DSP BlackRock MF unveils 12 months fixed maturity plan

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund new issue closes on 28th June

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has launched DSP BlackRock FMP-12M-Series 24, a close-ended income scheme.

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate returns and capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of debt and money market securities. The scheme will invest only in such securities which mature on or before the date of maturity of the schemes. The tenure of the plan is 12 months.

The new issue closes on 28th June. The minimum investment amount is Rs5,000.

CRISIL Short Term Bond Fund Index is the benchmark index. Dhawal Dalal is the fund manager.


Online filing of income tax returns jumps 80% in India

Online filing is projected to zoom to 7.5 crore in five years, according to an online service portal

Online filing of tax returns in India jumped 80% to 91.57 lakh in 2010-11 and is projected to zoom to 7.5 crore in five years, according to an online service portal.

SNK ETax Solutions chairman Sanjay N Kapadiaa said in 2010-11, the number of tax returns filed was 4.1 crore, compared to 3.40 crore in the previous fiscal.

Online tax filing in 2010-11 was 91.57 lakh, compared to 51.06 lakh in 2009-10.

"With the acceptance of digitisation across India, SNK ETax has estimated that tax filing will be doubled to 10 crore in the year 2015-16, out of which more than 7.5 crore will be filed online," Kapadiaa told a news conference.

SNK ETax Solutions Ltd, a company offering solutions to companies and individuals on taxation, corporate laws and assurance services, today announced the launch of Taxsum.Com, a tax filing portal that caters to all categories of tax filing audiences.

The company said the portal is compatible to file taxes in categories ranging from ITR 1 to ITR 6, offering a multi-language, user-friendly experience and a complete solution for computing and filing tax returns online.

"Taxsum.Com becomes India's only tax returns filing portal offering browser-based digital signatures and enabling filing of ITR-1 through mobile phones," Kapadiaa said. Online filing of IT returns would be charged Rs189, he said.



Govind Gopal Shanbhag

6 years ago

Suresh Jee - For ass year 2010-11 I had filed itreturn correctly calculating and claiming refund of Rs,.24,227/-. However I have received refund of just Rs.2,810/-. On enquiry with my CA, he states it is possible various tds deducted by bank may not have been accounted by tax authorities. I am senior citizen as per recent budget announcement. Will anybody guide how to go and get correct calculations from income tax authorities.

Suresh Ashawa

6 years ago

Income tax Department's e-mail address is not correct dbc.cbdt@incometaxindia.org
The department is not updating its officers names. They should make some more e-mail ID so people can approach with difficulties.
Suresh C Ashawa

Castrol: Breaking the mould

Castrol has decided to break away from the tried and tested method and has taken an emotional and lifestyle route, which brings freshness to the product category

It's scary, actually, for any creative person in an ad agency, when you have to write commercials for as boring a product as engine oil. It needs a big shot of adrenalin (and many beers) to get cracking on it. Also, brand managers in this category usually prefer the ultra rational route, where they can bombard chemical features and complex jargon at the target audience. This makes the creative director's task even more daunting.

Thankfully however, Castrol, in its new ad for multigrade diesel engine oil called Castrol CRB Turbo, has decided to break away from this tried and tested method, and has taken to an emotional and lifestyle route.

The ad features a trucker and his wife, as they are out on a long country drive. This trucker is no mean machine man, but he has a soft side. The biwi is maha upset that the chap has forgotten their wedding anniversary. And she sarcastically remarks that he never forgets to load his truck with Castrol. The trucker uses the opportunity to plug the brand, and says it's great for the long life of the truck's engine. But no, he hasn't forgotten what it takes to keep his marriage going for years and years. He's bought missus an earring set, which she wears happily.

It's not really a memorable commercial by any stretch of imagination. In fact, engine oil is forced into the conversation between the trucker and his wife. Although unnatural, the built-in charm of the situation ensures you ignore this trespass. However, I still appreciate the effort.

For a change, a woman is brought into a category like engine oil which has traditionally been a male bastion. This brings freshness into the product category. And of course, the emotional angle helps the ad stand out. Our truckers should enjoy this one. Also, quite cunningly, Castrol has used a pretty, Page 3 girl to play the role of the trucker's wife. This would not be the case in real life, but it's a smart move. She is the sort of a woman most truckers would want alongside on the long drive from Gurgaon to Chennai. So a little fantasy is a cool thing in this context.

All in all, the story and the treatment could have been better. But strategically, a clever move has been made. Why mustn't our hardworking, overloaded truckers be made to smile a bit? Can do no harm to an engine oil brand, right?


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