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Indian Victims of Pan Am 73 asks Gujarat CM not to partner with US

Indian Victims of the Pan Am Flight 73 has appealed to Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel to reconsider the decision to allow US partner with the Vibrant Gujarat summit


The Indian Victims of Pan Am 73, headquartered in Chandigarh, on Friday appealed to the Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel to reconsider the state government's decision to allow US to collaborate with the Vibrant Gujarat.


Aneesh Bhanot, in an appeal sent to the Gujarat CM, on behalf of the victims, said, "The US has been systematically and continuously discriminating against Indians. This was apparent from the Pan Am 73 (PA73) hijack case where that country discriminated against Indians and abandoned us in 2008 and is continuing to do so. When US is treating Indians like third class citizens of the world, why should India enhance business and profits of America by offering them a platform in Vibrant Gujarat?"


Following a 29 May 2014 judgement from the Punjab & Haryana High Court against discrimination from the US, the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation investigated the case. On 5 September 2014, the Ministry sent a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs castigating US and raising some very important questions asking how Indians were abandoned.


"How can they (US) pick and choose among passengers travelling on the same flight? If the laws in US are posing any impediment in this regard, it is the duty of the US Government to amend these laws so that all those who have suffered due to such attacks on US aircrafts or ships, are eligible for compensation," the letter says.


American airline, Pan Am 73, was hijacked on 5 September 1986 at Karachi Airport by heavily armed terrorists backed by Libya. The attack was primarily against Americans. In a remarkable act of daring and courage the all-Indian cabin crew led by Neerja Bhanot, the Flight Purser, saved the lives of around 40 Americans on board by hiding their passports so that they could not be identified as US citizens by the terrorists. After 17 hours, the terrorists opened fire and threw hand grenades. In the mayhem, 21 passengers died while over 200 were injured, most of them Indians. Neerja Bhanot gave up her own life while saving hundreds of others and was subsequently conferred the Ashoka Chakra, India's highest civilian award for bravery.


According to the letter, in 2008, Libya gave US about $1.5 billion to settle all the cases of terrorism in which it had been involved and Pan Am Flight 73 was part of this settlement. However, US decided to give compensation only to the around 40 Americans on board, while it discriminated against and abandoned the Indians. Interestingly, in a similar incident of a Pan Am plane, PA103, US compensated all victims (primarily Americans and Europeans) from the same money given by Libya.


Therefore, the Indian Victims requested the Gujarat Chief Minister to tell the US in a straightforward manner that it needs to first respect Indians, resolve pending issues like Pan Am 73 before it enhances business with us, the letter says.



ch prakash

3 years ago

the attitude of america to citizens of other countries especially India is pathetic be it Bhopal or Panam. america's actions are deplorable. They want profiteer out of any situation. Do we really require their capital. Bring back tax payer friendly policies and good taxation policies. Revamp the judicial system, time bound delivery of judgements. It will solve the problem of India.

Stranded due to flight cancellation? Know your rights

The DGCA rules specify that airlines should arrange your food and stay in case of flight cancellation or rescheduling. Demand it


As airfare war escalates and passengers rush in to take advantage of the low prices, booking flights three-six months in advance, how much do we all know about our rights as Air passengers? Airlines will surely try every trick in the book to deny you your right, and obviously many are unaware of them and hence are falling into the trap of the airline, which never pays a single penny for cancelled flights and merely reschedules us to next day flights.


Having taken advantage of one such scheme, I booked my Mangalore-Mumbai-Guwahati return ticket for Rs14,400 on Jet Airways. I was to start my journey by a morning flight from Mangalore on a Saturday, then catch a noon flight to Kolkata and from thereon, take an evening flight to Guwahati, reaching there at late evening all on the same day.


The first indication of a flight delay was when I was unable to web check-in on Friday. At around 5pm, I received a call from Jet Airways Mangalore Airport office stating that my Mumbai flight was delayed by more than two hours, which would mean that I would then miss the Guwahati flight and would have to travel to Guwahati on Sunday. Alternatively, I could take a late evening flight on Friday and then take an early morning flight to Guwahati from Bangalore on Saturday early morning.


What was clear was that I had to either stay in Bangalore on Friday night or stay in Kolkata on Saturday night. I asked as to who would take care of my stay for a night at Kolkata or Bangalore as it was Jet Airways who is changing my schedule. "That's not our responsibility, our job is to inform you before three hours. You can take back your money which is another option," he informed me. This is what the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) rules are, he further told me, when I said this is not what DGCA rules say. You will not even get any compensation or any stay facility from Jet Airways, he reconfirmed. I promptly told him I would call back in half hour as my fellow traveller was still at work.


I made a choice to take the Bangalore route, as it would mean that I would reach Guwahati much before what my actual plan was. I braced myself for a Rs4,000 hit for hotel and taxi, no doubt, which I would then recover by filing a case against Jet Airways. I called up my fellow traveller, who incidentally was still at his work place, to get ready today, get me a copy of DGCA Know your Rights page, and reach the airport at 7.30pm.


I headed for the airport manager. This person is a DGCA representative and has a complaint book where one can file complaints. I was informed that I should opt for the email route, which would be treated on a priority basis. I then moved on, collected my boarding pass, and asked for the Jet Airways In-charge at Mangalore Airport.


He was a much saner person. He apologised for his staff’s behaviour on the phone. He said he was well versed with DGCA rules. I asked him to arrange for our dinner and hotel stay at Bangalore failing which I shall duly file a complaint to the email id of the Airport Manager. He came back to us after few minutes stating hotels were not available and instead offered us a compensation of Rs3,000 each for the inconvenience caused due to change in schedule.


My fight was for not for the amount of compensation. Think of the tickets being booked for your family with kids or senior citizen. What would they do if left stranded at Bangalore or Kolkata Airport for no fault of theirs? Until we fight for our rights, Airlines will surely take us for a ride. There is news that SpiceJet, which began it all with the deep discount offers, is cancelling flights frequently leaving passengers high and dry. It is now time for air passengers to know their rights and exercise them. The DGCA page is available here:


We would be rendering a great service, if we take time to read it and then pass it on to our friends as well, so that everyone is aware of his or her rights as an airline passenger.




4 months ago


Narayana Prasad Shankar

3 years ago

This article is very informative. Thanks for sharing

SpiceJet is likely to go the way of Kingfisher, leading to job losses. What can be done?

One option is to change the SpiceJet management like Satyam’s


The cash-strapped SpiceJet, which is suffering huge daily losses and the wrath of consumers due to flight cancellations, will have to remain operational using its own recapitalisation strategy as the promoters, according to a media report, said that they will not inject additional capital. If the promoters don’t put in the capital, who will?

SpiceJet seems certain to go the Kingfisher way, since the wealthy Marans seems to have thrown up their hands. In the process small investors and employees would suffer. What can be done?


The Companies Act provides for a change of management in case existing management is found to be guilty of fraud, malfeasance, persistent negligence or default in carrying out their obligations and functions under the law, or for breach of trust. While there is no fraud here, there is mismanagement which is one of the clauses under the Act under which management can be changed.


Moneylife Foundation Trustee, former chief election commissioner, and secretary, department of company affairs, TS Krishnamurthy, in an open house held by Moneylife Foundation on consumer issues, pointed out that in such cases, like in the case of Satyam, the government can step in and replace the management. However, this power is seldom used. “We have hundreds and hundreds of Satyam-like companies in liquidation languishing which can be taken over and sold. In Kingfisher, many jobs could have been preserved, investors could have been protected if the government took over the company, changed the management and sold it. Unfortunately, there is only a selective rehabilitation of companies.” View the video of the event here


According to media reports, SpiceJet said “that it will cancel 52 flights a day till December 9. It had earlier said that it would cancel 50 flights every day till November 30.” The airline suffered an operational loss of Rs267 crore and a net loss of Rs310 crore in the September 2014 quarter. Over the past five quarters, SpiceJet has reported a total net loss of Rs1,488 crore. Over the past three years, the airline has reported a profit in just three quarters.


Investors of SpiceJet too have suffered serious losses. The stock price of the company has been on a continuous decline from the beginning of May 2013. The stock has declined by 63% to Rs15 as on 25 November 2014 from Rs40 as on 3 May 2014.


SpiceJet, which reported its fifth consecutive quarterly loss this month, has been trying to raise fresh capital for much of this year. On 24 November 2014, the promoters of SpiceJet, informed the Bombay Stock Exchange, that they are seeking investors to raise fresh capital and return to profitability.


The airline, controlled by Kalanithi Maran's Sun Group, said that a few parties have approached it and evinced interest in making an investment. “"However, since the deliberations with such prospective investors are at an exploratory and preliminary stage, it will be improper to comment on the specifics of any possible stake sale or valuation at this stage," they clarified.



Amit Dutta

3 years ago

Why Big Bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is investing more in loss making SpiceJet? Can anyone read his mind?


3 years ago

A separate financial crime registration cell should be formed. All Irregulars/Likely NPA/NPAs of Rs. 25 Lacs & above must be posted in detail by all financial institutions. This cell should have online access to CIBIL/ CERSAI or alike servers. They should create their data & file a formal criminal complaint in all the cases. If there is no criminal case the concerned FIs must be summoned by the courts & allow to file the case. Fast track courts will listen and summon the accused & ask them for cash deposit of at least 25% of total dues of all banks for bail.Just see the change in system.


3 years ago

For once change the perspective from which you look at business and look at it from a promoters standpoint.
The promoter is not obliged to bailout the ailing company everytime as a result of owning majority stake.

The current business environment is extremely difficult for airlines to operate in. When consumer demand picks up, ATF rates fall and taxes reduce Spicejet will recover smartly.

Its better to wait and watch and see how Spicejet reacts to a favorable market rather than just label it as another KFA.

- Aashray

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