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e-IPO facility at 400 locations by January next year

e-IPO facility would be provided in two phases at around 1,000 locations across the country before March 2013

New Delhi: Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has said that the e-IPO facility, which would allow retail investors to submit their bids electronically for initial public offer (IPO) shares, would be implemented in two phases, with 400 locations to be covered in the first phase by 1 Januuary 2013, reports PTI.


In a circular issued, SEBI said that the remaining locations would be covered in the second phase by 1 March 2013.


SEBI has proposed to introduce e-IPO facility for retail investors at more than 1,000 locations.


The move is part of SEBI's efforts to provide retail investors with an additional mechanism to submit application forms in public issues using the stock broker network of the exchanges, who may not be syndicate members in an issue.


This mechanism can be used to submit ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) as well as non-ASBA applications by investors.


SEBI said that its new directive in this regard would be applicable for all offer documents filed with Registrar of Companies on or after 1 January 2013.


Detailing the mechanism, SEBI asked the stock exchanges to provide for download of application forms on their websites and broker terminals, so that any investor or stock broker can download and print the forms directly.


Stock exchanges would have to ensure that the information relating to price band is pre-filled in such forms.


The bourses have also been asked to list the details of locations including name of the broker, contact details of contact person, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address of the broker, where the application forms shall be collected at least 15 days in advance.


The merchant bankers would have to ensure that appropriate disclosures in this regard are made in the offer document and all intermediaries would have to take necessary steps to ensure compliance.


The decision to introduce e-IPO mechanism was approved by SEBI board in its last meeting on August 16.


Under the mechanism, an investor may submit application indicating the mode of payment to any registered broker of the stock exchange having its office in any of the broker centre of the stock exchange.


Similar to secondary market transactions where investor can check the status of trade on the stock exchange website, the bourses would have to facilitate investors to view the status of their issue applications on their websites.


All accepted applications shall be stamped and thereby acknowledged by the broker at the time of receipt and will be uploaded on the stock exchange platform.


Brokers will be responsible for uploading the bid, banking the cheque, submitting forms and liable for any failure in this regard, SEBI said.


Stock exchanges can take action against brokers who fail to comply with the requirements of SEBI's circular and in case of repeated non-compliances appropriate action shall be taken, it added.


SEBI further said that listing would be withheld by the stock exchanges till the time the issuer pays brokers' commission to the bourse.


The issuer would be liable to pay to the brokers for their activity even if the issuer withdraws the issue during the issue period.


As per an indicative timeline provided by SEBI for the mechanism, the trading in the issuer's shares would commence after 12 days of the closing of the issue.


While Kingfisher is sinking the Mallyas become invisible on Facebook, Twitter

The Mallyas, both father and son, who had brazened all criticism about their failing airline and lavish lifestyle have finally become invisible on social media as the problems mount 

Emperor Nero fiddled as Rome burnt in 64 AD; much the same was said on social media about our own, self-proclaimed King of Good Times, Vijay Mallya, as he nonchalantly tweeted about cricket, parliament and Formula One, all through the UB Group’s growing financial mess. 
It is only in the past six days that the flamboyant Dr Mallya (twitter handle @Thevijaymallya) has finally gone silent. His “I-don't care” attitude son, Siddharth Mallya, who had a fan following mainly for being a rich-dad’s son and the arm-candy he displays, is also mercifully silent, while the trauma of their employees multiplies. Father and son were last on twitter on 1st October and their tweets tell you their concerns. Mallya senior complained that “The media are having a great time slamming me. Let them continue their wild and inaccurate speculation. I will prove all of them wrong”. That was on 29th September. Well, nothing got resolved, instead the wife of an employee, disturbed by the financial stress arising out of her husband not being paid for six months, committed suicide.
As for junior, he was more worried about being crowned “Digital Man of the Year” and canvassing for it. His last tweets were a request to vote him as GQ India Digital Man of the Year.
Earlier last week, while Kingfisher was being forced to stop operations, Sid Mallya was playing beach volleyball with bikini-clad models! Here is his tweet. “Just spent the morning playing volleyball with 12 bikini clad models on the beach... now I understand why people hate me. HA!” We can only hope he really does. 
While entire management of Kingfisher and its lenders are working hard to find some solution to make the carrier float again, its owners were busy promoting their Formula One Team, which was also bailed out by Sahara—another strange business group in deep trouble after the Supreme Court ordered it to repay around Rs24,000 crore in three months.

Kingfisher CEO Sanjay Agarwal and executive vice-president Hitesh Patel are trying hard (they are even flying in rival airlines for travelling from Mumbai to Delhi and other places to meet striking employees!) to convince employees to rejoin work. In the meantime, Kingfisher’s company secretary Bharath Raghavan also left the airline.

While Kingfisher was announcing partial lock-out on Monday (it is now extended to 12th October), the senior Mallya posted four photos of “Sahara Force India F1 Team Speed Diva” on his so-called Facebook page (we are not sure if this page really belongs to him, but it contains all updates related with Dr Mallya). So on 1st October, he was more concerned with “Kingfisher Calendar Girl” photos. He even requested for a vote for his son, who besides being nominated for GQ Digital Man of 2012 was also presiding as judge at the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013! (See the photo).
Meanwhile, bankers and the government continue to give Vijay Mallya more rope instead of using the legal provision that will force him to pay his employees, pay up his taxes and pay back the lenders, who are groaning from their ill-considered largesse to the beleaguered liquor baron at shareholders expense.




5 years ago

What gall!!
What an attitude??
Employees are not paid salaries for more than 6 months and father and son not bothered at all.
How many more suicides must happen before authorities wake up?
Can't Dr Vijay Mallya be arrested for abetting the suicide of his engineer's wife who clearly mentioned that since salaries were not paid, she had no alternative but to commit suicide.
And look at Junior's priorities??
Just to think that they are squandering public listed company's money.Father can divert TDS and service tax deductions for his personal expenses and can still get away.
For all you know when there was mourning at his staff's house, he might be raining a toast for 'good times'.He is the king you see.
Hope Moneylife digs deeper into all the mismanagement of their group companies and bring public repulsion to them and their inhuman antics.

Adani Power owners to trim stake to meet free-float norms

As the promoters’ holding in Adani Power currently stands at 76.63% of which Adani Agro holds 3.13%, the proposed stake sale would bring promoters’ holding to 75%—in compliance with the SEBI requirement on minimum 25% free float for listed entities

Adani Power (APL) has intimated that Adani Agro Pvt Ltd (AAPL), part of the promoter group of APL, proposes to sell 35.58 million shares of APL (1.63% of the current shares outstanding of APL) on 8 October 2012.
The shares would be offered under Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (SEBI) “Offer for Sale of Shares by Promoters through the Stock Exchange Mechanism”. It further said that the shares would be sold on a separate trading window of the BSE and the floor price for the sale would be declared post the stock market close on 5 October 2012.
As promoters’ holding in APL currently stands at 76.63% of which AAPL holds 3.13%, the proposed stake sale would bring promoters’ holding to 75%—in compliance with the SEBI requirement on minimum 25% free float for listed entities, which has to be met by June 2013. Nomura Equity Research’s interaction with the management of APL, post the stake sale announcement, confirms the reason for the same as “need to meet free-float norms”.
It may be noted that the promoters’ holding in APL stood at 73.5% until 23 May 2012 when the merger of two entities (Adishree Tradelinks Pvt Ltd and Sanidhya Commodities Pvt Ltd) with APL necessitated AAPL acquiring a 3.13% holding in the APL. Post the recently approved amalgamation of Growmore Trade & Investment Pvt Ltd (Mauritius) with APL takes effect, the promoter group’s holding in APL post the proposed stake sale by AAPL would drop to 68.3%.


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