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Makers of Jaipur Foot now developing artificial hand

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MDT/PTI | 05/12/2012 12:28 PM | 

Bhagwan Mahavir Vikalang Sahayata Samiti, the makers of Jaipur Foot are working with Stanford University to develop artificial hand and the final version would be available in next few months


Hyderabad: The makers of the famous 'Jaipur Foot' are now in the process of developing an artificial hand, reports PTI.

The prototype of an artificial hand being developed by Stanford University in association with Bhagwan Mahavir Vikalang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), the largest organisation in the world for the handicapped in terms of fitment of artificial limb, callipers etc, should be available over the next few months, founder and chief patron of BMVSS, DR Mehta told reporters.

"The prototype has been developed by Stanford University, US which is working with BMVSS. They are further improving on it. It is a prototype of the artificial hand below elbow and can perform any function of the hand. The final version should be available in the next few months," Mehta, former chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India, said.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of 'iDiya Bootcamp', a competition for working professionals interested in setting up ventures that could make social impact, at the Indian School of Business here.

"It is a joint venture between Stanford and BMVSS which came about during one of my visits to the university," Mehta said, adding the artificial hand being developed may cost about $20 (or about Rs1,000).

Delivering his keynote address, he exhorted the professionals and students of ISB to also do something for the society.

Ace shuttler Saina Nehwal, who was also a keynote speaker, delivered a pep talk for the students and working professionals.

The Jaipur Foot is a rubber-based prosthetic leg for people with below-knee amputations, developed under the guidance of Dr PK Sethi by Masterji Ram Chander in 1969. It is said to be nearest to a normal human foot.

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