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How to change your operator through mobile number portability

The process is quite simple. It just involves sending an SMS, and submitting an application form

Here is the procedure and the guidelines for changing your operator, if you so wish: 

The procedure.. 
1. Send an SMS to 1900 in the following format:
PORT <Your Mobile Number>
e.g. PORT 9123456789      
(Note: 'PORT' is not case sensitive and keep space between port and your number).
2. You will receive a reply which will contain a unique 'porting code'.
3. Send this unique code to the mobile operator that you have selected, through an SMS. The number to which you have to send your text message can be obtained from an operator's website or, of course, from the ad blitz that will start soon.
Remember, again, this unique code is valid only for a few days (say, 15 to 30 days). You will have to send this SMS to your new operator at the earliest. Else, you will have to repeat the procedure described in point (1) above all over again.
4. Your existing operator will communicate with the new operator after checking if you have any outstanding amount. If your account has a clear balance, the existing operator will go ahead with the approval for the number porting.
5. The subscriber would also have to fill and submit the prescribed form for MNP to the new operator. The subscriber would have to submit documents (like photo ID and address proof) along with the MNP form to the new operator. Post-paid subscribers will have to submit a copy of their latest bill as well.
6. You will receive an SMS, which will provide the time and date for porting. According to TRAI, it is mandatory for both the existing and the fresh operators to complete the process for number portability within four days after the first SMS.
7. You will receive another SMS from the new operator, confirming the switch. Your mobile phone may remain 'dead' or without network coverage for about two hours while the porting takes place. But don't worry—you will be able to go 'live' again with the new operator—and your old number.
8. Remember, you can change your operator only once in every 90 days. 
For more information on MNP read:



Biswarup Chakraborty

3 years ago

I want change operator (idea) to MTNL pl guide

Madhava L

5 years ago

Can it be possible for Postpaid connectins also????


5 years ago

I have ported my mobile from Reliance CDMA to Reliance GSM ( same operator). Do I need to wait for 90 days to port my mobile to a different operator ? Can I port immediately ? Can someone guide me.

Rama Rao

5 years ago

i take new connection from uninor. but no signals in my residence & office area so i decided to change this to new operator. mnp procedure is possilbe or not. plz suggest me.

Milton Ganesh

6 years ago

I have ported my number from AIRCEL to AIRTEL. Today, after getting ported, I am not able to get the incoming calls. But I am able to receive the incoming messages.

Anupam Srivastava

6 years ago

I wanted to Port from Reliance GSM to Vodafone


6 years ago

i want to change from reliance cdma to idea gsm how to go plz suggest


6 years ago

iam also protble use .but ican change my old subcriber its possioble

Dharmendra Yadav

6 years ago

I want to change from Airtel prepaid to Tata Docomo prepaid.
Pl. suggest ,what to do?.
I want more information on mobile Portability


6 years ago

I want to change from RIM post paid to smart pre paid.

Pl. suggest ,what to do?.


6 years ago

plz call me.


6 years ago

Do we get a new sim? Nothing is mentioned about it, also there is not enough detail on what to sms to the new operator?
I wanted to Port from Reliance GSM to Vodafone. Got the Unique porting code from reliance, given photograph and address proof to the distributor. He says that he has forwarded the request but I smell a rat because neither did i fill any form nor did I had to SMS to Vodafone. It has been 4 days and the shopkeeper says your SIM has not arrived

sangit raj chandra

6 years ago

I want more information on mobile Portability.


7 years ago

is it applicable in different circles say a SIM of idea can it be transfered with the same number to Airtel SIM in gujarat or lese where.

Stephen Noel DSouza

7 years ago

What about the rupee balance in the account - does it get transferred to the new operator???

Mirae launches Kospi 200 based ETF; worth buying?

 The fund offers some diversification, not-so-high returns and a high correlation with the direction of the Indian market

Seoul-based Mirae Asset has launched 'Tiger Kospi', its first exchange-traded fund outside South Korea. Tiger Kospi is based on the Kospi 200 and the ETF was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Wednesday. It is also the first ETF in Hong Kong to track the Kospi.

Mirae's investment objective for Tiger is to seek to provide investment results which before deduction of fees and expenses, closely correspond to the performance of the Kospi 200 index. The index is based on 200 blue chips and its top five constituents by weightage being Samsung Electronics, Pohang Iron and Steel, Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Shinhan Financial Group.

The fund is also being promoted in India. But does it make sense for an Indian individual to invest in the fund? Let's go back to the basics. What does an investor look for when he buys a particular fund? He looks for a higher return, diversification and exposure to an uncorrelated asset class.

For instance, an Indian investor would invest in a foreign fund only if it had a low correlation with the Indian markets. But, while investing in the South Korean market offers a means of diversification, this is marred by the fact that the fund will invest only in stocks of a single country, that is South Korea, and this leads to concentration. A majority of the Fund's assets will be invested in securities that are denominated in Korea Won, which will mean exchange rate risk.

What about returns? Kospi's return for the past nine years has been lower than the Sensex. The compounded annual return of Kospi over the past nine years is about 14% while that of Sensex is almost 18%. Tiger Kospi passes one of the tests; it gives exposure to a new asset class. But is it uncorrelated?

The correlation of Kospi's up and down years to the Sensex is very high. Every year the Kospi was up, the Sensex was up too, and every year the Kospi was down, the Sensex was down as well. Thus what we are getting is some diversification, not-so-high returns, and high correlation with the direction of the Indian market. So why get exposed to it and take additional risk?


Canara HSBC Future Smart ULIP: Long-term charges are smart, short-term charges are not

Premium allocation and policy administration charges reduce drastically beyond 10 years in comparison to other ULIPs

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company has launched Future Smart ULIP, offering insurance cover to ensure securing a child's future along with an opportunity to meet future financial needs.

One of the features is 'Milestone Withdrawal' which will give the customer 15% of the fund value in each of the last five years of the policy. The remaining fund value will be given at the time of plan maturity as chosen.

The premium allocation charge and policy administration charge for five years are in line with other ULIP products. The charges for 10 years are slightly more than that for other ULIP products, but the charges for more than 10 years goes down drastically. This is because of the zero premium allocation charge from the 6th year and a low policy administration charge of 0.05% per month for five years, which increases by 20% every five years.

The brochure mentions sample mortality charges which are meaningless as they are the lowest numbers that we have come across and may be misleading. Moreover, child ULIPs are known to have higher mortality charges than regular ULIPs, to provide for benefits like premium waiver in the case of a policyholder's death and so on. Be sure to find out the exact mortality charges before investing in the plan.

The plan allows the policyholder to change the sum assured from the 6th year. There will be no change in the annual premium as a result of any change in the sum assured. It will, however, have an impact on the mortality charge, and result in a change in the amount of funds used for investments.

Speaking at the launch meeting, Mario Perez, director-sales, marketing & products, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company, said: "At Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance, we design products that fulfill the long-term needs of our customers. Our 'Future Smart Plan' ensures that the future financial needs of a child are not disturbed, even in the case of an unfortunate event."

"We are offering lower allocation charges if the customer opts for ECS (electronic clearing service) on standing instructions, for the payment of premium, an unbeatable combination of lower costs and increased convenience. 'Milestone Withdrawal' helps the customer to meet the continuing education needs of the child in the context of the ever-rising education fees," Mr Perez said.

Premium allocation charge: This is a percentage of the premium appropriated towards charges from the premium received. If paid through ECS/SI - 8.25% in year 1, 6.30% in years 2 and 3, 5.30% from year 4 to 10, nil from year 11 onwards. By any other mode - in year 1 it is 8.40%, in years 2 and 3 6.40%, from year 4 to 10 it is 5.40%, and nil from year 11 onwards.

Policy administration charge will be 0.05% per month on the annual premium in the first five policy years. Thereafter, it will increase by 20% every five years.

Policy term and annual premium amount: 10, 15, 20 or 25 years; the minimum annual premium in this plan is Rs25,000 ( Rs50,000 for policy term of 10 years) and there is no upper limit.

The minimum life cover that a customer can choose depends on the age and the policy term chosen: For ages below 45 the 10, 15, 20 years term will be 10 x annual premium; for 25 years term the life cover will be 12.5 x annual premium. For ages 45 and above it is 7 x annual premium. There is no maximum limit on life cover in this plan; however, the life cover provided will depend on underwriting.


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