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HC suspends Salman's five-year jail sentence
In a major relief for Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, the Bombay High Court on Friday suspended his five-year jail sentence, paving the way for him to apply for and seek a regular bail.
Special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat said the Bombay High Court has directed Salman to furnish a fresh bail bond of Rs.30,000 to the Mumbai Sessions Court.
The interim bail granted to the actor by the high court two days ago has been extended and he will not be taken into custody pending disposal of his appeal against the lower court judgment, Gharat told media persons.
While granting the relief, Justice A.M. Thipsay at the high court asked Salman to surrender his passport and apply for permission whenever required to travel abroad.
Among other things, Justice Thipsay observed that there is no possibility of Salman absconding if granted bail.
In nearly two hours of arguments before the high court, Salman's lawyers led by renowned advocate Amit Desai said the prosecution had failed to examine singer Kamaal Khan as a witness, the defence did not get opportunity to cross-examine the deceased police bodyguard of Salman, Ravindra Patil, and that the accident was caused due to a tyre burst of the Toyota Land Cruiser that early morning of September 28, 2002.
On Wednesday, Additional Sessions Judge D.W. Deshpande found the actor guilty on all charges pertaining to the accident and later sentenced him to five years jail plus Rs.25,000 fine.
On Thursday, the B town celebs who are close friends of Salman were spotted at his Bandra Galaxy apartment from morning onwards.
Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman, who is one of the most reserved actresses in the showbiz, was spotted at Salman's residence. The other celebrities included Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Amrita Arora, Govinda, and Sanjay Kapoor.



Janakiraman Rajalakshmi

2 years ago

The alleged "charities" of most celebs & rich of India is to avail themselves of tax exemptions under 80G. It becomes a win win for them. The gullible would call them "great charitable people with commmpassionate heart".

The indian film stars are the most HEARTLESS & cruel.

In 1984 when Sikhs were being burnt alive by congress goons one ten year old orphaned Sikh boy fled Delhi for Bombay ( it was not Mumbai then).

It was reported years later in a well known newspaper under 'Lifestyles of the rich bollywood stars".

The filmstars mithun chakraborty ( who was the sooooperstar then in Bombay being hailed as india's John Travolta due to his obscene noteworthy talent...started by acting in odiously preachy mrinal sen's movie polevaulting to "disco dancing". )& dharmendra hemamalini's illegitimate husband themselves BRAGGED how"patrrrriotic" they were.

The ten year old Sikh orphaned boy fell at the feet of mithun chakraborty & dharmendra asking for a "few paise to buy a loaf of bread & a cup of tea".

Both of the bollywood actors REFUSED calling the boy (sic)"a traitor".

It is the same dharmendra & hemamalini who were special invitees during modi's oath taking as PM in Delhi along with javed akthars etc etc.

Let us not get carried away by modi's garlanding of Swami Vivekananda's statue &
bluster. When salman khan was flying some kites along with modi in Gujarat I am sure Modi would have been aware of the PERJURY of salman khan.

Why selective dwelling on perjury of Sonia Gandhi alone (272 MPs)? This was acceptable to Abdul Kalam. It was Mulayam Singh who brought it to the notice of others. But abdul kalam was given credit instead by RSS member S.Gurumurthy the right hand of Modi. Abdul Kalam allowed himself to bask in faux glory for several years. Only very recently admitted it was not the truth.

So much for abdul kalam's integrity:-((

And it is precisely this unscrupulous hemamalini who gets praised as "liberated woman" by mahesh bhatts, simi garewals , shobhaa des eventually getting nominated as MP by uber sanctimonious modi.

Why are rajiv malhotras & his footsoldiers blaming AMERICA for the chaotic state of affairs in india?

Modi like many hindus I am sure are able to accept hemamalinis as their mantra is (sic) "indoooyisum is a way of life".

Janakiraman Rajalakshmi

2 years ago

Could someone clarify please ?

Does it mean salman khan is not going to jail & that he has purchased his acquittal as celebs usually do in India? Even sanjay dutt allegedly in jail came out to do some dancing , acting in the movie pk.

The mention of Waheeda Rehman brings to my mind what she herself said in an interview. That she too was a tax defaulter. She said "I had some income tax problems". But was not slapped any penalty. Most belonging to film fraternity are tax defaulters. Now & then names like ar.rehman,jesudas, actress lakshmi, shah rukh khan get mentioned in newspapers. That is all.

Only a country like America takes these seriously.

One of my relatives a well known doctor speacilalizing in paediatrics in Chennai patronized by film fraternity hid lots of gold biscuits inside sofa cushions & mattresses in his house. This happened in the seventies. When the income tax sleuths came he bribed them thus escaping jail sentence.

salman khan & his father salim khan were rubbing shoulders with Narendra Modi a lot prior to elections. hemamalini bjp MP has been openly supporting this criminal. The victims are MUSLIMS from UP. hemamalinis & salman khans have done NOTHING for the victims. Instead she is talking about "crores" that are at stake should this "bankable superstar" remain incarcerated in jail.

Is it the obvious case of hemamalini & powers that be manipulating Justice? The very credentials of hemamalini are quite dubious. She STOLE the story of a Keralite writer producing a movie called 'mohini' launching her own relative madhu. When that writer filed a case she threw some pittance as "out of court settlement". Obviously one cannot fight the rich & influential hemamalinis of India. Preening herself as a vegetarian bharathanatyam dancer cum brand ambassador of baba ramdev.

Now it is being reported the solitary indian who has been paying lot of money in buying Red Sandalwood logs is baba ramdev. Those people who were cutting down the Read Sandalwood Trees in Thirupathy got killed by AP Police. Fully justified.

Why not punish those that created the demand for these protected & scarce Red Sandalwood??

A few conscientious Police are instigated by the powers that be to "crack down". Abdul Kalams lose nothing by pontificating to the naive to "resist corruption & become whistle blowers". A couple of days ago a stranger walked into such a Policeman's house in Tamil Nadu threatening his wife as it happens in movies.

When hemamalini recently screamed about "missing kilos of gold" in her cavernous bungalow Mumbai Police at once recovered everything. Another house of hers in T.Nagar caught fire & water starved Tamil Nadu rushed in firefighters alacritously to put out the fire as she is bjp MP cum (in)famous film actress.

Forget protection for conscientious Police no one is going to care should they or their families get affected. Abdul kalams would make one more speech asking us to "dream , dream & dream on".

God WILLING , should more Kasabs & Afzal Gurus or any XYZ factor inflict lot more loss of lives in mumbai among film besotted mumbaikars we should feel GRATEFUL to GOD.

Customs-seized gold missing, CBI files case
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Thursday said it has registered a case of missing confiscated gold weighing around 15 kg from the strong room of customs department in Tiruchirapalli (Trichy).
According to a statement issued by CBI here, based on a written complaint by the commissioner of customs, Trichy, the CBI's anti-corruption branch registered a case on April 21.
The allegation is that a packet of gold, weghing 18,512.5 kg, kept in the strongroom was tampered with as it only weighed 3.580 kg (inclusive of packing materials) when re-weighed.
During investigation till now, it is revealed that about 34 kg of gold in three different packets and foreign currency equivalent of about Rs.17 lakh are missing.
According to CBI, searches were conducted in three places and incriminating documents and files relating to the seized goods are recovered.


Public feedback sought for easing investment permissions
Moving to further ease doing business in India, the government has sought suggestions from the public on ways to cut down on multiple permissions for investors, the commerce ministry said on Thursday
Announcing that the department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) has constituted an 11-member expert committee on the matter, the ministry said in a statement that "suggestions on the subject have been invited from the public".
The terms of reference of the committee include studying the requirement of various prior permissions with an exhaustive inventory and examining the possibility of replacing these prior permissions with a pre-existing regulatory mechanism, the statement said.
It would identify safeguards to be put in place while replacing the system of prior permission and integrating the same in the proposed regulatory mechanism, recommend a framework and draft the proposed legislation, it added.
Former DIPP secretary Ajay Shankar is chairman of the panel, whose members include Airtel vice-president Manoj Kohli and accounting firm KPMG India partner Jaijit Bhattacharya.


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