Mahindra Group ties up with Cisco

Cisco and Mahindra will explore opportunities to collaborate on comprehensive differentiated offerings in the sports and entertainment market to provide a range of industry-specific offerings

Mumbai: The Anand Mahindra-led Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) on Tuesday said it has inked a strategic alliance with global networking company Cisco to provide a host of services, including cloud computing, entertainment, smart cities, virtual dealerships and sports, reports PTI.
The joint venture intends to collaborate on a global platform and has a target market of $5 billion in five years.

"I am absolutely delighted that the first project under this initiative is intended to be the Mahindra Innovation Park, which will create new benchmarks through its smart solutions," M&M vice-chairman Mr Anand Mahindra told reporters here.

"This is a partnership not just of one contract but involving many contracts between Mahindra and Cisco, not just in India but across the world," he said.

"Initially, we have invested Rs10 crore in the global partnership and will continue to invest in the coming days," Mr Mahindra said. With this JV, M&M and Cisco will focus on the Internet.

Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) and Mahindra have initiated the collaboration on a pioneering virtual sales experience as a complementary channel to Mahindra dealerships.

The innovative sales experience will aim to expand M&M's customer touch-points, enhance brand visibility and provide customers with a superior experience.

Cisco and Mahindra will explore opportunities to collaborate on comprehensive differentiated offerings in the sports and entertainment market to provide a range of industry-specific offerings.

These include the Cisco connected stadium platform and the StadiumVision solution using the network as a platform, with additive elements for access control, wireless, smart-card ticketing and loyalty programmes, points of sale and hospitality.


Anna Hazare to lead indefinite hunger protest, to pressure govt to act decisively against corruption

India Against Corruption to hold public meetings on Sunday, to mobilise for countrywide fast from 5th April

With the ruckus over Hasan Ali Khan's Swiss bank accounts and the Supreme Court quashing the appointment of PJ Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner, one would have expected the government to implement some strict measures to root out corruption. But it seems that prime minister Manmohan Singh has refused to initiate any changes till the state assembly polls, scheduled next month, are over. Now, activists, seeking immediate action on this festering issue, are planning to go on a fast next month.

Members of India Against Corruption (IAC), among them Dr Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Agnivesh, met the prime minister and Union law minister Veerappa Moily on Monday, urging the government to undertake some anti-corruption measures immediately. However, the prime minister expressed his inability to take any specific measures before the completion of the state polls. Dr Singh also refused to include activists in the committee to draft the Lokpal Bill, which is expected to create an independent vigilance authority at the centre. Mayank Gandhi, spokesperson of IAC, said the movement would be intensified with activists scheduled to go on a fast from 5th April.

"The prime minister said the government has no time to consider the issue of corruption till the 13th May due to the ongoing Parliament session and the impending elections in five states," Mr Gandhi said. In view of the government's attitude, Anna Hazare, an activist of IAC, will launch the indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

The forum has planned public meetings nationwide on Sunday to raise awareness on the issue and mobilise support for the hunger protest. "Some 20,000 people will participate, distribute pamphlets in the meetings," Mr Gandhi said. "On 5th April, more than 100,000 people across the country will go on a fast in solidarity that will be led by Annaji in New Delhi."

Last week, Mr Hazare had warned that he would go on a fast if the meeting with the government turned out to be fruitless, and if the government did not agree to enact a strong anti-corruption law along the lines of the Jan Lokpal Bill, which has been drafted by IAC.

"After much persuasion, he (the prime minister) agreed to bring a Lokpal Bill in the monsoon session of Parliament," Mr Gandhi said. "He was informed that the government Bill was poorly drafted. The prime minister suggested that a sub-committee of the group of ministers (GoM) would be constituted and it would have two meetings with representatives of IAC after 13th May. The GoM will draft the bill accordingly after the interaction."
But the IAC had decided not to wait that long, and it has demanded that instead of a GoM, a joint committee be set up which will have equal representation from the government and activists. But the government has rejected the proposal. Mr Gandhi said, "In effect, we stand where we were before the meeting. The meeting served no purpose except that it made the intention of the government clear."

The poorly drafted Lokpal Bill, which the government plans to introduce in Parliament, places several restraints on the Lokpal and hinders its independent functioning. Hence, the Jan Lokpal Bill which has been drafted by the activists that gives more power for effective vigilance.

(To read the draft of the Jan Lokpal Bill log on to




6 years ago

Pak sponsored terrorism and its funding via havala, anti national people like Hasan Ali is major area of concern. We hear news / allegations back in year 2009 from Mr Arun Shorie that Ali is having links to Paks Dawud. But no action was taken against him. The congress move to abandon POTA was a disaster for the whole nation. Still the news of fake currency rackets are visible when we search The amount recoverd by congress govt is still very less as big fishes running this trade gets away with the system As per news markets in Mumbai , Delhi etc are some places where use of cash is high and may be some private banks like ICI bank are pioneer in replacing fake currency and cheating their own country. Investigation agencies should put an eye on such markets and banks We are living in the age of greed where money is everything. It appears that Dawud wants to use all his influence and power to destroy India and also Pak. Dawud appears to be supporting Taliban movement and recent news of Pak railways asking for Dawuds funds is a clear signal that the ex Indian man Dawud may get the control of Pakistan and may be ruling that nation from back.

K B Patil

6 years ago

Whatever repution for honesty that the PM is said to have is now proved to be totally wrong. He is now nearing 80 and I guess he is unable to handle the pressure. Like the other old Nehru/Gandhi loyalist i.e the late Arjun Singh, I guess MS has now developed a liking to the PM's chair. Hence, while scams range around him, he sits on his chair, smiling beatifically when our country is overrun by gun runners,Naxalites, terrorists, smugglers, fake note peddlers, drug dealers, pimps and protecting them all - corrupt politicians.

India to get bank details from Switzerland starting April: Govt

"The amended DTAA with Switzerland will enable India to get banking information in specific cases for a period beginning 1 April 2011 and thereafter," minister of state for finance SS Palanimanickam said

New Delhi: India will be able to access banking information from Switzerland in specific cases beginning 1 April 2011, reports PTI.

The two countries had signed an agreement on 30 August 2010 to amend the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) to facilitate exchange of information between the two countries.

"The amended DTAA (with Switzerland) will enable India to get banking information in specific cases for a period beginning 1 April 2011 and thereafter," minister of state for finance SS Palanimanickam told the Rajya Sabha in a written reply.

The revised DTAA with Switzerland was signed by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee and Micheline Calmy-Rey, head of Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

While the India has completed the formalities for implementation of the revised DTAA, Switzerland has yet to ratify the agreement, Mr Mukherjee said in reply to another query.

"The amending protocol will come into force on completion of the internal process by Switzerland. Switzerland has informed that they have still not completed their internal process as the Amending Protocol has yet not been ratified by their Parliament," Mr Mukherjee said.

The revised DTAA, according to Mr Palanimanickam, will, "specifically provide for exchange of banking information as well as information without domestic interest".

The Amending Protocol, he added, "contains a provision wherein the requesting state has to provide the name of the person under examination or investigation and, if available, other particulars facilitating that person's identification such as address, date of birth, marital status and tax identification number."

The revised agreement with Switzerland, however, will not allow "fishing expeditions", a term used for seeking general information.

"The Amending Protocol also provides that these clauses contain important procedural requirements that are intended to ensure that fishing expeditions do not occur. Nevertheless they need to be interpreted in order not to frustrate effective exchange of information," the minister added.

Pointing out that the government does not have any verifiable information on the total amount of money deposited in Swiss banks by Indian nationals, Mr Palanimanickam said the finance ministry was getting a fresh study done on unaccounted income and wealth within and outside the country.

"The proposal (of study) was approved by the government in January 2011. The study is likely to be completed within a timeframe of 18 months," he added.

The government is committed to tax undisclosed income of Indian residents within and outside the country, the minister said, adding "this also includes undisclosed deposits in other countries including Switzerland. Since this in an on-going process, no time frame can be fixed for the same."



tk shah

6 years ago

Why does not India ratify the UN Convention for forfeiture of such properties,involving monney laundering.?

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