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Parliament adjourned after uproar over FDI issue

While Lok Sabha could not transact any official business because of uproar over FDI issue, the Upper House was stalled by UPA ally Samajwadi Party over the issue of reservation for SCs/STs in government job promotions

New Delhi: The storm over foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail rocked Parliament for the third day in a row with a determined Opposition adamant on a discussion on the issue under a rule that entails voting, reports PTI.


While Lok Sabha could not transact any official business because of uproar over FDI issue, the Upper House was stalled by United Progressive Alliance (UPA) partner Samajwadi Party (SP) over the issue of reservation for SCs/STs in government job promotions.


The two Houses earlier paid homage to those killed in the 26/11 Mumbai terror strike on its fourth anniversary today.


The Lok Sabha was adjourned at around noon for the day as the House witnessed pandemonium over FDI. The House earlier witnessed one adjournment till noon.


Similar was the case with Rajya Sabha, which was also adjourned around the same time after ruckus created by SP members over the reservation issue.


All the while, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members were on their feet raising slogans on the FDI issue.


Members of Trinamool Congress, DMK, AIADMK, TDP and CPI also stormed the Well in the Lok Sabha for different reasons, with Trinamool members demanding withdrawal of decision on FDI in retail and making a strong plea for 24 LPG cylinders a year on subsidised rates as against six available now.


Trinamool members chanted "2G mein akaash gaya, coal block mein pataal, dharti gaya Dubai mein, ab jayega bhrasht sarkaar" - loosely meaning that the alleged scams involving 2G, coal blocks and land allocation would culminate in the ouster of the corrupt government.


Ramesh Rathod (TDP) raised a placard demanding a bill for separate Telangana in the current session.


With DMK giving notice for discussion in Lok Sabha on the 2G spectrum issue, its MPs were in the Well raising copies of newspaper clippings on statements made by former CAG official RP Singh.


Members of the four Left parties were on their feet protesting FDI in multi-brand retail, with RSP's Prasanta Majumdar insisting that there should be discussion on the issue under a rule that entails voting.


BJP members also shouted slogans like "take back the FDI decision".


Amid din, HRD Minister MM Pallam Raju introduced a bill to amend the Central Universities Act, 2009.


In the Rajya Sabha, soon after the House paid homage to the victims of Mumbai attacks, senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu raised the issue of FDI and was joined by other party colleagues.


Naidu said his party has given notice to suspend the Question Hour to discuss the FDI issue.


BSP and SP members too raised slogans against FDI in multi-brand retail. BSP demanded the decision be taken back.


Trinamool members were also on their feet.


As repeated appeals for normalcy went unheeded, Chairman Hamid Ansari adjourned the House till noon.


When the House reassembled, similar scenes were witnessed and EMS Natchiappan, who was in the Chair, adjourned it for the day.



Shadi Katyal

5 years ago

One wonders if we need any Parliament and if so MP should not be paid for such disrespect for Law and Order and discipline. Where are the ethics of a parliamentary elected persons.
This atmosphere of FISH MARKET doesnot give any confidence for any futher development of the nation.
If the MP are beahving this way what can we teach our children about ethics,displine

Reliance Industries denies allegation of hoarding gas in KG-D6

RIL, in a letter says hoarding gas in the case of D1-D3 reservoir in KG-D6 block is a technical impossibility as oil and gas reservoirs are dynamic system and not inert cold storage facilities

New Delhi: Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has denied allegation that it is hoarding gas by keeping Krishna Godavari (KG) D6 output low saying it was technically impossible to store gas in the KG basin fields, and sought appointment of independent international experts to verify its claims, reports PTI.


"Hoarding gas in the case of D1-D3 reservoir (in KG-D6 block) is a technical impossibility. Oil and gas reservoirs are dynamic system and not inert cold storage facilities. They are both subject to and respond to production rates and flows," RIL wrote to the Oil Secretary.


In the letter to the Oil Secretary GC Chaturvedi, RIL Executive Director PMS Prasad sought appointment of a team of international experts of repute to independently verify its estimates as well as the action that have been taken.


Gas production from D1-D3 started declining from a plateau level of about 55 million standard cubic meters per day in August 2010. It is currently less than 20 mmscmd.


Six out of the 18 wells on the field have been shut due to high water and sand ingress. KG-D6 is currently producing around 25 mmscmd after including output from the MA field.


"Worldover, oil and gas fields are known to be unpredictable... Buried deep in geological frontiers, miles below the surface, surprises are a common occurrence. Deep water basins (like KG-D6) add to the complexity as technologies to assess sub surface conditions several kilometers are even less perfect," he wrote.


Referring to gas reserve estimates of being lowered from 10.03 trillion cubic feet to 3.4 Tcf, RIL cited state-owned ONGC encountering similar geological surprises in Neelam gas field off west coast and in Imperial Energy assets in Russia.


RIL has at all times kept the government informed that the D1-D3 reservoir has thrown up unanticipated surprises and has shared all the relevant information and data," he wrote, adding the company had on several occasions sought appointment of international experts to verify its claims so that "misinformation" could be averted.


Prasad said while, on the one hand, RIL has been accused of escalating costs and, on the other, it is being targeted for expending capital in drilling wells to increase production.


"Four wells drilled after commencement of production in D1-D3 have conclusively proved that drilling additional wells would be infructuous. If the contractor (RIL) were really to benefit from escalating costs, we would have gone ahead and drilled all the wells demanded by DGH at an additional expense of nearly $2 billion," he wrote.


Instead, RIL has cut back on all infructuous expenditure and scaled down cost estimates by nearly $3 billion as all technical information now available showed that adding new wells in D1-D3 field would not add to production, he added.



Bikram Duggal

5 years ago

Historical events make it difficult to take the statement of Reliance at Face value. the questions that must be asked are - 1) Have they sunk the number of wells they had indicated in the first place?
2) Locations and depth of the wells on site should also be examined to make sure that they are not purposefully on inert locations/spots.
3) Are all those Wells functional? Why those wells can't be capped and not utilized is not something I'm qualified to answer but I'm sure someone can.
3)Being one of the largest company in their field they would have considerable clout in the field and therefore choice of an "independent assessor" will have to be made very very carefully.

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