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Delhi gangrape: Teargas, water cannons used against protesters

Repeated resort to firing of shells and water jets failed to dampen the spirit of several hundreds of young students, both girls and boys, as they tried to breach the police barricades to march towards Rashtrapati Bhavan for the second day protesting against the government and police "inaction"

New Delhi: Several rounds of teargas shells and water cannons were used as young students demanding justice for the 23-year-old gangrape victim clashed with police at the Raisina Hill, the seat of power, reports PTI.


Repeated resort to firing of shells and water jets failed to dampen the spirit of several hundreds of young students, both girls and boys, as they tried to breach the police barricades to march towards Rashtrapati Bhavan for the second day protesting against the government and police "inaction".


Former Army Chief Gen VK Singh lent supporters to the protesters when he joined them at the India Gate and blamed the "systemic collapse" for the brutal rape of the young girl in a moving bus last Sunday.


Some people were removed by police and detained as the situation threatened to go out of hand. A boy and a girl and a traffic policeman were injured in the melee when protesters threw stones, shoes and missiles in which police vehicles and buses were damaged.


Tear gas shells and water failed to deter the protesters who refused to vacate the area that houses the North and South Blocks including the Prime Minister's office and turned the area into a virtual battleground.


After a ding-dong battle with the police, hundreds of protesters resorted to a sit-in the area chanting slogans against the government and the police. They demanded stern measures to prevent incidents of rape and other crimes against women.


Window panes of a police van were smashed. One of the girls broke the glass window of a bus with her hands.


The police action came as 'negotiations' failed at the Raisina Hill leading to Rashtrapati Bhawan failed and the protesters, comprising largely young women and men, tried to breach the barricades to push towards the Rashtrapati Bhawan.


The area has been cordoned off and police reinforcements, including a contingent of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) have been rushed to the Hill that divides the North and South Block, which houses the Prime Minister's Office.


Girl protesters alleged that policemen hit them with lathis and declared they will launch a sit-in in the area.


Protests refused to disperse from the place.


An injured girl has been rushed to hospital.


The youths gathered at India Gate from early in the morning and marched through Rajpath towards Raisina Hill. They broke the security cordons erected on Rajpath and managed to reach near Raisina Hill where they were stopped.


Yesterday too, the capital witnessed several protests, including one in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan.


The former army chief said "You see this problem is because of systemic failure of governance. Police reforms have been lying in cold storage for the last so many years. Why haven't they done anything about it? Why do we have to hear such things from a police commissioner saying that he doesn't have man-power? It is shameful.


"Why do you have to see the spectacle on television where Ministry of Home officials have to go out on the streets checking things? Isn't there a failure? This needs to be addressed. This failure comes because of political and bureaucratic apathy in this country," the former Army chief said.



nagesh kini

4 years ago

The Judicial Commission needs to call for media footing of every lathi charge identify the cop and seek evidence of the victims, affording them all protection.
While tear gas and water cannon victims cannot be individually identified those of lathi charge have tv footages as evidence.
Which top cop ordered the movement of barricades from Raisina Hills down to India Gate where the protestors were more peaceful and to resort to wanton lathi charges on the India Gate lawns when they were not found throwing stone or breaking barricades.
Does the CP of Delhi know that "collateral damage" is a US Army term not to be used in civilian situations? He may not be a quitter that he claims to be but the LG who orders the suspension of ACPs can do it for the CP too.

Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana: What you need to know

Jeevandayee scheme offered by the Maharashtra government is a good health insurance option for families earning less than Rs1 lakh per year. The premium is paid by the state government for insurance cover up to Rs1.5 lakh. Find out the details of the scheme

The Maharashtra government has launched Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (RGJAY) in order to improve medical access facility for both Below Poverty Line (BPL-Yellow ration card holders) and Above Poverty Line (APL-Orange card ration holders) families. RGJAY would be implemented throughout the state of Maharashtra in phased manner for a period of three years.


Launched in July 2012, RGJAY was introduced in eight of the state’s 35 districts on a pilot basis. Currently, the insurance coverage under the RGJAY is offered for the 49 lakhs eligible beneficiary families in eight districts: Gadchiroli, Amravati, Nanded, Sholapur, Dhule, Raigad, Mumbai and its suburbs. It aims to eventually reach eight crore people. The premium of Rs333 per family per year is borne by the state government.


Highlights of the scheme:


  • Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY), a government-run health insurance scheme for the Indian poor covers only up to Rs30,000. On the other hand, RGJDAY from Maharashtra state government gives free health insurance up to Rs1.5 lakh


  • The benefit shall be available to each and every member of the family on a  floater basis i.e. the total annual coverage up to Rs1.5 lakh can be availed by one individual or collectively by all members of the family


  • It covers families earning less than Rs1 lakh a year. An individual needs to have a yellow or orange ration card in order to take advantage of this scheme


  • The hospitals on the panel offer cashless service. There will be no deposit to be given by the beneficiary. No payment to be made even if the hospital charge is more for the procedure. There is no Pre-existing Disease (PED) waiting period. There will be no other exclusions


  • Private hospitals on the panel include well-known Mumbai hospitals like Asian Heart and Research Centre, RN Cooper, SevenHills Healthcare, Tata Memorial Hospital and Research Centre and so on


  • The scheme would provide 972 surgeries/therapies/procedures along with 121 follow up packages in 30 identified specialized categories like ENT surgery, plastic surgery, burns, infectious diseases, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, critical care, etc. The network hospitals will provide free follow-up consultation, diagnostics, and medicines under the scheme, up to 10 days from the date of discharge


  • The scheme also covers kidney transplants free of cost by producing the health card. In case of renal transplant surgery, the immunosuppressive therapy is required for a period of one year. The upper ceiling for renal transplant would be Rs2.5 lakh per operation as an exceptional package exclusively for this procedure


  • The insurance company shall ensure that at least one free medical camp is conducted by each network hospital per week at the place suggested by RGJAY society


In the next article we will cover the progress and hurdles faced by the RGJAY scheme


To read more articles by Raj Pradhan, please click here.



Vishnu Moray

2 months ago

My father is 65 yr old.He is addmitted in Aster Adhar Hospital for Abdomen pain.After 3D 4D sonography found appendix and cancer.But doctor said we can't 100% sure before biypsy test so they can't take benifit of RGJAY scheme. Help me to solve issue.On wednesday night they are operated for the same.

mahesh kulkarni

2 years ago

When hip and knee joint replacements START under Rajiv Gandhi yojana...???????????

mahesh kulkarni

2 years ago

When hip and knee joint replacements START under Rajiv Gandhi yojana...???????????

Saurabh Sharma

2 years ago

village=bajhera ,post=deewahamidpur,pin =202141,dic=aligarh, u.p me 10 saal se laet problam h ,vill m laet hi ni h


2 years ago

few years back my dad met vth an accident.. he got his hip bone changed vth a steel ball... now dr are saying tht their occur a space betwn steel ball n the bone in which steel ball is placed... as a result he is suffering frm unbareable pain... so we need to go for a revision surgery n tht particular part is to b replaced vth a implant... plz tell me tht... do this yojna cover such surgery...
my no is 9773058121
name is ali zain

margaret crasto

3 years ago

pls help me to get my name registered or let me know how to get this rajiv ghandhi health card
send email to
[email protected] or send sms on mob 98 33 888 673 appreciate many thanks


3 years ago

in mumbai where is the help desk? for rajiv Gandhi yojana?

shakeel kazi

3 years ago

pls tell me can i get my hip replacement surgery in this scheme.pls also suggest hospital near andhei east operating same


Rajesh Mishra

3 years ago

there should be a sms alert of every yogna on public mobile an online.


4 years ago

can anyone pls help me -where to get necessary forms etc for this? or whom to approach for the same?

Book Review: Bullshit Quotient

Rant about the nonsense we are fed daily

Many Indians are no strangers to scams,...

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