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Strangely enough, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under governor D Subbarao is struggling with...

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Religare Broking: Gets it right this time

Full marks to Religare managers for being adventurous with the broking ads

Readers will recall that I had recently dissed Religare’s corporate campaign. I found it to be quite hackneyed and boring. This is the one where they use children as the umbrella under which the various brands of the financial services company get highlighted.

Well, things are looking much perkier with Religare’s brand ads for its broking division. A couple of commercials are on air, and they are funny, zippy and pretty cool. This time, they have rightly decided to charter a new, risky route for what is quite obviously a serious product category. And by making the ads totally entertaining and massy, the company has a good chance of roping in first timers and fence sitters into the broking fold. Which apparently is the intention of the campaign.

In one commercial, an old village man borrows from the William Tell fable. He aims to shoot an apple off the head of a poor chap using an ancient bow and arrow. Naturally, the apple bearer panics. And to add to his trauma, the old shooter’s soda-bottle glasses crack. He flees from the scene. Then returns with an over-sized pumpkin on the head. And much to everyone’s joy and relief, the near-blind archer finds his mark. This ad is meant to communicate the bigness of Religare broking.

In another ad, a restless groom is being brought to his wedding ceremony in an ancient, run-down car that trudges along like a bullock cart. Finally, the car falls apart and the impatient bridegroom goes ballistic. The voice over says: “Don’t choose the wrong vehicle, even while riding the stock market.”

Now while the creative isn’t really Cannes Lion worthy, and god knows we get to watch humour ads of this sort all the time on the telly, what makes these commercials noteworthy is that such an over-the-top approach is being used for a category that mass consumers are wary of, very careful about, and often disinterested in.

It’s very tempting to play safe and take zero risks for a marketer in such a situation. Exactly as the way Religare managers chickened out with their very tired ‘children’ ad for their corporate effort. But for the broking brand, full marks for being adventurous and trying to do something different.

Am pretty sure Religare’s adventurous effort will pay off. And they could land up with more investors in the fold. And yes, this will hopefully make them revisit their corporate work.


Hiring expected to jump 20% in the New Year

New Delhi: Bountiful days are in store on job street in the New Year, as in-bloom-again industry is expected to accelerate hiring by as much as 20% and reward employees with an identical hike in salaries, reports PTI.

Notwithstanding a cautious start, hiring activities gathered momentum in the second half of 2010 and companies are estimated to have created over a million jobs in the organised sector alone.

Led by fast-growing sectors such as telecom, consumer durables and real estate, HR experts feel that hiring is most likely to jump 20% in 2011. With escalation of the talent war between companies, pay packets too are expected to climb at a rate of about 20%, they opined.

“There would at least be 20% more hiring at the starting level and may be 10% more at mid-management level as compared to second half of 2010. Almost all sectors of Indian economy would hire (in 2011),” staffing services firm Futurestep’s country manager Asim Handa told PTI. Futurestep is part of global HR firm Korn/Ferry International.

Improving economic conditions, coupled with many companies’ aggressive expansion plans, are expected to further fuel hiring activities, especially in the first half of 2010.

Recruitment firm TeamLease Services’ vice president, Rituparna Chakraborty, said the average hiring increase would be “anywhere between 10% to 18% across sectors next year”.

Global consultancy firm Deloitte India’s leader (human capital advisory services) P Thiruvengadam said recruitment levels have significantly improved in all sectors this year.

The sectors definitely creating jobs (next year) would be healthcare, life sciences, retail, infrastructure and manufacturing, among others, he added.

Online job portal’s managing director (India/ Middle East/South East Asia), Sanjay Modi, said India is going to emerge as a huge sourcing ground for global jobs across segments, positions and profiles.

Meanwhile, compensation is also likely to sail northward in 2011, as entities would mainly look to retain talent.

“I do not anticipate huge increases in salaries (in 2011), but performance would be rewarded and the levels of increase could be of the order of 11% to 18%,” Deloitte India’s Mr Thiruvengadam said.

TeamLease Services’ Ms Chakraborty said the hiring sentiment would be positive, especially for sectors such as consumer durables, FMCG, real estate and telecom.

“Salary growth will range anywhere from 10% to 20% across these sectors next year,” she noted.

According to’s Mr Modi, organisations would have to look at new ways of structuring compensation—by considering a bonus, incentives and stock options, among other steps—to motivate and retain talent.

The country’s organised sector is estimated to have generated more than 1.1 million jobs this year, a recent survey by staffing services firm Ma Foi Randstad showed.

Mirroring the improved labour market situation, TeamLease Services’ net employment outlook—a measure of hiring prospects—surged to 68% in the December quarter from 47% in March quarter.


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