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Digital cable TV: Here are monthly charges of DEN, Digi Cable, Hathway and WWIL

MDT/PTI | 02/10/2012 01:04 PM | 

Cable TV operators would charge a minimum of Rs100 to Rs275 per month from providing digital cable services, that is mandated from 31 October in four metros

New Delhi: The Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry has said four major national level (MSOs) had come out with rates for consumer packages for digital cable television, reports PTI.
Officials of the ministry said this was a major step towards achieving digitization of cable sector for which the government has set a deadline of 31 October 2012 for the four metros.
The MSOs which have announced the prices are DEN, Digi Cable, Hathway and WWIL.
Digicable has announced a basic category under which they would provide 145 channels for Rs180 and a Gold segment in which 151 channels will be shown for Rs200. In the Premium category, 165 channels would be shown for Rs250.
Another MSO, the Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited has offered a basic package of 135 channels for Rs160 and a Medium segment of 198 channels for Rs220. In the Premium segment, it offers 242 channels for Rs275.

DEN offers Packs 1, 2 and 3 categories for Rs180 (112 channels), Rs225 (219 channels) and Rs270 (235 channels), I&B statement said.
Another MSO, WWIL has announced a Janta package of 118 channels in Rs100. WWIL has also announced Popular 1 (Kolkata) category which offers 151 channels, Popular 2 (Mumbai) which offers 153 and Popular 3 (Delhi) which offers 142 channels. All three packages are priced at Rs150.
The ministry said that as per TRAI's stipulation, the Basic Service Tier (BST) consisting of at least 100 channels should be offered for Rs100 and MSOs were expected to uphold this direction.


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Benu Kumar Bose

Benu Kumar Bose 5 months ago

The cable TV operators are charging more as we donot get correct information. For example how much he should charge for the second TV is not known. He charges full.He charges Tax on all bills.Please intimate who can give correct information.

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vipin pandey

vipin pandey 1 year ago

I just to; say whose channel u give if I recharge 180 rupees....

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faruque ismailmagdum

faruque ismailmagdum 1 year ago

Dear sir,

whether there any criteria if selected channel wise payments to pay cable operator.our cable operator showing only two channel and demand full channels it fair?
please suggest
my name faruque magdum

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MDT 1 year ago in reply to faruque ismailmagdum

Thanks for your comment.
As per TRAI directions, cable operator has to show 100 free-to-air channels (including Doordarshan) in its basic service tier. Kindly check
In addition, you can file complaint against the cable operator before the TRAI.

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