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Not Radia, but Pamela!

Neither the Niira Radia tapes nor the 2G spectrum scam is of any significant interest to net surfers, according to data available. But is it likely that there are many who are inadequately informed about these issues because a majority of the media has chosen to blank out the information to protect their own?

It's a strange world. The 2G spectrum allocation scam and the Niira Radia tapes have thrown the law enforcers in a tizzy, causing serious embarrassment to the government. But amidst this entire buzz, how much of this has the public taken in? Or rather, how much has the media really offered?

It may come as a shock, but many people-some of them from eminent walks of life-are only vaguely familiar with these issues that have dominated the headlines over the past couple of weeks.

A former diplomat, with an HR consultancy in Kolkata, says he knows that Niira Radia is a corporate lobbyist and that she was in touch with some prominent people; but he was not aware that she is being investigated. A financial analyst, this journalist spoke to, had no idea how Ratan Tata was connected to Ms Radia, and he was equally vague about what the two have to do with the 2G spectrum case.

There are some more examples, which only underline the question as to why so many people appear to be ignorant about such serious issues? Besides, they are not the sought who would be satisfied with cursory page 3 and cricket stories. So, what is it that has kept them from knowing?

The answer might be the very medium that's responsible for disseminating news-the media.

In India, much of the news consumption is through TV channels and an estimated 12-15% of news consumers depend on newspapers for information. A miniscule percentage read news online. As some prominent journalists figure in the conversations with Niira Radia, most TV channels and newspapers seem to have decided to leave out the sour part. If these journalists are seen to be guilty of misdemeanour, it would lead to a drop in viewership/readership and consequently, a loss in business. So it seems that many publishing houses simply chose not to write about it.

The most disappointing revelation is from the internet where, according to Google, during the last 30 days the number of web/news searches for "Nira Radia" or "2G spectrum" have been very low-apart from Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the search volume for the rest of India has been miniscule.

Searches for "Outlook Radia" and "Open" have increased, but the volume has not been enough to generate trend results. And what have been the most searched items during the past month? "Cricket" and "Pamela Anderson"! (Outlook and Open magazines have published transcripts of some of the conversations on the Radia tapes.)

Why is it that internet users, despite the vast potential for the media and availability of the tapes online have not been looking for this news? A representative of the Internet and Mobile Association of India says, "Generally, on the internet, people go for the kind of news they like. Today, many follow their friend's recommendations and likes on Facebook and Twitter, and read only select pieces. Also, many information portals online track the readers' preferred pages, and offer them customised news content, which is more suited to readers' tastes."

Ms Radia or Mr Tata is not the issue. But when media houses and publications, for their vested interests misinform or withhold information, where does it leave the public? Without an informed citizenry there is little hope for transparency and an even narrower room for change.




6 years ago

One of the reasons for likes of radias to survive and rise is that papers like TOI dont have firebrand, honest and committed journalists anymore... for a decade now...


6 years ago

Dear Friends,,

I have created a video on the enoromity of the corruption of the 2G scam,Please do have a look at this video.

All that the govt has done so far is issue showcause notifications to some delaers, which is not enough.
We need to make sure that we get back the 40 billion to the exchequer.

Please go to the website and SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION that will be submitted to the PM on Dec 09 2010 (World anti coruuption day) uses MLM route to dupe students with IT package offer

The hitherto little known company, which is believed to be operating for the past 10 years, is selling IT educational packages through the MLM format, even as the content of its courses is available on the Internet free of cost

Over the past few years, Moneylife has regularly reported on how multi-level marketing (MLM) companies are duping gullible people with new, innovative schemes. Here is one more company which we discovered is offering a computer course on the internet, free of cost, and claiming that it has been doing this social service for many years! That's fine, only till the subscriber is asked to make an upfront payment of Rs7,446.

The company is and it is the brainchild of Pawan Malhan. According to sources, Mr Malhan is a non-resident Indian (NRI). Some say he was a director of BITS, Pilani, while others inform that he was head of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for nearly a decade. Some blogs even suggest that Mr Malhan was founder of a US-based MLM company SkyBiz, which was fined $20 million by the government. Sources among IIT alumni say they have not heard about Mr Malhan and that they have no clue about his credentials.

eBIZ sells online self-learning educational packages that contain courses on operating systems, programming languages, database and some capsules on MS Office, computer hardware and internet surfing. The catch is that the subscriber is expected to learn all these courses online at his/her own cost. says, "Please note: All our courses are designed for self-learning only by using computer and Internet at the cost of the learner."

The CD containing the package provided by the company has some animated tutorials. The fact is that anybody can create such animated tutorials using software like Screen Casting which is available on the Internet free of cost. (Screen Casting captures all the movements on the screen and saves it as a flash file.) What is more astonishing is that neither eBIZ nor its educational module is registered with any university or technical board; so whatever certificate is given would have little or no value in the market.

As eBIZ claims it is offering educational packages-mostlly related to information technology-many students are attracted to this. Students and their parents believe they are getting a good offer at a lower rate than other computer education institutes are charging, but they fail to understand that there is no value in such self-education, unless it is endorsed by a government recognised technical education board or university.

The business module is equally interesting. There are some cycles and orbits. The first six cycles make the first orbit that the associate has to complete within a year. To complete the first orbit the associate has to sell this educational package to 50 people in the ratio of 1:2 and he may receive a commission of around Rs26,000. In case he cannot maintain the 1:2 ratio he will not get the commission. This is about the income an individual can earn. But how does the company earn its revenue?

When a person becomes an associate he pays Rs6,550 to eBIZ. (The balance from the total of Rs7,446 goes towards service tax and cess on service tax.) To earn a commission of Rs2,000 he has to enrol two more people as his left and right legs. eBIZ's total earning works out to Rs19,500-Rs2,000=Rs17,500. The company keeps about 30% from this as its revenue.

In the next cycle, the person has two associates who each add two people down the line (in the ratio of 1:2). eBIZ's total earnings now works out to Rs6,550 x 7 = Rs48,850 - Rs6,000 (commission paid to the initial subscriber and his two associates) = Rs39,850. Let's say the subscriber's business continues in the required ratio of 1:2 till there are 25 members in the left and right down lines, then eBIZ would have to pay him Rs8,000 and the associates would each get Rs8,000 in the next cycle.

This assumes that the business continues in the required ratio. However, if eBIZ has to pay out each eligible member the commission from the 70% it gets, it could begin to pinch. That's why MLM businesses seek to register more and more people, but would like to see less and less subscribers achieving the 1:2 ratio. This explains why there are very few people (less than 2%) who joined up early and earned money and the majority end up losers.

eBIZ has been active in the northern states, where subscribers are now finding it difficult to add new candidates to the fold. So, the business in moving to other states. The target group is the same-gullible students. Why does one have to pay for something that is otherwise available free of cost over the Internet?



sravan kumar

8 months ago

Ebiz is frauds!!!! its fake.... its spoolied my friends dreams and ambition...The seniors[how joined him] are getting money rather he is getting nothing.... he lost his relations with friends and he didn't got that money for what he paid he failed in so many exams by wasting time ebizz . In he worked hard but he didn't get any thing... now he is facing problems because of that.So many are filing case against it only some get benfits rest others are losers ...asking other person to join is like begging.. please study well and make urs dreams come true.

2 years ago

guys its been included in mca because u can type cin no. as U72200DL2001PTC111183 in mca website and its iso certified can search this in GOOGLE.
As per the internet search- their website link publicizes the ISO 9001:2008 certificate issued by ELITE under JAS ANZ accreditation.
You may contact directly to ELITE (as per the address provided in the certificate uploaded on website) or JAS ANZ accreditation body with your issues,if any.


3 years ago

Thanks for the article..
It made me very clear about how these Ebiz frauds are working..
Last week itself, one of my college friends asked me to come for a presentation and he told me that it gonna change my life..
I went.. And there, I was told that if I give my 100% effort, I can earn 2.75 lakh per year and Blah blah... Before I was very interested and thought of joining it(by paying 9556 inr).. but before that, I thought of getting more information abt it and I Googled it and came across this article.. Thanks to the writer of this article.. Now, I understood how everything works out there..
NOTE : There are several online courses available for FREE OF COST...(just google it)..



In Reply to Prash 3 years ago


4 years ago

Thanks for this article. The son of a friend's housemaid had recently gone for a 'presentation' by these people. Looking at the website of this company and their Q&A, we were fairly certain its an MLM, but now having seen your article, we know these guys are out to defraud. Moreover, the target seems to be the not so educated/sophisticated audience who they can bamboozle with dreams of white collar jobs and lots of cash.



In Reply to amitbhandari 3 years ago


4 years ago

then why the company sells the cd rs.7000(a big ammount for middle class families)
why should the students get those cd in this price?
if ebiz company is not a froud..then tell the company to sell those cd within rs. 1000. ok..

i know also ebiz can't sell those cd in rs. 1000. so its a froud. i agree.



In Reply to sunny 3 years ago

In Reply to swati 2 years ago check this...guys


4 years ago

i am not agree with your post on net that " is a fraud company". Because my friend was very successful in very less time and he is studied from this site courses and now he has applied for job also on the basis of that certificates. and i and also seen the 65 computer courses that courses are very good as well as very good opportunity for youth to become self dependent. specially those who want name and fame.


4 years ago is fraud company there main motive is collecting money from students showing IT course that is completely useless course no value at all and it is MLM format. It means you get cheated from this company as well as the new person you making him in join he also get cheated from this company


4 years ago is fraud company there main motive is collecting money from students showing IT course that is completely useless course no value at all and it is MLM format. It means you get cheated from this company as well as the new person you making him in join he also get cheated from this company


5 years ago is still running. the fees has increased to 9556. govt. must do something about these fraud associations.


6 years ago

Few others and self have become a victim to an MLM How or whom can we approach to get redressal and our money back. fel


ak sharma

In Reply to fel 6 years ago

First I think, people who are doing good job should form an association, then through that association, issues should be resolved related to mlm in India.

If the issue is big, government should regulate this Industry.


6 years ago

would u plz write an article about SAHARA MLM is it also fraud???,,
All MLM are Frauds????Waiting ur valuable suggestions



In Reply to manoj 3 years ago


6 years ago

No doubt is a a big fraud but I have seen its chain members promoting the income it will generate, more than the educational package itself(which is freely available!) .
And once the student joins it, realizes the false claims they make. Strict action should be taken against such company, as I still remember there used to be banners in my college saying students should not join it and should not promote in the college by our college authorities.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor launches Etios

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has launched the Etios sedan, marking the company's entry into the highly competitive B Segment in India.

The Etios sedan will be available in four variants, J, G, V and VX, priced between Rs4.96 lakh and around Rs6.86 lakh in ex-showroom Delhi. The product highlights include innovative styling, best-in-class cabin and luggage space, superior comfort, impressive fuel efficiency and the legendary Toyota QDR.

To roll out the car, the company is setting up its second manufacturing facility in the country, investing Rs 3,200 crore. At the launch, Sandeep Singh, deputy managing director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd said that the company is aiming to sell 70,000 cars based on the Etios platform in 2011.



Anil Saini Ebizrs

4 months ago

Awesome for who's student become a self difence student ND help our parents in financial condition for growing ND become a good. ........ extraordinary person

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