Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund floats 370 days fixed maturity plan

Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund new issue closes on 2nd May

Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund has launched Kotak FMP Series 45 (370 Days), a close-ended income scheme.

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate returns through investments in debt and money market instruments with a view to significantly reduce the interest rate risk. The scheme will invest in debt and money market securities, maturing on or before maturity of the scheme.

The new issue closes on 2nd May. The minimum investment amount is Rs5,000.


Govt releases 19.63 lakh tonnes of sugar for sale in May

“This quantity of 19.63 lakh tonnes is sufficient to meet the internal demand of sugar for the month of May,” a food ministry statement said, adding that mills need to sell the entire quantity by 31st May

New Delhi: The government today allocated 19.63 lakh tonnes of sugar for sale in the open market as well as via ration shops for the month of May, marginally higher than the current month, reports PTI.

The food ministry “has decided to make available 19.63 lakh tonnes of sugar (levy sugar—2.13 lakh tonnes and non-levy sugar—17.50 lakh tonnes) for the month of May,” an official statement said.

Levy sugar is meant for ration shops while non-levy sugar is sold in the open market. The ministry had allocated 19.07 lakh tonnes of sugar for the current month.

“This quantity of 19.63 lakh tonnes is sufficient to meet the internal demand of sugar for the month of May,” the statement said, adding that mills need to sell the entire quantity by 31st May.

The food ministry also extended the deadline for sale of April quota till 15th May.

Out of 17.50 lakh tonnes of non-levy sugar, the food ministry said that 15.45 lakh tonnes would be normal quota, while 0.05 lakh tonnes would be refined sugar processed from imported raw sugar and 2 lakh tonnes as carryover from last month.

India’s sugar production is estimated to rise to 24.5 million tonnes in 2010-11 (October-September) as against 18.8 million tonnes in the previous year. The domestic demand is pegged at 22 million tonnes.

With projection of higher output, the government recently allowed export of five lakh tonnes of sugar under Open General License (OGL).


Rotomac pens: Advertising riot!

The riot of a commercial ends in a whimper. It’s never a good idea to leave the viewers on a low

Killer star Sallubhai is slowly but surely finding his way back into the celeb crazy Indian ad world. Remember, he was unceremoniously dumped not so very long ago by Thums Up. That, of course, was quite apparently in reaction to the star's drunk driving in Bandra that resulted in the death of a poor bakery worker. And it made sense. How could any brand associate itself with a celeb who's been accused of such a heinous crime? So, while Salman Khan's filmi career continued like nothing had happened, his ad career was finito.

But like every one else in this country, brand managers too suffer from memory loss. And even though the bakery hit-and-run case has still to reach its conclusion, Khan is back signing hefty ad deals. Of late, I have seen the hunk in at least two commercials-Wheel detergent and Mountain Dew.  

And the latest brand to fall for Mr Dabaang's charms is an unlikely one: Rotomac Pens. I say unlikely, because one doesn't associate bhai with fine writing. It's a messy commercial. It features the young of India revolting on the streets against the government; for all sorts of issues. And the crowds turn violent, leading to the army being called in.

Then something ominous happens. Macho man Salman Khan enters the frame, and glares threateningly. And now you expect the worst, fearing he'll soon flash his AK 47. But these are ordinary people, not black bucks, so Sallubhai turns into a Gandhian with Gun, oops, Pen. And preaches to the violent youth: "Haath uthao, magar likhne ke liye". Next, the hero signs a 'Right to Information' application. And the youth in India stand reformed.

But this is Salman Khan, hard to end the commercial without some cheap laughs, right? So, he walks away with a Rotomac pen hung on the back of his shirt, like the now famous shot of his glares hanging out in the film Dabaang.

Gosh, what can one say, where does one begin? It's a laundry list of all that's gone haywire. Salman Khan for a writing pen? You won't be able to see a brand fit after downing six Patiala pegs. Next: The riot of a commercial ends in a whimper, as you are left with, 'Oh, all this drama for a bloody pen!'. It's never a good idea to leave the viewers on a low. Also, why Rotomac? I can file an RTI application with a Parker pen or a Camlin pencil, right? So the key brand proposition never gets mentioned. Ergo, there's nothing in it for Rotomac. All in all, a lot of hot air, actually.

Anyway, welcome back to the ad world, dear Salman! Easy money to finance the assorted court cases.




6 years ago

The ad is silly but there is no shortage of similar ones.
Another Mithun type ad was the Sallu doing Mountain Dew ad which says 'Darr ke aage jeet hai' and he himself uses a stuntman to do all the crappy flying!!!

Katrina Kaif using LUX (yeah, may be she went to an Indian Store in London)... Rather the ad should have been like - 'Use Sallu and you are a star in Bollywood'...

Honestly speaking, I feel pity for these millionaires, they are made to do things that even they wouldnt like personally...

Poor souls :(


6 years ago

Why this add most of commercials of soft drinks, soap, personal care (special-Deodorant) add to non-sense and nothing to do with Solly with purpose of the product or service.


6 years ago

very good man bust just felt that he took ur money was it ur add i think so hope u get next rotomac add for ur writing .

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