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Govt allows Parsvnath to surrender IT SEZ in Haryana

Following the surrender request from Parsvnath Infra, the Board of Approval, headed by Commerce Secretary SR Rao, has de-notified the zone at its meeting on 12th June

Faced with land acquisition problems, real estate major Parsvnath has surrendered its IT special economic zone (SEZ) in Haryana.


Following the surrender request from Parsvnath Infra, the Board of Approval, headed by Commerce Secretary SR Rao, has de-notified the zone at its meeting on 12th June.


“After deliberations, the Board decided to approve the proposal of Parsvnath Infra for de-notification of the sector-specific SEZ for IT/ITES at Sohna Road, Haryana.


“The approval is subject to the DC (Development Commissioner) furnishing a certificate that the developer has either not availed or has refunded all the tax/duty benefits availed under SEZ Act/Rules...” the minutes of the SEZ BoA meeting said.


The BoA is a 19-member inter-ministerial body that deals with SEZs and the issues related to them.


The board has also directed that the information regarding the case “must invariably be sent to CBDT and CBEC for taking necessary action”.


In its application, Parsvnath Infra had requested for de-notification of the zone on the grounds that “it has not been possible to acquire some small pockets within the notified area thereby affecting contiguity. And further extension of formal approval has been denied by the ministry of commerce”.


The IT/ITeS SEZ at Sohna Road, Gurgaon was notified on 23 August 2007 over an area of 42.4 hectares.


Earlier, a few other developers have also surrendered their SEZs due to the land acquisition problems.


Separately, the Board has also de-notified Biological E.Ltd’s SEZ for biotechnology proposed at Ranga Reddy District in Andhra Pradesh.


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Breast-feeding Prevents Diseases
A recent study from Harvard Medical School, published in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology journal, shows that women would have prevented many breast cancers, high blood pressure and heart attacks, if they had breast-fed their babies adequately. Dr Melissa Bartick, the lead author of the study, estimates that America would have saved $17.4 billion a year, if all women had breast-fed their babies!

FDA Backs Easing Diabetes Treatment Restrictions
Rosiglitazone was declared dangerous in the treatment of diabetes even by the US FDA some time ago, though reluctantly. Several countries have banned the drug and some have put a warning on the packet that the drug could cause heart attacks in a significant number of patients. However, recently, manufacturers have been able to ‘convince the FDA’ to have a review of that decision, after a thorough review by an ‘expert’ panel handpicked by the drug manufacturer. As expected, the committee faithfully found the drug to be ‘safe’ and felt that the ban was not needed! FDA is now toying with the idea of doing away with the partial ban. God save the patients!

Mindful Meditation for Depression Treatment
Depression is not uncommon and anti-depressant prescriptions have gone up exponentially. Every anti-depressant is bad for the human system. There is good news for those poor depressives. Archives of General Psychiatry has recently published a study which showed that “mindful meditation—concentrating on the present and enjoying that” is as effective as anti-depressants for treating depression. Mindful meditation definitely does not have any side-effect. If one does not do it properly, in the beginning, the effect might be less but one learns the tricks soon. Those in remission would do well to continue to meditate. If practised daily, it gives better results compared to drugs for depression. Half an hour a day will do.

Cholesterol Is in the News for the Wrong Reasons
According to evidence in JAMA Internal Medicine, people who take statins are more likely to develop musculoskeletal problems. The study found “Musculoskeletal conditions, arthropathies, injuries, and pain are more common among statin users than among similar nonusers.” Another research, which appeared in Journal of the American College of Cardiology, received considerable attention after it was covered in the New York Times. The conclusion was: “Simvastatin attenuates increases in cardiorespiratory fitness and skeletal muscle mitochondrial content when combined with exercise training in overweight or obese patients at risk of the metabolic syndrome.” From cancer to muscle pain, statins are capable of doing everything. Yet, there are people pushing this drug in the market and doctors are bending over backwards to please the manufacturers!

Lowering Blood Pressure Too Much Is Bad?
Many of us believe in drug companies’ studies that tell us to lower blood pressure (BP) to ridiculously low levels which is more dangerous than not lowering at all. I have written about it extensively even in my textbook on hypertension as far back as in 1997. A new prospective cohort study titled “J-Shaped Relation Between Blood Pressure and Stroke in Treated Hypertensives” confirms my bedside observational research! This study showed that when the BP is too low in diabetics, the possibility of coronary artery death increases. There is truly a U-shaped curve in BP control. Both extremes, too high and too low levels, are bad. If one were to use common sense, one would never lower BP to as low as 110/70. Those above the age of 40, might have compromised coronary circulations which do not bother them. Unlike other vessels in the systemic circulation, coronary arteries feed only in diastole. When the patient is fast asleep and the diastolic pressure falls significantly, coronary filling becomes critical and might send the patient to meet his maker in heaven in sleep!


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