Neyveli Lignite's about 2,000 contract workers arrested

The ongoing strike has led to a shortfall of 390MW and power generation on Monday was 2,100MW against the installed capacity of 2,490MW

Cuddalore: About 2,000 contract workers of Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) were arrested on Monday when they tried to block roads and railways, police said.

According to a PTI report, these workers are part of 14,000 contract workers, who are on indefinite strike for the past 17 days, demanding regularisation of services in a phased manner and implementation of 'equal pay for equal work' formula, among other things.

An NLC official said the ongoing strike has led to a shortfall of 390MW. Power generation today was 2,100MW against the installed capacity of 2,490MW, he said.


Google AdWords under scanner in India

The Competition Commission ordered probe against Google AdWords after it found "prima facie evidence" that the search giant abused its dominant market position by being discriminatory in allotting keywords

New Delhi:  Competition watchdog the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has asked its investigation arm to probe the alleged discriminatory practices by global search engine Google relating to its AdWords, reports PTI.

The investigation, according to sources, was ordered after the CCI found "prima facie evidence" that Google has abused its dominant market position by being discriminatory in allotting keywords to matrimonial site

"We have asked the Director General (Investigations) to complete the probe and give a report on it within 60 days. Prima facie, we found evidence that suggests that Google did abuse its dominant market position," a senior official told PTI.

When contacted a Google spokesperson said, "We have not received any communication and therefore we are unable to comment on it".

In February, Chennai-based Consim Info Pct Ltd, the owner of filed a complaint alleging that Google has abused the matrimonial sites' dominance by engaging in discriminatory and retaliatory practices relating to AdWords.

The AdWords programme, in which Google sells keywords to advertisers and displays them in the form of short ads online, is a big money spinner for the company.

"BharatMatrimony... requests that the Commission investigate Google's practices and impose remedial measures to protect competition," match-making portal had said in a statement.

It added the "increasing number of competition law complaints against Google globally suggests a pattern of anti- competitive conduct that needs to be checked in order to protect Indian businesses and consumers".

In 2011, the advertising segment comprised 96% of Google's $38 billion revenue.

BharatMatrimony is owned by Consim Info which has over 400 community portals and 15 regional portals.




5 years ago

Sibal's minions at work again, working overtime to pester Google for social media's advocacy of the right to criticize political leaders. A new front opened to lob grenades at the company. Very dignified acts by the Congress party.

Public Interest Exclusive
Satyamev Jayate: Follow the money trail to catch a criminal

Aamir Khan and ‘Satyamev Jayate’, his TV show has become an instant hit in the country. No doubt, we need to name and shame those involved in female infanticide and foeticide, provided they are also given a chance to express their views on the same show

Aamir Khan's opening episode of "Satyamev Jayate" has, as expected, run up a storm on the internet as well as other forms of electronic and social media. The subject of female infanticide and foeticide is one that stares many people in the face, not just in India, but also in many other countries. But most certainly the issue is very serious in and around India.

It is not as though this was a secret, though, since even an idiot can spot these clinics all over the country. Nor is it a secret that on the other side of the spectrum, there is now also an industry evolving on helping people have babies, which is somehow related to this - the technologies and qualifications required are pretty much the same. So it is not as though those involved in this business of foeticide will starve.

Therefore, in a way, it can be safely said that unless we live in a cave, there is a gender determination clinic and a pregnancy assisting clinic within 2 kms of wherever we live, which shares the same sanitation worker, press-wallah, corner tea-shop, cable TV guy, grocery outlet, car-wash dude, paper-delivery, milkman, chemist, BSNL/MTNL linesman, night beat-cop, bus-stop, taxi-stand and more. They also share the same blood-banks, technologists, maintenance staff, linen services and security guards.

In other words, everybody knows, since sometimes they are also in the same building, hospital, clinic, nursing home. And we all know. Very often, we are part of the whole set-up too.

So, how different are we from the people who lived in and around the Nazi death-camps, with our studied silences? In many cases, these are people who are part of our social circle, so we are somehow also involved in this circle of deceit.

The first thing needed, therefore, is to name and shame those involved. Certainly, they should be given an opportunity to explain themselves, which is why some of us are insisting that the "other parties" also be given an opportunity to come on the same TV show, and speak about their aspect of this issue.

But not from behind the cloak of anonymity. As well as with representatives of the Indian Medical Association attending. And while the list of doctors and clinics in Rajasthan is long, in the Dr Mitu Khurana case, here's the name and address of Dr Kamal Khurana, who also happens to be a consultant orthopaedic surgeon with Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

Dr Kamal Khurana, C-4/6, Sector 15, Rohini, phone 011-27852727, clinic B-8/19, Sector 15, Rohini, New Delhi. This is an upscale part of Delhi, not some village in the rural backwaters, or similar. Why not go and meet him at his clinic, ask him, or call him up and get his point of view?

The second thing is that we need the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to come out clearly on this subject, and take some definitive steps, as has been suggested by friends who are doctors but who choose to remain silent because it seems the fear of the IMA is all-pervasive. Only non-doctors can counter it. (As the son of somebody who chucked up the medical profession, partly also in disgust, I can empathise.)

Just these two steps, to start with, would be enough. Aamir Khan, it would appear, has taken the third himself - in an interview with CNBC-TV18 yesterday, he announced that he had withdrawn from all future commercial endorsements and had ensured that past endorsements were terminated with effect from the 31 of March 2012.

And why is that so important in that case?

Because, simply, when you look at the core reasons behind gender determination, you come out with some very surprising results. Which shall be another article. On MoneyLife. As the SMJ bandwagon picks up steam, this aspect will be so very important - what drives people to do these things?

As the saying goes - when you want to catch a criminal, follow the money.

(Veeresh Malik had a long career in the Merchant Navy, which he left in 1983. He has qualifications in ship-broking and chartering, loves to travel, and has been in print and electronic media for over two decades. After starting and selling a couple of companies, is now back to his first love-writing.)

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Satyamev Jayate: Will it charge up the nation?



Maj Pankaj Rai

5 years ago

I agree - naming and shaming the black sheep will make others be more careful. It is also strange that IMA maintains a studied silence on such issues.

Nagesh Kini

5 years ago

We in India have so many laws some enacted by the Raj, many by our Parliament, some enacted but remaining to be notified, many like the Direct Tax Code and Companies Bill hanging fire doing rounds in the Parliamentary Committees, others passed but badly enforced.
When we have the century old IPC,Cr.PC, PCA and RTI Anna's Lok Pal is redundant - it adds another 55,000 army some of whom will certainly turn corrupt.
We need more of Priya Tendulkar's Rajani and Amir Khan to take the bull by the horn and take the issues to their logical end by reaching them to the nation at large via the visual and print media.
There is nothing wrong in flavouring the content with a reasonable element of mirch masala to make it more interesting.otherwise it tends to be boring!

Aditya Gupta

5 years ago

It is miserable to see Amir Khan to drop to such low levels to get publicity..Amir why r u showing just one side of the coin..there's the other side too...everyday so many men get caught up in the name of dowry..they have to pay up hard earned money to females and their families who made it a business to rope in people...did ur team ever try finding out about dr.kamal khuranas side of about digesting that a person of a major in the army kept going for treatment in private set up and let his wife undergo a transplant without his permission..Indians are emotional fools and u have used it well


Maj Pankaj Rai

In Reply to Aditya Gupta 5 years ago

Dr Gupta - it is apparent that you are not aware of facts or choose to ignore them. I am the ex-Army officer who lost his wife at Fortis Hospital Bangalore where the doctors concerned Dr Rajanna Sreedhara (nephrologist) and Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan (transplant surgeon) did an illegal pancreatic transplant surgery without the consent of the patient. The organ transplant license of Fortis was cancelled and the Hon'ble High Court has put a ban on all organ transplant surgeries at Fortis effective 17th April 2012. What the doctors did is no different from illegal organ sale and traffiking. A layman cannot remove organs. I wish you had tried to ascertain facts first. In this case Aamir Khan has got his facts right.


5 years ago

It was nice to see a true view of the country rather than the typical bollywood stuff that is so glorified and away from reality that everyone wants to copy. People hide behind the great mystic of India, of the culture that it has. But that was the culture it HAD. You could see the dividing gap between people that now exists, the rich and poor, the religious differences etc.
If this is the culture we are proud off then I am extremely glad I left the country. One thing you do get by living abroad is you lead a true life. If you work hard you get ahead you are true to yourself and to others, unlike in India, if you know people you get ahead or if you have money you get your way. Law makes the land, but having humanitarian values helps coz if we don’t care about each other, it comes back and haunts us.
I was of the opinion that women are doing better than men in India, they are better educated, they are earning better etc. For long men have oppressed women however after watching the show it seems women don’t want women to succeed. They may be literate but not educated to want to see progress for all.
I admire your courage to put together this show to start this dialog. However, in addition to getting justice girls should be taught self defense early in life to stand up for themselves, schools should have courses to educate kids on self defense. Of course education helps so that they can walk away from bad situations but that needs to be instilled. No matter how learned you are, not having the right support structure- it becomes difficult for anyone to take a stand and step out in the unknown and with the whole country looking like a predator, it tough. Information on assistance and help should be advertized, easily available and without bureaucracy.
I was thinking that having less girls would mean it would give them more power, but you can get power only if you are in a position of power. If not you are a victim. Girls need to be educated, have a view of their own; marriage should be later so that they are capable of defending themselves. She should not move from her father’s house to her husband’s house. First she is to accept her father’s rules and later her husband’s without any say of her own, leaving it all on luck to have a good life. Thus, instead of feeding her fish, teach her how to fish so she is independent in her own right.



In Reply to SK 5 years ago

One thing I forgot to add, that girls story books in early childhood should be written and spoken to them in such a way that empowers them, rather than teaches them to be submissive, and accepting of whatever is thrown at them. Thus from a young age they will learn to speak up. This should not in any way be confused with not being respectful, being respectful and being assertive are two different things. Coz a lot a readers misconstrue a lot of good deeds done coz they do not have the comprehension. Thus I am glad that it’s not just talk, statistics is brought into it, and numbers not lie. Without number i would have my own doubts about the program

abhinav arora

5 years ago

satyamev jayate desh me nai kranti laa sakta hai . hamari to yahi rai hai ki aamir khan aise hi dil ko chhoo lene vale pehloo pakde

DrSharmila Rao PN

5 years ago

Interesting the looks like Aamir Khan the good business man that he is. is laying the foundation for a leadership career.


Maj Pankaj Rai

In Reply to DrSharmila Rao PN 5 years ago

Dr Sharmila - Aamir is writing about the sordid but uncomfortable truths in our society. It would be wrong to blame the messenger.

Jagjeet Singh Bhatia

5 years ago

Sir, i am really happy to see the steps r taking which in long run will help India to attain greater heights. i wanted to meet u or any of ur crew member to tell them abt a some eye opening cases. nd i also need ur contact information if possible.



In Reply to Jagjeet Singh Bhatia 5 years ago

Dear Bhatia ji,

You may wish to write with your full name and address at the contact details below.


Moneywise Media Pvt Ltd,
Unit No. 315, 3rd Floor,
Hind Service Industries, Off. Veer
Savarkar Marg,
Dadar (W)
Mumbai 400 028



5 years ago

Current population: 1,210,193,422
Males: 623,724,248
Females: 586,469,174
Delta: 37,255,074 -females are shortage. 37,255,074 males doesn’t have Life partners???

What is the value of education which does not inculcate passion and fearlessness for setting right what is wrong? Kiran Bedi
So, how different are we from the people who lived in and around the Nazi death-camps, with our studied silences?
Some thing is wrong in our common practices and belief system from many years. We are told that population is alarming, it is dangerous for humanity, two kids are
enough, family planning is good for humanity. We are told to follow china example. No one realize that to earn money Doctors can exploit the situation and can generate
wrong report in gender testing, nobody can identify / trace it because every thing is under the table.

Is this a secret-deal for a very important reason:?? they're super-depressing for the nation and thats why should not broadcast on TV against educated corporate and
political culprits??? Because I can't see any case against this issue till date.

What is needed today is the courage to speak; courage to unite; courage to question wrongs; courage to take on the corrupt; courage to ostracise and expose anti-social
elements. Kiran Bedi

This is a national problem. The only thing which demands is; promote the importance of girl for our(males) existence in educated communities with in our domain.
It is the existence of the woman that gives the universe its colors
She is the leading instrument in the grand orchestra of life itself

"it is the individual who has to change his perception" Aamir Khan

Narendra Doshi

5 years ago

Dear malq,
The other side views are also equally important and should get included in the same episode or the following episode - Kiran Bedi ki Adalat type.



In Reply to Narendra Doshi 5 years ago

Fully agree, Doshi ji, and suggest you write in to the show and/or Aamir Khan and reiterate this?


Nagesh Kini FCA

5 years ago

Why do we want laws to enjoin the children to take of their aged parents and make it punishable? How many have been charged so far under this law?
We have laws galore, they fail at enforcement and/or implementation.


5 years ago

No doubt the episode was good and the subject needed a nationwide expose and debate. But I feel that what was discussed was just the 'problem'. Why not explore the 'cause' of such beliefs or behaviour. The major reason for this is, according to me, 'DOWRY'. So the program should have included in pointing out the cause and suggesting ways to rooting it out too.

Only then the whole excercise would be fruitful. Else, just highlighting the problem will not eradicate it.


Indian Citizen

In Reply to Prakash 5 years ago

More than dowry, I think it is our patriarchal system under which the son looks after and provides livelihood for the parents.


In Reply to Indian Citizen 5 years ago

As I said, everything is always about money, so please stand bye for the follow-up article. Am getting some more raw data and shall have it across soon. There is massive corporate greed involved in this business, that's one part.

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