Mahindra: Not rising to the challenge

An ad trying to communicate corporate philosophy has to cover a broad spectrum—but it still needs to work its way back to what the company does. This commercial does not manage that

The Mahindra group has a new corporate positioning. And it's called 'Rise'. The core idea is this: Most of us do nothing to change things around us, and we wait for someone else to take action. And when that someone rises to the occasion, it sparks a chain reaction of actions from others. Something akin to what Anna Hazare is doing on the issue of corruption. Though for political reasons the Mahindras will never acknowledge that Anna could have been an inspiration behind this concept.

The commercial is produced well. It features people from different walks of life, all of them frozen in their respective acts. Sportsmen, school children, factory workers, musicians, etc. Everybody seems to be waiting for something to happen. Suddenly, one sprightly little school girl makes the first move. She rises from her bench and half-dances on it. (By the way, I was once evicted from the classroom for doing the same). And this triggers a call to action for everyone else. As they too rise and do their thing. The boxer gets on with his boxing. The musicians continue playing. And so on. The message: "There are those who accept things as they are… and those who rise to change."

It sounds like a good corporate ideology. That of rising to a challenge and inspiring others. But I am afraid, only in theory. Because it's too generic. The problem with this concept is that any organisation can make this claim, it is not unique to Mahindra. And this important point does not seem to have occurred to the makers of this ad. As a result, at no point does the ad tell us anything about the group. Now, I realise a corporate philosophy has to be a broad spectrum, umbrella thought, but it still needs to work its way back to what the company does. For example, Tata Steel's 'We also make steel.'   

Over to the creative. While the commercial is made slickly and with great deal of finesse, the storyboard is boring and leaves you cold. So, okay, all these people are doing their number, but that has no engagement value for the viewer. One is left isolated from the goings on. Also, the ad is packed with clichés. Sportsmen, musicians, school kids… how many times have we seen them before? And a little girl sparking action… it can't get more cliché ridden.   

Bottom-line: The positioning is much too generic. The creative is lacklustre. And no amount of pretty packaging can save a poor product. The Mahindra guys need to rise again. And do it better this time.




6 years ago

I think it is a stunningly beautiful, intensely moving and brilliantly original ad. Too long, though - and a bit busy.

SC stays release of Hassan Ali on bail

The court passed the order on a petition filed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) challenging the high court order granting bail to MR Khan, who has been accused in various money laundering cases

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today stayed the release of Pune-based stud farm owner Hassan Ali Khan, accused in money laundering cases, on bail which was granted by the Bombay High Court last week, reports PTI.

A three-judge bench headed by justice Altamas Kabir said the effect of the Bombay High Court's order granting bail to him shall not be operational till Thursday.

The court passed the order on a petition filed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) challenging the high court order granting bail to MR Khan, who has been accused in various money laundering cases.

"Let the matter be listed on Thursday. In the meantime, order of Bombay High Court of 12th August on bail shall not be given effect to," the bench said.

"The documents reveal that Hassan Ali Khan has huge funds in his accounts to the extent of $800 million with a bank outside India," the ED contended.

The agency, in its petition, alleged that various transactions led by Mr Khan through his foreign bank accounts reveal his association with international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

"The documents point to deep linkage between Mr Khan and Mr Khashoggi," the agency further said while pressing for stay on Bombay High Court's order granting bail to Khan.

The high court had granted bail to Mr Khan on 12th August after observing that the agency had failed to show the wealth amassed by him was proceeds of crime.

"There are no ingredients of proceeds of crime in the case made out by the Enforcement Directorate against the applicant. He deserves to be released on bail," the high court had said.

The ED had said that Mr Khan and his arrested accomplice Kashinath Tapuriah had deep links with bank officials in the US, Switzerland, Singapore, UAE and other countries.

It had alleged that Mr Khan has links with Mr Khashoggi, and in 2003, $300 million was apparently received by him from the arms dealer from weapon sales.

It had also said the accused had created a complex maze of structures and transactions to hide the true source of funds and frustrate the investigations.


Anna Hazare: Detention marks beginning of second freedom struggle

Anna calls on people not to allow agitation against corruption to fizzle out, but to court arrest. Team Anna members describe detention as “return to emergency”

New Delhi: Anna Hazare has said that his detention today marks the beginning of a "Second Freedom Struggle" and he called on people not to let the agitation against corruption, urging them to fill jails. Members of Mr Hazare's team immediately condemned the detention of Anna and some team members describing it as a "return of emergency".

"My dear countrymen, a second freedom struggle has begun and now I have also been arrested. But will this movement be stopped by my arrest? No, not at all. Don't let it happen," Mr Hazare said in a pre-recorded message.

The 73-year-old Gandhian, who was scheduled to begin a hunger protest against corruption in Delhi's JP Park area this morning, asked people to court arrest and go to jail in a country-wide agitation against corruption and for a strong Lokpal.

"Time has come my countrymen when there should be no place left in jails in India to accommodate any more persons," Mr Hazare said.

He also asked people to maintain peace. "I once again request my fellow countrymen that peace should be maintained and there must be no violence... Crores of people have joined this movement and a second line of leaders are standing to lead this movement. There are many who will continue to lead you and this fight will go on," he said.

Mr Hazare said leaders like Kejriwal, Bedi, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia, Arvind Gaud, PV Rajgopal, Shanti Bhusan and Akhil Gogoi will lead the agitation.

Mr Hazare and some of his close associates, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan, were detained this morning as the Gandhian appeared firm about going ahead with the protest and defying prohibitory orders.

Anna Hazare's team described the detention as a "return of emergency without a formal proclamation".

"This is a return of emergency without official proclamation. What crime did Anna commit? Unless we unite, we will be imposed by a defective Lokpal which protects corruption. We now need solutions not statements of intentions," Ms Bedi told the Press Trust of India.

Ms Bedi alleged "somebody else" is behind the police action as the force is capable enough to handle such peaceful protests. "This has not been done by Delhi police; somebody else is behind it. Delhi police is capable enough to handle peaceful protests," she said. "When Anna asked the police about his crime, police said they were following orders."

On the detention of Mr Hazare, she said that there was not much of a difference between detention and arrest. "What is the difference between detention and arrest? There's no difference. When you are detained that means you are temporarily arrested and when your freedom is curbed, that is arrest," she said.



Rajeev chawla

6 years ago

Jai Hind !!

We are with Team Anna on corruption issue.

We are listening!

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