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Axis AMC launches 'Axis Focused 25 Fund'

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MDT/PTI | 19/06/2012 12:48 PM | 

The equity fund scheme will be opened for subscription till 25 June 2012 and people can invest through monthly instalments of Rs1,000 or a one-time investment of Rs5,000


Mumbai: Axis Asset Management Company today launched the 'Axis Focused 25 Fund' that will focus on select 25 best companies with a majority of these being drawn from the top 200 domestic companies, reports PTI.

The equity fund offer will be opened for subscription till 25 June 2012 and people can invest through monthly instalments of Rs1,000 or a one-time investment of Rs5,000, the company said.

“The key feature of the fund is that we will attempt to nurture these companies over their business cycle without being unduly concerned by short term market volatility. It is thus ideal for patient and long term equity investors with an investment time horizon of more than five years,” managing director and CEO of Axis AMC, Rajiv Anand said.

The new scheme, which is based on the premises that quality companies tend to maintain their growth trajectory despite downturn will have strict internal risk management limits for the Axis Focused 25 Fund to ensure that the portfolio is well-diversified across sectors and is not illiquid.

Axis AMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axis Bank and manages assets of over Rs9,000 crore in over 410,000 investor accounts.

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