Govt issues notification on committee to draft Lokpal Bill

Apart from the terms of what the committee would do, the notification contains the names of those on the 10-member panel headed by the finance minister

New Delhi: Giving in to the demands from anti-corruption activists, the government today issued a gazette notification on the formation of a joint committee headed by senior minister Pranab Mukherjee to draft an effective Lokpal Bill, reports PTI.

The notification, one of the key demands of the anti-corruption campaign launched by Gandhian Anna Hazare, has been signed by VK Bhasin, secretary, Legislative Department of the law ministry.

The notification was proudly displayed at the site of Mr Hazare's fast at Jantar Mantar by Kiran Bedi to the loud cheering of the assembled gathering there.

Apart from the terms of what the committee would do, the notification contains the names of those on the 10-member panel headed by the finance minister.

The committee will also include law minister Veerappa Moily, telecom minister Kapil Sibal, home minister P Chidambaram and water resources minister Salman Khurshid as members.

Besides Mr Hazare himself, those representing the civil society in the joint committee will be eminent lawyers Shanti Bhushan, Prasant Bhushan, retired Supreme Court judge Santosh Hegde and RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal. Shanti Bhushan will be the co-chairman.

"We had demanded a government order (GO) in this regard.

The government went a step ahead and issued a notification," said social activist Swami Agnivesh.


Anti-corruption crusade: Government miscalculated the ground realities

Getting Baba Ramdev in on Day 4 was brilliant, and timed with the statements by the Bajajs and Munjals added value which nobody could have predicted. The government totally miscalculated the rapid growth of the protests, not just in Delhi, but in the rest of the country. It could impact the forthcoming elections in various states, too

I was among a group of the Defence Colony Welfare Association Residents' Welfare Association-a mixed group of retired services personnel, professionals, home-makers and business-people-who joined in the protest against corruption, spearheaded by Anna Hazare, at Jantar Mantar, on Friday. The atmosphere there was vastly changed from what it was the previous day; not just because of the support from Baba Ramdev and Bollywood personalities like Farah Khan, Tom Alter and some others, in as much as there was a feeling that the government is on the back foot.

(Click here to see Kareena Kapoor and Mallika Sarabhai pledging support to Anna Hazare Courtesy: ANI,

If anything, the contingent of plain-clothes people, probably from an assortment of intelligence services, appeared even more worried, probably for having miscalculated the ground realities, as well as the strategic moves by the organizers. Getting Baba Ramdev in on Day 4 was brilliant, and timed co-terminus with the statements by the Bajajs and Munjals added value which nobody could have predicted. One particular gent, with whom I have developed a nodding acquaintanceship over the last few days, told me that they had totally miscalculated the rapid growth of the protests, not just in Delhi, but in the rest of the country. How it was likely to impact the forthcoming elections, too, in various states. And, how now not just the foreign press, but also diplomats were walking around openly.
The uniformed police and fire service personnel, on the other hand, looked even more relaxed and part of the milling crowds-it almost looked as though everybody had already figured out that these are our people, about each other. People were following instructions given by the local police and fire service and their ambulance services were parked strategically. Even the much-reviled Municipal Corporation of Delhi and New Delhi Municipal Corporation did their part-the mobile public toilets are an example in cleanliness, with some sanitation workers on duty explaining that this was one duty they were going to make sure was impeccable. And for the first time we saw what looked like off-duty armed forces people in fatigues walking around, without any of that uniformed self-consciousness that sometimes accompanies such events.
This has on one side grown into a nation-wide people's movement, that's not so much about a Lokpal Bill which people do not understand, or a man variously being referred to as hazaar, hazaara, hazaroo, hazra or something similar, but more about people now wanting an end to corruption across all levels. On the other side, the rumour mills were working overtime, with all sorts of stories about such and such leader having run away abroad, or the government planning stern reprisal, and then what happens next. Some were even asking why Shobhaa De, for example, has not been seen of or heard from lately!

A couple of major questions on the minds of protestors were 'how do we go about courting arrest' and 'what other methods will we use to make sure this is a success too'. Some volunteers on the fourth day of their fast were taken away to hospital; others appeared as resolute as before. The percentage of women in the crowd seemed to have gone up, and so too the visible number of wealthier and upper middle-class people. Also, people appeared to have reacted with disappointment to the statement by Mohandas Pai of Infosys that he did not want to say anything about corruption in India. Bajaj and Munjal, on the other hand, were cheered through some hand-written posters.
It is encouraging to see the number of people present going up multiples, this despite the cricket frenzy that has not ebbed. The whole of Jantar Mantar, from the Ashoka Road end to Tolstoy Marg end, is barricaded and converted into a walking-only zone. This is a stretch of 1.5 km, a change from the 50 metres space that was initially alloted on one side of Jantar Mantar Road. The special space I had on top of the South Indian Snack Centre is now totally occupied by many others who have discovered the place. Barring the few people sitting in front, at Jantar Mantar, the rest of the area is "standing room only".

My advice to those who want to go to Jantar Mantar is to head there early in the morning. Make your presence felt. Get counted, now. Where the movement will eventually lead may not be entirely clear yet, but it cannot get any worse than what the government has already brought matters to-now, things can only improve.




6 years ago

Anna Hazare and his group could only give guidance. But he cannot afford to be everywhere. Some basic acts by the people would help these noble efforts to bear fruit. We all must insist on registering the houses on its true value of payment without undervaluing it for saving registration cost. We should insist on bill for all the purchases we make. Small shops little amount purchase excuses should be avoided. Decipline ourselves to wait for our turn be it a que for your ticket or the latest model diesel car. Politicians exploit our inability to cope with the rules and we are the reason why and how he thrives. Our soeciety should first inculcate the habit of following rules. Then under the anti corruption and RTI acts we can hook the politicians.

Vinay Isloorkar

6 years ago

What is that subtle jab about Shoba De? Pl educate.

Vinay isloorkar



In Reply to Vinay Isloorkar 6 years ago

Thank you for writing in. For a short while the rumour mills in Delhi were working overtime about how certain people were moving out of India with their money - and that it was largely the page-3 set doing so . . . for some reason the High Priestess of Blah's name came into the running.

Vinay Isloorkar

In Reply to malq 6 years ago


Hi Priestess of Blah! Chuckle! Chuckle! She has competition from La Tavleen.

nagesh kini

6 years ago

The powers that be grossly underestimated the Peoples' Power.

That the Aam Admi, having lost his patience, calling enough is enough simply joined into to give the clarion call that corruption by any name ghoos, chai pani, graft, speed money or facilitation fees will not be countenanced and immediate enactment of demanded the the long lost Lok Pal Bill that shoved in the Parliament's cold storage for 42 long years and enacted in consultation with Civil Society to cover the high and mighty like the PM, big babus and judiciary..


6 years ago

To me the root cause of corrupt politicians and beaurocrats is the huge amount of money collected by govt in various names which simply is TAX-this taxed or KHANDNI (LOOTED )has grown exponential in recent years-and people are paying for no proper use of it-the actual use of this taxed or looted money is used to GHAR BHARO of these corrupt people-
so i would ask people and Mr Anna Hazare to start a movement asking people not to give tax to these corrupt govt-once this agitation starts and people start asking fro proper accounting for their hard earned money-corruption will dramatically reduce-
so presently i HATE to pay taxes -and i advice people not to pay their hard earned money if possible-evade the taxes-
because it is fuelling the coruption.

Valerian Texeira

6 years ago

the anti corruption legislations put forward by Anna Hazare and his team including the Jan Lokpal Bill cannot control most of the corruptions in India in any significant way mainly because majority of corruptions leave no concrete evidences or its foot print records to prosecute them under the law court however stringent may be the punishment “IF convicted”! Therefore it becomes almost impossible to convict and punish the majority 90% (if not 99%) of its perpetrators even when charged they are mostly set free by the courts for lack of concrete corruption evidences. Also they have lots of corruption money to buy expensive lawyers or appeal to the higher courts. If you fight against corruption without the concrete evidence you will loose if you accept corruption you will hugely gain and make more money. The common man knows this too well therefore forced to choose the second option by submitting or accepting the corruption as the way of life!




In Reply to Valerian Texeira 6 years ago

Thank you for writing in. I think many of us believe that it is the little drops that add up. Many routes, same destination. Please stay in touch with the IAC movement.

B Rajaram

6 years ago

Practically every corrupt guy would sign sign such pledge and join the bandwagon so that this uncalled for public attention to their day tot day peaceful profitable business of administering governance, is taken care of and boxed in.

10 Janpath also supported. so DMRC also supports. The DMK too supports and with Congress BJP and every party supporting who is opposing?

Anaa goes home and will struggle with thousands of papers putting a comma and afull stop and the bill will not see the day of light so long as some teeth are suspected to be present to hurt the corrupt.

A murderer is innocent till proven. Many murderers may escape under law but one innocent man should not be punished.

Similalrly this law in implementation will see that many a corrupt may escape with honour but one suspected innocent shall be protected.

Poor goodman Anna will have to agree.

One thing Government will not do is web based transparent open governance in real time making the last three steps prior to deciding available in public domain.

We are fooled once gain.



In Reply to B Rajaram 6 years ago

Thank you for writing in. Let us all be positive and hope for better days. You can do your part, too.


6 years ago

Two NGO's viz.Art of Living of Sri Sri Ravishankar and Bharat Swabhiman of Baba Ramdev played very important role in mobilizing YOUTHS of the country .Social networking sites were also used in innovative way, so due to pressure 24 X 7 news channels were left with no option but to cover this event extensively.At the end of the day these factors were responsible for its success at the end of the day. In the coming days all this factors will be debated.



In Reply to Jyoti 6 years ago

Thank you for writing in. We need to do more than debate. Please do your bit NOW.

Mumbai Indian

6 years ago

I beg to differ from your conclusion. This kind of movements have stopped to influence elections since the Emergency. Remember, after 26/11, there was big hue and cry in Mumbai. Lakhs of people were there on the streets, candle marches etc and everybody was thinking that this would affect the election outcome. What happned? NOTHING. Only 44% people voted in that election. This is the reason why all politicians have become so thick skinned. And they are the only candidates who can even think about contesting and winning any election. Common people can't. In today's situation, even to lose an election, one needs at least 5 crore rupees.



In Reply to Mumbai Indian 6 years ago

The Jan Lokpal Bill is the first of many planned steps already articulated by Anna Hazare and his team. Electoral reforms is one of these, Anna Hazare specifically talked about the right to vote for "None of these candidates", which, if selected by a majority, would result in declaring the election void and make all those candidates ineligible for the re-poll that would have to be held. He also talked about the right to recall elected representatives and the devolution of power to the local bodies.

Bhavesh Damania

In Reply to Java 6 years ago

Hi Jaya,
Can you explain the point in detail seems to have brought differnt dimnesion to the activity which masses are not aware of.


In Reply to Bhavesh Damania 6 years ago

Dear Bhavesh, If you are really interested please listen to a 2 hour speech given in October 2010. The link is: http://
This is lengthy I know, and ignore the first ten minutes of this speech but this is whole plan from the Horse's mouth for going forward. Thats all I can say.

Anti-corruption crusade: Battle hots up between reality of hafta and the ‘experts’; Baba Ramdev joins protestors

It is easy to be swayed by the candle lights at Jantar Mantar or the patronizing attitude of the media. But the reality is that a large number of people are coming out to be counted and spotted on television, because they are simply tired of being hit by corruption at every step they take

South Indian Snack Centre (SISC) was a little hole in the wall behind the Jantar Mantar bus stop, when political demonstrations were held at the Boat Club Lawns, off Rajpath, till Mahendra Singh Tikait's followers changed the rules of the game as far as political rallies in Delhi is concerned, forever, 23 years ago. Political rallies had always held the city to ranson, trashing the pristine lawns off Rajpath was par for the course, but there were bigger issues-long satyagrahas could endanger the planning for the Republic Day Parade, winter afternoon siestas on the lawns were sacred for many who hung around in the Bhavans in those days, and most of all the music played at these functions was off-key and disliked by the swish set.

This evolved into the famous episode when Deep Purple, as well as other rock music was played more loudly as a response to the motivational songs played by the BKU Chaudhary. All political and other rallies, as well as protests, were subsequently banished to the faraway, sylvan area between Jantar Mantar and Ashoka Road, a very quiet and cosy part of town, with the traffic organised in such a way that it simply did not disturb any route, except those buses parked nearby, waiting to pick up passengers from Connaught Place and Central Secretariat, in the pre-Metro days.

With Kerala House next to it, Bible Bhavan behind it, assorted Socialist party offices in front, SISC could not but do well. About the best value for money in terms of basic southie veggie, it is now the second most popular place visited at the Anna Hazare "India against Corruption" protest, though you may not notice it on television. Its roof is used by television crew and photographers for top angle shots, and the repertoire served has been enhanced to include paneer dosa and capsicum utthapam, to augment the basic idli-dosa-vada-upma fare.

At a modest estimate the hafta paid to a variety of 'authorities' to continue business for a small stall like this would run into lakhs of rupees a month, and it is as simple as that. We can say what we want a few metres away, but the day we can stop corruption even a few metres away from this spot, is when it really starts showing results on the ground. Even the ragpickers present, for whom this is a bonanza as they go about picking up everything on the ground that has been thrown away or discarded, have never had it so good-even they have to pay a little something to be allowed to wander around inside.
And that is the simple truth from Jantar Mantar, where it is currently very easy to get swayed by the two main players present-the upbeat middle-class energy being best motivated to walk around with candles that are eventually placed on the ground; and the patronizing as well as supercilious attitude of the media, who are the heroes in a reality show situation, where everybody else besides them, in any sort of power scenario, is a villain. That is, other than the old man fasting on a platform and his group, who also are being pushed into corners by smarter and less tired adversaries, who have the power of the State behind them. Every time Arvind Kejriwal tries to get some rest, he is called to answer another bunch of questions, and then participate in intense strategy sessions before and after.

On Friday, yog guru Baba Ramdev joined the campaign, with a demand to hang the corrupt. Addressing the protestors he challenged the government, saying that if those running the system were clean, they should not hesitate to give capital punishment to those who are corrupt. He said the government was indifferent to the issue of corruption as the rulers were not affected by it. He also challenged the government on the constitution of the committee to work on the Lokpal Bill, saying it must ensure that the five representatives from the government side must be absolutely taint-free or else they would not be accepted.

Yes, the issue is simple and drills down to a simple point-corruption. How the corruption will go away is not important, since the people believe that all existing tools are as good as useless, so anything else new would be better. So up comes the Lokpal Bill, now part of a trendy song, also. That this momentum is because people want a Lokpal Bill in a particular format is something easy to believe in, if all we do is sit and watch the talking heads go into gabfest mode on television. The reality on the ground is that a large number of people are coming out to be counted and spotted on television, because they are simply tired of being hit by corruption at every step they take, or a drive they make. Large corruption cases like the 2G scam, the CWG scam and other multi-thousand crore scams merge seamlessly into the smaller 5-and-10 rupee corruption scams going on everywhere. All will vanish thanks to the Lokpal Bill.

But if the Lokpal Bill is diluted so it does not work, then what?

That the politicians and public servants are easily identifiable and perceived reasons for this anti-people step is clear, if and when it happens. However, this will be taking a very simple view of the larger intelligence that the people on the ground possess, and this is where the electronic media has lost touch. Nobody is forgetting the Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi episodes, for example. Incidentally, neither of these two worthies have come to Jantar Mantar as yet. As of now the television media is making the correct sounds as far as the crowds are concerned, by lending support to the movement. This, however, appears to be changing in ever so subtle ways, with the specialists and experts expressing views that are divergent from the popular sentiment.

On Day 4, the euphoria of possible "victory" may shift to stark realities, as Anna asks candle-holding marchers to start filling jails. And if this does not pan out the way it should, the villain in line will be the media. Especially the television media, whose 'experts' are being seen as pushing views that are divergent from what the people believe is the truth. This is the ground level observation in a movement that spans all sorts of ideologies from the Left to the Right and in between. Which makes it more dangerous, as this group will look for the next villain who killed their truths.
And their truth is simple. A vast number of laws have been used to push the public down, like the big pigs did on Animal Farm. Here is a chance for a single law for the masses, to try and equalize things against the big pigs in our society; but if this does not happen, the guilty will have to be found. And that, if you look carefully through the history of mass movements of this sort, often means the Fifth Estate.

Meanwhile, what is not lost on many in the crowd is that the price of energy is shooting up, the availability of water is going down, and the environment is getting increasingly polluted. It is therefore, also felt that a reduction in corruption could somehow ease things there, too. And if a Lokpal Bill is not introduced the way Anna Hazare wants it, then the politicians and their henchmen/women will, once again, be responsible for this. And that this was caused by the media, who are perceived and currently strutting around at Jantar Mantar, pretending to be the solution providers and opinion makers, rather than the mirrors.




6 years ago

Mr.Malik, your witticism sound nice -when they are about autos. But when it comes to mass movements, you are clearly out of your depth!! Well heeled people like you are least affected by corruption, so you would prefer to continue doing lip-service to the "necessary evil" of corruption. But here is a man who thinks that mere drawing room talk is not going to remove this evil. I support him, and hope sceptics like you will turn around sooner than later.



In Reply to B V KRISHNAN 6 years ago

Thank you for writing in. I don't think I have ever said that corruption is a neccessary evil - I have just pointed out that it happens to be there- and growing, like pornography, if you must use a comparision. And I on a personal level have been associated with Anna Hazare's movement forover a decade now- and would not have lasted so long if I did not believe in what he is trying to achieve. Whether he and his people achieve it or not is another thing - there also I have seen some truths - like people dying mysterious deaths at inopportune timelines. Such is reality. And writing therefore is the only truth left, of what I see. Witticisms are part of the larger picture. And I don't think I am a sceptic on one count - for every additional person like you who has a fire, there will be more energy. Truly, thank you for writing in - now let us all go out and help us make India a better country!!

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