Nestlé Bar One: Lowering the bar

The commercial is horrendous, to say the least. Looks like the brand was better off without advertising

The festival season is here. And so don't blame me if you read about excessive choc advertising in this space. It's raining 'sweet' ads! And even the dead brands have come alive!
Nestlé has finally decided to promote Bar One, after a break of many years. The brand has been allowed to stagnate in the marketplace for a long time, wonder why. I actually thought Bar One was long dead and buried. And the TV commercial they have just released is so pathetic, it will probably ensure the brand is finally put to pasture. For good this time.
'Kaafi Hai' is the new slogan. And there's a very silly pun embedded in it. On one level, it suggests that with enough caramel, malt, nougat, etc, inside the choc bar, it's good enough to satiate your hunger. (Great! Soniaji can now officially tell those living below the poverty line: "Can't afford veggies and pulses? No probs. Have Nestle Bar One!").

'Kaafi Hai' is also used to suggest the chocolate is good enough to woo a bunch of girls… that you don't need anything else… no looks, no substance, no character, no nothing. Cool.  
The TVC features a repugnant stud who attempts to impress a couple of babes walking past on the street by indulging in bike racing and other silly stunts. A flop show, that. The zooming biker can't see the girls properly; they can't see his helmeted head either. So he does the predictable ad thingy. Which is to crash into a waiting lorry. From behind the lorry emerges a Nestlé Bar One munching cool dude. And the girls go for him! Cool.
Absolutely horrendous advertising, to put it mildly. On every single count. The 'innovative' comic-book style execution falls flat on its face. The tired route of 'Use my product, get the chicks' has been sooooo done to death, it now makes you want to retch. In fact, Nestle Bar One's commercial is a sad tribute to Sprite's 'Seedhi baat, No Bakwaas' campaign. This sort of advertising is suicidal in this day and age, unless the Nestle suits are planning to show losses on this particular brand for taxation purposes. 
In conclusion: Extremely saddening to watch this stuff. Especially after some good recent work for other choc brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk and Kit Kat. Nestlé Bar One has lowered the bar again. To a new depth. The brand was better off without advertising, methinks.




7 years ago

silly ad.
I would also like to add another bad one- the Tata dish ad with Aamir playing milkman is stupid. since when do we pay for milk which is not taken when on a holiday. nd the way Aamir snatches money from his pocket is not funny. also since when does a householder carry money in his pyjamas early morning.? See it and comment pl

India adds 13.5 million new GSM users; Bharti close to 30% market share

New Delhi: India added over 13.5 million new GSM mobile subscribers in August, with Bharti Airtel adding a little over two million users to achieve close to 30% market share, reports PTI.

The total GSM subscriber base stood at over 481 million in August this year, a growth of 2.89% over the month of July, Cellular Operators Association of India (CAOI) said in its latest figures.

The country's largest private telecom firm Bharti Airtel added a little over two million subscribers to take its total user base to 141.25 million and market share to 29.33%.

Bharti Airtel is followed by Vodafone with a market share of 23.62% and a subscriber base of 113.77 million at the end of August.

State-owned BSNL is at fourth position in terms of GSM mobile user base with total subscribers of about 70.4 million.

But it is at the fifth place when CDMA users are also taken into consideration as Reliance Communication and Tatas are ahead of BSNL.

BSNL added over 2.29 million new subscribers in August.

IDEA cellular continues to be the third largest GSM mobile operator with a subscriber base of 72.7 million and a market share of little over 15%.

MTNL, which operators only in two metros of Delhi and Mumbai, continues to grow at extremely low pace of less than 1% as its subscriber base rose to 4.99 million with a market share of just 1%.


Sun Pharma makes fresh offer to Taro shareholders

New Delhi: Drug major Sun Pharma today made a fresh offer to shareholders of Israel's Taro Pharma to buy remaining shares that were not tendered by its shareholders during the latest offer, which expired on Wednesday, reports PTI.

Mumbai-based Sun Pharmaceuticals, through its subsidiary Alkaloida, had made a fresh tender offer to Taro shareholders for acquiring its all outstanding ordinary shares. An offer to buy outstanding shares expired on Wednesday, the drug maker said in statement to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

"Sun is pleased to be able to finally close the offer," Sun Pharma CMD Dilip Shanghvi said.

At the expiration of the offer, a total of 29,382 ordinary shares, or 0.07% of Taro's outstanding shares had been tendered into the offer.

The new tender offer by Sun begins from today and will expire on 28 September, 2010.

"On 15 September, 2010, Alkaloida commenced a subsequent offering period for all remaining ordinary shares that have not yet been tendered," Sun said.

The company is offering a price of $7.75 per share, the same as offered in the earlier offer.

The promoters of Taro, the Levitt family, have a 12% stake in Taro. Sun has been fighting to take control of the Israeli firm since 2008, when their $454 million merger deal failed to materialise.

Sun, which is the single largest shareholder in Taro with a 36% stake, has received a favourable ruling from the Israeli Supreme Court regarding an open offer by its arm, Alkaloida Chemicals, to acquire all the outstanding shares in the firm, paving the way for it to gain control of Taro.

"We will now make every effort to consummate our option agreement to purchase the Levitts' controlling shares of Taro," Mr Shanghvi added.

Sun has offered to buy 4.8 million shares of the Levitt family at a price of $7.75 per share, for a consideration of $37 million.

The company will go for a management change as soon as it is able to complete the share transfer.

Sun Pharma had struck a $454 million merger deal in 2007, but it was unilaterally terminated by the Israeli firm in 2008.

After this, both companies had filed various legal suits against each other.

In 2008, Sun Pharma had launched an open offer for acquiring additional shares of Taro, which was challenged in the Supreme Court. The court prohibited Sun Pharma from closing the offer until it gave a ruling.

Following the court ruling, Sun said the open offer for Taro will expire on 14th September, which could be extended by 10 to 20 business days.


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