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Mumbai's local train services disrupted all morning today

A disruption due to breaking of an overhead wire on the Central Line of Mumbai's suburban railway network led to a major blockage of services today.


The broken wire disrupted services on one of the tracks causing the trains to be diverted onto the fast track which did not have a stop at Diva. This angered many commuters who got down from trains which were already running late and they ended up causing the entire Central Line from Diva to Kalyan.


The rail roko also took a tense turn with some stone pelting, but reports suggested that local politicians had been called in to restore calm.


The scene at Diva station was worse, commuters broke property at the station and the station was in shambles, with broken glass lying everywhere. The police had to resort to lathi-charge to disperse the irate commuters. A police van was also set on fire according to sources. This has left all four of the Central Line tracks disabled.


The mob at Diva had taken to attacking motormen and venting their anger at any railway officials in sight, as a result all the motormen fled the scene leaving the trains stranded.


Commuters on up-country trains heading to CST were also affected and had to eventually walk to a nearby station. A commuter, Anurag Singh from Allahabad got off the stranded Udyognagari Express and was walking along with the sea of people on the tracks, "I need to reach Diva but i have already been walking from Kalyan," he said while resting near Kopar.


In true Mumbaikar fashion, in the middle of the commotion, people had started hawking water and refreshments for a higher than MRP price, while a few metres away local children were giving away free water to tired commuters.


The snaking line of stranded local trains stretched on as commuters walked back to the nearest station to look for alternative transport.


The creaking infrastructure has shown a sign of cracking over the years but Mumbai’s lifeline has held on till now. It is high time the administration took some pro-active measures before matters come to a head.


Is This Man Responsible for the Murders of 5 American Nuns?

In an interview with ProPublica, Christopher Vambo, a former lieutenant to Charles Taylor, acknowledged that the brutal 1992 killings might have happened under his command.


More than 20 years ago, a terrible crime bloodied this suburb of cinderblock homes, dirt-floor stores and lush green bush grass.

Five American nuns were killed when a vicious battle swept through the town during Liberia's civil war. The killers left their bodies burned and broken, rotting in the sun.

The deaths were numerically insignificant in a conflict that by its end in 2003 had left hundreds of thousands of Liberians dead. But the killings crystallized the horror of Liberia's long war for Westerners.

The Catholic Church, the U.S. Embassy and Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission all investigated. All came to a similar conclusion: The killers were soldiers in the army of Charles Taylor, the Liberian warlord convicted by an international court for crimes against humanity.

No killers,  however, have ever been brought to justice. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation eventually launched an investigation. But long delays by the agency and a steadfast reluctance by the Liberian government to prosecute those blamed for atrocities has meant that none of the suspects has ever faced trial, according to an examination by ProPublica and Frontline.

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Be Grateful, Be Happy

In the New Year, say thanks for the good things that have happened during the year gone...

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