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Even while the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) protests increased interference and supervision by...

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Ceat Tyres: Yup, the streets ARE filled with idiots!

Finally, a campaign for tyres that is grounded in reality, and which connects immediately with vehicle owners

After a loooong time, Ceat Tyres is back into the world of advertising. Wonder where they disappeared for all these years.

According to some media reports, the organisation has been in a financial jam for some time, so that perhaps explains their absence from the media.

Anyway, the tyre-maker has launched a new ad campaign for its two-wheeler bike tyres. And I must say I completely agree with their strategy. It's quite bang-on. This is something tyre manufacturers should have come up with a long time ago. They have focussed on India's perilous driving conditions (without being diplomatic), and the need for a tyre that has the sharp grip to deal with this lethal, everyday challenge.

God knows how many lives get lost on desi roads, not just because we don't care for the rules, not just because the various RTOs give away driving licenses like chana watana, but also because of substandard vehicles and their poor body parts.

So, no lifestyle imagery, no dramatic bike-racing shots, no rock music, no macho studs and yup, no pretty bimbettes. The campaign is grounded in reality, and connects immediately with the bike riders. And other road users.

In one commercial, a moronic dad recklessly lugs his baby on a pram across the city roads, while yapping away on his cell phone. (Looks like the dolt took Idea's 'Walk when you talk' campaign seriously!) And he and the baby almost get run over by a bike rider, who thankfully is able to halt in the nick of time, courtesy the grip of his Ceat Tyres. 'The streets are filled with idiots', warns the voiceover. And I so agree with that.

Similarly, in another film, a couple is on their way home on a bike, and the two are seen excitedly discussing a movie they've just watched. Suddenly, a crazed
sedan driver zips across right in front of them. And the quick brakes, aided by the tyres, save their lives. By inches.

Good, hard-hitting stuff. Perfect strategy, heart-stopping creative. And a realistic execution. Hope the Ceat suits have enough funds to milk this particular campaign out.

And I hope we get to watch many more such TVCs in the coming days. As an added bonus, some idiots, after watching these ads, will be a little more careful on our deathly roads. Hopefully.



Aroop Bose

7 years ago

Hey I think something is seriously wrong with the campaign, aren't the motorcyclists the worst offenders on Indian roads? Well at least that is what I have always observed whenever I am on the road.

Adi Daruwalla

7 years ago

I agree with Anil Thakraney that the CEAT campaign is spot on. This as far as perilious conditions of riding are concerned in this country. (BUT) I dont agree with the advertisement that shows the man irresponsibly crossing, that to with a child in a pram and not at a pedestrian crossing. He also has the audacity to spray expletives at the rider. Why should we accept this?This will be an encouragement for pedestrians to be in the wrong and then display their false might. This should be brought to the notice of CEAT. Over all correct in concept, including the other ads.

Girish Shahapurkar

7 years ago

yes... the roads are filled with idiots... and I own some Ceat shares... :)

Friday’s Market Preview: Market likely to open in the green

The Indian market is likely to open in the green tracking positive global cues. The telecom sector that is in the news on account of the spectrum scam will be closely tracked by investors. Wall Street closed higher on Thursday with major indices clocking their biggest gains in two weeks. Markets in Asia were mostly in the green in early trade this morning with support from the US, which closed higher overnight. The SGX Nifty, which opened in the positive terrain, has slipped 2 points to 6,033.50 against its previous close of 6,035.50.

Refreshed after a day's break, the local market opened in the green yesterday tracking the regional bourses that were on a positive note. However, investors lost no time in taking profits off the table, sending the indices to the day's low in the mid-morning session. The 2% easing in food inflation numbers perked up the indices once again lifting the bourses into the green. However, a fair bit of choppiness saw the market popping in and out of the negative terrain.

Finally, the Sensex ended 65.50 points (0.33%) higher at 19,930 while the Nifty settled 10.10 points (0.17%) higher at 5,998, within kissing distance of the 6,000 mark.

The US market closed higher overnight as concerns about the Irish debt crisis eased and on reports that China’s policy tightening measures would not be as harsh as expected. Besides, the Labor Department’s data showed applications for unemployment insurance payments rose by 2,000 to 439,000 in the week ended 13th November, falling to the lowest in two years. The Fed Bank of Philadelphia’s general economic index jumped to 22.5, higher than analysts’ forecast. Another report showed the index of US leading indicators rose for the fourth time in a row in October.

The Dow surged 173.35 points (1.57%) to 11,181. The S&P 500 gained 18.10 points (1.54%) to 1,196. The Nasdaq rose 38.39 points (1.55%) to 2,514.

The Asian pack was mostly in the green in line with gains seen in the US on Thursday and on hopes that Ireland will accept the rescue package sculpted by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

The KLSE Composite was up 0.56%, the Nikkei 225 gained 0.61%, Seoul Composite rose 0.27% and the Taiwan Weighted surged 0.91%. On the other hand, the Shanghai Composite and the Hang Seng, which opened in the green, were down 0.15% and 0.27% respectively and the Straits Times fell 0.09%. The SGX Nifty, which opened in the positive terrain, has slipped 2 points to 6,033.50 against its previous close of 6,035.50.

State-owned Air India on Thursday sacked Pawan Arora as the chief operating officer (COO) of its low budget airline, less than two months after his controversial appointment.

Official sources said the cash-strapped state-owned airline's board decided to “dispense with” the services of Mr Arora at its meeting which went into the issue of top level appointments in Air India Express.

Regarding another controversial appointment of Stefan Sukumar as the airline's chief of training, the board decided to set up a committee to study the procedural aspects of his entry, directing that a report on the matter be submitted within a fortnight.


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