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Fanbox spam scam: Don’t fall prey to the earnings mailer

Moneylife Digital Team | 20/03/2013 02:21 PM | 

Fanbox tricks people into giving up their email addresses, passwords and cell phone numbers and then spams them relentlessly. Not only that, they spam everyone in the contact list as well

For the past few months, several readers of Moneylife have pointed out that they are receiving an email from some Fanbox notifying that “On March 15 you earned $2.75 and your all time earnings are $234.40”. This is nothing but a phishing attempt through a spam mail.


According to, Fanbox is run by former, a shady company that claims to be an online community which exists via text messages only. “It’s been the subject of many user complaints regarding deceptive billing practices and was fined and banned from operating reverse-billed services in the UK for operating misleading SMS services. They’ve now turned to a web-based service and are flooding the web with spam,” says.


The spam mail sent by Fanbox claims that “you were invited by xxxx to the FanBox Beta product launch of IPL (I’ll Pay Later) and you can earn by advertising your product, service or blog now and pay later”.


In case you do not have a product, service or blog, then it offers you to participate in the profits from other people’s sales now and pay later, something it termed as ‘boosting’.


Basically, FanBox lures gullible people by showing the earning without actually doing anything. “A few weeks ago, I had an email from an outfit named Fanbox, saying I had been registered with them by an ex-colleague I haven't seen in years. I assumed it was a hacking exploit of some sort and deleted it. Since then, I have had frequent junk mails from Fanbox, with ever increasing sums of money I have ‘earned’. As I have no account with them, own no blogs or websites and do absolutely nothing to ‘earn’ anything online, I assumed this was a scam and deleted the emails which went to my mail junk folder anyway,” says one of the commentators on an internet forum.


“The service (of Fanbox) tricks people into giving up their email addresses, passwords and cell phone numbers and then spams them relentlessly. Not only that, they spam everyone in their contact lists. The spam messages have ‘to stop receiving emails click here’ links but it doesn’t do a thing. Instead it just lets Fanbox know that your email address is live,” says


This makes one wonder, of Fanbox saying the person receiving its mail has earned so and so dollars, how the website generate this much income? That too when the recipient is not even working to earn any money?


There are two ways for earning for Fanbox. First, it collects your email ID, data and contacts and then uses it for marketing (spamming) and may also be selling it to some other interested parties. Secondly, after few emails, Fanbox sends a mail asking for a ‘maintenance fee’ for an account that may not even exist. Here is a sample mail, Fanbox sends for the maintenance fee…



As of Nov. 7, 2012, you had utilized $371.58 of your “I’ll Pay Later” funds, and have earned $309.91 since you started utilizing IPL.


Your October processing fee of $5.69 became due on Nov. 12, 2012. You'll want to pay your processing fee (LINK REMOVED) immediately to protect your account and money.


Please note that if your processing fee has not been paid by Nov. 22, 2012, a late fee will be added to your processing fee.


Amount due if paid before Nov. 22, 2012: $5.69

Amount due if paid on or after Nov. 22, 2012: $15.69


Did you know?


You can avoid manual payments and late fees, and protect your earnings by setting up It’s a free service! (another link removed)



The FanBox Account Protection Team”


So what is the remedy to avoid getting trapped into Fanbox spam scam? In your mailbox, mark the mail from Fanbox as spam (for Gmail, you can also report it for phishing). If necessary create a filter that can automatically send any mail from Fanbox to trash. And most important, do not click on any link in the mailer.


According to, they (Fanbox) make their money by getting people to subscribe to SMS-based blogs, and also send other premium SMS messages. “Users are charged per message fee and unsubscribing is near impossible. Avoid both sites and ignore any emails you get from them. If the senders are people you know, notify them that they are being used to spam by the company,” it adds.

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Murphy 1 week ago

This is what I discovered:

With Fanbox it mentions earned - it grows and grows.

They mention it helps a charity - you my never know where they are or never know how much - they may never exist.

Therefore - to guess its like buying on margin in the stock market - getting money to buy stock and paying the interest - stocks rise and fall - you may gain or lose then make much money - or owe a big debt.Yet Fanbox sold no stocks. They mention it helps a charity - you my never know.

Yet it called it earned - I tried to explain take out what you need - each month - from what I earned - they explained its like paying the credit card bill with same credit card.

Perhaps its like a casino you play cards or play slot machine, you win $400 yet you spent $200 or you win $200 and spent $400. With Fanbox - they are collecting money faster than your gaining money.

Here it is back to messing with your mind - it wrote - "Never used a penny of their own funds"- I did not write this its Fanbox President words: "... they become a Bronze Power User only 4 months after becoming a FanBox member - meaning that they: Never used a penny of their own funds to become a highest level (Bronze) Power User." "My own calculations show that the typical user could earn more then $100,000 in only their first 12 months, by posting from quality item daily."

Now it say one thing and do another - "...I am not sure why you would think that you would just be entitled to free money without putting in some kind of effort, but that is how the world works - even lottery winners have to buy the ticket." and this is no ATM where you can just come and get money" "120 days before you get the money is better than 90 days" Fanbox once again shows they are collecting money faster than your gaining money. Therefore where is the money after a year of earning money as they wrote - if after a year of collecting for example $3547.45 and IPL debt - you still do not have the money. If pay the IPL you still do not have the money.

Now its beginning to look like - Phishing emails how they explain I am getting multimillions yet I must give - My information and various sums - for example $269 to get it.

Fanbox wrote I would get $100,000 in the first year.

The place is not about understand - its guess and misunderstand and lose money - your to rush and give them your paypal account or credit card or debit card - thinking you will lose this money - if you do not hurry. Then find whether you get money or lose money.

To make sure you understand they wrote this - I quote them:

"WARNING: FanBox is an experimental site as indicated by the word "Alpha" [*They confuse you again - alpha is finished product - Beta is experimental* ] that appears under the FanBox logo at the top left of this web page. This means that its content and functionality is changing daily.

Please use FanBox for entertainment purposes only. In particular, . Any content, Earnings, time, payments, and relationships associated with your use of FanBox may be subject to modification or termination as described in the FanBox terms below."

"If you wish to use FanBox at a time when we can provide more certainty in any aspect of the site or its services, please check back for updates as FanBox continues to progress and mature."

"As if that weren't enough to scare you away: Proceed at your own caution as you may lose time, money, friends, and potentially even your first-born child. Just kidding about your first born. Although as you can see, our lawyers want us to make it clear that you should not use FanBox and come back later if you are uncomfortable with FanBox's current experimental status."

They want to make sure you think its harmless - to gamble your money as if a sure thing yet they explained "your use of FanBox may never materialize or result in any direct or implied benefit"

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Doug Cutler

Doug Cutler 1 week ago

Fanbox is real and you can earn money.
You have to be a loyal follower of their tactics. Then they use you as a lure for the millions of people worldwide that will loose money. I made a small profit after many hours of work. I complained a lot about how hard it was to earn with their always changing rules. They kicked me out and gave me the small amount of money I earned through hard work and persistence. If you like socializing it is great. Meet a lot of people.

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David Taylor

David Taylor 1 week ago

I'm one of the unsolicited gullible ones, who just let it run. Am now told I have accumulated thousands of phony $s! And should now insure ! And pay a fee (for what?) And a late penalty fee (for what ?). Is there any way one can get out? I have used PayPal through eBay and it seems they are into this !?!?
What way out? Email filters won't stop the PayPal access.
Suggestions Pleas. David

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Susant 1 month ago

No one is here to give away his/her money freely. No sites even. Even this site too. All sites generates revenue from their ads as they are having good regular traffic to their sites.

As I think, nobody can be trapped unless the person himself/herself have the intention. Without knowing anything completely, it is not good to provide financial security anywhere. People do mistakes, keeping in mind that something unique is going to be happen only for him/her, which thought is actually unfair. Honestly, try to know the thing completely before expecting more for you specially.

People start blaming others when they fooled. They became fooled because of their negligence and dishonesty.

You only will come to know something when people start blaming about that thing. But you will never know about such good thing even if some of the blamer got good result from the same and satisfied. As I am seeing some of the blamer and complainer complained here but rejoin the FanBox again and dramatically earning good.

Hence, guys, before putting any conclusion, and before providing your any kind of payment mechanism just know the full of it, experiment it for few days, and delete your account if it doesn't suit you.

As per my knowledge, if there were no experiments and no participation in new things, might till now we are on the way of searing fire.

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Murphy 2 months ago

It like sending your kids to school without eating a good meal and without their vaccinations.

The kids that do not get their vaccinations get sick, can not go to school, yet kids that eat well and get their vaccinations do well.

Therefore its like phishing email - they promise so much yet explain you must give hundreds of dollars to presume you get millions. Its blind trust that giving money you will get money. Its not preparations and planing with well known facts.

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Imam 1 week ago in reply to Murphy

well done Murphy.

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