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Engineering colleges, B-Schools still struggling to fill seats

According to a CRISIL report, despite low penetration of higher education in India and healthy demand for skilled manpower, higher educational institutions are struggling to fill seats and over one-thirds seats in engineering colleges and B-Schools are vacant

Low occupancy has impacted the ability of several lower-rung colleges to sustain operations and, as a result, a number of colleges would either close down or change hands over the next few years, said CRISIL.

Ajay Srinivasan, head of Industry Research, CRISIL Research, said, “Low occupancy rates are making it difficult for many lower-rung colleges to sustain operations. As a result, we expect a number of colleges to face closure or change in ownership over the next few years.”

Despite low penetration of higher education in India and healthy demand for skilled manpower, colleges are struggling to fill seats. As per CRISIL Research estimates, the average occupancy rate declined in 2011-12 to around 67% for engineering colleges and to about 65% for business schools (B-schools). CRISIL analysis indicates a wide variation in occupancy rates across various states and grades. For example, engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Uttar Pradesh (UP) had an average occupancy of around 60% and 40%, respectively, which is much lower than the all-India average. Tier-4 B-schools, estimated to account for around 36% of the total seats, had an average occupancy of only around 50%.

Occupancy levels are under pressure due to the significant increase in the number of seats across colleges, shortage of skilled faculty, absence of industry link-ups, increasing awareness amongst students about the quality of education imparted by colleges, the ratings agency said.

The number of seats offered by AICTE-approved B-schools has increased almost fourfold to 3.52 lakhs in 2011-12 from 0.94 lakhs in 2006-07, while that for engineering colleges has zoomed to 14.85 lakhs from 5.50 lakhs during the same period. Moreover, there is also a significant concentration of supply, with Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh together accounting for close to 65% of the engineering seats on offer.

Quality of education is another major concern, as an overwhelming percentage of students passing out from lower-rung engineering colleges and business schools (B-Schools) lack skill sets needed to start working, after graduating, without extensive training. A number of corporates have actually started in-house courses to train students for the exact job roles.

In fact, CRISIL’s education grading programme for B-schools is aimed at bridging the gap between existing education quality and corporate expectations. “There is an urgent need for education institutes to re-establish their quality paradigm with the corporate sector. Our grading centrally factors corporate feedback, apart from it being based on parameters that are most relevant to the corporate sector, which include industry interaction, entrepreneurship, and practical exposure,” said Akash Deep Jyoti, Head of CRISIL Ratings,

Supply-demand factors are not the only troubles for private engineering colleges. Political decision-making is also a source of viability questions in Andhra Pradesh. According to a newspaper report as many as 75 private engineering colleges from Andhra Pradesh have stopped admissions for the current academic year and have put themselves up for sale in view of the state government’s decision to stagger the tuition fee reimbursement programme. As per the new guidelines, students with 75% attendance, 50% marks in the first year of plus-two, and an income of below Rs1 lakh a year, are eligible for reimbursement of tuition fees in Andhra Pradesh.

There are reports that some political leaders were busy negotiating with the troubled colleges for purchasing them at a cheaper rate. Recently, three such engineering colleges in Telangana region were sold to relatives of a politician, said a report.



Anil Agashe

5 years ago

Very true. As far as Management is concerned the quality has deteriorated even in good business schools. Proliferation of business schools is one major cause. Quality is a word that has disappeared completely and has been replaced by Placements at all costs. The tragedy is corporate India is hiring bad students at a very high package.

‘Investor confidence declining over past year:’ J P Morgan Survey

‘The ebbing Investment Confidence Index showed no signs of revival in the current quarter and remained almost flat between July 2011 and December 2011:’ JP Morgan Survey

JPMorgan Asset Management India Pvt. Ltd., in association with ValueNotes, has announced the findings of the ninth survey of the Investment Confidence Index (ICI) in India. ICI captures the confidence of the retail and corporate investor sector, as well as, financial advisors on the Indian economic and investment environment.

The ebbing Investment Confidence Index (125) showed no signs of revival in the current quarter and remained almost flat between July 2011 and December 2011. After witnessing a series of highs and lows over five quarters, the ICI has declined continuously over the past year.

Although the overall investment sentiment currently appears subdued, the optimism about global and Indian economic growth is improving marginally. Most interestingly, corporate, advisors and HNIs (high net worth individuals) are now more optimistic than they were in July 2011, even as the mass of retail investors have become more pessimistic.

The survey findings indicate that retail investor confidence has faded in the last few months. Investor confidence (132) faltered 28 points since September 2010 (160) reaching its all time low. India Inc. (115) and the advisor community (127) are marginally more optimistic compared to their July 2011 lows. Among the three advisor categories, bank confidence (133) recovered by 18 points from July 2011, while IFA confidence (119) plummeted 17 points to touch its lowest.

Retail investors in Hyderabad (152) are relatively more upbeat than their counterparts across other seven cities. Ahmedabad investors (110) were the least optimistic. Majority of retail investors in Pune and Mumbai expect the Sensex to rebound from its current level and trade above 18,000 in June 2012.

Indian investors and advisors appear unaffected by the recent volatility in stock markets. 48% of retail investors and 76% of advisors expect the benchmark Index to trade between 17,000 and 20,000 in June 2012. Confidence within young investors (age 22-25 years) has witnessed a 36 - point fall since last year. Inflation and global uncertainty have been voted as the two most negative economic indicators. However, inflation concerns have dropped significantly among corporates and advisors, possibly because of reports about stabilisation of inflation rates.

Retail investment activity in mutual funds has picked up 9% from last quarter to reach 70%, while in stocks it fell 6%. With falling markets, risk-averse investors show lesser preference for stocks (from 70% to 56%) but increased preference for mutual funds (from 44% to 68%) since March 2011.

Rising gold prices appear to have affected investment activity in gold. As a result, percentage of investors investing in this asset class has fallen 19% since December 2010.

The investment sentiment of investors, with smaller wallet sizes (Rs2 to 5 lakhs), fell the most, while it has improved among HNIs. IFAs (Independent Financial Advisors) in Mumbai (106) continue to be the most sceptical, while Delhi/NCR
IFAs (139) are the most confident.


EOW may arrest more people in the Speak Asia scam soon

The investigation agency is probing more leads to trace the money sent from India to Singapore and may also arrest more people soon

The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai police, which is investigating the multi-crore Speak Asia scam, may soon arrest some more people involved in the case even as the company’s chief executive Manoj Kumar, chairperson Harender Kaur and chief operating officer Tarak Bajpai are still absconding. In addition, according to, the domain name ‘’ has been suspended due to invalid Whois information. (See here ).

Meanwhile, police officers have expressed an urgent need to create awareness among the people regarding many such ‘fly-by-night’ companies that promise huge returns.

According to an officer close to the development, several panellists of Speak Asia are still under the impression that the company’s server is seized by EOW and many times they are finding it difficult to convince the agents. “Practically, nobody from India can have a (physical) possession of a server which is located in Singapore. Yet several panellists still think that the Speak Asia scheme collapsed after we seized its servers during our investigations. This is not the case and we think there is a need to educate people about such money-multiplier schemes,” the officer added.

He said, “Huge amounts of money collected by Speak Asia from its panellists residing in India have already been remitted to Singapore. We are tracing the remaining money. People should understand that they are falsely made to understand that the company was operating from India.”

Moneylife has consistently exposed the dubious MLM schemes. It has also covered how many such companies are coming under the scrutiny of the police, especially from states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan.
Sources say that while forensic report of Speak Asia’s seized material such as computers, laptops is awaited; the EOW has gathered evidence against few more people connected with the scam. “There is possibility of more arrest from Mumbai as well as outside,” an official from the agency said.

 The EOW is also keeping a strict vigil on several sites that promote and help in communication for several MLM and ponzi schemes. The department is even encouraging its officials to attend seminars organised by MLM and ponzi operators so that they would understand the modus operandi of these schemes.

Agencies across India are investigating the SpeakAsia scam. “We are closely in touch with agencies from other states which have also started their probe against the company. For instance, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Series Fraud cell of Hyderabad police are also closely monitoring the probe.”
Speak Asia duped around 23 lakh investors to the tune of Rs2,000 crore. It promised a weekly income, merely on filling online survey forms. Initially the company paid the money to its panellists but stopped all the payments since May 2011. After complaints were lodged against the company, it came under the scrutiny of the EOW, Mumbai.

Earlier, the investigating agency had arrested Speak Asia’s chief operating officer (COO), Tarak Bajpai, along with few other employees. Currently Manoj Kumar, its CEO and Harendar Kaur, a Singaporean of Indian origin and company’s chairperson are absconding.




5 years ago

Duniya mein logon ne
Phir apne dil thaame
Aaye hain lekar hum...(speakasians) Phir kitne hungame....

Phir humne socha hai..
Hum jeete sab haare..
Darwaaze khul jaaye...
Gir jaaye sab dewaarein..

hum se takra paya hai kaun..

humko pehchaan lo, hum hain speakasians...


5 years ago

"the company paid the money to its panellists but stopped all the payments since May 2010."

hello its may 2011, open ur eyes first.

Tarak Bajpai

5 years ago

I m have not absconded to any where.The EOW know very well where i am.I m not commenting on this issues does not mean I have forgotten everything,I respect the apex honorable judiciary of India and our case is there on the last disposal stage.So lets wait for Honorable Supreme Court's Verdict. Satya Mev Jayate



In Reply to Tarak Bajpai 5 years ago

Where are you now Sir? You said EOW know very well where you are. Then why can't you disclose the location?

Suresh Pantaik

In Reply to Tarak Bajpai 5 years ago

I dont this this is fake id or genniue ..

One thing I am sure the Words Are True .....


In Reply to Suresh Pantaik 5 years ago

You know the words are true but the id is fake. hahahaha

abhidip mukherjee

In Reply to Tarak Bajpai 5 years ago

bhok ne do in logo ko, hum logo ko SAOL or SUP.Court pe pura bharosa hai. bohot jald humara jeet hogi or in logo ko karara jwab milega.

jay HIND

Tarak Bajpai

In Reply to abhidip mukherjee 5 years ago

Abhidip, have trust in ur judiciary and nothing will go wrong.they can delay the verdict by creating obstacles but they r not the one who will deny the verdict.We have followed the legal steps throughout our business working in India.Satya Mev Jayate

Suresh Patnaik

In Reply to Tarak Bajpai 5 years ago

Is any Rules & Regulations for Eow for investgation ? How many days they can keep our server or stop access for log in ...?

In this case , What should company take action against ewo .. even this engough time to help from company to eow for investgation


In Reply to Tarak Bajpai 5 years ago

All the best Tarak Sir...We will win for sure!


5 years ago

Money life is spreading real fraud news .... if money life tells 200 times that speakasia is fraud... we people willnot belive that... because we know all news...
we need real news like supreme court hearing details and all...
next hearing in supreme court on 6th February.....
but why money life giving only negative report against speakasia....
how many people have given complaint against speakasia... Only 3 or 4 people from 23 lackh people given complaints against speakasia....
115 people have given complaints for blocking speakasia and by supporting speakasia....
and all other peoples are beliving and trusting in speakasia... thats y they did'nt give complaint.....
still company is ready to pay us....
I think only govt. agencies making delays in this case...
fuckin... 8 months past.. still their investigation not finished....
but Hon. Lahoti'ji has submitted his mediation report as per direction of Supreme Court...
we all people waiting for a consent from supreme court to continue speakasia's work in India...
there is lots of companies ran away.. when govt. enquires about them...
but speakasia still fighting to exist...
all people are supporting speakasia .. i also supporting speakasia......
we will never be panic by reading this kind of misguiding news from Money life..... because we knows that you people are the real frauds..... not speakasia....
we love speakasia.... we willnot belive any this kind of fraud news and cheap medias like moneylife....


5 years ago

ye sab money life walo ki BAKARCHOODI hai.
money life wale waise bhi kuch ukad nahi payenge..ha ha ha ha ha



In Reply to ANUJ 5 years ago

You are my brother. your laughter is like that of mine. ha ha ha ha ha

Truly Speak Asian

5 years ago

Deshmai itnae bade ghotale horahe mai scams, 2g scam etc uskai upar tou likhtae nahi jiski wajah sai desh ko dhoka mila...Aur waise b agar Speak Asia ka mamla abi apex court mai, muje yeh samj nahi aata ki ye kaun si unglii karna hua..

Just feel shame on yourself by giving such manipulative news..and by the way Mr.Tarak Bajpai is not absconding he is on bail..(Plz consult the subjects)..It will be best on part of you if u will aware the mass about the mediation process going on right now jisko Supreme court nai order kiya hai..Apnai aap ko kanoon sai bad kar mat sochoo..

Let the Truth prevail..
Satya Maeva jayatae



In Reply to Truly Speak Asian 5 years ago

If Tarak Bajpai is not absconding and if he is on bail why can't he come out in the open ? Please advise Tarak Bajpai to post comment here about his whereabouts.

If Truly Speak Asian knows about the whereabouts of Tarak Bajpai please disclose the details and you can shut the mouth of "manipulative news editors".


In Reply to Ram 5 years ago

As Judical Terms they cant come out and take any meeting or seminar ...They applied for antisipatory bail , this on final stage to get an order ..Hope so after getting bail , they may come to met panelist .


In Reply to Suresh 5 years ago

A person named Tarak Bajpai has commented on the issue. Is he real or fake sir?

Speak Asian

5 years ago

Tum logo ki kisi EOW officer se baat hoti hai ???? jo yeh sab jhooth aapko yaahan to batata hai lekin court mein uski fat ti hai yeh sab boltey huey court mein woh yeh sab kyun nahi bolta ?????

Moreover abhi aur arrest karke yeh EOW kya karegi ... Itne saarey arrest ho gaye abhi tak to kuch sabit nahi kar paayi aur agar galat hota kuch bhi to BAIL kesey ho gayi sabki ?

Tum Money Life waaley baaz aa jao apni in harkato se samajh aayi warna beech bazar mein nanga kar dunga tum logo ko saalo jhooth boltey ho sarey aam sharam nahi aati tum logo ko...


5 years ago

bhai kabhi kabhi to sahi likh diya karo.hame to ye lagta hai ki speakasia paisa bhi degi tab bhi aap ye kahege ki speakasia bhag gai hai ye paisa to eow de rahi hai.ha ha ah ah ah ah aha.ek bat yad rakhna speakasia ko koi rok nahi sakta


5 years ago

I would like ask to

Why u did not post mediation process going about speakasiaonlince case and why u not posting panelist view ...

Do u have any what ur posting articials


5 years ago



5 years ago

speakasia bahut jald aane wali hai.aur sab log dekhoge.saol rock


5 years ago

"the company paid the money to its panellists but stopped all the payments since May 2010."

You mean May 2011.


Baba Black Sheep

In Reply to Oz 5 years ago

Epic fail!! LOL!!!

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