Consumer Issues
Government to launch action plan for consumer protection
New Delhi : The government will launch a six-point action plan for consumer awareness and protection on World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said on Thursday.
The plan includes jointly developing with the industry, and implementing, standards for grievance redress. 
Under the plan, all industry associations and their members need to partner with national consumer helpline and state consumer helplines, the minister for consumer affairs, food and public distribution said.
“As per the new plan, joint awareness campaigns will be launched and the corporates required to earmark a portion of the corporate social responsibility funds for consumer welfare activities,” Paswan said.
“Also, action will be taken against fake, substandard and counterfeit products,” he added.
The government has already introduced the Consumer Protection Bill 2015 in the Lok Sabha that proposes to create a Central Consumer Protection Authority to investigate unfair trade practices and check misleading advertisements, initiate action and order recall or replacement of defective products. 
The Bill will also include e-commerce in its ambit.
Disclaimer: Information, facts or opinions expressed in this news article are presented as sourced from IANS and do not reflect views of Moneylife and hence Moneylife is not responsible or liable for the same. As a source and news provider, IANS is responsible for accuracy, completeness, suitability and validity of any information in this article.




MG Warrier

1 year ago

Consumer protection can happen only in a situation the consumer is aware about his rights and easily enforceable legislation is in place. At the present level of literacy, 50 per cent of India’s population is either ignorant about consumer rights or ‘do not care’. The first category is the poor people who are totally unaware of the costs and prices, who buy products at MRP. The second category comprise people who can afford to pay more because they are rich.
Today, the other half, to which moneylife readers belong are a confused lot and debate issues in isolation. Scholars, economists and politicians mislead us by arguing ‘cases’ from a theoretical angle. They frequently change roles. Sometimes they will feel helpless about absence of laws, sometimes they will argue about ‘market economy’ and at other times they will tell you, in the given circumstances, if you want the product or service, pay what the seller or service provider demands!


1 year ago

Government to launch action plan for consumer protection./ we r not interested to implementation but interested in result.we have pass many decades but resulted ZERO.

Ganesh Kamat

1 year ago

1) For Big Tax collections,
take 1% Tax from 20 Taxpayers,
than 20% Tax from one Taxpayer.

2) Simple Tax of 1% on Receipt /Transaction /Interest /Sale
/Gift /Loan /Benefit /Salary /Dividends /Rent /Custom.....
any & all inward cash, Cheque etc.

3) Average say on Rs. 30 L Receipt,
Pay Rs. 0.3 Lac Tax per year.
If Taxpayers = 60 Cr.
Tax collection will be 18 L- Cr.

4) Simple Tax means more Taxpayers, more collection & No refund Problem.

5) At present, we have say @ 3 Cr Taxpayers,
with Collection of say @ 3.5L-Cr,

6) So with 1% Tax, the Taxpayers will work to improve Business / Goods Services/
R.& D./ Social work.So more Employment, make in India, less Farmer Suicide &
Peace of mind to the people.

7) Bank Account number is your mobile number.

8) Tax payment by your mobile number @ RBI a/c,
In bank transaction, the Bank will deposit your 1% Tax by your mobile number @ RBI a/c directly.

9) For cash Transaction pay similar to Post paid Mobile charges,
to your mobile number @ RBI a/c.
Most will pay if the Tax is 1% & simple to pay.

10) Your Bank Account Number should be mobile number & connected to PAN/ AADHAAR /Passport/ Election Card etc.
For Simplicity.

11) Tax collection will be distributed to State & Local bodies, say 10% each, from the place of collection.

12) Also add 1% more (L.P.F.)
Less Privilege Fund,
similar to PPF for,
social / self benefit,
to give Power to the people for Social Cause / in your bad days.

13) In short Pay Rs. 20- for every Rs. 1,000- Received.

i) Rs. 10- as tax to RBI
ii) Rs. 10- in your (L. P. F.) a/c. Could be use for social cause/ for your bad days.

14) L. P. F. (Less Privilege Fund)
of 18 L- Cr, with 60 Cr voters, will reduce dependency on the Government for the Social development.
Fund will be used for the Social cause / in your bad days.

15) Keep faith in 60 Cr voters, as they will take care of their neighbours, in need.
Also most will pay, if Tax is 1? & Simple to pay.
Only Indian can make better India.

16) Can consider more tax for Higher Receipt, say above 0.5 Cr per year, payable at the year ending.

17) All Transactions are Traceable as mobile number is once Bank a/c number & connected to PAN/ AADHAAR
/ Election card.....
So, No Corruption & Black Money Problem.

18) Babus Harassing the youth,
Traders, Voters.. who wants to work.
Babus are ruthless as they
pay "Protection Money" to......?
for Posting/ Promotion/ Permit...
Administrations Reform is a Must.
For getting Votes.

19) Farmers suicide can get reduced, by encouraging them to sell their farm products on Railways to commuter
& roads to motorists, also we need more Passenger Train, to help farmers to sell farm products, to nearby Towns.

20) Expecting Feedback on How to make India Peaceful Place by Refined, Simple Laws.
No blame game please.
Media/ Babus /Netas /Judicial Role is Eminent along with People.

For "Sare Jaha Se Achha Hindustan Hamara." forward this message.


Anand Vaidya

In Reply to Ganesh Kamat 1 year ago

Very good list. Also Rs 1000, 500 and later Rs 100 notes should be withdrawn. All transactions by online mode only

Bangladeshi minority refugees will get Indian citizenship: Rajnath
Ashok Nagar (West Bengal) : Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday assured that Bangladeshi minorities who have taken refuge in India to escape persecution would be granted citizenship.
"Minorities whether Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, whoever, those who have been persecuted in Bangladesh and taken refuge in India, we have not only validated the entry of such people but also validated their stay in India.
"We assure you, that time is not far when we will provide them with citizenship," he said.
The minister said the government has finalised the standard operating procedure for granting long term visas to such people.
"Now nobody will be able to harass these refugees," he said.
Rajnath Singh also hailed the Bangladesh government for its assistance in curbing smuggling of fake notes and cattle.
"Be it smuggling of fake currency or cattle, I am not saying completely, but to a large extent, Bangladesh is assisting India in curbing them. Not only that, Bangladesh is also assisting in extradition (of criminals).
This miracle has been possible, only because of the Indian government's diplomatic skill," Rajnath Singh said addressing a Bharatiya Janata Party rally here in North 24 Parganas district, some 50 km from Kolkata.
He assured that infiltration from Bangladesh would be completely eradicated.
"From fencing to installing flash lights, we will take all measures to secure the Indo-Bangladesh border so that not a single infiltrator manages to enter India," added the minister.
Disclaimer: Information, facts or opinions expressed in this news article are presented as sourced from IANS and do not reflect views of Moneylife and hence Moneylife is not responsible or liable for the same. As a source and news provider, IANS is responsible for accuracy, completeness, suitability and validity of any information in this article.


I Ramped Up My Internet Security, and You Should Too

Here’s how ProPublica reporter Julia Angwin upped her defenses against hackers and spies


Some people make dieting resolutions in the New Year. I make security and privacy resolutions, because those are the things that keep me up at night. After all, as a journalist, it's important for me to give my sources assurances that I will keep their communications confidential. And in today's world, that is an ever-more-difficult task.


Everyone 2014 journalists or not 2014 faces an increasing array of attacks on our security and privacy. Even if you're not the U.S.'s intelligence chief, whose email was recently hacked, it's smart to up your game. So this year, I thought I'd share my resolutions.


1. Software updates

It's not sexy, but at the top of my list is updating my software to the latest versions. Nothing else matters - not fancy encryption or strong passwords - if you're using software that contains gaping holes that any criminal or spy can penetrate.


And I hate to break it to you, but all your software is as holey as Swiss cheese. The software updates you receive are just patches for the holes that have been discovered so far. More holes will be discovered later. What's more, updates are basically red alerts to hackers, pointing them to the holes.


So I've just updated my phone and computer operating systems, as well as all my Web browsers, software and phone apps.


2. Ditching old, buggy software

Next up is ditching old, unused or poorly maintained software. Using software is a commitment. If you don't update it, you are wearing a "hack me" sign on your forehead. So if there are programs or apps that you don't use, delete them.


This year, I decided to ditch my instant messaging client Adium. I was using it to enable encrypted chats. But like many cash-strapped open source projects, it is rarely updated and has been linked to many security vulnerabilities.


Instead, I switched to Tor Messenger, an encrypted messaging program that is run by the Tor Project, a nonprofit that makes the anonymous Web browser that I already use. By the sad standards of underfunded open source security tools, Tor is relatively well-financed and so I have some hope that its tools will continue to be updated.


Tor Messenger links up with my existing Gmail and Jabber chat accounts, and is encrypted and anonymous by default.


For even more privacy, I also signed up for Ricochet, an encrypted chat program that runs on the so-called Dark Web. One downside: You can only chat with other Ricochet users. So far, I have all of two buddies on it. [INSERT SAD EMOJI HERE!]


3. Upgrading my passwords

Passwords are, of course, the definition of unsexy. But you gotta have 2018em, and they should be long and unique (no re-using between websites). I use a password manager, 1Password, to generate most of my passwords.


But for my most important accounts, such as email and my bank, I use a method called Diceware to generate passwords that are about 30 characters long and made up of dictionary words that I can remember. (Thank you Chase for allowing 30-character long passwords 2014 not all banks do, strangely.)


If your passwords are long and unique, you don't need to change them every few months, as most companies incorrectly force employees to do. But I'd been using the same Diceware passwords for a few years now 2014 and I figured it was time to create new ones.


4. Upgrading my encryption key

After getting all the basics out of the way, I finally got to the fun stuff: Secret coded messages! Who doesn't love encryption? Modern crypto scrambles your communications so well that FBI Director James Comey has spent the past year complaining that it's too hard to crack.


Most of my encrypted communications take place on Signal, an easy to use phone app. But for email, I use Gnu Privacy Guard, a much older and more complex program.


I've long been haunted by the fact that when I set up GPG four years ago, I didn't create my encryption key in the most secure way. This year, I decided to finally fix it. To set up my keys correctly, I had to find a computer that never touches the Internet and follow the instructions in this helpful guide: "Creating the Perfect GPG Key Pair."


My new key seemed all pristine and shiny. And my old key - which I am now revoking - was like an old sweater that I was tossing. It had served me well, but it was time to go.


In fact, closet cleaning is probably the best analogy for my New Year's security project. At the end, I felt cleaner and lighter 2014 the same way I do when I toss out old clothes. And perhaps that feeling was its greatest benefit. I may not be able to foil all the hackers and spies across theInternet. But I can sleep better at night knowing I have tried my best.


ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for their newsletter.








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