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Paradeep Phosphates to invest Rs600 crore on new projects

While overall agricultural scenario in the country was favourable in 2011-12, drought conditions in several regions this year would be disturbing for the fertiliser industry, PPL managing director SS Nandurdikar said

Bhubaneswar: Fertiliser major Paradeep Phosphates (PPL) has said it is investing around Rs600 crore on new projects for raising capacity, reports PTI.
A number of projects are underway for de-bottlenecking of the phosphoric acid and the DAP plants, PPL managing director SS Nandurdikar told reporters.
Besides, projects like a new sulphuric acid plant with 2,000 tonne a day capacity and Zypmite plant for granulated phosphogypsum are at different stages of implementation.
“These projects are expected to be completed in the next three years. Estimated investment in these projects will be around Rs600 crore and on completion we plan to achieve a capacity of 15 lakh MT of DAP and NPK complexes annually,” Mr Nandurdikar said yesterday.
On the company’s performance, he said, PPL made Rs259.26 crore as profit before tax during 2011-12 compared to Rs239.18 crore in the previous year—up 8.39%.
However, profit after tax last fiscal was flat at Rs177.71 crore, as against Rs177.08 crore in the previous year, up 0.35%.
The rise, Mr Nandurdikar said, was small due to factors like tax credit and certain relief available in 2010-11, but the company’s performance was encouraging.
The turnover last fiscal stood at Rs4,700.14 crore despite problems in raw materials availability due to logistic issues, he said.
PPL produced 10.2 lakh tonne fertilisers as against 6 lakh tonne of DAP and 4.2 lakh tonne of complexes of NPK.
Among intermediary products, sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid production were 6.3 lakh tonne and 2.1 lakh tonne respectively.
Referring to sales, Mr Nandurdikar said, the company sold 10.2 lakh tonne of its own manufactured DAP and complexes and five lakh tonne of gypsum during 2011-12.
Besides, as part of its traded products PPL sold 0.88 lakh tonne of imported MOP, 3.53 lakh tonne of imported DAP and complexes.
Though timely declaration of subsidy under the new nutrient-based subsidy policy ensured adequate availability of fertilisers during 2011-12, there was big distortion in urea price vis-a-vis phosphatic fertilisers, Mr Nandurdikar said.
While overall agricultural scenario in the country was favourable in 2011-12 with good rainfall, drought conditions in several regions this year would be disturbing for the fertiliser industry, particularly phosphatic sector, he added.
Referring to corporate social responsibility, the PPL MD said the company’s efforts continued in developing areas in neighbourhood of Paradip particularly in two gram panchayats of Bagadia and Mangarajpur in partnership with an NGO.


GVK’s $10 billion coal project gets Australia government approval

Australia’s federal environment minister Tony Burke has given an approval to construct and operate the Alpha Coal Mine and a railway line between the mine and the port, GVK said in a statement

Hyderabad: The Australian government has given a green signal to the GVK Group’s $10 billion Alpha Coal project in Queensland, reports PTI.
Federal environment minister Tony Burke has given an approval to construct and operate the Alpha Coal Mine and a railway line between the mine and the port at Abbot Point, near Bowen, GVK said in a statement.
Last year, GVK had acquired 79% stake in the Alpha Coal and Alpha West projects and a 100% stake in the Kevin's Corner project in Queensland from Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd.
Earlier, the Federal Government of Australia had raised objections to the environmental clearance given by the Queensland government to the project.
GVK vice-chairman GV Sanjay Reddy said this is an important milestone for the projects which will provide significant benefits to the Alpha and Bowen regions.
The projects are expected to provide 2,000 on-going jobs in operations directly, employ around 4,000 during construction and return to the government $1.5 billion annually in royalties and taxes at peak production, he said.
These projects hold total resources of 8 billion tonnes and a peak capacity of 80 million tonnes per annum.
When combined, these projects will create one of the largest coal mining operations in the world, the company said in the statement.
The Alpha Coal project has a mine life of over 30 years and a capacity of 32 mtpa which makes it suitable for high production open cut mining.
GVK has also acquired a 100% stake in the 500 km rail line and a 60 million tonne per annum (mtpa) port as part of the “pit-to-port” logistics solution.
“This positive decision also paves the way to ensure more than 1.4 billion people (largely in Asia) that face major shortage of electricity, are provided with an additional source of coal to enhance supply of electricity to the region, thus improving quality of life of the people and overall economic development,” Mr Reddy said.
The Queensland government has also selected GVK’s Rail Corridor as the north-south corridor for connecting the Galilee Basin to the Port of Abbot Point in Australia.
GVK’s coal mining project with its superior quality low ash, low sulphur and low gas thermal coal, will be reliably exported mainly to Asian destinations.
Construction is expected to start next year with first coal being produced in 2015-16, the release added.



anantha ramdas

5 years ago

We must congratulate Sanjay Reddy and his team for making such a break through in Australia. You have really made us proud.

But what makes us sad is why you have not been able to do something similar in India?

It is fair to assume that you have had a lot of obstacles to overcome before reaching this successful conclusion.

And it is time you organize a seminar in India, preferably in Hyderabad, and explain to whole
bunch of government officials all the obstacles you faced and how you overcame them. Tell them exactly how to to do their job efficiently and honestly in the interest of the nation.

Such a move might move mountains and the heart of heartless and impractical Babus and bring the required change in the country for its march forward.

Good luck Sanjay and your team.


Sandeep Agarwal

In Reply to anantha ramdas 5 years ago

Well brought out point, Mr Ramdas.
Indeed we, at GVK are constantly exploring opportunities, both in India & elsewhere for infra development. Order of success is also dependent on the government support, that is given.


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