Internationally reputed reservoir consultant can find out truth of KG D-6

If Reliance is bluffing, the Indian government ought to call this bluff and appoint a technically reputed international reservoir expert, like BHP, to carry out a thorough investigation about actual gas production estimates of D-6

Once again an impasse has been reached in the case after Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL)'s demanded for a third party technical consultant to determine whether or not the wells have gone (or going) dry at D-6, resulting in the great fall in gas production.


According to press reports, Reliance, British Petroleum and Niko, partners in the east coast block, are unable to convince the Ministry of Petroleum, committees concerned, and the director general of hydrocarbons the veracity of the claim for the fall in gas production. They have reiterated that it has been due to geographical "surprises". Reliance has denied "hoarding" of the gas with the view to take advantage of the increased price proposed from April next year.


The committees involved in these talks have been going back and forth and have not been able to resolve this issue. It may be recalled that D-1 and D-3, the most productive fields in the block, have now reached a trickle at 9.5 mmscmd as against the peak of 61 mmscmd.


This steep fall in supplies had to be made up, at great cost, by imports. The contractees, who were originally assured of supplies, have lost in a huge fashion. Reliance also did not take the precaution of drilling other wells resulting in a penalty of $1.7 billion.


At one stage, when Reliance offered to surrender and have the contract cancelled, the government went to the extent of asking them to return some of the active wells as well (Details have been covered in our story in Moneylife recently).


This matter has been going on for months now. It is time, therefore, for the government to take a firm stand. If they think that Reliance is bluffing, let them take the bold step to call the bluff, and appoint a technically reputed international reservoir expert to carry out a thorough investigation. The sooner it is done, better it is for all concerned.


Other issues such as the compensation to be paid for non-supply of the contracted quantity of gas, pricing, and the action relating to non-drilling of other wells etc. can be taken up separately with Reliance. We must also bear in mind that out of $60 billion worth of petroleum exports, Reliance’s contribution alone is a staggering $44 billion. It is inconceivable that they would do anything that would jeopardise their earnings. Reliance’s contribution to national development in every area is worth emulating.


It may be recalled that BHP Billiton had recently surrendered six blocks under NELP (New Exploration Licensing Policy) because of defence-related issues and the government was trying to hold them back to continue their exploration programme in the areas that were unaffected. Some of the regulatory conditions were found to be difficult for BHP. It appears that these issues are still being worked out.


Why not seek BHP's technical expertise in finding out what best can be done in D-6? Can they be given some of the areas that Reliance wants to surrender? This move may help to kill two birds in one stone!


(AK Ramdas has worked with the Engineering Export Promotion Council of the ministry of commerce. He was also associated with various committees of the Council. His international career took him to places like Beirut, Kuwait and Dubai at a time when these were small trading outposts; and later to the US.)


Public Interest Exclusive
Pune ad professional’s death in Neera River reveal secrets of NHAI work contracts

While it is mandatory under Section 4 of the RTI Act to put work contracts with private agencies in the public domain, the National Highway Authorities of India (NHAI), has only selectively done so

On the late night of 2nd November four young ad professionals from Pune met a tragic death when their car plunged in the Neera Bridge, about 75kms from the city. Shockingly, while Reliance Infra has received the BSI standard certificate for the Pune-Bangalore Highway work, the ghastly accident reveals the nature of shoddy irresponsible work by this corporate which boasts of building world class road infrastructure. The near Rs2,000 crore Mumbai-Bangalore Highway project kicked off in 2011 and, despite the deadline being July 2012, only 40% of the work has been completed.


The website of Reliance Infra ( states: “Six laning of NH-4 between Pune and Satara of length 140km in the state of Maharashtra.The concession period of the project is 24 years. This project is along the main corridor connecting Mumbai and Pune to southern parts of Maharashtra and all Southern states of India. The project scope in addition to six laning includes construction of 53 major structures and 240km of service road all along the entire corridor…’’


(This is probably the reason why Pranav Lele's car plunged into the water. See the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) sign on the left which says `work in progress' - (there is no work going on there). The driver of the car may have swerved to the right after seeing it and then plunged headlong as there is not fence wall or crash barrier here. Police are conveniently blaming it on over-speeding and alleging drunken driving. Even then, the car would have hit the crash barrier if it had existed. Hence, NHAI and Reliance Infra are the ONLY ONES responsible)


The contractors of Reliance Infra and NHAI project director, Rajesh Kaundal, are responsible for criminal negligence.


This is because the Neera bridge, that runs parallel to the old bridge, has a 15 feet wide gap between the two bridges and do not have a safety crash barrier or a protective wall at the entry of the bridge. Besides, a `work in progress’ board on the left side, when no work is in progress, misguides the driver into swerving towards the right, particularly during night. In the case of the 2nd November accident, the car directly plunged into the river. Also, despite it being mandatory for Reliance Infra to have 24x7 security patrolling, there was no security guard on duty due to which no one allegedly saw the car fall. The bodies of these four young people were discovered five days later! This reveals the complete callousness in NHAI which is required to monitor the work of the private agency strictly.


(Another glimpse of the open gap which led to the fall of the car)


The NHAI website though has selectively implemented Section 4 of the RTI Act with a few contract agreements. The agreement between Reliance Infra and NHAI for the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway has not been uploaded. Sub sections 11, 13 and C of the Section 4 of the Right to Information (RTI) Act clearly states: “The budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particular of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made; particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorisations granted by it; (C) publish all relevant facts while formulating important policies or announcing the decisions which affect the public.’’


(Biggest joke is that Reliance Infra has received the British based BSI certificate for its work on Pune-Bangalore Highway! Any civil engineering student will also not certify safety of this construction)


When crores of rupees have been spent and in return commuters get a highway without any service road in most part of the section between Pune and Satara; where there are no  underpasses or over bridges for villagers to enter their village; where no safety signboards have been put up and maintenance is at a pathetic low, where there is no place for keeping an ambulance ready due to incomplete land acquisition, shouldn’t the tax-paying public have the right to know what has happened to the public money, so badly squandered? Shouldn’t it be available for all to see at the click of the button?


(Deadly pot-hole on the Neera Bridge. We saw vehicles receiving a hard jerk. This is the kind of shabby work by Reliance Infra, which has incidentally received ISO Certificate for such work. Isn't this unpardonable? Nav Bharat Nagarik Manch demands suspension of project director Rajesh Kaundal.)

The Nav Bharat Nagarik Manch has taken up the issue in order that the NHAI and the Reliance Infra do not get away with murder. The Manch is sending a letter today to Oscar Fernandes, union minister for road, transport and highways, demanding immediate suspension of NHAI project director Rajesh Kaundal; stopping toll collection until services are improved and blacklisting and terminating contract of Reliance Infra.

The safety manual of the NHAI and Citizen Charter, which have been uploaded on the website prove why the project director is directly responsible for the criminal negligence that led to the deaths of the four ad professionals.

Citizen Charter of NHAI which clearly states the following:

  1. Faults and minor failures - to be repaired within eight hours by the project director concerned by mobilising resources – Kaundal did not address the issue of putting a crash barrier or any other safety guard to prevent vehicles plunging into the river despite it being life-threatening. Even after the 2nd November accident, a few sacks and ribbons have been put up. Death continues to call at the bridge
  2. (iv) Defective bridge decks area and bump at approach to be repaired by the Project Director through the contractor within 15 days - Kaundal did not get it done through Reliance Infra
  3. (i): Damage to shape or position; poor visibility or loss of retro-reflectivity to be addressed within two days by the Project Director through the contractor – Kaundal did not make the contractor put up fluorescent signboards for speed limit and caution
  4. (iii): All road signs, km stones & road marking in good condition to be addressed within seven days by the Project Director and repair on regular basis on noticing the damages within 15 days through the contractor – Kaundal did not address this issue – instead an old  road sign of `Diversion – Work in Progress’ at the bridge continues to exist, although no work is going on.

Safety manual of NHAI:

As per the safety manual of NHAI, uploaded on its website, the private contractor is required to put up proper signboards which are visible to the drivers’ eye. But, Reliance Infra has clearly failed in implementing it:

4.11.1 There shall be corresponding road markings with stop signs, give way signs, merging or diverging traffic signs, lane closed signs, road narrowing signs, slip roads/ diversion signs, compulsory keep left/right signs, or any other signs as per IRC-67 and/or as reviewed by IE.

4.11.2 Wherever Project Highway alignment is on a curve, there shall be an advance cautionary signs for sharp curves (depending whether it is on left or right) and chevron signs (rectangular in dimension with yellow background and black arrow) at the outer edge of the curve. The sign for the curve ahead particularly in mountainous and steep terrain shall always be accompanied with chevron signs at the outer edge of the curve and appropriate delineation.

4.11.4 All road signs shall be with retro-reflective sheeting of high intensity grade with encapsulated lens fixed over aluminum base plate as per clause 801 of MOSRTH specification.

Why is the NHAI project director turning a blind eye to the shoddy work of Reliance Infra and why is the latter putting up such a poor show? We need answers and correctives immediately from both.

(Vinita Deshmukh is the consulting editor of Moneylife, an RTI activist and convener of the Pune Metro Jagruti Abhiyaan. She is the recipient of prestigious awards like the Statesman Award for Rural Reporting which she won twice in 1998 and 2005 and the Chameli Devi Jain award for outstanding media person for her investigation series on Dow Chemicals. She co-authored the book “To The Last Bullet - The Inspiring Story of A Braveheart - Ashok Kamte” with Vinita Kamte and is the author of “The Mighty Fall”.)





4 months ago

Really commendable efforts put up by all you people.However still dissatisfied that the things are not changing at all.It is like falling on deaf ears.The common man is all at the receiving end and no one is concerned about it.However the problem lies with ourselves only since when any such situation arises, we just stop, look and move and just pray that it was not us.And then easily blame the system and move on with an excuse that what I can do alone.Guys if keep on ignoring all these incidents, we won't be ever be able to come out of such situation.And tomorrow may be any one of our near and dear ones may end up their precious life to such disastrous situation.Hence we need to wake up and join our hands together and stop and not move ahead thinking that it may strike to us also.We need to bring the culprit in forefront and get him behind bars before proceeding ahead.If we stand united this way, no one will dare to play with our lives this way.Hence a small request that when ever you see something similar, immediately stop and wait till the culprit is behind bars.An alternate option is also there if you are seriously in an urgent situation and you cannot wait then at-least use the media and post the incident with all the details like pics, videos etc about the location, incident which happened and the location and requesting the local area people to gather and do the work of getting together and checking that the responsible person is put behind bars.Guys trust me it is for our own self.If now atleast we want our future generation to not to suffer.Also request you all to forward this suggestion to all your groups may be on whatsapp ,facebook etc once you are convinced about it.This is a need of the hour for us to wake up before it is too late.

jaideep shirali

4 years ago

The issue is that these accidents never happen to these netas or top babus, otherwise things would change. Potholes get filled up if a VIP has to pass on the same road, but you will have the same BMC fighting with citizens and claiming 90% or more potholes are filled up. Our netas and babus claim everything is fine, like the claims you see on television, with an asterisk, saying under certain terms and conditions. NHAI or NSEL, these are sterling example of how frauds keep getting perpetrated, yet citizens are supposed to forget and forgive every time. As a nation, we seem to be lying all the time and what is worse, we accept the lies mutely. When somebody points out the lies, we instead call them fools.


4 years ago

recently I took my parents to Kolhapur after Diwali and found some part of road is very bad...I was thinking as to which engineers/contractors made this road???


4 years ago

Commendable investigative action. Well done. What is the police doing?

I am deeply saddened by this finding. A barricade is a must in such places and that could have potentially saved the four. Criminal neglect.

This is a deep rooted problem in India. Generally speaking, law enforcement is lax and people have gotten brash over time. People even know now, that when booked, you end coughing up 500 or 1,000 as fine with an additional (remote) chance of a licence suspension of up to 6 months. With such a framework of incentives, we will continue seeing people swaggering and public works/jobs getting executed in a callous & reckless manner.

As a simple & common thematic example I offer this scenario for your consideration: I live off a broad concrete road (about 60 ft wide) with a median dividing it so traffic is directional on each side. This is the main road that gets traffic into Pune from Mumbai (called Baner Road). In an interval of one hour, during peak traffic times (6-7 PM), you can easily spot at least a dozen cars or motorcycles travelling in the opposite direction. When confronted with such a sight, I sometimes stop my car and tell the driver to turn around and go with the flow. Invariably, I am confronted with a "kyon, road tera baap ka hai kya?" jibe. People gather and gape but not many even comprehend the problem.
To compound this chaotic traffic situation, the footpaths on the sides are taken up by shops that spill out under the protection of the local corporator or the strongman of the locality.

This is the India and the public infrastructure we have learnt (or have been nutured) to put up with.

This 'chalta-hai' behaviour has extended itself to every facet of public work and public infrastructure. While we hate it, mediocrity is deeply ingrained in us as a society and is now a way of life. So much so that when we first saw one small stretch of 94km between Panvel and Pune delivered in 2000 (the Expressway), there was shock and awe that even we were capable of inflicting a decent road on ourselves. 13 years on that road is a life line but the maintenance is far from satisfactory. Chalta-hai. All the good effort and essays that Vinita & Moneylife have done are largely ignored by the powers that be. Action nahi hai na, chalta-hai.

We must use this sad incident, bring the culprits to book and make an example of what can be achieved if law enforcement is enforced. With deep grief I admit that we possibly need a NIRBHAYA in every part of our life to wake us up to act.


Anuj kumar

In Reply to dv 3 years ago

This is very useful information shared here. I am really thankful for this.

pritesh randeria

4 years ago

great constructive jornalism.kudos to your efforts,thank you,keep it up,,you guys are doing a great service to the nation
thanks again

prakash sawant

4 years ago

I never seen or read such a detailed news cover.
I really appreciate Vinita mam for their hard work to put this transparacy for public view.
Kindly take follow up reports on this Neera Bridge frequently till this bridge get its safty wall in 15 feet gap.


Anuj kumar

In Reply to prakash sawant 3 years ago

This is very useful information shared here. I am really thankful for this. >

Mukund Kini

4 years ago

I think we should send a chain of letters generated thru this website, to the Minister Mr Oscar Fernandez for taking all the actions demanded immediately. This is a serious matter and should be pursued with public support, till the end is met and not just leave it in the midway.


4 years ago

Why are the Bottom parts of the photographs conveniently blackened in the Report of the Moneylife ? Please display the Full Photograohs



In Reply to vinod 4 years ago

Thanks for reading the article and posting your comment.
Nothing is hidden from the image, the marks in red colour are made to highlight certain areas in the photos.

sanjeev naik

4 years ago

ohh come on.. so many people die in accidents in India.. the cry is as if anil ambani died..


prakash sawant

In Reply to sanjeev naik 4 years ago

Don't underestimate the power of common man !!

Atul Kumthekar

In Reply to sanjeev naik 4 years ago

Yes this is so horribly true, unless Sharad Powar gets trapped in traffic jam we dont envision ExpressWay, until Ambani dies no one will care, and we boost of common man and democracy ! Of course Ambani, i heard, says he is middle class (who can bribe the ministers to crores !)

chandrashekhar kulkarni

4 years ago

keep it up.NHAI & Reliance Infra both are responsible for loss of 4 citizen of India.Whole road is in bad condition.pot holes every where,still they are collecting Toll.its Mockery of our system that nobody raise the voice to get repair the roads or follow all the rules of highway traffic.last year after monsoon,i had been to Satara by road. i didn't pay toll due to bad condition of road.I had heated exchange of words with Reliance Infr Engineer.All these companies whom project awarded are looting Public.Simple Logic - when number of vehicle are increasing day by day, actually toll should be reduced every year where as toll is raising every year,Present Govt of Maharashtra ( Ministers) is overlooking the shabby work ( nexus between them & promoter of Co.Common Man is suffering.Day Light LOOT BY GOVT & COMPANY.

Anil Agashe

4 years ago

Please check this Vinita. The bridge was built before the six lane contract was given to Reliance s far as I remember. This bridge is in existence for years now.



In Reply to Anil Agashe 4 years ago

can any one tell how many accidents have happened on this point of the Bridge?


4 years ago

Good, my dear Vinita. Keep the follow-ups coming!!! Peace and love - Joseph M. Pinto, Pune.


4 years ago

Very good article. due to the negligence of Director & contractor four lives were lost on a festival day.

Prasad S Patankar

4 years ago

We pay toll for using this road. Is then the agency collecting the toll not responsible to ensure that cattle does not stray on this road? On Sun, 3rd Nov, my friend and I were driving towards Satara. While we were passing the Bopegaon village at a speed of about 60-70 kph, a cow suddenly jumped in front of our car and got knocked off. It was feeding on the grass and shrubs on the divider and being hidden behind the small tree-like shrubs, was entirely invisible from the road. Though the car suffered heavy damages and required repairs to the tune of Rs. 70000, luckily the cow (and us) did not suffer serious injury. The two of us were plainly fortunate as there was no vehicle behind us when this happened. Question is - how are cattle allowed to come on the road? And this was not a stray animal, there was a person attending it on the divider when this happened. Lives could be lost because of this. Where can one complain about this?

-Prasad Patankar

B Pugazhendhi

4 years ago

Good research and report. How can we blame the driver if no reflectors and barriers are put up at such a big gap? I also fail to understand how the toll collection has started even when only 40% of the job is completed? Is that also part of the contract?

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