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Kingfisher pilots threaten to approach DGCA over salary

MDT/PTI | 30/11/2012 03:05 PM | 

The Vijay Mallya-owned Kingfisher Airlines has not paid salary to most of its 4,000 employees since May

Mumbai: Having failed to receive their salaries for May, pilots from Kingfisher Airlines have now threatened to approach Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) if the management did not meet the commitment by Friday even as the regulator maintained that the issue is out of its purview, reports PTI.


"We have written to the airline's chief executive that if our salaries are not paid by today we will approach the DGCA to intervene in the issue," airline sources said.


The airline has not paid salary to most of its 4,000 employees since May.


The pilots' threat comes after the management, which had assured the employees that their three months' salaries, out of the seven months, will be paid in tranches by Diwali.


The airline, which is grounded since 1st October after its pilots and engineers went on strike demanding payment of dues, has temporarily lost its flying license.


However, the airline managed to convince the employees to end their agitation by assuring them that their three-month dues (March to May) will be remitted in three instalments by Diwali.


Subsequently, the agitation was called off on 24th October.


Meanwhile, a highly-placed DGCA official told PTI, "Payment of salary is an internal issue which the management and employees will have to sort out among themselves. Our concern is safety and we have already temporarily suspended the airline's flying license on this count."


The official, however, said that these issues will definitely be taken into consideration when the airline submits its revival plan.


"The employees should approach the appropriate authorities such as labour court or any other such institution to get the issue resolved," he added.


The airline has been told by the aviation regulator that its license will be revoked only when it submits a comprehensive revival plan and after taking views of all the stakeholders. .


Kingfisher has been grounded since 1st October and on 19 of the same month, the regulator suspended its flying licence.


The airline has a bank credit of Rs7,000 crore and the unpaid interest since January this year thereon, apart from over Rs10,000 crore of accumulated losses since the launch in May 2005.


The 17 lenders, led by State Bank of India, had set 30th November deadline to bring in additional capital infusion to the tune of at least Rs5,000 crore as a precondition to consider the airline's request for more working capital loan.


However, as of now there is no word from the company about the bankers' demand.

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1 Comment
Shadi Katyal

Shadi Katyal 2 years ago

So now it is the EGO of pilots which rules the safety of the passengers. What has the Aviation Directorate has to say and how does the company feel about such unethical pilots where the lives of 160 is threatened?
Why is iot only in our nation that egos play more important rule than safety?
Such pilots should be suspended for at least a month with no pay to learn rules of safety and they apologies from the passengers.
Let such disciplinary actrion be a lesson for all

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