as well, the tax revenue targets cannot be set at ambitious level, while there would be lot more demand for pushing investment. That is why off-budget innovative financial models like the railways have to be found," he said.
Disclaimer: Information, facts or opinions expressed in this news article are presented as sourced from IANS and do not reflect views of Moneylife and hence Moneylife is not responsible or liable for the same. As a source and news provider, IANS is responsible for accuracy, completeness, suitability and validity of any information in this article.




Ganesh Kamat

1 year ago


Tax Reform Simplified,
Only 1% Tax on Receipt to get
more Taxpayers, Tax collections & more VOTES too.

1) For Big Tax collections,
take 1% Tax from 20 Taxpayers,
than 20% Tax from one Taxpayer.

2) Simple Tax of 1% on Receipt /Transaction /Interest /Sale
/Gift /Loan /Benefit /Salary /Dividends /Rent /Custom.....
any & all inward cash, Cheque etc.

3) Average say on Rs. 30 L Receipt,
Pay Rs. 0.3 Lac Tax per year.
If Taxpayers = 60 Cr.
Tax collection will be 18 L- Cr.

4) Simple Tax means more Taxpayers, more collection & No refund Problem.

5) At present, we have say @ 3 Cr Taxpayers,
with Collection of say @ 3.5L-Cr,

6) So with 1% Tax, the Taxpayers will work to improve Business / Goods Services/
R.& D./ Social work.So more Employment, make in India, less Farmer Suicide &
Peace of mind to the people.

7) Bank Account number is your mobile number.

8) Tax payment by your mobile number @ RBI a/c,
In bank transaction, the Bank will deposit your 1% Tax by your mobile number @ RBI a/c directly.

9) For cash Transaction pay similar to Post paid Mobile charges,
to your mobile number @ RBI a/c.
Most will pay if the Tax is 1% & simple to pay.

10) Your Bank Account Number should be mobile number & connected to PAN/ AADHAAR /Passport/ Election Card etc.
For Simplicity.

11) Tax collection will be distributed to State & Local bodies, say 10% each, from the place of collection.

12) Also add 1% more (L.P.F.)
Less Privilege Fund,
similar to PPF for,
social / self benefit,
to give Power to the people for Social Cause / in your bad days.

13) In short Pay Rs. 20- for every Rs. 1,000- Received.

i) Rs. 10- as tax to RBI
ii) Rs. 10- in your (L. P. F.) a/c. Could be use for social cause/ for your bad days.

14) L. P. F. (Less Privilege Fund)
of 18 L- Cr, with 60 Cr voters, will reduce dependency on the Government for the Social development.
Fund will be used for the Social cause / in your bad days.

15) Keep faith in 60 Cr voters, as they will take care of their neighbours, in need.
Also most will pay, if Tax is 1? & Simple to pay.
Only Indian can make better India.

16) Can consider more tax for Higher Receipt, say above 0.5 Cr per year, payable at the year ending.

17) All Transactions are Traceable as mobile number is once Bank a/c number & connected to PAN/ AADHAAR
/ Election card.....
So, No Corruption & Black Money Problem.

18) Babus Harassing the youth,
Traders, Voters.. who wants to work.
Babus are ruthless as they
pay "Protection Money" to......?
for Posting/ Promotion/ Permit...
Administrations Reform is a Must.
For getting Votes.

19) Farmers suicide can get reduced, by encouraging them to sell their farm products on Railways to commuter
& roads to motorists, also we need more Passenger Train, to help farmers to sell farm products, to nearby Towns.

20) Expecting Feedback on How to make India Peaceful Place by Refined, Simple Laws.
No blame game please.
Media/ Babus /Netas /Judicial Role is Eminent along with People.

For "Sare Jaha Se Achha Hindustan Hamara." forward this message.

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