Parking Lot Can’t Be Misused: High Court

Coming down hard on the Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB) for its decision to convert a parking lot allotted to the Belly Area Scheme Welfare Association into commercial/residential sites, the Madras High Court said that TNHB had completely lost sight of the purpose for which it was created. Stressing that its purpose was not to raise revenue but to ensure housing at a reasonable price for those who did not have a home of their own, the Court ordered the TNHB to restore possession of the area earmarked as a garage to the Association within two weeks.


ASCI bans 132 ads, including L’Oreal, P&G, Dabur, Bajaj Auto, Kent RO in October

Education, health and personal care category continue to lead with the highest number of complaints received by ASCI during October 2013.  There are some particular misleading ads which have sizeable number of complaints against them, the Council said in a release

The Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) under the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has banned as many as 132 advertisements across segments out of 169 during October 13. Among these are ads from prominent companies like Procter & Gamble's Pantene, Dabur India's New Fem Anti Darkening  Hair Removal Cream, LÓreal India's Fall Repair 3x shampoo, Hindustan Unilever (HUL)'s Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion and Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream as well as New Domex Zero Stain, Indian Institute of Banking (IIB), Info Edge (India) Ltd, Kalyan Jewellers, Havells Wires, Kent  Mineral RO Water Purifier, Bajaj Auto's Discover, Tata Docomo, GSK's Horkicks and Marico's Saffola Total; they range from FMCGs to autos, personal accessories to alcohol, and education to media.


“Most of the misleading ads were from the education sector and promise of 100% job placements was one of the recurring unsubstantiated claims made by the advertisers. This was followed by health & personal care category, where most of the upheld complaint ads were found misleading, or making false or unsubstantiated claims,” ASCI said in a release. 


Here are the ads that were banned by ASCI during October…



The CCC found the following claims in health and personal care product or service ads of  92  advertisers,  released in the press to  be either misleading or false or not adequately/ scientifically substantiated and hence violating ASCI’s  Code. Some of the health care products or services ads also contravened  provisions of the Drug & Magic Remedies Act.

Complaints against the following ads were UPHELD –


1.  Navjeevan Nature Cure Center Claim:  They help in ‘weight  loss  from  5  -  7 Kg  in one week with detoxification’.

2.  Hootone Remedies:  The website claims to have cure for AIDS. Such medicines should be

acclaimed and accredited by Government.

3.  RC Creatives Sales Pvt Ltd: Roomani Oil claims that it is ‘very famous for men's energy’.  ‘Visual implies that the product is meant to enhance sexual pleasure.’

4.  Eli Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd:  Claim it is ‘effective in giving shine to your face and removes  black marks, it also prevents them to appear again.’

5.  Nature Care Wellness Pvt Ltd:  Claims that it can give you ‘freedom from diabetes in just six months, no side effect, heals from roots.’

6.  Anand Clinic: Claims that it is ‘complete treatment and solution of low sperm count, hydrocele without operation, infertility lycoria & infertility caused due to liquor and diabetes’,  it is ‘complete treatment of all sexual diseases.’

7.  Dr Anjali Shere Hair Science:  Claims that it is the first ‘Robotic Hair Transplant Centre in


8.  Hygienic Research Institute Pvt Ltd:  Super Vasmol 33 claimed that it is a ‘Natural method to colour hair’.

9.  Telemart Shopping Network Pvt Ltd:  Fairpro claims  that it ‘brightens up the complexion of dark skinned people in a very short time’.

10.  Vikas Publcity: Shreeji One Diabetes Kit claims that one can  ‘Get 100% success from lifetime capsule or insulin’.

11.  Prince Pharma:   2 much Gold Capsules claims that ‘1, 50, 00,000 people have used it  and are still using it.’

12.  Dr. Shukla Sex Clinic:  Claims that this clinic is a one a place ‘For most successful treatment of male weakness, premature ejaculation, semen in urine, infertility, less sperms and for all sexually transmitted diseases’.

13.  Ashirvad Enterprises Ltd:  Ashirvad Pure claims that it is ‘India's only one company who provides RO+UV+UF with pH Enhancer’.

14.  Jeevan Jyoti Fertility Hospital: Claims that it gives ‘Complete treatment of infertility’.

15.  Win Diabetes Clinic:  Claims that it ‘Gets you rid of painful injections of insulin in just 10 days’, ‘100% effective herbal product’, ‘no magic, no miracle, astonishing result of years of research.’

16.  Krushnakant Sanjivani Natural Spondylitis & Obesity:  Claims that it gives ‘100% guaranteed Ayurvedic treatment’, ‘Obesity in 3 months reduces 10-15 kgs.’

17.  Dr.  Manjiris Instasculpt:  Claims that it is a ‘Safe, Permanent, Instant & Non-surgical treatments for Figure, Face & Hair.’ One can ‘lose up to 10 kg in 10 weeks’.

18.  Melblok Treatment Centre:  Claims that ‘Melblok treats hyper or dark pigmented skin patches, blemishes, dark circles, uneven complexion, dull skin, acne marks, melasma, rough skin & open pores’. ‘Melblok clears acne with its marks completely, when everything fails.’

19.  Sanjeevani Homeopathic Medical Center:  Claims that it gives ‘Successful treatment of all types (gall bladder and kidney) of stones without any cut and operation with the help of complete homeopathic medicines.’

20.  Dr Pandya skin Clinic Cosmetic & laser Center:  Claims that it gives ‘Freedom from baldness (treatment through  stem cell technique)’, ‘Benefits:  growing of  natural  hair,  growing of hair without Surgery’, ‘No need of hair transplant, no side effect, affordable and easy treatment.’

21.  Yog Vigyan Sansthan: Claims that it gives ‘permanent cure for sex diseases so that you get rid of consuming medicines every now and then & gives instant benefit.’

22.  Shree Baidyanath Ayur Bhawan:  Baidyanath Mahasudarshan  Ghanbati  claims  that it is the ‘best medicine for fever’, ‘useful in all kinds of fever (new, outworn, malaria and typhoid).’

23.  Sri Ram Hospital Group:  Claims that it gives ‘benefits of surgery for  obesity-  get rid of diabetes, blood pressure, and heart problem.’

24.  JP Dikshit Yog & Prakrutik Chikitsalay:  Claims that it gives ‘successful treatment of all incurable diseases without medicines like Eczema, Psoriasis.’

25.  Detox Supplements: Claims that it is a ‘sure solution for liver diseases.’

26.  Parul Homeo Laboratories P Ltd:  Heightex Tablets implies that the product is meant to affect stature.

27.  Looks Cosmetic Clinic:  Claims that they can alter looks with ‘No Surgeries, No Needles, No Pain, No Downtime, No Side Effects , Lipo Laser - Lose up to 5-20 inches in a month.’

28.  Dr. Shukla Sex Clinic: Claims that it is ‘No.1 sex clinic of Kanpur since last 15 years.’

29.  Dr Kamlesh G Laser & Body Care: Claims that it helps you ‘Reduce 10 to 12 inch in just 2 hours.’

30. Gift Gyno IVF and Infertility Centre:  Claims that ‘5000 infertile couples have had successful pregnancies through GIFT Centre.’

31. Shape & Glow: Claims that they give ‘Guaranteed 5 Kg weight loss’, ‘Lipo Laser removes fat.’

32.  Slimming Beauty and Hair Clinic: This clinic has infringed on the Richfeel Anagrow Logo as well as the images used by Richfeel have been used.

33.  Torque Pharma (No Scars):  Claims that it gives ‘effective medicine for removing scars’ and ‘reduces and removes scars & marks.’

34.  Shree Kalyan Ayurvedashram:  Claims that they give ‘successful treatment for white spots’. ‘After beginning the  treatment,  white spots will reduce and will appear as normal skin

complexion’, ‘guaranteed benefit by treatment.’

35.  OPTM Health Care:  Claims  that with ‘No Surgery,  No Injections, No Oral Medicines,  Free your knee from pain forever.’  ‘Organic Phyto Therapeutic Method  (Several chronic conditions listed such as gout, osteoarthirtis, spondylosis etc.).’

36.  S.P. Pharmaceuticals (Penzy Hair Oil/Capsule):  Claims  that it ‘stops baldness, breaking of hair and hair fall.’  

37.  Premi Skin Hair &  Laser Clinic:  Claims that it is a ‘Permanent treatment of white spots and surgical spots, baldness, laser therapy of unwanted hairs, warts.’

38.  Re-Touch Hair & Skin Clinic: Claims that one can ‘now get 100% freedom from Asthma and White spots.’

39.  Ghai Hospital: Claims that they help cure ‘manly weakness and is a guaranteed sure treatment of mistakes in childlessness, increasing age, impotency due sugar, early fall, undeveloped organ, night fall, breast beauty, childlessness, nil sperm count’, ‘effect from the very first day’. ‘After discontinuing the medicine the disease won't happen again.’

40.  S D Industries (Zosh Capsules):  The advertisement’s visual implies  that the product is meant for enhancing sexual pleasure.

41.  American IVF & Test Tube:  Claims that they provide ‘successful treatment to unblock the Fallopian Tube without any operation’, ‘lakhs  of people  have  benefited from this technique and are living a happy life.’

42.  Sri Om Ayurvedic Seva Sansthan:  Claims  ‘100%    successful treatment of Brain, Heart, Liver, Kidney, stomach disease, kidney stone, prostate, Obesity, skin disease, Diabetes, Arthritis and STD and Sexual disease etc.’ 

43.  Meghdoot Sewa Gramodyog Sansthan:  ‘Meghdoot Gramudyog-  Meghdoot Madhu Shoonya Churan’ is misleading.

44.  L G Hair Beauty Centre:  Claims to ‘get rid of baldness in 2 hours.’

45.  Prince Pharma:  ‘2 Much breast capsule is useful  for  ‘twice efficacy and ‘make breasts attractive and feel beautiful.’

46.  Vee Excel Drugs & Pharma Pvt Ltd:  Obitek Herb Capsules  Claims that it can help you ‘reduce weight and maintain figure, burns harmful cholesterol content’.

47.  Krishna Kripa Industries:    Sugarnil Powder  Claims that it can controls sugar and get rid of its side effects on eyes, kidney, weakness of nerves, weak bones, calcium deficiency, pain,

numbness of hands and legs, fatigue, uninterested in working and generates new energy in the


48.  Darling Buds Hair Transplant:  Claims  it is  India's largest hair restoration centre  with being  world pioneers in FUE,  doing the largest volume of FUE  hair transplants in Asia as a stand-alone clinic. It claims to be the ‘most trusted & respected world over’.

49.  Dr Anjali Shere Hair Science:  Claims  that the  robotic hair transplant technique has  100% perfection in the treatment  with  0% human error and doctor guided. It  gives genuine stamp paper guarantee’,  ‘5000 happy clients’  Ad using  images to justify the before and aft er results of the patient.

50.  Goodcare Pharma Pvt Ltd: Ezi Slim Slimming Tea burns excess fat, increases metabolism,  limits false hunger,  reduces transformation of carbohydrates to fats,  keeps the heart healthy,  100% natural and no side-effects.

51.  R.T.C.  Enterprises: Claims  that  Celebrity Lift  technique brings fairness of skin  and  promises to remove wrinkles and double chin.

52.  Diabetic Cell:  Claims  the cell to be  World's Safest Diabetic Treatment with a tag line saying ‘Eat what you love without a worry, 76% of our Diabetic patients are now happy.’

53.  Pappu Guptakrut Range of Products:  Claims  that the products  stop  hair breakage in 30 days. Within a course of 45 days, the products claimed to start growth of hair within 8-  20 days, stopping  baldness in 180 days’, growing  black hair from the roots  which has become white untimely, getting relief from dandruff in 3 days and completely rid of it in 20 days up till 10 years.

Dr. Shakti’s  Hair Harmony & You:  Claims  that it brings the breakthrough technique d-DHT for the 1st time in Mumbai. ‘Don't get conned, get genuine hair transplant HHY writes breakthrough technique d-DHT. ’

54.  Win Diabetes clinic: Claims  that  Lady fresh Gel  range of products helps  cure the looseness of vagina and whitens the area, works as a complete ayurvedic medicine to manage your private parts, made of pure ayurvedic medicines and is harmless

55.  Appropriate Miss Beauty Capsules:  Claims  that the capsules  are  the 1st in India as skin whiteners.  ‘The most trusted formula that blocks the formation of dark  pigmentation melanin’, the benefits claim to add permanently fairer and pinkish glow  to the skin  -  Lightening dark eye circle and spots, heal dark spots caused by Acne / Pimple  - Underarms / Bikini line will lighten.

56.  Vibgyor Clinic:  Claims  that the clinic could cure  sex problems which include permanent

treatment of nightfall, early fall, stress, semen in urine, indesire (in male or female),

physical/mental weakness, depression by Ayurvedic medicines,  joint pain  -  complete successful treatment of Arthritis, pain and swelling, spondylitis,  migraine by Ayurvedic medicines, successful treatment of psoriasis, white spots, eczema, pimples, wrinkles, and other skin diseases by Ayurvedic medicines.

57.  Somi’s Glow Plus Solution: Claims that Somi's has developed Glow Solution & Glow Plus Solution which  are special Ayurvedic solutions for hair growth whose results will  be shown  in only 3 months of proper application. Visuals of the TVC are misleading showing  Glow Solution & Glow Plus Solution to be catalysts for hair makeover. 

58.  Wet & Dry Personal Care Pvt Ltd:  Claims  that  Everteen  Vaginal Tightening  Gel  ‘helps  maintain vaginal health, tighten and revitalize  vagina, rejuvenates  vaginal muscles, tone and vigor in vagina, improves lubrication and reduce dryness, removes  vaginal harmful bacteria, restores post-delivery vaginal elasticity and enhances sexual pleasure’.

59.  Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd:  Pantene Hair Fall Protection  sachet states that ‘Maa banne ka baad baal toh tut te hi hain!  Shampoo badal Pantene try kar.  Iska pro-V formula balon ka tutna kam aur unhe lamba banane me madad karein’.

60.  Relief Accupressure Clinic:  Claims  Dr Batras Homeopathic Clinic  to be a  successful treatment of each and every disease.  ‘6 lakh hair patients successfully treated’,  ‘90% hair patients will not change to any other brand for treatment  -  AC Nielsen study’,  ‘India's Only Trusted Homeopathy Brand - The Brand Trust Report, 2013’

61.  Dr Dilbagh Clinic:  Claims  assured treatment of mistakes of childhood, sexual weakness due   to sugar, premature ejaculation, under developed organ, urine disease, semen in urine, night fall, less sperm count, no physical development, not feeling hungry, no weight growth, no height growth and piles.’

62.  Sun Laboratories P Ltd:  Claims  that  Titanic  K2 Capsules  is the no.1 in power  capsules with 10 years of success,  100% Ayurvedic, correct treatment for excitement and energy.  ‘Feel energetic in just one capsule’,  ‘No side effect’

63.  Vee Excel Drugs & Pharma Pvt Ltd:  Claims  that  Vegafem  make breasts attractive, effective for treatment of flat chest, safe alternative to expensive surgery, stimulate  healthy breast growth, no flabby breasts, full, firm & younger looking cleavage, no scientific human hormones and completely herbal.

64.  Dewan Farms: Claims that it penetrates into the pores of the knees and stops the noise made by joints and makes grease. ‘Grease oil for knees.’

65.  Balaji Ayurved Sansthan:  Claims  that Bebo B C Capsule & Massage Oil  is  the    ‘Breast care capsule, tel and cream, No Side Effect’

66.  Prince Pharma :  Claims  that  CP Gold Capsule and Syrup  is used to improves the efficiency of organs by energizing it.

67.  Kaleesuwari Refinery Pvt Ltd:    Eldia  Enriched Hair Oil  has  natural UV protection. It is  enriched with virgin pomegranate seed oil, blue lotus  flower and tomato extracts, and natural Vitamin E in coconut oil that provides protection from harmful sun rays.

68.  Dabur India:  New Fem Anti Darkening  Hair Removal Cream  has a visual and mention of sandal. However, the product ingredient declaration  is misleading since it  does not have sandal in the ingredient list.

69.  Meck Pharmachem Ltd:  Claims  that  Glucomeck Tablets  is  the only alternative to operation  with ‘no side effects.’

70.  MOD Innovative Care:  Claims  that  their techniques help  get rid of baldness in 2 Hours.  ‘Do Comb, Shampoo, Color Etc. Note This Is Not A Wig’ and ‘Get Rid Of Obesity permanently.’

71.  B. Lab:  Claims  that using the  GLO Brightening Intense System  product  leads  to the  fairness of skin in human beings: and it promises to remove wrinkles and double chin, which is misleading. This advertisement is exploiting the vulnerable situation of people.

72.  Makewell Pharmaceutical:  Claims  that  use of  Speed Height Capsule  helps  increase  in  physical stature. 

73.  Janta Hospital: Claims that the hospital has 100% successful way and effective treatment for White Spots, oldest of the spots will get removed from its roots.

74.  Oshea Herbals : Claims that Oshea Herbals Hair Vitaliser prevents baldness.

75.  Libra Ayur Lab: Claims that Hairton Tablet stops hair fall and baldness.

76.  Dr. A K Jain Clinic:    Claims  that the clinic is no.1 in world's top 2  sexologists.  It has a  complete solution for sexual disease.

77.  B Lab Complaint:  Claims  that their product,  Pro Hair  makes an impression  & leads to  cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of Baldness in human beings.

78.  Lal kitab Amrit: Claims that ‘It is the key to success and can resolve any worry.’

79.  Tulsi Amrit Pvt Ltd:  Claims  that  Tulsi Amrit  is a very high result of their Ayurvedic preparation made from Tulsi plant by Anil Bansal, Vedic Upchar Sansthan.

80.  LÓreal India:  LÓreal Fall Repair  3x shampoo  TVC states, ‘Jadon me ho dum, to baal gire kum (Stronger the roots lesser the hair fall),  Asli mazbooti jadon se aati hai (real  strength comes from the roots), Kya apka shampoo deta hai jadon se mazboot baal? Mera deta hai (Does your shampoo strengthen from the roots? Mine does.)’

81.  Shreya Ayur  Clinic & Panchkarm Center:  Claims  that their techniques help in  100% successful treatment of white spots (Leucoderma).

82.  Ayurwin:    Nutri Slim Powder/Capsule ‘helps in melting the accumulated fat deposits’,  ‘turns the body's fat into energy’, ‘controls the body's cholesterol’ and is ‘safe as it is an herbal product’.

83.  Kunnath Pharmaceutical: Musli power  premium capsules  ‘reduces ageing  processes and ‘results starts within a week’.

84.  Hindustan Unilever Ltd: Claims that application of Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion  will have soft skin even after 10 days  of application.  It means that consumer  needs to apply the lotion only once and it gives soft skin for 10 days.

85.  Ayurvedic Amrut:  Claims  that  the product  is ‘100%  herbal medicines/products’, ‘cures  ‘White Patches’  immediately, ‘enhances  ‘memory ‘in 30 days’, cures  ‘piles’  of any variety permanently’, ‘cures  ‘Arthritis’  there by preventing surgery’, ‘prevents  ‘hair  fall’  completely’, ‘enhances hair growth’ and ‘reduces weight’.

86.  Reliant Aqua  Pvt Ltd:  Claims  that  Reliant Aqua  is  India’s  only one company who provides RO+UV+UF with pH Enhancer.

87.  Jalan Healthcare:  The advertisement is discriminatory, disrespectful and offensive towards women in general and to overweight women in particular. It shows women, especially obese ones, in poor light and appears to be mocking their looks.

88.  Branolia Chemical Works:  Claims  that  Branolia  is enriched with Brahmi Branolia for Memory & Health. It claims to develop intellect, cool, enhance memory.

89.  Dabur India Ltd:  New Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream’s  Claims that Fem Hair removal cream is the “First Hair removal cream that does not let your skin darken” and “Say no to skin darkening by Hair removal cream”.

90.  Vegan Skyshop: Shaktivardhan Vaccume Therapy and Oil’s  advertisement of this product/device makes an impression and it suggests & is calculated to lead to the use of such products as for the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disorder/ condition of sexual impotence, premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea and for the improvement in size and shape of the sexual organ, erectile disfunction & maintenance of erection of sexual organ in human being and thereby improvement of capacity of human beings for sexual pleasure.

91.  Omega Hospitals: The advertisement of this hospital claims  that at  ‘the end of 30-40 days  radiation’, ‘pain free’, ‘outpatient procedure’  and ‘patient can resume activity immediately after session.’

92.  Hindustan Unilever Ltd: Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream’s advertisement claims that it’s a ‘laser focus like fairness treatment. It’s  advanced pink formula targets melanin-  the pigmentation agent at its root and helps prevents skin from becoming darker.



Hindustan Unilever  Ltd:  The TVC of  New Domex Zero Stain  claims that  “Zero Stain” with a super on it stating  –“refers to effective removal of commonly found toilet stains like lime scale and rust on regular usage (as per lab test)” thus creating a wrong impression that it removes all stains (100%). It then caveats itself with a super which contradicts the name clearly as it refers to only effective removal of commonly found toilet stains like lime scale and rust only. The antimicrobial test does  not cover the causative micro-organisms for  the diseases quoted in the TVC. The claim support data was not considered to be adequate to claim “zero” values in the context of the TVC. The decision of this complaint being UPHELD stands.



The CCC found following claims in print ads by 25 different advertisers were not substantiated violating the ASCI Guidelines for Advertising of Educational Institutions and hence the complaints against the ads were UPHELD –


1.  IIB (Indian Institute of Banking):  Promises a bank job within 45 days.

2.  Think and Learn Pvt Ltd: Claims that  in BYJU Classes  one can ‘Get trained by India’s best trainers’,  ‘no one can do it better.’ It is ‘India’s leading aptitude trainer’.

3.  Alchemist: Claims  that it gives the ‘Best CAT Result in Delhi once again 1 in 7’, ‘the institute with highest percentage selections in CAT consistently for the 6th consecutive year.’

4.  Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd:  T.I.M.E compares their number of admissions in CAT 2012 with that of their nearest competition in Gujarat (Endeavor)  without adequate substantiation.

5.  Info Edge (India) Ltd: advertisement claims that  one can  ‘Get Info on IIM Distance MBA Now. Recognized by DEC, UGC. Enquire Now Distance+ MBA’.

6.  Kish Cat Classes: Their advertisement claims to give  ‘Guaranteed admission in India's Top-20 best B-Schools.’  Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, VKS College of Engg & Technology, College of Commerce, AIMS Education Campus, Bhai Gurdas Group of Institute, Fatima College of Engineering and Tech, Visskan Institute of Aviation Management, New Delhi Institute of Management, NCLP Computer Education, APG Shimla University, Sanjeevani Hospital, AICS (Academic Institute of Coaching & Studies), Takshshila Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rairangpur ITI/Baisingha ITI, Delhi Para Medical & Management Institute, Ambition Law Institute, RIMT Institutes, Bitcode Technologies Complaints against advertisements of  all above educational institutes were UPHELD because of unsubstantiated claims that they ‘provide 100% placement/AND/OR they claim to be the no.1 in their

respective fields’.

Think and Learn Pvt Ltd: The advertisement claims that  in BYJU Classes claims that  “By Serial CAT topper” which implies  that consecutively year after year Mr Byju is the CAT topper. “20,000 students are already learning from Byju across India for CAT making him India’s No.1 CAT Trainer” which implies that Byju is currently training 20,000 students. “An incredible 1200 students in every batch of BYJU” which implies that 1200 students are learning in every batch of BYJU. The CCC concluded that the claims that Byju is “Serial CAT topper” and “India’s No.1 CAT Trainer”  were not substantiated. The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.



Havells India Limited:  Havells Wires claims that they have ‘Wires that don’t catch fire’concluded that the claim “Wires that don’t catch fire” was not substantiated, and was misleading regarding the nature of the product i.e. it being fire proof. The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and I.4 of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


Elgi Ultra Industries Limited:  Endura Pressure cookers  states  ‘Aluminium causes Alzheimer, Kidney Damage, Parkinson’s, Sclerosis, Dementia and Liver Damage.*  concluded that the claims that, “Aluminium causes Alzheimer’s’ disease, liver damage, Parkinson’s, Sclerosis, dementia”, were not substantiated and were misleading by gross exaggeration. Also, the  advertisement unfairly denigrated other products. The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1, I.4 and IV.1 (e) of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


Kent Ro System Ltd:  Kent  Mineral RO Water Purifier  claims that  it has  ‘Zero percent water wastage technology’, ‘retains essential minerals’, ‘100% purity’.  These claims are  not substantiated as the product water is less than input and report shows 50% water produced as product water from feed water. Nil drainage only means the waste water is retained inside the system temporarily in the tank for reject water and hence the said claim is misleading by ambiguity.  The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and I.4 of the Code. This complaint was UPHELD.



Bajaj Auto Ltd:  The  Bajaj Discover  TVC shows  the rider dangerously entering a small gap between two trailer trucks and he speeds and comes out.  It is a wrong driving practice to overtake another vehicle on the left side. It is potentially risky to enter between two vehicles The CCC concluded that the actions depicted in the TVC were dangerous. The advertisement contravened the Guidelines on Advertisements for Automotive Vehicles and minimum lettering size and duration requirement of ‘Supers’. The advertisement contravened Chapters III.3 and III.4 of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.



Tata Teleservices Ltd:  The advertisement of  Tata Docomo  depicts kids dancing in the ad in their bare minimums.  The CCC concluded that some frames in the TVC showing ‘scantily clad children’ objectify a child’s body, which is likely in the light of generally prevailing standards of decency and propriety, to cause grave offence. The advertisement contravened Chapter II of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.



The CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in these eight advertisements were not substantiated. The advertisements contravened ASCI’s Code. The complaints were UPHELD.


1.  Ankur Herbals Pvt Ltd:  Bherav Fast O Slim Herbal Tea claims that it is ‘Made from natural herbs, Fast o Slim keeps you  healthy, light and active’.  ‘Removes impurities from the blood and helps control your body weight and reduces excess fat’.

2.  GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd:  This  Horlicks  commercial is downgrading milk as a liquid with bad smell and giving a negative image of it to the children.

3.  Jolly Pharma:  The advertisement of  Jolly Fat Go  claims that ‘uncontrollable weight can be

controlled that too without dieting’.

4.  Ganesh Grains Limited:  The advertisement of  Ganesh Atta  claims that is a ‘healthier than ordinary flour and helpful for digestion.’

5.  Shudh Plus pan Masala:  The advertisement states that ‘chhotu’ is free with the shudh plus paan masala but does not describe chhotu which is in fact chewing tobacco. This paan masala company is giving a tobacco sachet free with the paan masala product. In India advertisement of tobacco products is illegal but the brand is openly advertising the product on FM radio and giving it for free.

6.  Saboo Sodium Chrolo Ltd:  Surya Namak  states that salt improves memory, and  that in  turn improves the grades in school.

7.  Gujarat Co-operative Milk Federation Ltd:    Amul Butter  claims that one can ‘eat milk with every meal, delight your health, eat milk with every meal and live every day, worry-free.’

8. Marico   Ltd: The advertisement of Saffola Total states that ‘Double ratio of 2 to 1 in antioxidants vs. olive oil.  The CCC concluded that the claim, ‘2 X double the antioxidant power than olive oil’, was inadequately substantiated. The context of using the comparison of antioxidant power along with the claim regarding benefits of antioxidants for heart was also misleading. The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and 1.4 of the Code. This complaint was UPHELD.



Four Various Astrologers advertisements making misleading claims like:

1.  All India Open Challenge, 100% solution within 2 hrs for A to Z problems – Mirza Khan Bharti

2.  100% Solution within 7 hours. Come all your problems will be solved. – Baba Wasim Khan

3.  A to Z problems confirm solution with 2 hours 100% with guaranteed – Miyan Abdul Haeej

4.  If you are disappointed in business, domestic disturbance, love marriage, then come and get

101% solution in 5 hours – Baba Alam Shah


These  Astrology  ads spread  superstitious ideologies and practices such as Black Magic which are scientifically not proven. They cause  disappointment in the minds of consumers. The advertisement  contravened Chapters I.1 and I.5 of the ASCI Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


Kalyan Jewellers:  The advertisement states that  ‘this is the result of Kalyan’s historical fight which  they fought against wrong deeds of many jewelers who have taken undue advantage of uneducated customers and have infringed their rights and committed fraud with their hard earned money ’.  The CCC concluded that the claims made in the advertisement were not substantiated. Also, the advertisement unfairly denigrates other jewelers by implication. The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and IV.1 (e) of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


Telemart Shopping Network Pvt. Ltd:  The advertisement of  Chole wale Hanuman Ji  shows some TV actors claiming that if they Buy the Chole wale Hanuman ji product, it would help the buyer to get rid of the all the problems in their life.  The CCC concluded that the claims in the TVC were not substantiated and were so exaggerated as to lead to grave or widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers. The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and I.5 of the ASCI Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


xoxo The advertisement is of ‘Suraksha K awach’, which  keeps you safe from black magic, ghosts, negative vibes, etc. The  CCC viewed the website content of the advertiser that hosts the product complained against. In absence of any substantiation, the complaint was  UPHELD as it violated Chapter I.1 of the ASCI code.


Olympia Incorporation: The advertisement of Mileage Plus claims that it can help ‘save petrol & increase your vehicle mileage up to 70%’, ‘increases average 25% to 70% (approx.)’, ‘increases power & performance of vehicle’, ‘reduces engine  noise & vibration’, ‘increasing burning efficiency’, ‘increasing engine oil life’, ‘proven results of mileage plus kits already installed.’  The CCC concluded that the claims made in the Ad were not substantiated. The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1  of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


Pernod Ricard India P. Ltd:  The advertisement of  Seagram Imperial Blue  (in Bengali) shows two hands holding conch-shells touching each other (conch-shells are used while worshipping God by Hindus.) At the bottom of the hoarding ‘Ullash’ has been written, which means cheers. This is a surrogate ad for alcohol.  The CCC concluded that the Ad was a surrogate Ad for a liquor product  –  Seagram’s Imperial Blue, and contravened Chapter III.6 of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


Titan Industries Ltd: CCC reviewed the TVC and concluded that portion of the TVC showing three pairs of hands was implying indecent activity. This complaint was UPHELD  as the TVC contravened Chapter II of the ASCI code.


Taylor Devices India Pvt. Ltd:  The advertisement states, ‘Do you know when earthquake occurs in other countries (what happens to the building). Technology used on earthquake. Statement said in the ad: BIS code 1960 of Research & Technology used/mentioned.’ BIS trademark given is wrong. CCC reviewed the radio ad. CCC concluded that the claim of BIS standards not being updated since 1960 was not substantiated, and claim was misleading by omission. The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and I.4 of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.  The advertisement claims that ‘Everything at Rs. 1’. The CCC concluded that the claim –  offer of ‘Everything @ Re.1’, is misleading. The advertisement contravened Chapter I.4 of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


Uptec:  The advertisement claims that it is the ‘Winner of Best Performance Award 2012’. The CCC concluded that the claim, ‘Winner of Best Performance Award 2012’, was not substantiated. The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.


Sensex, Nifty awaits trigger: Monday closing report

Downside momentum loses steam. Only a close below 6,165 will signify further downside for Nifty

Monday’s was the fourth consecutive trading session on the bourses when it closed in the negative. Market today awaited the Markit Economics to unveil the result of a monthly survey on the performance of India's services sector for December 2013.


The BSE 30-share Sensex opened at 20,914 while the NSE Nifty opened at 6,221. The Sensex moved in the range of 20,722 and 20,914 and closed at 20,787 (down 64 points or 0.31%) while the Nifty moved between 6,170 and 6,225 and closed at 6,191 (down 20 points or 0.32%). The NSE recorded 61.37 crore shares. We were expecting a strong downward movement which has not materialised so far. A close below 6,165 could be a signal for such a downmove.


Among the other indices on the NSE, the top five gainers were Media (up 2.38%); Smallcap (up 0.77%); Nifty Midcap 50 (up 0.58%); Pharma (up 0.45%) and FMCG (up 0.29%). The top five losers were PSU Bank (1.87%); Bank Nifty (1.19%); Finance (0.77%); Realty (0.75%) and Service (0.64%).


Of the 50 stocks on the Nifty, 15 ended in the green. The top five gainers were ONGC (1.90%); Jindal Steel (1.70%); Sun Pharma (1.48%); Tata Motors (1.25%) and Lupin (0.76%). The bottom five losers were Tata Power (2.74%); ICICI Bank (2.23%); Bank of Baroda (2.13%); State Bank of India (2.01%) and Hero MotoCorp (1.57%).


Of the 1,233 companies on the NSE, 677 closed in the green, 496 closed in the red while 60 closed flat.


The HSBC/Markit Purchasing Managers (PMI) Index for the services industry fell to 46.7 in December from 47.2 in November, registering the sixth consecutive monthly drop in output levels, the longest period of continuous reduction since the 2008/2009 global financial crisis. According to HSBC, new business contracted at the quickest pace since September. The upcoming general elections had also contributed to the latest drop in new orders, it said.


Accordingly, the HSBC India Composite Output Index, which maps both services and manufacturing, stood at 48.1, below the crucial 50 mark, for the sixth consecutive month. The index dropped from November's 48.5, indicating a slightly faster rate of contraction.


On price rise, HSBC said, the rate of cost inflation was only moderate and the weakest since July. Moreover, input price inflation in the private sector as a whole eased to a six-month low.


The telecom companies, who are being investigated in connection with the 2G spectrum scam or the arbitrary allocation of spectrum to private companies at throwaway prices, had argued that the government's auditor cannot examine private entities. The court today rejected that contention. After the high court refused to stop the audit, the companies moved Supreme Court, which referred their case back to the high court.


The Indian government will offer at least 56 oil and gas blocks in its next round of new exploration and licensing policy (Nelp) auction that will be launched next week, oil secretary Vivek Rae said on Monday. The oil ministry has recommended revenue-sharing between the companies and the government in place of the current production-sharing mechanism, he said.


US indices closed flat on Friday. The US Senate is scheduled today to vote, and likely approve, the nomination of Janet Yellen as the Fed's new chief. She would succeed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on 1st February, if confirmed.


Except for Seoul Composite (up 0.37%) all the other Asian indices closed in the negative. Nikkei 225 was the top loser which closed down 2.35%.


The HSBC China services PMI fell to 50.9 in December from 52.5 in November, HSBC Holdings said on Monday. New order growth reported by the service providers in December was the weakest in six months, but the services sector saw an increase in payroll numbers for the fourth month in a row, HSBC said.


European indices are showing a mixed trend while US Futures were trading in the green.


Markit's Eurozone Composite PMI, which gauges how thousands of manufacturing and services companies fare every month, rose to 52.1 in December from 51.7 in November. Markit's Eurozone Services PMI was also unchanged from the preliminary reading, although it slipped slightly to 51.0 from November's 51.2. The euro zone's unemployment rate fell slightly in October to 12.1%, or around 19.3 million people.



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