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Land ordinance re-promulgated

The ordinance which was set to lapse on Saturday had been promulgated on December 31 last year to amend the earlier act passed by the UPA in 201


President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday gave his assent to the re-promulgation of the land acquisition ordinance, official sources said.
The ordinance which was set to lapse on Saturday had been promulgated on December 31 last year to amend the earlier act passed by the UPA in 2013.
The union cabinet recommended re-promulgation of the ordinance on March 31 after the government failed to secure passage for it in the Rajya Sabha where the NDA is in minority.


Woman board member: 180 NSE listed firms failed to comply

The deadline for induction of woman director expired on March 31.


As many as 180 companies listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) have not inducted a woman director so far as required by the Companies Act and officials expect the market regulator to come out with its views and penalties for non-compliance.
The deadline for induction of woman director expired on March 31.
"At least 180 companies out of 1,456 NSE listed companies that have to comply with the rule of having a woman director have failed to fulfil the requirement," Pranav Haldea, managing director, Prime Database told IANS over phone from New Delhi.
The company operates in the database space pertaining to the primary capital market, covering fund raising by Indian corporates.
"Perhaps next week, the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) shall come out with its order on companies that have not complied with the woman director norm," he said.
Supreme Court advocate and insurance, company, competition law expert D. Varadarajan told IANS: "Simply put, every listed company or every other public company having a paid up capital of Rs.100 crore or more or a turnover of Rs.300 crore or more should have a woman on its board."
A company and every officer of the company who is in default shall be punishable with fine which shall not be less than Rs.50,000 but which may extend to Rs.500,000 under the company law, Varadarajan said.
"This is a positive move to include women in the mainstream of corporate governance," Rajshree Pathy, chairperson, Confederation of Indian Industry-southern region (CII-SR), told IANS.
Pathy is also the chairperson and managing director of the Coimbatore-based Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals Ltd.
"Women are naturally inclined to think of aspects/dimensions in a business that men sometimes are in denial/ignore for reasons best known to themselves that may impact the performance of the board. Therefore, women could potentially add that extra value," she said.
Agreeing with her was Haldea, who said: "A woman director would certainly bring a different perspective on varied issues that men may overlook."
However, he said many companies have inducted close relatives of the promoters to comply with the law.
"However, women on the board merely for the sake of a legislation should not be construed as 'patronising' of women," Pathy said.
She added: "Board members, man or woman should be selected on merit, achievements and for the purpose of adding value to the company. The selection process is important."
Speaking at a training programme for woman directors, organised by Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ranjana Kumar, former chairman and managing director of Indian Bank, said: "Be assertive and do not get overawed by the company size or other personalities in the board."
Kumar, who also headed NABARD and Canara Bank, and worked as director in several corporate boards said woman directors should be assertive at the board meeting and their views should be supported by data and facts.
She told the gathering to remember that independent directors represent the shareholders. Kumar also urged aspirants to go through in detail not only the board meeting agenda papers, but also the minutes of previous board meetings.


Khattar's 'zero tolerance' ends with Khemka, Kasni?

Both officers tried to cleanse the system in the departments they were heading. Khemka and Kasni have seen 46 and 60 transfers respectively in their service


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar's oft-repeated "zero tolerance to corruption" claim seems to be flying in the face of his government's handling of upright IAS officers Ashok Khemka and Pradeep Kasni. The 'zero tolerance' seems to end at the doors of officers who dared to challenge the corrupt system.
Both officers were abruptly removed from their posts by the Khattar government just days after they, in their respective jurisdictions, tried to cleanse the system in the departments they were heading. Khemka and Kasni have seen 46 and 60 transfers respectively in their service.
When the Khattar government took office on October 26 last year, heading the first BJP government in Haryana, it was widely believed that Khemka and Kasni, who had dared to take on the powers that be in the previous Congress government headed by Bhupinder Singh Hooda, would be picked for important assignments. 
There were reports that Khemka could join the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). But nothing of this sort happened.
Both officers were picked up for assignments which were not really in consonance with the expectations from the BJP government.
Khemka, whose actions had caught the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his election speeches in Haryana last year, hit the headlines in October 2012 when he cancelled the mutation of a Rs.58-crore land deal between Congress president Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra and realty giant DLF and ordered a probe into the controversial land deals of Vadra in Haryana.
He was shunted out this week from the state's transport department to the inconsequential archaeology and museums department.
Khemka's transfer, it is becoming clear, happened because he upset the powerful lobby of transporters who have been violating rules with impunity over the years and endangering the lives of other motorists by plying over-sized trucks and heavy vehicle trailers on the roads. 
Khemka had ordered that trucks and trailers adhere to the prescribed dimensions or go off the roads. The illegal vehicles have stayed on -- but Khemka lost the post in just about four months.
Khemka tweeted after the latest transfer: "Tried hard to address corruption and bring reforms in transport despite severe limitations and entrenched interests. Moment is truly painful."
All hell broke loose for the Khattar government though the chief minister tried to sheepishly defend Khemka's transfer as a "routine administrative matter". 
From Chandigarh to Hisar to Bengaluru, the Khattar government and the BJP put up a weak-kneed defence in the transfer controversy.
In the case of Pradeep Kasni, who had challenged Hooda's last-minute appointments to constitutional posts just before the assembly polls, the transfer was even more abrupt. 
He was transferred in December last year within a month of being made the divisional commissioner of Gurgaon, which adjoins the national capital. Most people believe that the land mafia's pressure worked on the Khattar government.
Kasni fell out of favour with the Khattar government after he submitted a report to the government on how Haryana's revenue officials had allegedly connived with land grabbers in Gurgaon and adjoining areas. 
After his transfer, Kasni, who expressed his "surprise" at being shunted out, was without a post for some time.
Ironically, a few officers who were considered close to the previous Hooda regime over the past 10 years, have ended up with lucrative postings in the Khattar government too.




2 years ago

The corrupt officers who thrived under Hooda led Congress has been found by Khattar led BJP Govt as high utility players so nothing surprising. A Khemka IAS can find irregularities but since Govts have long stopped delivering results Khattar and his Party would have seen it is better to make hay while Sun is shining. So don't be surprised these identified officers will deliver to Khattar a better business model than the Rober Vadra-DLF model which will make Khattar Kush Hua

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