In 7 Years, India's Population To Overtake China's
India will overtake China as the world’s most populous nation by 2022, says a new UN report that revises its previous estimates, which put the date around 2028.
In 2015, India had 1.311 billion people, according to the UN’s new estimates, against China’s 1.376 billion, a difference of 65 million.
India was earlier estimated to reach 1.35 billion by 2020, against China’s 1.43 billion. Only by 2028 was India estimated to have 1.454 billion, against 1.453 billion in China.
If the new projections hold good, India will also be – or continue to be – far more densely populated than China. India’s population density is already more than double that of China’s, which has 141 people per sq km against India’s 382 people per sq km.
How the date moved from 2050 to 2022
India’s population ascendancy was first estimated to take place in 2050, then gradually lowered to 2040 and then 2030, said Prof Siva Raju, Chair of the Centre for Population, Health and Development at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai.
But the UN’s projections have changed, with China’s population growth rate decelerating much faster than India’s, which explains why India will top the world’s list in 2022.
The two giants, China and India, now have 19 percent and 18 percent of the world’s population, states the UN report released on July 29.
 China’s fertility rates – the average number of children a woman can be expected to bear during her lifetime – have dropped much lower than India’s, which is why its population is growing less than India’s.
Overall, India had seen an appreciable decline in its fertility over the years to 2.48 from 5.9 in 1951, though that process was faster in China, which had a fertility rate of 6.11 in 1951. India’s higher fertility contributed to the higher population growth.
Lastly, the population growth of China in recent years was mainly due to “population momentum” (the population’s total fertility has fallen below the replacement level since the early 1990s) and this will also contribute to the population growth in India for the coming decades.
Over the last decade, from 2001-2011, India’s population grew at only 1.64 percent per year against 1.96 percent in previous decade.
Government’s estimates overwhelmed – or are they?
In May, Health Minister J.P. Nadda told the Rajya Sabha that India’s population would cross China’s by 2028. He cited the UN’s 2012 Revision.
However, he defended the government’s population control measures, which lowered the decadal growth rate from 21.54 percent for 1991-2000 to 17.64 percent during 2001-11.
Some experts believe that the UN’s revised estimates are just projections, which may or may not materialise. India’s population will certainly overtake that of China’s, but the exact year could vary.
The revised estimates are a revision based on actual growth, which is different from the growth projected earlier, according to Sona Sharma, Joint Director, Advocacy & Communications of the Population Foundation of India, a Delhi-based non-governmental research group.
India wasn’t growing faster than imagined; its decadal growth rate had declined, she observed.
India’s bulge was also due to its huge population of young people in the reproductive age, which contributed to its population momentum.
China’s was a hugely mixed story, Sharma believed. It had developed at the grassroots since the 1970s by investing in education and health, unlike India.
Its fertility rates began to decline even before the imposition of the one-child policy. Most in India would find this policy undemocratic in that it deprives a family of taking its own decisions about having more than one child.
However, India’s family planning programme – one of the first and biggest in the world, when launched in the 1950s - suffered a setback during the forced sterilisation of women and men during the national emergency between 1975 and 1977, the 40th anniversary of which was observed in June.
The real lesson lies in social progress – Kerala shows the way
The real lesson of the discrepancy between China and India lay in the former’s better social progress indicators across all fronts, as the UN Development Programme’s Human Development Reports indicate year after year, said Sharma.
Kerala and Sri Lanka have proved exceptions in that they reached the replacement level of 2.1 (children born to a woman) even before China. All the southern states, except Karnataka, are on the same path, asIndiaSpend previously reported.
As we can see, the population in the southern states is stablising, even falling below replacement levels. It is the northern states, primarily, with their still-high fertility rates–although these have dropped–that continue to boost India’s population.
The world’s population projections are important because they have been released at a time when the UN’s Millennium Goals, the deadline for which was this year, are being replaced this year by the much more ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, all of which are measured by the population reached.


SEBI warns investors on fraudulent fund collections; issues list of 193 companies
Some unlisted companies are luring retail investors by issuing securities including NPS, NCDs in the garb of private placement, warns SEBI while issuing a list of 193 such entities
Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), while warning investors about investing money in dubious investment schemes has issued a list of 193 companies, including Sahara India Real Estate Corp Ltd and Sahara Housing Investment Corp Ltd that are fraudulently raising money from public.
In a release, SEBI said it has taken action against 193 such entities for issuance of securities in the form of non-convertible and convertible preference shares (NPS-CPS), non-convertible and convertible debentures (NCDs-CDs) and equity shares to public, without complying with the prescribed provisions of law. In 2015 itself, SEBI said it has passed orders against 123 companies in such cases.
The companies against which action has been taken include Togo Retail Marketing, Mumbai-based Shah Group of Builders, Aspen Nirman India, Megasys Healthcare, Siyaram Development and Construction, Matribhumi Projects and Goldmine Agro. Majority of these companies are from West Bengal followed by Madhya Pradesh. 
Moneylife has been constantly warning investors about not investing in such fraudulent companies. Some of the companies on which Moneylife wrote include, Pailan Agro India Ltd, StockGuru India-SGI Research & Analysis Ltd, and Ramel Industries Ltd.

Here is the list of companies, which have violated SEBI regulations…


Order passed in respect of Deemed public issues  U/s 67 of the Companies Act, 1956

Sr. No. Name of the Entity Location of the Entity Date of Order
1 Kunnamkulam Paper Mills Ltd Kerala 10.04.2003
2 Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Ltd Uttar Pradesh 23.06.2011
3 Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Ltd Maharashtra 23.06.2011
4 SGI Research & Analysis Ltd Delhi 11.01.2013
5 Basil International Ltd Delhi 06.02.2015
6 Rhine & Raavi Credits and Holdings Limited Delhi 27.03.2015
7 Alchemist Holding Limited Delhi 20.09.2013
8 Vibgyor Allied Infrastructure Ltd West Bengal 20.02.2014
9 Kolkata Weir Industries Ltd West Bengal 30.04.2014
10 Ramel Industries Ltd West Bengal 15.05.2014
11 Aspen Projects India Limited West Bengal 05.06.2014
12 Golden Life Agro India Limited West Bengal 07.01.2015
13 Greater Kolkata Infrastructure Limited West Bengal 06.02.2015
14 GSHP Realtech Limited West Bengal 18.03.2015
15 Promotech Infratech Limited West Bengal 05.03.2015
16 Mega Mould India Limited West Bengal 05.03.2015
17 Seashore Securities Ltd Odisha 23.07.2014
18 Icore-E-services Ltd West Bengal 25.07.2014
19 PAFL Industries Limited West Bengal 31.07.2014
20 Sunplant Constructions Limited West Bengal 24.07.2014
21 Ramel Real Estate Infrastructure Ltd West Bengal 06.08.2014
22 MBK Business Development (India) Limited West Bengal 07.08.2014
23 GreenTouch Projects Limited West Bengal 07.08.2014
24 Falkon Industries India Limited West Bengal 08.08.2014
25 Ravi Kiran Realty India Limited West Bengal 08.08.2014
26 Multi-Purpose Bios India Limited West Bengal 14.08.2014
27 Progress Cultivation Limited West Bengal 14.08.2014
28 Pinnacle Ventures India Limited West Bengal 24.07.2015
29 Magnox Indraprojects Limited West Bengal 22.08.2014
30 Amrit Projects (N.E) Limited Assam 22.08.2014
31 Bharat Krishi Samridhi Industries Limited West Bengal 05.09.2014
32 Amrit Projects Limited West Bengal 09.09.2014
33 Rising Agrotech Limited West Bengal 09.09.2014
34 Purusattam Infotech Industries Limited West Bengal 09.09.2014
35 SEBA Real Estate Limited Assam 10.09.2014
36 Torsa Agro Projects Limited West Bengal 12.09.2014
37 Wierd Industries Limited West Bengal 15.09.2014
38 Weird Infrastructure Corporation Limited Uttar Pradesh 24.09.2014
39 Life Care Real Developers Limited New Delhi 29.09.2014
40 Vamshi Chemicals Limited New Delhi 30.10.2014
41 Life Care Infra Tech Limited Uttar Pradesh 03.11.2014
42 Regenix Drugs Limited Tamilnadu 10.11.2014
43 Real Tulip India Limited Madhya Pradesh 11.11.2014
44 Newland Agro Industries Limited West Bengal 20.11.2014
45 Sunheaven Agro India Limited West Bengal 20.11.2014
46 Micro Leasing and funding Ltd Bhubaneshwar 21.11.2014
47 Angel Rural Development Limited Madhya Pradesh 21.11.2014
48 Prism Infracon Limited West Bengal 24.11.2014
49 NVD Solar Limited West Bengal 27.11.2014
50 Sampriti Projects Limited West Bengal 28.11.2014
51 Vista Management Services Limited Odisha 01.12.2014
52 Kolkata Aryan Food Industries Limited West Bengal 01.12.2014
53 Federal Agro Commercial Limited Odisha 01.12.2014
54 Waris Agrotech (India) Limited West Bengal 01.12.2014
55 Swarnabhumi Developers Limited West Bengal 02.12.2014
56 Bharatiya Real Estate Development Ltd West Bengal 02.12.2014
57 SLB Invest (India) Limited Odisha 03.12.2014
58 Orchid Cultivation Projects India Limited West Bengal 03.12.2014
59 Aditya Global Industries Limited West Bengal 03.12.2014
60 Greenworld Agro Industries Limited (earlier known as Bangadisha Projects Limited) West Bengal 04.12.2014
61 Mass Infra Realty Limited West Bengal 04.12.2014
62 Alchemist Capital Limited (formerly known as Toubro Holdings Limited) Chandigarh 08.12.2014
63 Midas Touch Assets & Securities Limited Odisha 09.12.2014
64 Yash Dream Real Estate Ltd. Chhattisgarh 16.12.2014
65 Adorable Agrotech Ltd. West Bengal 15.12.2014
66 Mondal Constructions Company Limited West Bengal 15.12.2014
67 Option One Industries Ltd Madhya Pradesh 16.12.2014
68 Just Reliable Projects India Ltd West Bengal 16.12.2014
69 Vaibhav Pariwar India Projects Limited West Bengal 29.12.2014
70 Suraksha Agrotech Industries Limited West Bengal 29.12.2014
71 Silicon Projects Limited West Bengal 06.01.2015
72 Infinity Realcon Limited West Bengal 07.01.2015
73 Dynamic Asset Management Limited Odisha 09.01.2015
74 Micro Finance Ltd Odisha 14.01.2015
75 MPA Agro - Animals Projects Ltd West Bengal 21.01.2015
76 Megasys Medi Life Ltd West Bengal 28.01.2015
77 Chakra Infrastructure Limited West Bengal 29.01.2015
78 Krutibibha Corporation Limited Odisha 29.01.2015
79 Vikdas Industries Ltd. West Bengal 29.01.2015
80 Prayas Projects India Limited West Bengal 30.01.2015
81 Amazon Agro Products Limited West Bengal 30.01.2015
82 Sarada Pleasure and Adventure Limited Bihar 02.02.2015
83 Hooghly Agrotech Limited West Bengal 11.02.2015
84 Sukhchain Hire Purchase Limited Madhya Pradesh 11.02.2015
85 Adamant Infrastructure Ltd Madhya Pradesh 11.02.2015
86 Suvidha Land Developers India Ltd Madhya Pradesh 12.02.2015
87 ATM Agro Industries India Limited West Bengal 12.02.2015
88 ATM Agro Projects India Limited West Bengal 12.02.2015
89 AM Fund Managers Limited Odisha 20.02.2015
90 Rightmax Technotrade International Limited Karnataka 20.02.2015
91 GBC Enterprise Limited West Bengal 20.02.2015
92 Nirmal Infrahome Corporation Ltd Chhattisgarh 20.02.2015
93 Dreamland Industries Ltd West Bengal 24.02.2015
94 Tribhuvan Agro projects Ltd West Bengal 24.02.2015
95 Target People Social Security Scheme Micro Finance Ltd Tamil Nadu 04.03.2015
96 Fishermen Development Micro Finance Ltd. Tamil Nadu 04.03.2015
97 ERIL Mutual Benefit India Limited Jharkhand 04.03.2015
98 Asoka Life Science Limited West Bengal 11.03.2015
99 Golden Heaven Agro Project India Limited West Bengal 12.03.2015
100 Maxbe Green Provision Limited West Bengal 13.03.2015
101 Jeevan Suraksha Real Estate Limited West Bengal 13.03.2015
102 Real Sunshine Corp Limited and its Directors Madhya Pradesh 13.03.2015
103 Rista Fisheries & Infrastructure Limited West Bengal 16.03.2015
104 Cell Industries Limited West Bengal 17.03.2015
105 Astha Green Energy Ventures India Ltd. Telangana 17.03.2015
106 Sunshine Hi-Tech Infracon Ltd. Gujarat 17.03.2015
107 URO Hygeinic Goods Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
108 URO Infotech Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
109 URO Life care Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
110 URO Walkers Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
111 URO Infra Realty India Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
112 Adarsh Wealth Ventures Limited Odisha 19.03.2015
113 Astha Techno Realty India Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
114 MARS Agrofarm Developers Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
115 Goldmine Food Products Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
116 SCL Steel Corporation Limited Madhya Pradesh 19.03.2015
117 Infocare Infra Limited West Bengal 19.03.2015
118 Real Agri Industries & Services Limited West Bengal 20.03.2015
119 Hum Projects Limited West Bengal 20.03.2015
120 Real Vision International Limited Odisha 20.03.2015
121 Tresty Securities Ltd Odisha 20.03.2015
122 Everlight Realcon Infrastructure Ltd Jharkhand 20.03.2015
123 Shivalik Cotex Ltd Delhi 27.03.2015
124 Green India Infra Projects Odisha 27.03.2015
125 Equinox Infratech Limited Madhya Pradesh 30.03.2015
126 Idol India Infrastructures Limited Madhya Pradesh 19.05.2014
127 Morningstar Ventures Limited West Bengal 30.03.2015
128 Affiance Industries Limited West Bengal 31.03.2015
129 I-Nova Solutions Limited West Bengal 31.03.2015
130 Polaris Agro Industries Limited West Bengal 01.04.2015
131 Sunshine Infrabuild Corporation Ltd Delhi 01.04.2015
132 Mangalam Agro Products Limited West Bengal 06.04.2015
133 Pious Agro Industries Limited West Bengal 17.04.2015
134 Fantasy Infraventure & Agrimart Limited Uttar Pradesh 30.03.2015
135 Angela Agrotech Limited West Bengal 21.04.2015
136 Mount Vision Industries India Ltd Madhya Pradesh 22.04.2015
137 Sankalp Projects Limited West Bengal 24.04.2015
138 Nixcil Pharmaceuticals Specialities Limited Uttar Pradesh 24.04.2015
139 Phenix Properties Limited Assam 24.04.2015
140 Sunplant Forgings Limited West Bengal 29.04.2015
141 Great Overseas Commodeal Limited West Bengal 06.05.2015
142 Bishal Horticulture & Animal Projects Limited West Bengal 06.05.2015
143 Bishal Distillers Limited West Bengal 06.05.2015
144 Bishal Agri–Bio Industries Limited West Bengal 06.05.2015
145 Bishal Abasan India Limited West Bengal 06.05.2015
146 Suraksha Industries India Limited Bihar 07.05.2015
147 Nava Diganta Capital Services Limited Odisha 07.05.2015
148 Waris Healthcare Limited West Bengal 07.05.2015
149 Subha Commercial Services Limited Tripura 08.05.2015
150 MRS Agrotech India Limited Madhya Pradesh 08.05.2015
151 RBX Land Developers India Limited Madhya Pradesh 12.05.2015
152 Gulshan Nirman India Limited Chhattisgarh 12.05.2015
153 Wasankar Wealth Management Limited Maharashtra 18.05.2015
154 Verinder Finance Ltd Jammu and Kashmir 20.5.2015
155 Amazan Capital Limited West Bengal 25.05.2015/ 29.05.2015
156 Dolphin Universal Rural Development Limited Madhya Pradesh 27.05.2015
157 Cemendia Infrastructures Limited Madhya Pradesh 29.05.2015
158 Sun-Plant Business Limited West Bengal 03.06.2015
159 Neesa Technologies Limited Gujarat 03.06.2015
160 ASSR Agro India Limited West Bengal 04.06.2015
161 STPL Infrastructures Limited Madhya Pradesh 05.06.2015
162 AVM Real Estate & Allied Limited Chhattisgarh 05.06.2015
163 Polaris Realtors IndiaLimited Madhya Pradesh 15.06.2015
164 Bhabiswajyoti Infrastructure India Limited Madhya Pradesh 17.06.2015
166 Gitanjali Udyog Limited West Bengal 17.06.2015
167 Cell Realcon Corporation Limited Madhya Pradesh 17.06.2015
168 Eris Energy Limited Madhya Pradesh 18.06.2015
170 Greenbang Agro Limited West Bengal 18.06.2015
171 Goldmine Agro Limited West Bengal 19.06.2015
172 Goldmine Industries Limited Madhya Pradesh 22.06.2015
173 Omisha Agri Industries (India) Limited Madhya Pradesh 22.06.2015
174 Waris Finance and Investment Limited West Bengal 23.06.2015
175 Jugantor Realty Limited West Bengal 23.06.2015
176 Matribhumi Projects (I) Limited West Bengal 23.06.2015
177 Annex Infrastructure India Limited West Bengal 24.06.2015
178 Active Rural Development India Limited Madhya Pradesh 25.06.2015
179 United Medicine and Surgical Industries Limited West Bengal 25.06.2015
180 Angel Allied India Limited Punjab 29.06.2015
181 Life Care Infrastructures India Limited Madhya Pradesh 29.06.2015
182 Vishwamitra International Infra Ltd Madhya Pradesh 30.06.2015
183 Shah Group Builders Ltd Maharashtra 01.07.2015
184 Megasys Healthcare Limited Madhya Pradesh 02.07.2015
185 Aspen Nirman India Limited Madhya Pradesh 15.07.2015
186 Siyaram Development and Construction Limited Karnataka 17.07.2015
187 Swasata Steel Industries Limited West Bengal 17.07.2015
188 Madurai Rural Development Transformation India Limited Tamilnadu 17.07.2015
190 Madurai Rural Development Benefit Fund (India) Limited   Tamilnadu 17.07.2015
191 Togo Retail Marketing Limited Delhi 22.07.2015
192 Pailan Park Development Authority Limited West Bengal 27.07.2015
193 Pailan Agro India Ltd Jharkhand 27.07.2015


SEBI said that some unlisted companies are luring retail investors by issuing  securities  including non-convertible and convertible debentures, non-convertible and convertible preference  shares/ equity shares in the garb of private placement,  without  complying with the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 read  with  the Companies Act, 2013, SEBI (Issue and Listing of  Debt Securities), Regulations, 2008, SEBI (Issue and Listing of  Non-Convertible  Redeemable Preference Shares), Regulations, 2013 and SEBI (Issue of capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009. Any offer of securities made to 50 or more persons has to be construed as a “Public Offer” under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956. 
Under Companies Act, 2013, “Private Placement” shall be made only to such persons whose names are recorded by the company prior to the invitation to subscribe.  Further, in case of private placements, the company shall not release any public advertisements or utilise any media, marketing or distribution channels or agents to inform the public at large about such an offer, emphasises the release from SEBI.



Sanjeev Gupta

3 months ago

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is Genuine or Fraud

subhankar Das

7 months ago

I had invested Infinity Realcon Limited amount from taking loan and debt in the prospect of getting some profit but due to fraud i lost my all hard earned money, i am in great difficulty and my condition is suicidal, i don't know what to do and where to go to get back my money and live normal life. I am very upset these days.please help me and save me sir.

Subhankar Das.
Mob 9999279459
[email protected]

halim akhtar

8 months ago

I had invested a huge amount from taking loan and debt in the prospect of getting some profit but due to fraud i lost my all hard earned money, i am in great difficulty and my condition is suicidal, i don't know what to do and where to go to get back my money and live normal life. I am very upset these days.
I request you to kindly take some concrete action as i had lodged my complain in the "Complain Board" but proved to be of no use as no action taken by them til yet.
please help me and save me sir and obliged.

Halim Akhtar
P.O Chaibasa, Jharkhand
Mob 9934076051
[email protected]

President Abdul Kalam … Some personal reminiscences
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam came to this world, saw it and he conquered the hearts of the people. Our best tribute to him would be to emulate his example and live our lives, make life sublime and be of some use to our fellowmen 
"War is war. The only good human being is a dead one." - George Orwell
"Do something worth writing about or write something worth reading to become immortal." So wrote Benjamin Franklin. If that yardstick is applied, former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has already become immortal by both those two counts. In addition, he lives in the hearts of every Indian child and youth because he loved them both most sincerely. Death, be not proud that you have been able to snatch him from our midst, for he continues to live amongst us. His childlike innocence, his transparent sincerity, his disarming universal smile, and his love for his motherland have made him the most popular President of India in recent times. Of course, there were great Presidents like Babu Rajendra Prasad and Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan in the past.
Probably the one unfulfilled wish in Dr Kalam's life was his dream of becoming a professor in an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or at Anna University, and to settle down in Chennai after exiting the Rashtrapati Bhavan. That was not to be, thanks to the small mindedness and hubris of some of our hard-hearted, fossilised minded, so-called scientists and educationists, most of who have not understood what education is all about. If having a PhD is the hallmark of becoming a professor, many of our professors should not be where they are.
None of our IITs or Universities have set the River Ganges on fire anyway with all the PhDs they have produced. By the same yardstick, Guruji Rabindranath Tagore was not qualified to be a teacher, let alone getting the Nobel Prize for English poetry in 1913, not having had any formal education worth the mention!  I do not think any of our present educationists and scientists have any idea what education is all about.  Dr Kalam made up for all that by teaching in schools and AIIMs all over the country, which made him the darling of our children's eyes. He would have loved it that he died in harness that too while still teaching-anaayaasena maranam-which, it is believed, only pure souls are lucky to get. God has been great. Kalam Saab was lucky in life and also in death. Luck is a certificate that comes from God without HIS signature affixed.
I first saw this great man and meet him when I was still very young a new entrant to Stanley Medical College, at what was then Madras, in 1956. I did not have space in a hostel. My cousin, Balachandra Shetty, was a final year student of a new engineering institute called the Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) at Thambaram, where they had a nice hostel with single rooms. Kalam saab was his classmate and lived in a room with another of my acquaintances, Surendra Hegde, in the same hostel. I stayed for over a month in their hostel until I got a room at Stanley. I met him a few times during those days.
I had not met him for decades after that when I saw him in a science conference where I was invited to lecture. I could not have the courage to go to talk to him because he was, by then, a big man. After the lecture he came up to me and remembered our meeting at MIT hostel and was conversing in Tamil. I was pleased to hear him telling me that when I was describing the plight of poor malnourished kids dying like flies in India, he had tears in his eyes. It made me realise how simple he was and how child-like his heart was. 
Our next meeting happened in curious circumstances. I was the Dean of a medical college. The then Vice Chancellor of Kanpur University came to meet me. I thought he had his child enrolled in our college, but no. He had come all the way to meet me personally with a request. It seemed rather strange. He had come to request me to deliver a Guest Lecture at their next Indian Science Congress. Of course, I agreed, but I was curious to know why he had to come all the way to meet me. Then he told me that the chief scientific advisor to the Govt of India who is in charge of grants for their conferences had told him to have my lecture to get grants. That was Kalam Saab. I was really moved to tears that such a big man had a soft corner for an ordinary person like me. That was our second encounter and the lecture went well, thank God.
Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, in his wisdom, chose Kalam saab as a jewel in the crown of India- Bharat Ratna. As a technologist and a missile man, he had few peers and he went on to occupy all top posts in the Ministry of Science and Technology culminating in him being the back bone of the Pokhran Test. He had invited me to Delhi for his swearing-in ceremony but I wrote back saying that I could not afford the travel costs at such short notice. He had then given me a standing invite to meet him when I go to Delhi. I did go to see him several times, when we would discuss matters of common interest to the country. He always thought of the poor and the less endowed. He even released one of my books at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and got his own photographer to shoot the event. I remained grateful to him.
I had invited him to inaugurate our University’s Golden Jubilee event in 2003. He was reluctant, as he does not want to spend taxpayer’s money for private functions. At the last minute, he called me to say that he is going to Bangalore for some Government engagements and would come from there. He had one condition, though. I had to get him 1,000 copies of a book of mine, which he had bought himself when it was published from his own money to distribute to school children when it was published. I have given here under his letter about the book.  I also had to get 1,000 school children to attend the event so that he could distribute my book on the occasion of our Golden Jubilee. We did that and he was so pleased to see the children there. Interestingly, he did not accept any private hospitality that we offered on that occasion.
 The first time I met Kalam saab at the Rashtrapati Bhavan I was shocked to see that he had a big bundle of Bhavan’s Journals where I used to write a column. In one of them, I had written about him, he would be the ideal person for the Presidentship of India. This was long before he actually became the President. He wanted to know; “ade epedi eleAthininge? How did you write that?” Every time we met that warmth which never diminished in intensity even long after he demitted office. His personal secretary, Palghat Prasad, was good enough to connect me to him whenever I wanted to meet him and for that I remain grateful. Prasad was Kalam’s trusted lieutenant even after retirement. Prasad could read Kalam’s mind easily and would tell me if he is in a good or bad mood.
Kalam came to this world, saw it and he conquered the hearts of the people. Such persons are rare creations of God and are born once in a long time. Our best tribute to him would be to emulate his example and live our lives make life sublime and be of some use to our fellowmen. I, for one, have benefitted immensely from his example. May God keep his soul in eternal peace with HIM. May he become jeevanmukta. May Allah, the Most Merciful, shower him with HIS best blessings and give courage and right direction to Kalam’s fellow citizens to change themselves to be good humans.
May the people’s President become immortal.
"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity." - Leo Tolstoy.



MG Warrier

2 years ago

Yadaa sattwam pravrddhe tu pralayam yaati dehabhoot
Tadottamavidam lokaanamalaanpratipadyate
(Gita 14.14)
When a man dies during the preponderance of Sattwa, he obtains the stainless ethereal worlds (heaven etc.,) attained by men of noble deeds.
*** *** ***
A poem by Malayalam poet V Madhusoodanan Nair published in Mathrubhumi Vaaranthappathippu (August 2, 2015) reflects India’s thoughts on Kalam. An attempt is made here to convey what the poet said:
The Fire has taken Wings!
The fire has taken wings, and flown
Beyond the skies, beyond boundaries of the Skye!
HE appeared, responding to the prayers
Walked across, spreading the Almighty’s message
With conviction of a teacher, in his eyes
Making wards keep their eyes open
Filled his words with fire
Made listeners dream awake, and
Move to realising their dreams
By replacing work for slumber!
He made India’s SOUL pierce through the skies
Making the world realise, that SCIENCE
Can bring peace on earth
Can make flowers bloom in deserts!
Head up above the Himalayaas
Thoughts rekindled by the roots down south*
Cool Soofi music encapsuling, the Fire
In every word energised by Quran
Bequeathed his heritage, to the millions
Of children, students and youth
He met, on the long path he covered
On foot, by cycle, by road, by air
During his unfinished journey!
The FIRE has taken WINGS, and flown
Into the unknown, leaving THE LIGHT OF LIFE
The attire, for anyone to done, which
Death cannot steal, weapons cannot pierce!

Ganesh Johnson

2 years ago

Dear Prof B M Hegde,

You have been privileged to have received affection of Dr. Kalam who was no less than a sage or a rishi in his behavior and conduct! I was almost envious to read about your many interactions with him!
I think the 80s (especially after Rajiv Gandhi was elected PM) was a golden period for Indian science and technology and the seeds sown during that period have benefited us in the recent past. I do hope that the present generation of scientists in Indian establishments are diligent enough, because the fruits of research take at least a decade to accrue, and the scientist generation that had Dr. Kalam, Dr. Kasturirangan and others certainly played their roles very well.
I am sure your personal interactions with Dr. Kalam have created everlasting memories for you. Thank you for sharing.

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