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Patients have right to get medical records from hospitals

Easy availability of medical records will help patients avoid approaching courts or quasi judicial bodies for remedy


The Law Ministry on Thursday said, patients have a right to get their medical records from hospitals and the Health Ministry should issue instructions to ensure that such documents are not denied.


Against the backdrop of a Central Information Commission (CIC) judgement ordering disclosure of information to a former official of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the Law Ministry has pointed out that “most of the time the hospital authorities do not provide details of the medical record or the treatment given to a patient.”


Nisha Priya Bhatia, a former official of RAW, had sought her medical records from the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences where she was admitted on orders of Delhi High Court.


In a letter to Union Health Secretary Lov Verma, Union Law Secretary PK Malhotra has said that according to the CIC’s 23rd July order, a patient has a right to his/her medical record which is rooted in Article 19 and 21 of the Constitution and the hospital authorities have a duty to provide the same under RTI Act, Consumer Protection Act, Medical Council Act and world medical ethics dealt with constitutional rights.


“If there are existing instructions to this effect, the same need to be reiterated and the concerned authorities sensitised about the same,” Malhotra wrote.


He said if there are no existing instructions, the Health Ministry may consider issuing suitable orders or rules so that patients get copies of their medical record including details of treatment, “as a matter of right.”


Sources in the Law Ministry said, easy availability of medical records will help patients avoid approaching courts or quasi judicial bodies for remedy.


He said the instructions can be issued based on the CIC order.



Ramesh Poapt

3 years ago

good news from ML! Great!!

11 bureaucrats owe Rs44 lakh to Maharashtra for overstaying in official accommodation

According to a information received by RTI activist Anil Galgali, there are 11 senior officials, who owe the state government Rs44 lakh for overstaying in official accommodation after end of service or transfer


In Maharashtra, more than 10 senior bureaucrats, including those who have retired, owe the state government over Rs44 lakhs for overstaying in official accommodation after end of service or post transfers.


Responding to a right to information (RTI) query, filed by activist Anil Galgali, the state Public Works Department (PWD) provided a list of 11 officers who collectively owe over Rs44 lakhs.


"There are a total of 11 government officials who are yet to pay their rent for overstaying in their official residence," said Galgali, who had filed an application seeking details on the outstanding dues of government officers.


Prominent among those who have defaulted on payments to the state government are - Additional Director General of Police, KL Bishnoi (Rs6.43 lakh), Deputy Secretary in General Administration Department (GAD), Venkatesh Bhat (Rs4.88 lakh), retired IPS officer YP Singh (Rs8.01 lakh), ex-Transport Commissioner (retd) Dilip Jadhav (Rs6.41 lakh), retired Additional DGP PK Jain, now a member of RPI(A) (Rs5.6 lakh), and CIDCO's retired Managing Director, VM Lal (Rs3.09 lakh).


Besides, retired Mumbai DCP, Prakash Pawar owes Rs2.08 lakh, retired ACP (Crime Branch) Prakash Wani (Rs1.98 lakh) and currently serving Deputy Secretary of Law and Judiciary, BJ Tarale owes Rs1.23 lakh to the state government, Galgali said.


After continuous follow-ups by the PWD, retired IPS officer PS Pasricha paid Rs5.29 lakh for overstaying in his official accommodation after being transferred, Galgali added.


Senior IAS officer GS Gill (retd), who vacated his flat after almost one year of retirement, also paid Rs1.48 lakh as rent for overstaying in his official flat.


Indian telcos can earn Rs20,000 crore in three years by tapping larger digital opportunities

According to a joint study by Google and AT Kearney, internet can unlock Rs20,000 crore in operating earnings for Indian telcos over next three years in India



The Indian online market is about to explode, and telecom companies will be able to pursue an unprecedented array of large digital opportunities to drive the next phase of growth. According to joint study conducted by Google and AT Kearney, telcos in India can generate additional cumulative revenues of $8 billion and EBITDA of $2.9 billion over the next three years provided they make a shift from pure data play to larger digital play.

Rajan Anandan, VP and Managing Director of sales and operations, Google India said, “Indian telcos have the opportunity to significantly expand the pie by catering to unmet demand, in online music, video and online recharges. As per our market research, 73% of mobile data consumers would be willing to spend more time online if more entertainment content were available in an engaging format. Similarly, 70% of Internet users have not yet tried online recharges but are willing to try because of the inconvenience they face with traditional channels. We believe, Indian telcos have a great opportunity to proactively create tremendous value by driving a digital strategy aligned with consumer needs.”


The study outlines that by 2017, data and paid content consumption will double organically to 470MB data per user per month and $1.6 in content revenue per year. Global markets have seen similar shifts as they matured from voice to messaging and from data to digital. Markets like Japan and Korea have taken up to 10 years to move from data to digital, but India is poised to leapfrog as the country has already embraced the Internet, as seen by the massive adoption of social networking and the recent e-commerce boom.


"By FY17, the Indian telecom industry is expected to reach $35 billion in revenues, with data revenues growing at over 70% per year till then and new digital VAS streams emerging and growing exponentially. Indian telcos may have had varying degrees of success with digital content and services in the past, but the outlook for these services, as well as digital customer engagement, which can unlock massive opportunity in e-stores and e-care, is extremely positive,” said Nikolai Dobberstein, a Partner at A.T. Kearney and one of the authors of the report.


According to the study, with over 155 million mobile Internet users today in the country, India will see a major mobile explosion, as the Internet user base will more than double to 480 million by 2017. It is estimated that in next three years, smartphone penetration will grow six times to reach 385 million people and the number of users who transact online will grow to 160 million. The study outlines that data consumption on mobile phones will triple, and consumers will be buying five times as much content. This transformation will happen at an unprecedented pace, and can unlock a world of value-creating opportunities for telcos.


The joint study looked into consumer lifestyle needs and telcos internal digitization capabilities to compile a list of four top-priority areas that could unlock billions of dollars of cumulative value for telcos.
E-store and e-care: Online recharges for prepaid mobile phones will grow to more than one third of all recharge value, with almost 20% of all users recharging online. And online customer services and online acquisitions offer a massive opportunity to cut costs and create revenue from cross selling and upselling.

Media Content and services: This opportunity to lead the nascent Indian market could create more than $6billion in additional data and content revenues.


Mobile business apps for SMEs: In this untapped market, telcos are in a prime position to drive widespread adoption and capture $1 billion in revenues.

M-payment: M-payments enabled e-stores, paid content and app transactions can all create an additional revenue stream for telcos.




3 years ago

Will telco's earn in this market or not - but Google will definitely benefit.

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